Saturday, December 29, 2007

Ahhh King!

I just returned from Barns and Noble where I returned Christmas presents for the third time. I received a 25$ gift card from my boss and I used them to purchase a couple of gifts which were not what the folks wanted. I returned them a couple of days ago and got a more desirable gift and had enough left over for two paperbacks. I have not had anything new to read for so long. I have been getting by with an Orson Card compilation of science fiction and his stuff is good but I can only read so much of his material. Reading Card is like reading science fiction lite. So I got a couple of books I thought would really keep me occupied for the next couple of months only to find, when I retuned home, that I had in fact already read them. The reason I made this mistake was that yesterday when I went to B&N I took my granddaughter with me. I should have known better then to think I would have got some serious perusing accomplished, with a 7 almost eight year old in toe. When I shop, I have t have time, time to look at the volume I am contemplating, time to hold the book set the book in my lap and feel the books weight and rollround as I explore other possibilities. I approach buying a book like everything else I purchase. I agonize over the decision, will I make a mistake, will I experience buyer’s remorse? I cannot enjoy this type of agony being pestered at how long we have been there, when we are leaving and will you buy me this book? So, I grabbed a couple of volumes from a writer I know I like and headed for the checkout stand.

Today was bliss in comparison, albeit after I got the strange look manager, that “hey weren’t you in here yesterday exchanging stuff?” I just dumped the bag with her and left. I rolled all over the store, this B&N is one of their mega stores which replaced our quasi-quaint corner store I had loved. I sniffed the coffee, dodged kids and checked out what was on the “giant discount” tables and read backs and backs of books. I stopped the science fiction sector but soon I was over whelmed with new titles by authors I know nothing about-not welling to take a chance on a piece of fiction. So much of what today passes for science fiction, new age studff or magic or hobbit material. And I do love my Tolkien but don’t try to pass this stuff off as science fiction. I was about to give up when I wondered over to straight literature. And found myself facing the Stephen King section and even though King’s stuff is labeled “Horror” I have to admit like the Kings tells a story. I also did take a chance on a write I did not know from beans, a novel of military intrigue, high tech and action this should get me through and I know I have never read this guy before.

So I am home and I have something great to get lost in for New Years. The weather freaks are calling for snow tonight—TV sucks so maybe I’ll be with Mr King, warm and reading.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Vacation Grind

Its been a while but it HAS been Christmas but the fact I have just been lazy. I need to write these ‘blog home up-dates’ in the morning because one I get going on the day I get busy and by the time I am back at the computer I am too tired to be any kind of creative.

We have received tons of snow this Christmas and the cold temperatures to go along with the snow. I have been pretty much staying inside and keeping a low profile. The snow falls have not been as hug as the weather guys suggested they were going to be but the Christmas mood was here because of the white-stuff. I made a few long distance calls, the obligatory ones but for the most part laid low. Dianne went over to Ani’s to assist her open her packages. The “Christmas Morning” has been a tradition since Anakah was born. I have gone when they were at our home but I have not been one for going over super early and watch one kid , but this helps Dianne enjoy the even. I am old and cynical—Bah Humbug!. Dianne was home by 12:00 and we ‘nested’ the rest of the day watching old movies and answering the phone. Not my best Christmas ever but OK.

It has become a tradition with me to take the week following Christmas off mainly to keep my Vacation from being ripped off from me by the State. I never do anything, I am a bit of a bore and down deep in my heart I think I would rather be at the office. We have the granddaughter for the next couple of days and already I am going crazy. I plan to use the stress to motivate me into getting socks on and actually leaving the house to go out and purchase a novel that I can escape too for the remainder of the year. I would also like to get a decent pair of head phones. I have a card for Compusa, and I should use the card before Comp. shuts it’s door for good as I under stand they are going to do.

I’ll be taking my van, yet again, tomorrow into the shop to see if we can get the motorized seat repaired. It intermittingly stops an trapping me in he van until I can get the seat operating enough to get in my char. Justin thinks it might be a short or something, hopefully the fix will be simple and inexpensive. But, today I am going to escape to do some shopping for me and try to enjoy some of my vacation.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Stopping By The Wood on a Snowy Morning

New snow came during the night, actually came in, last night as I was leaving work, with a vengeance. Hail, lightening, end of the world clouds and lots of wind. I watched the storm roll in all afternoon and I kind a wished the storm had held off for an hour or at least forty-five minutes but sometimes one has to play the cards their dealt with.

When I had left for work yesterday morning Dianne had made me promise her I would call her as I left the office I made the call but all I got was Dianne’s voice mail. I left as message and left the building. The wind was blowing sideways when I emerged from the office, zipped up in my two red coats looking like a fifth grader at least I did not have mittens connected by string. The snow was still partially hail, meaning the snow had not started laying down. The temperature was still dropping yet still above freezing. I had my hood up over my head, and my jacket zipped all the way up to my nose, keeping my head down as I made my way to the train station.

Is was not till I disembarked the trained that I knew that going was going to be more of a challenge then I had anticipated. The wind was still driving the snow horizontal to the ground but flakes were not hard little hail like balls but huge wet flakes looking like white feathers. I looked , a little hopeful, but I did not see the van in the “pick-up lot” so I took a deep breath and zoomed down the ramp, across the rails. The snow storm had traffic backed up, the commuters were late and seemed to be headed down 3rd West, my usual route home. IO had to weave in and out of several cars, since many were crowding the asphalt I usually roll down till I get to a sidewalk I can access. As I worked my way down the side of the road, I head the horn of our van. It was Dianne and Ani, stuck in traffic. There was no way there were going to be able to get a spot where they would be able to deploy the lift and pick me up after which then would first, have to get back into to traffic and head home. I stopped long enough to tell them they needed to head for home and I was OK and would be OK and I would see them at home.

Ten minutes later Dianne passes me to inform that she is driving Ani home and be home as soon after as soon as she could manage. As I said the traffic was bumper to bumper as I rolled down third west but the vehicles began to thin out as I got to the intersection of 5900 south and third West. I felt I was being crowded as couple of jokers made a lane next to the actual traffic lane. I waved my arms as I wove in between the cars to be sure the drivers saw me and did no try a right turn right over the top of me. By the time I had crossed the tracks and turned on to our street I felt I was trapped inside a robber Frost poem, “… all quiet and downy flake”. There was a couple of cars but not too many. I was riding the crown down the center of the street almost having fun. I was intoxicated with the idea of being out in my power chair, actually going places where others could not for one reason or the other.

I was soaked when I finally pulled into the front door of the house. My shoes and foot plate were caked with snow and ice. I was not necessarily cold but I WAS glad to be in from the night’s storm. I pealed off my red jackets and hung them over floor vents to dry and grabbed a hair dryer and started working on drying out my wet pants. I was glad to be home.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Always Look Both Ways

Transit accident

Commuter hit by TRAX train at 2100 South station

The Salt Lake Tribune

Article Last Updated: 12/19/2007 01:13:14 AM MST

A man was dragged 80 feet by a train that hit him as he was running toward a TRAX platform Tuesday evening in South Salt Lake.
The man, thought to be about 45, was in critical condition but talking coherently when he was airlifted from the TRAX station at 2100 South, police said.
Witnesses saw him running to the platform at about 6:45 p.m., police said. He appeared to be trying to catch a northbound train when the southbound train hit him.
"There's certainly a message to holiday travelers to be careful," said South Salt Lake police spokesman Gary Keller.
As of 9 p.m., the train had not moved and was blocking traffic on 2100 South. Southbound TRAX passengers were being bused from 1300 South to 3300 South.
- Erin Alberty

I have written before about my belief that most people who die, die stupidly. You look the news article or the obituary and say to your self how could someone do anything so stupid.? The article from our local morning paper illustrates this point. Granted the consumer did not die but easily could have. And you say to yourself, “Gah! How can anyone Be so stupid?” But I know how easy something like getting run over by a train like this example could happen. In fact I have been almost run over a couple of times. It’s easy. Your brain/my brain is so focused on the train which is passing you from the South a person gets the impression this is the only train in the world and you don’t even think about the North bound train on the track and the next thing you know you’re paste. I have to be most careful right at the Trax stops. There have been times when I am anxious to get started on my way home and as I start to cross the second set of tracks the train driver blasts his horn- which actually will almost nock one over, and I’ll slam on my brakes, and the train will swoosh past. I will just sit there and ponder what it would have been like if the horn had not sounded and had I lunged onto the path of the oncoming train. How the article in the local newspaper would have reported the story would be interesting or how the accident would be the teaser for the Fox Nine o clock news a bout how someone in power wheelchair died stupidly

So, once again, I have started being more cautious: looking both ways before crossing the tracks, even though its obvious the tracks are clear.

I don’t want to be a stupid obit.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Better Customer Service

Tomorrow, I am supposed to meet with one of the funders of my program. I wish the meeting was considered a social event of the season but alas the meeting is give this funder a big dose of customer service. Talk on the street that this organization is questioning our service performance. So all day I have been compiling data and other bits of information to illustrate our programs level of service: I also will work on my office in the morning. The office is not a mess but it can look a lot better. Luckily since the paint job my office received last quarter I have not let entropy progress too far. I don’t know if the department rep will make her way to my office but if she does I need to be ready. My boss and myself hopefully will meet with her in my bosses office or in the small conference room—but the small conference room is still full of toys waiting to be delivered to the reservation so I think we will meet in the bosses office.

I have to admit I was kind of freaked when I started get word from the community regarding the veracity of my program. I have really become complacent; I have not grown like I could have. I am fortunate to have a boss who is very understanding and pushes me out of my comfort zone when I need pushing. So rather then fear the event I am now excited and am looking forward to the event and really want to know how our organization can better serve our funders. I have the meeting tomorrow and the other meetings in January and February of 2008.

A good case of our customer service refocus is going to be the Calendar Page on our website . I have traditionally been pretty selective on the dates I incorporated into this page, I tried to keep it focused on dates which were not tracked by other Calendars. My bosse’s vision is much larger and she wants any date on this page which has ANYTHING to do with disability. Seriously, if someone has a question about disability they will just naturally think first of our website. This task would be a lot easier if these folks would contact me when they had something for the calendar but I have never seen this happen.

A bright spot in this whole issue came up today when I was speaking to the director of another program which served folks with disabilities and he brought up the meeting when these information about my program started becoming public knowledge—he actually volunteered to support my program anyway I might need. He also indicated he knew other folk on my board were also supportive and would. I do not know how much I believe this but, the discussion gave me hope. So I am excited at the aspect to make my program better—to offer a better product to my customers and their consumers.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Seasonal Questions

I have noted with interest an increase in emails on our Groupwise account. The increase in emails is almost like many folk have waited till the end of the year to catch up on their emailing for one reason. Of course I am I am anticipating the increase in email use due to the Christmas/holiday season and many sending thinly disguised official “State” holiday greetings. I am also seeing what seems to be s surge in ‘retirement” functions which, I guess, would naturally lead to a flurry of job announcements. And I really don’t care about this activity , one way or the other, except when the email comes through the system to my machine and I am in the middle of another project the project momentarily will seize my system throwing me off. I hate this.

With great relief I was informed that my Santa Services would not be needed at the staff Holiday lunch Thursday. I have been dreading this event ever since the boss came upon the idea after I informed her that I was doing Santa at the local Independent Living Center(ILC). I doubt I would not be so reluctant to play the elf if I could dress myself in the outfit—and this is not as issue at the ILC because my old buddy Kim does the honors at the old ILC. Her at the Council it’s quite different being the only male employee and again its not as if I will be disrobing of my regular clothes to put on my red suite. The Santa Suite I use is just pulled over the clothes I am wearing but I would have to have one of the women in the office dress me which would be awkward at best. This would just be weird.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Do Gooders

When I left the office on Friday the “do-gooders” had just left. They had been there all day bringing in bags and bags of clothes and toys to be sorted wrapped and designated for families down on the reservation. I thought the wrapping of gifts and such was going to be a one day ordeal but I was wrong. I understood as the volunteers left the office they were coming in on Saturday as well to wrap and most likely will be there on Monday and who knows how much longer.

The volunteers are mostly from the office directly above ours the ARC (used to be the Association of Retarded Citizens but was not politically correct, so now it is just the ARC). The ARC staff radically changed in the past year becoming much younger with an infusion of VISTAs . Young, committed women who are out to change the world ; A number of the VISTAs morphed into actual staff. They have massive amounts of energy and has re-energized the whole building. I had hoped to spend the day catching up some projects, drinking coffee and taking calls. But what I had not taken into consideration was the doors to the office and hall(which is not heated) were left open to assist with the off loading of bags of toys and the constant coming and going of the volunteers. I froze my butt off all day and it was a very long day. So tomorrow I have more of the same to look forward to—happy Santa’s helpers wrapping and bagging. The only bright spot is the ARC administration is feeding these folks pretty well, cookies, potato chips, sandwiches and pop and what comes in our office is shared with our staff…namely me.

The new staff starts tomorrow, the secretary, so this will be interesting—the office will be in a bit of disarray as the new person gets her bearing. We are also having a Christmas function later in the week, an open house of sorts so I am thinking the next couple of weeks will be lost weeks. I am supposed to be off the week following Christmas so my year is just about over. I just need to show up and go through the motions. Traditionally the calls fall way off as we head into Christmas week. I am still breaking in the new person so I guess if I have any downtime I will use it to train my new person and try to catch up on some of my projects. I still need to do any Christmas shopping I am going to do in the next week and half. We don’t have much funding for Christmas this year but the vehicles are basically working OK, we have food, heat and each other and the Spirit of Christmas we are just about set. Provided that is that some trauma of one sort or another does not occur. I am holding my breath though, there are a couple of snow storms forecast for the next week and this could change everything.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


I just read my post from last December 14,2006—the last time I played the Santa person at the Independent Living Center where I used to work. It’s been a year and here I am again: Santa Clause. I brought the van in today knowing I was doing the Clause thing and even though I could make it to the Center with public transit I thought I would be responsible to myself and work and drive over. The morning progressed well with light call flow till about an hour before I had to leave and I started getting calls and some intense calls taking more time then I had today and the new girl TT is still too new to let her walk into some of these type of calls—she is taking the calls way too serious.

I wanted to be out of the office by 11:30—in fact Kim had called to remind me and I told him I was leaving right then. But just as I was leaving a cruncher call came in and TT was freaking but I finally had leave TT hanging and I dashed out to the van. I had left the van open with the lift down so no one would park next to me. I guess this was a bad idea so when I got on the lift and tried to raise myself up, the lift would not rise. I was effectively locked out of the van. It took me a few minutes to realize that the battery had drained some how. I drove in-in the dark-so I may have left my lights on, or maybe there was a dome light on that I did not see which drained the battery. I dashed back into see if someone could “jump me”. TT was still in phone hell so I could not ask her and I tried Sandra our front desk temp and sure enough she had a vehicle and a jumper cable and she knows how to use it. Sandra was way cute, she is a very short native American, a little wide, a great smile and likes to help. She just backed her car up and whipped out her cables, hooked them up and soon had my vehicle going. I was late but not so late as to be too messed up. I jumped out of my chair and on to my power seat in the fan and the “forward” motors would not work!!!! Now I was beginning to sense stress. I don’t know what is wrong with my power-seat but the motor seems to struggle forward and back, very slowly, but usually the seat gets me close enough to drive safely. I have found when the seat get to a point when the seat just will not move if I wait and be patient eventually the seat will move or if I can get close enough to the steering wheel and throttle that I can get out on the road , there seems to be something about the van in motion the seat will move more freely. I am going to have to take the van in again and have Justine look at it and hopefully get the seat fixed. I was finally able to get the seat moving forward enough so I could get out on the road A and then the seat worked just fine. I took the Interstate to 33rd and soon was at the Center. I was forty-five minutes late. Kim met me at the doors and took me to the Director’s office where I would change in to the red suite, feeding me chili.

Ten minutes later I was out on the floor smiling and yelling “HO,Ho,Ho,”. The consumers crowded round and the picture taking began—one image for each consumer and child—lots of babies on my lap and a couple of family images but it was a long two and half hours. They were happy I came, I was glad I came, mostly, hopefully I earned enough karma to get me home tonight…ho, ho. Ho.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I Am always Stronger in the Morning

It’s cold out there. I have been watching the temperature all ay at the bottom of my computer screen and the temperature been struggling all day to rise above 30. The clouds from the last storm finally moved on last night and the temps plummeted. I have been watching people pass in front of my window all day. Folks and kids bundled up like steam coming out of the mouths and noses like engines. I am always surprised at how many folk do not wear any kind of protection against the cold. I guess I can remember years when I was driving my van everyday to work, day in and day out an I was rolling straight from my van to the to the building and back. I hated wearing lots of clothes because too many clothes would limit my ability to push my wheelchair when I was still pushing a wheelchair a lot more then I do now. I never had time to chill down. Now, just seeing the snow on the ground and people pushing white billowy clouds out of their mouths just gives me the chills.

I drove the van in today because I had to be home as soon after work as possible. Tonight we are celebrating Jasmine’s birthday at 6:30 and I need to be home at least by 6:00 so we can follow Mark over to Mark’s father-in-laws where the party is too be. Mark is supposed to meet me at my house a little after 6:00. If I took the train today I would be way late for Mark. Too use the van required me getting gas at some point today if we are too use the van tonight. So I hurried myself through breakfast and dressing and stopped in at the Phillips 66 not far from the house. It took me forever to find the controls to stow my lift after I got in the van this morning. The clouds which had caused a great deal of refracted light in the evening the past couple of night had moved way and inside the van was very dark. I dropped the pendant( controller for the wheelchair). A stiff cold wind was whipping round the rear of the van. I had a hook with me and I was trying to snag the pendant but to no avail. I frustration, however, I pressed my hook down on the pendant and hit the correct button to activate the lift and ‘button-up’ the van.

I often elect to do these kind of chores early in the morning as I can. I am strongest in the morning and lifting my self in and out of my wheelchair and into the drivers seat a couple of times is going to take as much strength as I can muster. I finally drug myself into my power chair, in the process, I pretty much pulled down my pants so I had to dress myself again! I was fortunate the station attendant saw me struggling and turned the pump on as soon as I got the nozzle into the tank an I pumped $70.00. I was totally shocked because the gas gauge indicated I had at least a quarter of a tank. I stopped at $70.00 I am sure the tank would have held another $10 or $20 bucks worth of gas. The tank registered ‘full’ as I drove away . The heater pumped warm air into the cab of the van as I listened to NPR—I am always stronger in the morning.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Christms Miracle Number Three

The snow came again on Friday, a lot of snow, not making me wanting to go out on Saturday very much at all. However by the afternoon the snow was beginning to melt and Dianne needed me do a little shopping for her. I welcomed the excuse to get out of the house and try out my new lift, the streets were clear now and I felt quite safe.

I got to the shop of my destination without issue. I made my purchase and I was heading out of the shops parking area and was really focused on the traffic in the traffic I was intending tom turn into, which would make me have to cross the lane immediate in front of me. I thought I saw a break in the traffic and gassed the van out across the lane—immediately I knew I had made a mistake maybe fatal! To my immediate left was a late model BMW charging at me! I thought about gassing the truck and getting out of the BMW’s way but there was just too much traffic coming from the right. I wanted to close my eyes and wait for crunch quite possible the last thing I might ever hear. But I kept my eyes open and I saw the Beemer had stopped how I don’t know he just had. I took my van across traffic looking at the BMW not wanting to make eye contact with the driver knowing he was going to be making stupid faces at the stupid driver, me; just I would if I were in hi place.

I just got out of there as fast as I could 45: South to Ninth East and then South on 900 East and as I drove I did not shake or anything as dramatic as that, I just relieved the moment in my minds eye, playing it over and over again knowing I should messed up critically bad maybe even dead! For sure to have my Saturday wrecked if not my whole holiday season. Even if nothing happened to me, the van would have been totaled, my vehicle with the new lift I had installed just the week before. But I hadn’t wreck somehow I had dodged the ‘bullet’. I had been stupid and looked stupid but being stupid and looking stupid are small prices to pay for getting out of a predicament as I had unscathed. I could not get home, I had driven into some sort of a probability storm. I swear I was nearly hit by two other vehicles before I was able to pull into my drive way, safe and sound. I downloaded and stayed in the house the remainder of the day.

Do they say miracles come in three’s? I don’t know, but I am counting this near collision as my third Christmas miracle. I have no idea why I am being blessed so great this Christmas season but I am and I must just accept the gifts as they come. Merry Christmas one and all—I am just full of the Spirit.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Lost and Found

I was on a call when I got a call from the university rehab department secretary Pat. I knew she had news, i just id not now if it was good or bad news. Actually, it was good news: my wallet had shown up!! It was being held in Security and I would have to show up with at least one form of ID to claim the wallet. Pat also explained that I had to get to the university security as soon as possible because the wallet was in a safe and the safe could only be accessed by the head of Security who was only there in the morning.

I finished my call and talked with my boss who indicated that I needed to take off and get my stuff--this of course would necessitate a ride up to the University on the train, time consuming but It had to be done. I put on my coat and cap and was gone. The train I needed was pulling out just as I got to the station meaning at least a 20 minute wait. So I cooled my wheels at the Galvin Center. The day is over caste but not too bad. The University train finally arrived. I dozed on my trip to the U-Medical Center.

I had not had time to charge my chair before I got the call so I was blinking on y last light for my whole trip. I knew I would make it, one way or the other, the blinking red just makes me nervous. I finally found the Security Department( ac cross from the Pharmacy. The Security Department is of course will hid and the door is of course locked. I knocked on the door and finally some little security geek answered. I gave him my sepal about who I was and showed him my state ID as well as my transit pass. he slowly eye me up and down then informed me that the corporal was on a "call" and I would have to wait outside of the door until her returned. How Barney Fife.

The Security Office is sandwiched in the back of the Pharmacy waiting area. rows and rows or people sick and dying waiting to have their scripts from ER filled. kids crying, wives weeping and battles going on next door in a social worker's closet office. some guy from mental health ward was shipping out but his social work forget to bring some paper work and left him sitting next to me. Soon the guy from "Psych" was stretched out laying on the floor. I just sat still and hoped no one would see me. Eventually the "top dog" showed up and handed me the wallet, I signed and was one. Later in the cafeteria I went through the wallet everything was there except the cash which was disappointing. Cards, photos and license was there. I got off lucky, I actually got the wallet back $25.00 is a small price to pay.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Hear Ye Hear Ye

I found out this morning I need to testify at a hearing this afternoon! The hearing is being held by a sister agency as part of their year end report. The problem is that the agency thinks it's a hot shot agency but really has a pretty week reputation in the community. I would not even go except the director of the project e-mailed me specifically and my boss is going and knows how I feel about this agency.
Its cold and cloudy and i have to saddle up and go to a hearing I don't care about and somewhere on Monday at the Information Fair at University Rehab I lost my wallet

Monday, December 03, 2007


INTERNATIONAL DAY OF DISABLED PERSONS!! I have been up at the University all day celebrating the event by sitting at a table passing out information to students and medical professionals at the University. University is always great duty to begin the work week with. I am out of the office, at the university, were youth abounds, and easy access to a pretty cafeteria. The only problem I am experiencing is I cannot depend on my power wheelchair. Even after charging the stupid batteries all night I am seriously cranking down the light on my power level meter dropping the lights until I am thriving on one light blinking red and that is the danger zone!!
I have been spooked all weekend worrying whether I’ll make there and back again without major support. My van is still in the shop so what ever I use to distribute I am going to have to get up to the U on my own. Actually I solved that part of the equation early this morning right after I got to work by see some folks from Rehab was going to participate in the Information Fair too so I was able to get the guys by the office to pick up my things and drop off at my table. In a flash of last minute panic I threw my charger in the materials box so , I hoped, I would be close enough to power outlet O would be able to charge my batteries while I sat at the table.

I was about half the way down on my power meter when I got to the information table and there as no outlets anywhere close to my table. As the light meter continued to drop I flashed on an idea. The out patient Rehab unit, I had frequented all Summer, was literally the corner from where we were sitting. I decided to bolt and see if Rehab could assist. I transferred from my chair to one of the rehab units chairs, a very nice rigid frame, and had them plug my power chair in to one of their chargers. I was able to get a solid two hour charge which really “lit me up”. I’m back at the office now and all is well. I have not even plugged my chair in since I got back all lights are strongly lit and I am confident I have the power I will need to get home.
I have had two competent folks tell me I have a bad core, or battery of the two I am running on. Ken from UCAT tells me they may even have a battery they could replace the dead core with which could really help me out until I can get new cores after the first of the year when my insurance kicks back in. So, maybe on Thursday or Friday when I have my van with the new loft back and running , then maybe I’ll drop by UCAT and they can install at least one new core.

That’s how I spent my INTRERNATIONAL DAY OF DISABLED PERSONS—this is verbatim, I know it should be INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES. People first, always people first.

Saturday, December 01, 2007


Snow came today! A lot of snow for Murray, Albert my neighbor shoveled my walk and ramp and all I could say is ‘hi’ and ‘do you want a drink?’ Albert said’’ ‘no’ and went home.
I have been trying to revive my poor lap top all afternoon—no luck. I am going to have to call on Mark A—Mark A can figure it out. I am afraid there is much I will not be able to restore on the laptop but I will get back once my connection is restored. I am thankful that I still have my PC connection.