Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Pass The Gas


Finally a totally beautiful day. No breeze temperature in the upper 70s lots of sunshine and the sound of the drill in my mouth. It's not like you can have everything but at least the day was beautiful great for sitting by myself on the back of the building reading.

The trip to the dentist office though not emergent, actually a kind of was but I was not in pain or the tooth had not fallen out of the head or anything like that but the tooth was wiggling back and forth and I want to make sure it was secure before the holiday weekend. I mean in all seriousness perhaps it didn't really matter that much but it seemed like it was important to me to have these loose ends covered. When I called Monday the scheduled the appointment I let them know that I was in no pain just worried about the wobbly tooth and the holiday weekend and luckily they scheduled me an appointment for the day after I called at 2:40 PM. It's like one of those things where you don't want to get into anything to specific just because you don't know how things are going to go not that I was anticipating anything bad but still. This was not front tooth that sort of came apart you remember from a few months ago. I bit down on something in totally broke something in the tooth. Then I guess there was a filling in the tooth next to the loose tooth that had to come out are started coming out it was disintegrating so I thought was Escambia quickfix rapper turned into almost an hour in the chair. Of course I chose to take the nitrous oxide. I tried not to blanch when they brought the contract for me to sign of how much the event was going to cost which was just shy of 200 bucks. Again don't weep for me what else am I going spend my money on? After all these guys are my friends. They like me they welcomed me every time I come in like an old friend. The dentist seems to confide in me about all the problems happening with his family, extended family, listening to him visit with other people in the chair in the dental suites next to me I'm beginning to wonder if this is just his “professional Prater”. He makes everyone feel that they are the dentist confidant. I don't care I like to call myself in the believing I'm different that I live across the street from the facility I can come over any time and I would if you needed me for whatever reason. For example this weekend I noticed his truck was over at the office on Saturday. I almost went over to check them out but decided against it and it may have been my imagination but I think you looked particularly relieved. The story was a was catching up on work Do during the week and I believe that. He was run around the office today like a chicken with its head cut off but he was totally in control. He was dashing between dental suites, making decisions ordering his staff around he was definitely the cock of the barnyard.

One shot to the mouth, who knows how much nitrous oxide I inhaled – – I make a point inhales deep as I can – – maybe 10 minutes of drilling all toll which included the final polishing in shaping of the filling and the wraparound thing on the tooth. There were some light warnings about what I can or cannot eat or should not eat tedious sort of shrugged his shoulders and said eat what you want life to short we can always do it again…

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Feel The Pressure


Kind of a busy day. It's Tuesday it's the other Tuesday so that means a trip in the Salt Lake for my Assist, Inc. meeting where I assist in the disbursement of funds to help seniors and people who are low income fix problems with their homes everything from replay/repair furnaces to widening doors and building ramps in the case of people who use wheelchairs and need access to their property. My involvement stems from myself being a person with disability and when I was working being a professional who works with people with disabilities in making sure their needs are represented which I did for decades actually with this organization. I'm so glad to still be doing this kind of work at least once or twice a month every other week.

The other major event of the day was meeting with by occupational therapist, Casey who are grown to really enjoy his company as well as his professional skills. Is able to do small things which greatly aid me in my goal for personal independence that nearly all costs. Today's meeting was the result of two months of forced pressure on medical professionals to produce the documents I needed to allow Casey to work on my case (if that was upon it was certainly not intentional). I'm just not that quick. Anyway, the appointment was at 4:20 PM so I had way more than enough time to get back to the apartment from downtown Salt Lake as well as allow me time to do my hour on the arm bike. In fact I was even able to do a little reading. So the day was a little productive. At least didn't spend the whole time watching Marvel movies.

We spent the time, Casey and his “shadow” third-year occupational therapy student from University of Utah school occupational therapy. Mapping my butt. This process is somewhat involved and today we made use of my hydraulic lift to pull me out of the chairs so that the student could put the mapping device, a rectangular piece of fabric with a zillion sensors that shows pressure areas on my butt when I sit on it, the fabric. Really quite interesting and lets me confirm that the press releases that I'm doing now are probably the best that I can do. I can actually totally relieve the pressure off by but from time to time throughout the day. This is a great piece of equipment to work with. I don't know Casey remembers but we had worked with it before but today was much more comprehensive I thought. And even more interesting was that I was able to call Casey's attention to my foot box and how they fabric was all bunched up making my foot sit where it as well as inspecting my cushion to make sure it was seated right in my chair and it has not been because the back of my chair has slid down pushing the cushion forward so I'm not getting the benefit of the cushy stuff in the chair which action protects my rear end. So, I think it would be okay as far as my cushion goes until we have to get another and Casey will work on fixing up the problems of my foot box so that I foot will no longer be angled funny and probably somewhat dangerous in the long run. The day wasn't necessarily perfect but it wasn't bad by a long shot…

Monday, May 23, 2022

More Rat Dog Commotion…


Will display only started. A couple weeks ago Marsha, the new lady, moved into Jos̩'s old apartment right across the hallway from my apartment. There's now for this at the end of the hall here we got along quite well at least over the five years that I've been here. This end of the hall can get quite noisy at times since the building dumpsters or just on the other side of the door and every time the door is actuated aware little alarm goes off. I don't notice the noise in fact it's a little comfort in a weird sort of way. Jos̩ was gone for about a year before he finally formally moved out and moved in with some family members in Mexico or something like that. During that time it was quite serene down here just the automatic doors buzzing from folks going to the dumpsters then, Marsha moved him. Now I'm not trying to be negative towards Marsha. I'm trying not to be an old fort to because I have of art but I don't want to think that I'm crotchety to know what I mean. Anyway, Marsha has a dog РРI may have written about this already I don't remember them too lazy to go check it out РРand for the first couple weeks I guess the dog has been on good behavior I've noticed the last couple of days little beast is getting quite noisy.

I would like to think it's not a big deal. I like to think of not one of those guys who doesn't like the little dogs but you know what I A M one of those guys that doesn't like those little rat dogs that so many of the seniors have around this building. Most of them are quite reserved. I really ever hear any barking except upfront sometimes in the common area where one dog may get in the.area of another dog in the scrap might start. But for the past two days Marsha's beast has been barking or more likely dog crying/whining more and more. Sometimes just a few minutes and that's not so bad but to be this afternoon the poor little beast has been complaining nonstop. I think perhaps, Marsha's been gone somewhere and the little pooch has been left on his own.. I just hope we can get this problem resolved relatively quickly with as little discomfort as possible. Like I said, the dog is quiet tonight and that's positive. I hope beyond hope that this does not ever go beyond 9 PM because that's when I start thinking about hitting the sack is nothing worse than having to listen to another beast complain about their living environment or being alone in their living environment all night long. The building manager, Jennifer, had hand surgery today and will not be around for the next two weeks. Traditionally she's the one we complained to when there's a problem like this or like when the gate in the back gets locked up and is unusable… By me. Hopefully the problem will resolve itself before Jennifer gets back. Actually, Marsha is across the Hall from me and technically she's right next to go Billie and I think Billie might be the person to handle the situation Billie is quite civilized she really does care about people and their little rat dogs…

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Madness X 2

It's that time of year or I don't dare were short sleeves as much as I would like to. It's taken me a number of years to painfully learn that even though the day looks warm and make the warm when you start out there can radically change in a matter of minutes. After a very cool start the morning today did warm up in fact by the time we were done with breakfast at the restaurant it was pretty nice outside as I rolled on home. Granted, I was wearing a longsleeved shirt and glad that I did because had I not I would've been very chilly that would've held true all the way through because I actually went to the movies late morning. Dear reader I don't know if you remember but I am taking advantage of the Regal theater system the “Unlimited” program. As many movies as I want as many times as I want plus earn points for free popcorn and free drinks. Granted it takes a while to build up that many points but it does happen. Even though I can afford the cost of treats at the theater I just have a hard time paying six dollars for a small popcorn in the same amount for a small drink. Today I was pretty well committed to not purchasing any treats and just surviving off of my bootleg starbursts that I found the bottom of my backpack. But after I got my unlimited ticket for the movie I thought about what the heck I'll go ahead and purchase a popcorn at least. Then just out of curiosity I asked the teenager who is running the ticket/concessions did I have enough points for a drink or popcorn the little guy went to the cash register our computer wherever asked my phone number three times before he got it all in and then came back indicating I had no points accumulated to have a popcorn and a drink! Happy face! Unbelievable. I probably could've had a drink and popcorn the last couple movies that I attended when I paid like $12 for drink and popcorn! I'm glad I asked because obviously the adolescent was a do let me know voluntarily. Not that I think that they should but at those prices they can certainly give you a heads up when you could've enjoyed the treats. I enjoyed by treats my little popcorn in my little drink, which really isn't so little assist the small drink they offer which is kind of huge I've never been able to finish a complete theater drink all by myself – – but makes it sound like somebody goes with me to the theater or movies which is not the case I just have not finished a drink at the movies. I don't know if it was because it was Sunday or what but there is actually maybe 20 people in the theater to be well I was there there never seen that many people at the theater since they opened the theaters up again after the lockdown. I doubt if they're all like me and this is the second time I've sat through the marvel offering this time Dr. strange in the multi-universe madness or whatever the title of the feature was. As I indicated that seen that before but today's movie seem like a brand-new movie. The movie made much more sense this time and I really enjoyed the experience much more. I could blame it on my head injury but I don't think it's that are the fact that I'm 71 years old but I got a lot out of it the second time through.…

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Bus Stop


After yesterday's cold it was nice to see clear skies when I got up this morning. It's still not as warm as I'd like it to be like in the middle 70s but I can deal with 60s for the time being and the warmer temperatures are coming I just need to be patient. But the day was warm enough that I wanted to get a task that I belong to finish for some time out of the way. Earlier this week like Tuesday when I was dressing myself when I was lifted my leg with my long stick I snapped the long stick. I need a long stick in my life here at the apartment for all manners of things but the most thing I need a long sticks with his making my bed so that it's hard for me to reach the far ends to tuck things. I checked my bus scheduler and realize I had 20 minutes to get out of the bus stop to go it down to Lowe's store. This is where I got my last couple of long dowels which I use for my long sticks.

I was pleasantly surprised when I only had to wait three or four minutes for the bus arrived taken me and down to the building store. I was kind of proud of myself at how quickly things are getting done. It took me a minute to find the dowels but soon I was there and pulled out two nice-looking straight pieces of wood and got to the checkout. That was when I realized in my haste to exit the house, to start my day, I grabbed my regular pouch but totally left the relatively new pouch that I've integrated into my life which keeps my ID and whatever plastic I'm using debit or credit. I could not believe it really was going to be waiting for the bus to take me back to the apartment get my pouch and come back. I pretty much figured this is what I had to do if I wanted my sticks so I really rolled to the checkout area, where once again checked my pouch just to see if I had any cash or anything and I did have this gift card Visa card I been carted around for a couple years. I thought there might be a little money on their but surely not enough for both specs but I had the girl run the card anyway of course it was zero money at this point. I had her put the sticks aside telling her I be right back as soon as I could get home and grabbed my wallet. Surprisingly, the soon as I got to the bus stop the bus showed up and I went on home got my cards and came back probably within the same hour which is totally amazing too.

When I got my pouch with my credit cards before I left the house I stopped and grabbed a $20 bill for my money book so I would necessarily have to run a charge by case I needed that I had everything I needed. I ended up heading back to the wood section again to pick up another dowel so now I had three. I paid from headed back to the bus stop and once again within a few minutes the 47 showed up and I was soon homebound. I still have to wrap the sticky stuff off the end of one of the sticks which will basically replace the one that I broke now have two more as backup. It was a bit chilly for a Saturday to be out on the bus route but it was good at the same time. If nothing else this weekend I feel I've accomplished something and sometimes it's as good as it gets …

Friday, May 20, 2022

Mask At Ready


I have kind of bed in hibernation mode all day. The cold front moved in last night and significantly brought the temperatures down as a cold wind blowing as well enough to coax me inside all day I've only gone a mile or so in my power chair which means back and forth a couple times I washed clothes spontaneously. We went through my closet and harvested a number of pieces of clothing which had fallen off hangers landed on the floor and of course all of which wouldn't of the dirty close I thought why not just wash the whole batch get it over with and will probably give me enough clean clothes for next week. Once again I thought about going over to the market again if you things but the weather guy says tomorrow will be warmer than today so I figured why wait? There's nothing I need desperately tonight. Have all kinds of things in a refrigerator for roast beef cook the other day to Chinese take-home that I saved for last week all of which would be great for Friday night. Still has some great dinner Frank switcher need to cook a roast or whatever you do with them before they're in a refrigerator too long. I have soda the closet as well as bottles of fruit juice. I for sure can make it through Friday night.

Listening to the news today, I listen to a lot of NPR as I used around the apartment working out, getting close back from the washroom. It looks like Covid is spiking again and a new player on the horizon now something called monkeypox. Times are getting spooky probably more than I have been. I even went through my mask collection and dug out my Assist, Inc. mask which I have two or three. These masks can be fitted closely to my face which gives me the illusion of greater protection from whatever. I'm getting nervous, once again, doing public transit as well as running to the market and such. Yesterday, was my resume meeting for Utah nonprofit housing, the board meeting. I have been complaining about being one of the board members that “get to zoom” the meeting but now , I'm kind of glad we have the ability to zoom the meetings that they can just going to keep my mouth shut. I can provide my own refreshments for the next meeting and be quite happy. I'm feeling uneasy about the whole country going back into lockdown subverted were China is now. I'm sure if UTA, Utah transit Authority, implements a mask requirement again there be great shouting and gnashing of teeth the same thing happened the first time but it's probably a good idea in the closed system of our UTA coach. It's summer if nothing else I can go across the way over to the park and hang up by myself under the trees, are in the sunshine with a good book, a bottle of soda and a mask

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Glory Days


We were supposed to have a meeting of the writers group today a.k.a. lunch with friends. The three of us but the last minute I got a call from one of the members indicating they bend exposed to Covid and that she was in self isolation would not be making the launch. I was kind of looking forward to the lunch today for no specific reason except just to bring people up to date so I was pleased when Jerry couldn't get a hold of me or rather I could not get a hold of Jerry was going to pick up the Covid person, Lori who did inform Jerry when he stopped to pick her up that I was still going to the lunch. So turned out to be just the guys lunch and that was quite fun.

Jerry and I've gotten quite comfortable with the concept of aging. I have to admit I really appreciate Jerry helped me along with the whole concept of getting old and in the relative near future passing on to whatever is next. I'm still a long ways from comfortable with the concept but it's easier and better to talk about, for me anyway, that it's ever been before. I'm still pretty gun shy of the subject and am ready to deploy “Shields up” when things start getting too spooky. Anyway, we had a great lunch discussed great things but eventually it was time to go. As always Jerry took care of the bill. I should've sprung for the tip the Jerry did that to and I let him. I noticed, when I entered the restaurant, the number of large motorcycles parked alongside the building. Big bikes and some three wheelers the kind I guess that aging bikers slide into wonder to frail or weak to upright motorcycle by themselves, agent to. Even though I twisted on a bike years and years ago I still am somewhat thrilled deep inside every time I see these huge bikes like coiled springs waiting to be energized and taken out on the road almost wishing there were some way I could climb back on “the horse” take off on a day when the wind blows a new storm into the area. When I left the restaurant and heading home I wanted to get a closer look at these bikes just for my own personal gratification as I was heading towards the end of the sidewalk to where the bikes for parked I noticed to bikers have a cigarette before heading out on the road. These were obviously their bikes and I swear they're given me the evil eye as I rolled towards the parked machines. I know I didn't offer any kind of a threat to these guys of all but I felt that I should just keep on rolling by the motorcycles like I wasn't interested. I don't know why felt so intimidated but I did. I briefly looked at the bikes as I passed but when I was around the corner right turned around and took a picture with my cell phone. I looked tonight just before writing this update it didn't seem as menacing, as motorcycles go as I remember when I took the image, just motorcycles that aging bikers using searching for their glory days…

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Spoiled By Dragon

I'm not sure what I have done it anything but all of a sudden originated had difficulties with my Dragon software. The software is used to verbally dictate the things that I write each day. Needless to say I rely heavily on the software which probably has been a mistake over the years. Before the software, a gift from Dianne years ago, I typed everything with one hand and a peg, usually a pencil which I held upside down so the erasure would hit the keys, it my right hand since I didn't have an functional enough to work the keys on my right side. I was relatively accurate all things considered and I did okay for my own writing. I would never hand something in that I hadn't had someone else go over first for either spelling and/or retyping. When computers came online and are available ubiquitously the onboard spell checks were a godsend for me. I guess this is what I really began to realize more and more on technology in my writing. For spell check as good as it is still misspelled the word right but it may not be the right word if that makes sense.

I have to admit there's something sensually, physically satisfying with typing even my pathetic excuse for actuating the keys of my electric typewriters. I could do it I can feel myself during the typing and it felt good. It's kind of amazing to me once I had gotten and used to dictating to Dragon how quickly I could actually get something written. Not that it's a race but what used to seem to take forever to cobble out my 500 words for the blog not to be blown off in 10 minutes if I know what I'm writing and comfortable with the end results. Granted, I need to spend more time editing but dictating is certainly less physically demanding than typing those keys but there's still something wonderful about hitting each key. In my minds eye, when I'm typing with my hands I have this vision of the back of one of the old Hemingway book I had for ever sitting on my bookshelf. I think about it sometime in the 80s it was a glossy paperback edition with a picture of the writer on the back page typing two fingers hitting the keys whatever old-time typewriter he was using. I can identify with the feeling that image portrayed. I could tell Hemingway loved getting the words out but I think even more he liked the physical process of hitting the keys with his fingers over and over and over again until the novel popped out. I understand this. Then how come I guess is the question, don't I go back to strike in the keys on my keyboard with one hand and a pencil? I guess the easy answer is not Hemingway and the more accurate if not truthful answer is that I'm lazy. Once, I've gotten the nack down even more importantly got the right microphone plugged in the right outlet on the computer so that the system could basically hear me I became trapped with the ease of talking and the microphone and see in the words appear on the screen and then on the paper.

So obviously I'm not going to give up my speech to text equipment what I do need to do is break into my savings and purchase an updated copy of DragonDictate that will be the real challenge…

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

The Unbearable Weight Of Nick


I kind like this every other week thing we basically fallen into with my assist, Inc. meetings.

I feel I have a whole day to myself which I guess is a little selfish but that's kind of where I am right now. I change things up a little this week, I have to wash my clothes very early on Wednesday mornings and then when Gloria, my home health person on Wednesdays and Fridays is here on Wednesday mornings she's been folding and putting away my clothes that I watched earlier that day. I've been getting up around 5 AM sometimes as late as 6 AM to wash and drive. But since I had my monthly home health person, Melissa, strip the bed and put on my Avenger sheets I have extra items and watch so I figured since I wasn't going to Assist I could use that time for doing the wash with the sheets. Worked out pretty good. Now if I can still get Gloria to fold and hang tomorrow I will be cooking with gas.

So someone accomplished with the weeks wash out of the way I would press my luck on another movie. It took me a couple days to notice and realize one of the movie offerings out my local theater was about one of my favorite actors Nicholas Cage. When I realized Mr. Cage starred in this movie I had to see it. The movie was later than I would've liked but I was able to take the time and do my one hour pump on my hand bike. The movie didn't start until 3:30 PM! So I had almost a full hour to kill by the time I got off the bus. I went straight to the Dollar Store and got contraband taking to the movies even so I still felt guilty and purchased a medium-sized drink for $6.95 unbelievable. I mean no wonder people bootleg treats into the movie. I purchased a small bag of trail mix (sweet and spicy) and will small packs of candy bars in this case it was Almond Joy. Five little bitty candy bars. I don't know why I selected the middle size cup, it was huge I filled the cup three quarters full and still there is no way I could finish it by the end of the movie. Of course made a mess and of course they are going to know what was since I was the only person on the lower level.

I cannot say the movie was spectacular, after all its Nicholas Cage the dog faced boy. The movie was good enough because it felt like it was free (remember I have has for unlimited movies). I must confess I did get my fill of Nicholas Cage. Though I might search for my City Of Angels and watch again. I was kind of surprised that even waiting for the bus to go home I was able to catch the last part of the national news which is kind of depressing. So with the blog posted I'm pretty much free for the rest of the night. I can read my novel or while searching Netflix last night I inadvertently, caught a preview of something I might be interested in. I like to do this thing up watching half a movie in the evening if the movie is worthy watch the rest the next day. I don't know if I'll try to do any more movies this week, I might however. I might want to watch the Marvel “Dr. Strange” again. This is the first month of really put the unlimited program to the test so far it's working

Monday, May 16, 2022

Monday Funday


I hate it when I become the geriatric cartoon but I can't help it. When I hear myself say “ I cannot believe we are on the other half of the month. Where has this month gone?” And all the other sayings that geriatrics love to use to describe the passing of time and how quickly it seems to go as they get closer and closer to their endgame. This is how I felt all day today though realizing this the 16th month.

This is also the first week that I'm officially operational without having to wait for the nurse to come around to change my butt dressings. The dressings that my people are putting on working tremendously well. This morning was only had put on one of the dressings the other was still holding perfectly. So I just let us trying to say, earlier was that since I didn't have to wait for my nurse to get on my life. So I checked out the times for movies and climbed on my own bike about 10:30 AM so I was finished about 11:45 AM. Bridget and Gabriel have done such a great job in keeping my apartment presentable I didn't feel guilty at about taking on to enjoy the early movie. My goal this month is to really use the Regal theater program of going to as many movies as I want for the price of $20!

After yesterday's dismal movie experience I want to wash the bad taste out of my mouth by taking another and I decided to continue the risk and check out this like foreign film called Ninja baby . The movie was a bit of a mystery there were no previews are not even any images on Regal website. I eventually found some obscure listing which showed a couple of cuts from the movie was pretty interesting primarily because the results of titles which I found out later was Scandinavian languages. I was late starting the movie because I was told I have more time than I did so I went to the dollar store to pick up some cheap candy stuff. The movie are started by the time I got into the theater. I have to admit I had to read a lot of subtitles but was worth it. This is a saga were young woman who got knocked up and the decision to her not to keep the infant. The movie was kind of fun I doubt I would sit through it again was definitely enjoyable once.

I was home by 3 PM so I didn't miss my afternoon show but totally enjoyed the afternoon out and about feeling miles in the sunshine on my face (with apologies to John Denver). To make my day more perfect I saw that Bridget had called and they were coming over to help me with some of my electronic problems with my computer stuff. Like I said the day could not have been better at least that's what I think. Today was in the 80s tomorrow will be only the high 70s but maybe just maybe I can do it again… :-)

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Time To Rest

I think I may have tried to do too much this weekend. I know that sounds weird but I can't think of over to this Sunday night at almost 6 o'clock. Perhaps is the fact that I sat outside today the sun for extended period of time, reading may have a little sunstroke whatever that is. However, the morning started early as usual on the Sunday at 6 AM so I'll be addressed by 8 AM for breakfast with Mark Anthony and family. No problems this morning everything went fine and Mark Anthony was able to stop by the apartment briefly to get my computer back online. Mark Anthony was even able to the mode of where I could reach it and the unplugged thing with 30 seconds then plug it in – – which I had to do this afternoon because for some reason my computer was getting a signal early stuff assignments loaded on my screen. Then there's the issue that I can no longer switch to local television programming, which of all you do now I don't seem to be able to. Too much stuff like I said. Remember yesterday? I had lunch with Brigitte Gabriel and Asher. Then home for more visiting with company. Usual Saturday stuff and today after the breakfast I returned to the bus stop in limited theaters for Sunday early movie. I was totally bummed out with the movie I chose something about strange beasts male resentment was because it also had Dumbledore in the title which made me think that the movie was about or something to do with the wizards from Harry Potter. The scenes in the movie were dark barely visible as well as the subject matter all hocus-pocus and wizardly magic. There was no Harry Potter and company. And a bunch of sort of clandestine line wizards and magiciansin some sort of cold World War II environment – – near as I could tell. I don't know what frame of mind or exhaustion or whatever but I got up and left the theater. This hardly ever happens. I'm one of those people that suffer through the whole movie, ballgame or whatever the lead early just because you don't like it. That's how I truly felt about this movie is still trying to figure it out – – my feelings and why they are so negative. I sat through a third of the movie and everything was in the dark I mean found in shades of dark light if that makes any sense. There may have been 8 to 10 other people in the theater and I could hear them this and seemed genuinely to like the film not I.

I hope I'll be able to sleep tonight. The temperatures greatly at all week lower 80s and excited I just have to make sure to drink plenty of water, where I Keep my batteries charged…okay

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Don't Be Hating

 Saturday I was all set to write a piece on the great trip I took downtown to pick up some rye-crisp. I don't know if I wrote about last week but I found the supply of the cracker at the German restaurant which I love to go to. They had a stack of these crackers like to get to because it was lunch hour and the place was packed. I figured today be much easier so I hopped on bus midmorning quite surprised myself by having a Saturday venture. I was in a run about this and even have an image of some other passengers of the public transit system that happened to pass along the way but as things go that's not what this post will be about. Instead, if and when you are able to read this, I will have a rant about my inability to troubleshoot my computer system. As I said I spent the day on the streets with getting my crackers and then having lunch with my kids at another one of our favorite restaurants miditown. The kids are gracious enough to bring my crackers and leftovers to the apartment. We visited for that and then I was getting down to business of updating my blog when all of a sudden I realized I was disconnected from the Internet! I hate this even more so I meet the fact that I have so much of my writing stored on different platforms around the Internet. Remember when I lost my cards? Well I've been trying to find out which of the cards covered which account and I don't know if I'm having mechanical/technical problems with my Internet connection is the my modem or having turned off because of credit card failure. Because of one or the other I doubt that I'll be able to post this tonight. Hopefully tomorrow maybe, just maybe I do have Mark Anthony stopped by the apartment and be able to unplug my modem imploded again to see if it'll pick up the Internet connection. I have tried to call Comcast/X infinity to see if I have either a credit card problem or see their tech people and talking back on line. All I know is that when I've had to do this before on my own department where you have to unplug the modem and wait 30 seconds and plug it back in is quite a challenge for me. I almost have standard) to try to do this from my power chair. I just cannot even get to the modem physically because it's way down low and situated behind my writing stand. I've had a long day and just not going to put a lot of stress and worry into this project I. That's okay like I said with a handful of people that regularly this document I hope you will give me if I not posting this evening. I will try to enter the post in a computer the calendar so it looks like I'm interested in the 16th but in fact there will be entered if I can figure it out. Don't be hating on me

Friday, May 13, 2022

Beware Friday The 13th

Finally the weather is warm enough to sit out and enjoy the sun and read which is what I did a good part of the afternoon. I can't remember I enjoyed my reading time is not just an just exception of a few thing,one being the presence of a slight breeze and stopping of individuals and enough their vehicles. I know my fault. I should find a place where I'm not so easily accessed. Usually, these interruptions or not such a big deal. However, one of my neighbors has taken a liking for me that I don't quite understand. She's ancient, even older than I, yet she still drives and obviously is access to capital. I have written briefly before regarding Marta and things showing up anything from the handle of my front door. We had a visit pretty much put to rest the “mystery” packages of meat and produce. Yesterday they started again! This time there is no mystery lady stopped by where I was reading, and the sunshine in the back of our building. Chatted for a minute or two. She been in the market was carrying a few packages or sacks of groceries. She indicated when the markets at a good price on beef. Marta then said she would get some beef and split it with me. I immediately indicated that was not necessary and then she indicated that I've made a meat eater out of her. Now you have to realize this will is from a group of individuals who delight in good health which they believe comes from a protein free diet. My aunt and her husband was much like that. They lived to eat healthy.

So not only should now be cuts of meat from the Smiths market down the street but Marta is now clearly poisoning herself trying to just be just because she wants to split the purchase of the beef with me. Today, she also foisted frozen vegetables, while still some kind of candy treats +2 boxes of crackers which on inspection are some of my favorite kind of snack crackersI will enjoy these crackers if nothing else. Today included the “gifts” was a small roast or could be a thick beef steak. Now I just have to figure out how I want to cook the slab of protein. I don't know what to think or how to handle this situation. I wish my friend Dennis was closer , you know want to do. I'm definitely going to cook the steak as well as enjoy the snack crackers and ponder how to stop this weird event from happening. Or maybe just passing progress let nature take its course can't be too much longer special with the addition of red meat to Mart's diet.

I can blame my lack of an activity today on the superstitious character of the day. I didn't want to push my comfort zone too much after all I started out the day with my bowel movements and I almost flippantly informed the caregiver that I have not had any bleeding in two or three weeks. She winked at me and said be careful you don't want to jinx yourself. And as soon as Gloria sentence I knew I had jinx myself and sure enough droplets of blood trailed on the floor behind me I should move me from in front of the sink to the shower chair – – I was in my lift. Sure enough I was bleeding. Happily however not as bad as before but just enough to put a blemish on the day…

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Snip Snip


When you are a person with a disability, the significant disability like mine your we need two things: tape and scissors. Just seems like I'm always needing these things. Tape wise I've used a lot of that specialized “tattoo”tape and Scotch tape. I really envy those people with the love and strength that they can actually hear a piece of tape off the tape device with their bare hands. I think people who can do this are superheroes. My mom could as well as various docs and nurses. Of course the in with it docs always had one of those specialized scissors you know the kind with a flat head orspatt whatever you want to call it which allows the user to easily cut things off like shoes, clothes and dressings on wounds. Somewhere along the line I got a nice little set of the scissors which I found actually have a name something like take scissors because they can slide the flat and right under the tape and remove that dressing right off the wound area with little or no trauma to the wound site. The scissors are most useful and I had a great pair with a red that we been using for years. Last time I remember the scissors being around was when the nurse or later came around to discharge me from the home program. She was helping put addressing on my butt and needed scissors to cut the back and I just told you so. The box which is where I kept the tape Scissors. I believe it was the next day when I was searching for the tape scissors to cut some plastic tubing is used for making some plastic bag urinals are used to drain my catheters into. I could not find the scissors anywhere and have not found the scissors sense. Speaking with one of my home health professionals, Gloria who said this is not remarkable since she believes that after the nurse finished putting the tape she inadvertently slipped the cases is in your pocket and that is that.

Like I said the season for cheap no question about it but I like there are even easy for me to use either cutting tubing, the little packets of lubricant that I didn't say and of the catheter in as well as tape when I need tape for one reason or another. I fully accepted the scissors are gone and like I said this is a cheap and I'm probably better for not having them but I need something. Late yesterday morning after not being able to find a pair of scissors immediately I thought to myself why do I search for a device and then completely forgot about it until this morning when I needed to open up some lubricant. I decided I'd stop everything and do an Internet search and sure enough on my first try I found the scissors actually have a name would just “tape scissors”. There are a number of pair under $10 and I immediately ordered a pair. Later I got confirmation indicating it would actually be it might apartment sometime tomorrow afternoon. I'm totally excited. If after inspection tomorrow I like the scissors I may order more just so I'll have them back up the next time I have home health nurse professionals coming in for services…

Wednesday, May 11, 2022



It's easy to watch the 5 o'clock news and marveled at how bizarre the human race is and how petty the species is on the national level everything from the war in Europe to the abortion battle that good old USA. Individuals love to believe that this is all huge venues things that are super or things that will change lives forever. But I am here to tell you it doesn't matter how big the campuses the human organism, I am beginning to believe is gifted at destroying anything of value.

When I moved into this joint about five years ago I was really impressed with two planters at the southwest end of the building. I think the diligent reader will either remember search this blog to find references to that delight. Will the days of my residency here in the sense problems. No one seemed to take charge of the planters. I wanted to do some planting but couldn't figure out how to go about doing the planting and gardening or just my stuff. I finally gave up on the whole concept. There are just too many folks who thought they were charge of the operation the only thing that grew that year was a pile of weeds. About a year later another person to really like to take charge of things. That year we did not have weeds in the planter what we did raise was very regimented who got to grow what anywhere. I

actually grew a tomato plant with one tomato, as a summer wore on I grew more and more excited thinking I would bring my little tomato to fruition of course someone stole my tomato, right off the vine. After that experience I figured it was just a joke trying to play urban farmer.

Over the past 18 months we've had a number of individuals has a way that this property which means we've had significant influx of individuals and all of the seams want to have a garden. Actually, we got back up maybe the last year when for some reason number of the feral cats (silly old ladies around here love to feed)to go over the planting area as their own latrine. This resulted in a wire mesh in place over the garden area until was ever planted grew large enough that the lives lost interest. As the new residence became more and more invested in the apartment complex they became more more vocal than pushing her own agendas and some of them quite significant and of course a lot of that was the garden section. Even before the weather turned halfway agreeable for planting there were little battles beginning to erupt as to who can plant where even to the point of what they grow. Of course every time an issue would raise the problem was taken in front of the building manager, Jennifer would have to make a decision any of which she didn't want to do. I of course kept a low profile and just watched I didn't even do that, I didn't even engage it wasn't worth it. The one day a couple weeks ago I just did for of an ordere Ted to drill and plywood boards over the garden. So far there is not been any change. Of course there has been a quiet outrage among the residents. A lot of backbiting in general sniveling but the only thing coming up this volunteer plants actually pushed not around the pieces of plywood. These old guys are reaching for the sun in their actually kind of breaking through. I'm sure they'll be defeated in the end unless Jennifer has a change of heart

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Best Buy Good Try

Today was pretty cool, cold for May that is, as I took off this morning and moving down for an Tuesday morning assist, Inc. meeting. I can tolerate the discomfort of the cool weather because I don't cool weather will be short-lived as a high-pressure system is wondering you later in the week no room temperatures up to near 80°. Sadly, I'm afraid it's just more of the drought and more of the vision of the future of no water. Sometimes I think all those in the world disaster movies where the earth has become a cinder. A dried-up piece of dust floating around the universe. Again, that's all fodder for the blog. Today my agenda was to stop at 21st South train station which is essentially next-door to Best Buy electronics store.

I have this weird ritual goes whenever I contemplate purchasing something significantis that I start checking out the options days if not weeks ahead of time. I think this is some kind of reaction formation in my fear of making purchases and suffering buyers remorse. There is a Best Buy which I think is a bit closer but it's a bit more out of my way training-wise. I feel pretty good rolling around the electronics section of Best Buy until I come to this section where the tablets and laptops reside. It's always at this juncture that I lose all well for the purchase is just too complicated. I'm never sure what I really need. All that I know is that the tablet I currently own is failing and just not as fun begins as it was when new. What I think is weird about tablet is that on the outside the device looks pretty much like my own tablet. It's hard to believe the device sitting there on the display shelf is loaded with new electronic magic which will probably totally blow my mind. I just have to purchase the device.

I'm a long way out yet from buying a new tablet. I'm not even really convinced my mind that I really need one. One of the problems with my current tablet is that Chrome will not stay open on my little system. Stays open for about 10 seconds then closes I cannot search for anything on the tablet, which alone should be enough to move me to purchase, however seems like if I just carry my system into the Best Buy support section it's probably easy fix just a tweak to the software I'm sure. Perhaps I'll get another year out of the system but bear in mind I keep getting flashed “dangerously out of storage capacity” or something like that. Basically I'm running out of room on my hard drive and I discussed this little bit yesterday but still remains. The bottom line is I need to make a decision, just purchased a damn thing… But, for a little bit more I could give a beautiful little laptop there is no chasing another rabbit down another electronic rabbit hole goes if I will ever come up for air…

Monday, May 09, 2022

Monday Ponderings


I don't have a lot say. I hope I can muster 500 words or more but I like the concept of writing and writing something everyday regardless of quality of the content. I know that sounds a little shallow and self-serving but hey?! That's what blogs are all about little bit of self worship. Perhaps I can write this day off or at least this entry as Dragon maintenance. I am getting a little concerned with the performance of my Dragon software. I shouldn't be so critical after all I believe I have had this software 10 years. I believe I got my money's worth but at times the software works so well I don't want to jinx it having to install all new software low costs. I shouldn't be so cheap but you know me.

I keep playing with the idea of investing in a new Tablet, hopefully a better version than the tablet is currently use. Actually, I like the equipment and has served me very well. The problem is that just I have just about run out of space of its memory. I guess I could insert the chips and such but that does not really seem to help. Or maybe it does in the real issue is that I just want a new piece of equipment. There, I have said it. It's just such a task shopping for new hardware. I know this is definitely a first world problem. I could certainly use all the programs would come bundled with a new tablet. The technology built into the new platform/frame would also be nice. The microphones for example are always better on the new equipment as well as the speakers, camera and other pieces of recording equipment. I always like the idea of getting a larger screen. I typically like the 10.1 sized screen. That size is easy to handle gives me a good view of what I'm looking for specially for doing online reading and dictating/typing. I'm always pleased whenever I upgrade.

I think the major problem I with upgrading to a new piece of equipment is that you can always get more if you want to spend more. I always feel like I'm cheating myself once I find the equipment that's in my price range which basically makes my needs. All the sudden start looking at what more I could want/have especially things like a larger screen. But by history with tablets has been very grim as far as destroying the Windows/screens. I either drop the machine are worst-case run over them breaking screen. I have lost the whole system for a long time which is a good sign maybe I'm growing up but I wouldn't hold my breath. When I really enjoyed the current tablet is the recording equipment. When I'm not around my big desktop machine I can always dictate to the tablet using its own STT software. I am always surprised and tickle and how efficient and functional this software has become. (Now Dragon software do not take this as a dig or cut but…) But the recording software on my current tablet as well as cell phone in many ways outperforms this little Dragon software. The only drawback for me anyway is that I've never found a set of directions on how to be totally use the software. That can be one of the reasons I cling to my trusty old Dragon software. The young once again talk myself into keeping the software for at least another year…

Sunday, May 08, 2022

44 Magnum Mothers Day


I hate it when something happens to my computer and I have no idea how or why this happened. This particular issue started yesterday afternoon well actually, early evening when I was sitting down to watch an ancient movie: Dirty Harry the classic Eastwood film of the early 70s I believe. Anyway somehow just before the show started and I lost all audio. I tried all my standard tricks to no avail. I finally did switch to my headset was actually still working. I watched about through the movie before I gave up and called it a night after remembering I have an early breakfast with Mark Anthony at the restaurant. Then this morning just so I have some background noise I turned on the computer and audio part was working just fine. So I don't know what happened is a little frustrating but I accepted it for today but I like to know what is happening. Just now is switching off of the Internet, Netflix to work on the blog of having issues with setting in the have to set up the software I use Dragon Dictate all over again like it was brand-new. I haven't had to do that for months I almost forgot how.

As you can tell was a pretty quiet day. The cold front rushing in is caused cloudy conditions and cooler temperatures. It was not bad when I went to the restaurant is about 8 o'clock later in the morning after I finished breakfast and got back to the apartment did the real weather again. And once again truth be known as happy as a clam watching movies and enjoying the apartment. Mother's Day is one of those “holidays ” it seems empty if you do not have mother. I did call a couple of others however wish them the best but that's as close as I got. Luckily I have a whole container of spaghetti which I made yesterday I look forward to having for the rest of the week. I found a container of Parmesan cheese lurking in the back of the refrigerator. My experiment with garlic bread was minimal at best but I still have the test subjects weighing around the top of the stove. Pieces of bread at least have dried out pretty much at least I had something to crunch on while enjoying my noodles.

I'm tired tonight even though I didn't even though it did not pump my bike today. Granted I went to bed late, read late I even set my alarm – which I never do – and I was actually asleep when the alarm went off at 6 AM. So I got more sleep than usual ? Maybe I just missed my mom and I think… On her day.

This kind of lame I'm aware but I've noticed, for some reason, this dictation has a lot more issues and errors than usual and seems to me. I'm having to repeat myself many times that I usually don't and go baack in change a lot of things that were dictated strange

Saturday, May 07, 2022

Seven Days & Spaghetti


It's Saturday, the seventh day of May and I didn't want this blog entry to read totally about spaghetti I made today because I don't know this was spaghetti has enough strength to produce 500 words but hopefully with the addition of this day of the month who knows?

I don't remember for sure what year was that I somehow found the mushy public library. When I say found I mean started actually using the system. Of course new were the library was and all that kind of stuff but had never really gone to the place probably because we lived quite a ways away from downtown Boise. Anyway the summer that my brother got his brand-new 15 speed Schwinn and I inherited his 10 speed I think I began to really investigate the area. Somehow, I actually found the hardback volume 7 Days In May . I don't know how I knew the book was a good book I mean exciting but I did somehow. Perhaps there been some sort of notoriety in the paper or something about the movie that had just come out 1964. The novel itself had come out two years earlier. I would been 14 at the time they doubt out of had the means or whatever it would take to go to the movie. So somehow I picked up the hard copy in the library and to get home and read the volume and was totally fascinated by the whole concept. So every year I get a little nostalgic on the seventh day of May I think back about those summer days when I would spend an afternoon reading in in my bedroom, and the lower bunk.

I've been meaning to make spaghetti all week. Monday I took a pound frozen hamburger from the freezer and really meant to do the job sometime this week but it never got done. For some reason, today I was invigorated to the point that why not make spaghetti for this next week. I figured it would be a great thing to do for the Saturday afternoon. I had a bag of spaghetti sauce that I've gotten from the food bank couple weeks ago. The hamburger was already cooked because I made a taco earlier in the week all I had to do was keep the meat and poured into a saucepan of the spaghetti sauce and I would be set. Plus, surprised at how quickly the whole project went together. In one of my orange frying pans and I've gotten from Mark Anthony a heated up to meet opened a can of mushrooms to mix with the meat and then added the spaghetti sauce. I grabbed one of the pots from the hanging rack heated up the water through half a box of spaghetti angel hair into that mix and then got everything together put together and mixed. I was done. Later on the afternoon/evening I heated up a bowl tried an idea I had of making an Italian bread or garlic bread out of hamburger buns didn't work out so well, actually kind of but I did a half assed job. I have not given up on the idea. Space I mean in order to make this attempt I even had to go over to the market picked up a couple containers butter. I came back and mix the butter with the garlic powder that didn't work out too well that could be my problem but stills worth the effort the exercise. I just had the dinner and it worked out fine. Now go find a containment put the spaghetti and and I'll have it for all next week. Earlier in the day I even cooked a batch of garb rock so I'm set for next week now I just have to get better television fixed it's always something…

Friday, May 06, 2022

Prick Behavior


I was overjoyed this morning when after some coaching is able to get my home health person Gloria to actually use the medical breathing tape on my bottom of the wounds of been. It was interesting when she did see my wounds to agree that they been healed but didn't think they were healed enough that they should've kept working with me before discharging me. But we're able to get some medication on the wound spots and she was able to apply the tape. The only reason I bring this up is that before she is never use the tape appropriately are apply the tape to the wound site appropriately. Once again the wound is been healed supposedly amusing this tape as a second skin. But she came through and applied the material I felt great all day.

So great that this afternoon I actually went to the movies to utilize that program I'm involved with that for a price monthly I can watch all the movies I would like and that's what I did today. The new Marvel movie with Dr. Strange and a movie about multi-universes from the Asian perspective. What I thought was actually pretty cool was that both movies dealt with the concept of multi-universes. This must be a fad right now so we are going to be swamped with movies and television shows about the whole multi-universe concept. This is kind of a shame because it certainly takes away the mystery. As like it when one item was done on a certain subject and then cleverly before all the copycats gets a hold of the concept and totally wears out.. Marvel has been messing with the concept for some time now as they develop their Marvel universe however the still messing around with time travel to do certain point. Still enough that I'm somewhat intrigued with how they're dealing with various aspects – – there is a point in the avengers in game where they are able to use time travel to go back and make corrections. Concept is kind of fun to mess with so I'll play along for the time being.

As I indicated up gun to two movies which means I've spent a lot of time in the movie house today. I think I was in kind of a daze when I left . In order to get to the bus stop to come home and go to go through some major parking lots across a couple of minor streets. I was on the side of the street when I realize there is a car coming up beside me and for a second I couldn't really figure out what to do. In fact I didn't do anything but stayed in the road there was enough room for him to certainly go around. However he did the stupid thing came up beside be rolled down my window and called me a “stupid ass or maybe a stupid retard” really can't remember which. It didn't hurt like it would've in days past. I just swerved over the side of the road and blew him off and shook my head so that I could clear it and be more focused on my driving. In the past I was spent in an argument about time of thinking of things that show said but I didn't. I don't think I was in danger he didn't come anywhere close to run me over anything like that but it was just somewhat disturbing that he was such a prick…

Thursday, May 05, 2022

Good news Bad news

It's official! My butt is healed or so says the discharge manager nurse Haley from IHC medical home to deliver services. She's kind of a head honcho over a lot of the nurses that go out to the various apartments, houses the living situations that people with wounds inhabit. I of course am glad to hear that I'm healed but the same time that also means I no longer have someone coming in to change the dressings every three days or so – – not that I need to have my dressings changed because after all, I'm healed! But if I'm not getting a new dressing which can also be interpreted as “second skin” my skin will soon be breaking down again and nurse Haley, with a gleam in her eyes and a smile on her lips, informed me that if things should break down again to please give them a call and they will make sure the orders get processed as quick as possible and will start the process again. This is definitely a double-edged sword if you ask me. The best part about having the nurses command three times a week as they keep a sharp eye on the wound in the process of healing but they also apply a great dressing making the second skin invaluable. The second skin allows me to stay up in my chair for good length of time as well as travel in my chair.

Nurse Haley was/is a fountain of information. She informed me that I might be eligible for continued nursing care under a different program that IHC hospital maintains. Something to do with occupational therapy versus wound care. Were technically I could be off wound care but use the occupational/vocational therapy part of the equation to receive services that way somehow. It is all kind of inky to me but I think it's probably worth exploring. I just do not want to get depressed trying to find a solution the weather might not be one that I want to utilize. The big solution always ends up being to give up everything for an apartment nursing service or even worse long-term care. It's a bunch of information to try to chew on but at least it's something to chew. Nurse Haley also gave me some ideas on how to deal with the possible threat/opportunity for a colonoscopy and how I might alleviate a lot of the problems I envision when it's recommended that I have a colonoscopy. There is one group of my readers who do not think I need to have a colonoscopy since the last one was so clean but again that's nearly 8 years ago – – time flies – – so I don't know quite what to do on that level.

Nurse Haley was definitely a bright spot for the day after my visit to the colorectal surgeon and all the questionable information that she left me with and decisions I'm still having to consider. On top of all this my bum is beginning to ache like the good old wounds are beginning to act up again but that's typical it's almost the weekend…

Wednesday, May 04, 2022

Did I or Didn't I?


It's funny, I know I've written about this before, how one little thing injected into your routine can be quite challenging. Yesterday for example I finally had my appointment with the colorectal surgeon which basically took four hours out of my day maybe even longer waiting for transportation than waiting for the doctor and then going home on public transit. I use this as a preface to today's blog which is basically about finally getting the kid letters out.

It's kind of true, you know how when you pay taxes you know you have that date which used to be April 15 but it always was looming out there until you finally got your taxes filed? It's sort of like that with me every first of the month trying to get these letters out as quickly as I can for the mere joy of getting letters out and the mere joy of me believing that it may be important to just one of the receivers to receive the letter and I don't want to disappoint. I know you're all think you know what ego does this guy have? But it's got a true least so the report goes. It seems this month even starting the letter early didn't buy me that much time. I did a couple letters one day than a couple letters the next and finally got them all written. And, this was happening during waiting for home health nurses to show up as well as home care of people in general as well as meetings out in the community as well as socials and functions going on here at the apartment complex. This all eats into the time that I have that I can do my writing. I think like most writers I don't like to write under duress, I don't think I would like to write under a deadline if I ever had to do such a thing. Writing for paper submission at University was hard enough trying to come to grips with a topic and development for classes. I'm building an elaborate excuse for having to send the letters out so late in the month. I don't feel bad if I can get the documents out in the first week which of course today is the third so I got the letters out!

It used to be the hardest part of letter writing ordeal was the actual composing letters but now I've gotten quite good at it at least I think I have. Now it's a matter of getting the letters printed and then folded and then put into the right envelopes. This kind of freaks me out maybe I do a better job if I was more ADHD. This month when I'd finished printing the envelopes I set them aside and then begin folding the letters themselves and with a certain population of the letters I stick a couple dollars in for the kids which I'm sure gotten quite board of the minimal amount of cash in the envelope. I continue to do it just because I don't know how to stop. But that's a whole other issue on this particular month as I fully letters stuffed them in the envelopes put the money in and realized somewhere along the line when I went to finish the last envelope I realized I had already stopped money into an envelope addressed to this person. Then I got to thinking did I? And then I got to really thinking why do I have to letters or envelopes at least (one sealed) and did that have the right letter in for that envelope? I opened up the envelope I just sealed and there was a letter for this month but no cash. On the letter that was sealed earlier I wasn't sure if that letter was the actual letter to the person on the front of the envelope. But it felt like there is money in the envelope compared to the other envelopes. To be honest I was not going to open up that envelope just to check because it would mean out have to print a whole new envelope and affix a whole new stamp. I decided I would just send the letter out to the granddaughter who at least received the two dollars if the letters not to her sure she'll survive and I'll call at some point and and explain the mix up. I'm sure it's just another senior moment but I'm usually so much better…

Tuesday, May 03, 2022

Silly Me


I don't know what I was expecting or what I was hoping. I really wanted to sit down with the doctor and have him or her tell me that you're okay we will just band the little bugger and that pesky hemorrhoid will fall right off when you be okay, no more bleeding, easy pzzee space just like that. But no. It never happens just like that.

Cold front came through during the night lots of rain lots of wind and a very chilly morning to start. I don't mind a little challenge weatherwise. Had I been thinking Friday or Monday I would've gotten transport from the county to the hospital but I didn't so I was on the bus over to IHC medical Center around 9:30 AM for my 11 o'clock appointment one to make sure I was on time by devoutly believe it's better to be early than late, especially for medical appointments. Luckily for me, the hospitals opened up the cafeteria again so I can actually get coffee and breakfast should I want. I kind of did. I think I just want to spend money because I wasn't really hungry and I didn't need coffee for just a few minutes before my appointment. I should've lingered because my appointment was nearly 2 hours late or the dock was more than two hours late. I could hear some of the trauma going on in the exam areas. Just a lot of stuff happening. I'm patient if nothing else I'm good at waiting. I even at one point wandered back to the nurses station behind the greeting area and asked them if they want me to come back another day when things were not so busy. The staff assured me they would get to me soon or I could make another appointment I decide to stay just to see what happened

I had never met this position before, I quite didn't know what to think when she finally showed up. I told her to take a breath letting the mind a bit. I guess my theory was that I didn't want the physician to be flummoxed to the point she might make some bad decisions.

The biggest take away that I got from our meeting was that there wasn't much she could do until she did at rectal exam which would mean somehow I would have to get onto the exam table. I don't think she has staff that can do that—though I firmly think she believes that. She also wants me to have a colonoscopy which is a whole different trip especially for me. The last one I had was more than 10 years ago and I had my own wheelchair van and I had submitted would drive me and kind to watch over me when I was done I don't have that now. Her big thing was to push me to take Metamucil or other kinds of softeners are whatever embattled my hemorrhage from within versus without indicating that even if she did band my hemorrhoids they would grow back in two or three weeks. She seemed distressed diet and more bowel movements. I told her I can only take three a week at first she thought three a day I had to repeat it twice. She thinks that's part of the problem I don't know. She has more than once why was there and I told her I just wanted to link up with the person who might be able to help me and get the input on my bleeding hemorrhoids and how much do I need to worry. I came away with the idea that I'm basically okay and maybe it will try to Metamucil and trying to poop more but it's such a task I really don't see it happening but you never know. Now the colonoscopy is a whole another issue…

Monday, May 02, 2022

Good Old Miss Shannon


I just got back from dinner. We had dinner at Wendy's because the little Mexican restaurant we wanted to go to actually closes at 7 PM. We are out late (for us anyway) we gone to a recital! Seriously a real live recital.

A couple of days ago when Gabriel , Bridget and Asher brought over dinner and we went upstairs to the theater room to eat Bridget was interested in a poster on the wall advertising a recital for tonight. In my own pathetic way I blew off the whole situation indicating that often music majors who have to find a place or have to have so many recitals in order to graduate from their particular program often have a recital at our facility to meet one of those requirements. Typically, at least I think so, they are usually poorly attended. Most of the residents at the facility don't give a flip about musical recitals (is that redundant?). Maybe, I'm projecting my feelings on to the poor individuals at this facility that don't typically attend these free functions. Anyway, I noticed a Bridget seem to be interested in the more he thought about the whole situation the more thought you know what it would not hurt me to attend this recital and invite Bridget and family to attend with me. It might be a fun thing to do. And you know what? It was.

When I was a kid I can't remember if I wanted to play an instrument or that my parents/mother wanted me to play an instrument all I know was that for three dreadful years I tried to learn the accordion. I don't know how my older sister left her 120 base accordion at the house but I found it and decided that's what I should play. We always had a piano around the house and I halfheartedly tried to play it and it never took why do I think a piano upside down on my chest to make anything different. Anyway, I think once or twice the place that I took what accordion lessons at had a recital night and of course the church that I attended always had one or two nights a year where local talent in the Ward could play and I ended up always having to trudge through a musical piece in front of people which I hated. I would get so nervous I couldn't stand it. So I am totally impressed when I go to a thing like tonight a recital in 10 to 15 little kids troop up and blast out something I think is somewhat remarkable. They truly did have self assurance and they just plowed through their pieces of music. Interesting, the host of the event a lady named Shannon and I think that's the last name. I think she is the teacher of all these kids who produced tonight. You can tell she loves music, she loves the play the piano which is excellent! I'm sure she's the Ward musical talent. Each one of these individuals except for her own children but I believe there are three who had pieces that they played I'm sure pay for the time that Miss/sister Shannon teaches the kids music and not only music how to perform and how to perform graciously. From walking up and announcing the piece they are going to play to the bow our curtsy and the bow that's given at the end of the piece as they walk off “stage left”. I mean there were little kids probably five and up starting off with piano pieces and some violent places that I think would intimidate older kids and they pulled it off just fine. The finale of the show was an adolescent dressed to the nines playing a piece I think of Bacher Beethoven or Tchaikovsky or one of the other big guys and he pulled it off magnificently. I think he may have been a high school or something maybe a senior hopefully he'll continue his musical training wherever he ends up going next bill always be able to say he got his start with Ms. Shannon.

Sunday, May 01, 2022

Waiting For May Flowers


I didn't sleep well, not sure why but I have my suspicions. I thought I was on the cusp of a bladder infection because I kept waking up feeling like I had a full bladder and strangely I did… Have a full bladder. I woke two times especially to drain. I thought this was kind peculiar sense I went to bed around 11 o'clock and I drain my bladder then figuring not probably have a pretty decent evening not having to attend to the old catheter but I was wrong. About 1:30 AM I was woken with a bladder that seem to be full and I drained it was 400 mL which, for me as a full bladder. Then again at 3:15 AM I once again was woken by what felt to be a full bladder and I was blown away when I drained about 600 mL out. I confess that I did take some big gulps out of my juice bottle before I went to bed when I took my night beds but surely not enough to equate 1000 mL of urine! Anyway after the 315 jaunt I was just in and out for the rest of the night finally getting up at 6 o'clock to get ready for breakfast at Dee's.

Actually, I was ready about 7:30 AM and the killed time I went outside to check whether or not I would be the cloak or a device of some sort to keep the chill away. The temperature is the 50s, there was no wind so I enjoyed a relatively warm morning and did not believe I would need any kind of protection for the quick jaunt across the street and into the parking lot of the restaurant. I felt I had a beautiful spring morning on my hands. I think we had a pretty decent breakfast, for a Sunday breakfast, I had a bowl of oatmeal with a side of bacon and some skinny toast. This is really all that I needed. I didn't need a platter of calories from hash brown potatoes, whatever meat product I chose and usually a couple of fried eggs. We certainly chased us down the qualities of coffee as well. Once again our server was Pam. This woman has intrigued me ever since she became our server since we always sit in the same spot of the restaurant. Pam, is slight always wears her hair in a ponytail and does a fairly adequate job of table service. When she first became our server she seemed to forget a lot or didn't come around as much with coffee etc. but as the weeks of gone on she's gotten to know is pretty well. To the point that one time Mark is making it comment about the late Pres. Trump, Pam was cleaning the table and so jumped in as a mega Trump supporter (no pun intended). I was quite proud of March response was able to explain this comment totally and accurately and not totally destroy Pam's argument of her support for the once and future president. It could've been a very uncomfortable situation at all ended well I'm Pam still seems to like our support the company. To be honest I was quite shocked at her response that had to admit that I've kind of backed away from our relationship whatever that might be…