Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Cheap Seat Tuesday

They don't call it Cheap Seat Tuesday but that's what is, Admission is reduced in price from about $6.75 To to five bucks a movie of course are still in to the price of amenities and that is a fortune but it seems acceptable with the lower price of admission. I want to get into the habit of seeing the movies I want to see on Tuesdays as opposed to just knee-jerk going to the movies whenever I feel moved to do so. I know the dollar 75 is not that big a deal but it just seems like a good motivation to have something to do on a Tuesday especially when my regular meetings canceled like it was today.

I thought about the movies all day yesterday and just force myself to not go because I was willing and able but I figured know I wait till tomorrow, Tuesday, for my cheap seat and somehow feel a bit more justified in sit in a dark room (almost entirely by myself) and watching the movie of my choice. I really want to see Ad Astra with Brad Pitt but for some reason it's been knocked off the playlist. I can catch the bus and head into town , I noticed the Ad Astra Is playing at the movie at 33rd in State but I just have not been that motivated for Brad Pitt but maybe beforefor the weeks out.I could really do some research as well and see if they have anything like Cheap Seat Tuesday or maybe it's something called like Senior Sunday. I mean I'm not dumb I know that this is their way to try to fill movie seats that are you by and large fake it these days especially on these days that where being offered discounts. I should be at least a little happy that they don't frisk you too much backpack wise is I bring a lot of contraband. I mean when you can get the same six dollar box of candy for a buck at the dollar store it behooves me to do the dollar candy. I still however purchase the small size popcorn for the same price most often than not the drink (small size equals $6.75 )! However, there is the new movie called Jexi, a piece about artificial intelligence. I can't tell if it's a comedy or if it's techno-horror are maybe comedy/techno: horror but looks entertaining regardless definitely worth five bucks for a Tuesday.

I've been keeping busy the past couple of days pretty much hunkered down in my apartment enjoying the place in my lifestyle of getting up, getting ready for the day and heading out. Working out, trying to drive, and meeting people out in the community and actually doing stuff. I've been doing a lot with my ex-wife Dianne lately which is just been a whole lot of fun. I'm so glad that she's in my life regardless of what capacity. I also have my regular folks that I see during the week whether it's at my volunteer meetings, library bookclub or just good friends by wrangle into taking me to lunch one where the other. The days are getting colder now and I'm finding I don't need a reason to stay inside because I've got one is just too cold to go out. But I still like going out and I do especially for movies which I still believe in. I love my Amazon prime and video, Netflix and just on-demand whatever else I might need. But there's just something about going out to the movies, the smell the popcorn, getting your tickets, getting your treats having a tickets torn finding your seat than just tilting back under the big screen in getting lost in the movie.

That was my plan for today and tell I looked at the calendar – – which I almost never do – – and saw that today there was a presentation by UTA! I cannot believe that this was the presentation I sat up. This is me being Mr. big guy and use in my contacts in the community to bring speaker to our very poorly attended speaking sessions. Of course, the presentation is at 2 PM here at the community room.I can go to the movie and miss the presentation but that's kind of creepy don't you think? After all this presentation my big idea and I'm the big transit guy (in my own mind anyway). So I guess I'll jettison my moviegoing today, unless I do it later which might happen but I doubt it. Might take off a bitterly know I need to do some shopping at the target up in that area. A few things the kitchen I need. It is just weird though when I need to do something Something comes up to block it. It's just my karma I understand that but still frustrating…

Monday, October 21, 2019

Rope Swing

What is there about a rope swing that seems to set you free, in some ways space sailing out on a rope swing is as close to flying as a kid can get. I was thinking about my best friend's oldest sister this morning somehow for some reason just after waking. Somehow the circular thinking got me thinking about her grandparents. I thought it was so cool that their grandparents lived in the house right next to their home and they could visit anytime they wanted. In the yard was a massive tree and on that tree hung a rope swing. We use that swing a lot.

Besides the swing in my best friends grandparent yard I can think of two other rope swings in my life that seem to play a part in my youth. I don't know why but we had a lot of locust trees on our property. I was taught these are the kind of weird to say produced thorns on some of their branches which made climbing them sometimes a bit precarious. Our property was bisected by a giant Canal called the New York Canal. The only reason I mention this is because at the base of the canal at the end of our property through a huge locust tree and I think it was so huge because it had ample access to copious amounts of water. I'm sure there is significant see page from the giant aqueduct. As I've mentioned the tree was massive and its limbs were huge perfect for climbing and fastening the rope to which we would use the swing. I don't think I had the scale are the courage to climb to the upper levels of the tree so my brother must've climbed to a higher limb fasten the rope that we used to launch ourselves from the lower branch the swing out way over a ditch and part of the field and back again. That was it nothing really significant happened just a large long parabolic (?) Swing ending where you began. In the summer we spent hours under that big tree swinging and just hanging out.

The other significant swing was off this huge device that we called I hate lifter for lack of a better noun. This wooden structure was at the farm when we moved in. I have an image of this device somewhere but I cannot lay my hands on it right now. But it was built of wood a huge slanting device that looked like a huge praying mantis. At the base was a wooden fork device that we would pitch hay onto from the hay wagon and then we would either look up the Studebaker pickup truck or tractor and drive away from the lifter and this would raise that he covered device up the slope and device and dump the hay over the top on to the growing haystack. I will write more about this a lifter in another blog once I find a better image/ example . Once the hay was on the stack we are really forbidden to be on the hay. Once the hay was gone however (my dad would throw part. Hey over to the cattle all fall space and early winter to we ran out of hay. Then we could use the hay lifter. Eventually the big tow ropes which operated the lifting platform frayed and broke and were left hanging which of course I immediately saw the use and started swinging from the side of the lifter where there was a ladder. I could sail out a great distance and then come back in land where I started if I was lucky and skilled. I started this game of twisting as I launched myself off the ladder to see how many times I could Spin a circle before coming back to perch on the latter I think the best I ever did was for spin.

I doubt this is very interesting to anyone but myself who barely remembers being able to fly at the end of a rope in days past…

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Cleaver Me This…

One of the weirdest things about breaking up a relationship is the physical things that remain after the split. When I left the house I took what I felt I immediately needed and didn't really think too deeply about secondary items things like I need and use of my everyday life. One of the things I really miss from the relationship of the house was the workstation and gas range that was wheelchair accessible for me. The gas range was a beautiful four burner range which was a joy to cook with. When Dianne had the range put in it even had a water faucet next to the range so a person cooking could just grab the culinary water right there. I also had frying pans especially my iron frying pan you know those big heavy skillets that I guess people use when they cook out of the range/campout. I use my quite a bit for my cooking just about everything I never realized how much I use that frying pan until I didn't have access to it. I kept thinking about replacing that every time I would go to Walmart or Smith superstore or wherever they sell those kind of things. I never picked one up however because I felt they were too big for me lug home. I also had some me cleavers that I picked up a desert industries (if I remember correctly). I've missed these guys to over the months. But now things are changed. I'm so pleased to be in the medication with Dianne is great to have our communication going again. We did/do have some real bonding. Anyway couple weeks ago I got our big 12 inch cast iron frying pan. And today I got the meat cleaver. I've been threatening to make Gar-Brock, that weird dish I created decades ago: garlic, broccoli, onions, sometimes green peppers, the couple tablespoons cottage cheese and sometimes cheddar cheese as well as a couple eggs anyway you mix that all up all yes and the most important component I think our frozen tater tots. Put them all together and makes a great tasty meal in my case it will probably be for a couple of days hopefully. I use the cleaver to prep the vegetables and it was really fun. I'm thinking of doing Frank this afternoon later this evening hopefully my celery is still good I've had so been there for some time, I've defrosted a breast of chicken which I plan to fry up directly so little cool by the time I use it for the Frank and just have a number of meal set for the coming week some things really excite me.

The weather people said it was supposed to rain and storm this afternoon So I plan to stay and then cook. However the clouds of parted the sun is out and there's lots of blue sky and I don't see any rain to speak of. I think I will stick with my plan. And make the Chinese/Frank this afternoon anyway any reason to use a cleaver in the kitchen is good for me.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Rifles and Bows

My older brother Ross, always impressed me in a number of ways but perhaps the most impressive thing I remember growing up with Ross was his willingness to work for something he really wanted. I don't quite remember when he first raised the question of getting his own 22 rifle or maybe he was just trying to upgrade the 22 rifle he already had. He may have had a Mossberg 22 and I think I inherited that weapon when my brother and is upgrade. Had to be in the early 60s and I think the rifle cost around $54 which to me sounded like the US war debt for World War II. But he went out around the neighborhood and found a couple jobs. I remember one was digging somebody's ditch it took him a week and I think it was really hard work. I was impressed. He got his 22 it was a Remington 22 semi-automatic tubular feed, long rifle. It was the closest thing to a machine gun I had ever fired at that point in time, the few times that my brother allowed me to touch his weapon. I had a black nylon stock with a white diamond and I was just totally impressed. The gun was actually called the Remington nylon 66. I guess I had quite a following. I have the old Mossberg 22 which was a Tubular fed bolt action 22. Held about 15 bullets and I really enjoyed shooting a rifle. My brother and I would go out to the desert just behind our home there in South Boise and hunt these little ground squirrels recalled Pickett pins. There is quite a colony behind our farm and we would spend a Saturday afternoon whistling to bring a little The little buggers up and then try to shoot them for the went back in their holes. It's hard to tell for we ever got anything because unless they exploded it fall back into their holes and we never see if we mortally shot them or not. Didn't really matter it was just nice being out shooting with my brother.

The other item which really sticks out in my mind was that Ross really got into bow and arrows at some point in time. I mean seriously he got into making his own arrows may be because our older brother made his own arrows. I don't know where and when this big old black fiberglass bow showed up at the house was either my dad's are my older brothers but that bow was heavy and hard to draw. They made their own arrows wwith razor tips.It was somewhere around that time that we got our first real bows. They're made by company name bear just like the beast. They were fiberglass recurved and I thought deadly. I shot a lot of arrows the next couple of years. But anyway Ross decided He want to have his own bow and found a craftsman in downtown Boise that would make a bow to your specifications. Ross is left-handed so of course he had to have a special left-handed bow made and he did. The place was called Robinsons archery and is there as I can remember it was this brick two-story building behind the Boise fire department downtown. It was one of those places you had to search for you would never notice the building on its own. Inside it was like a European toyshop at least that's how I visualized it. Seems like they were hundreds of those in various stages of completion, arrows and arrow stock for those those who wanted to make their own. I was totally impressed. Ross got his bow but don't remember much more than that.

Like to know what happened to that bow. I doubt that my brother still has it may be gave it to his son I don't know maybe I'll ask…

Friday, October 18, 2019

That's Me In The Corner…

I just found out tonight when was trying to find an image of Sandpiper restaurant in Boise Idaho that I was going to write about. The more that I searched the more I cannot find any reference to a wonderful interesting bar that I found just as I was coming of age in Boise Idaho in the early 70s. When everybody else was driving their cars and having an interesting end of their adolescence. I was pushing my wheelchair around Boise Idaho. I really don't know why, I think it was a summer night when I was wandering around downtown Boise and found this interesting little restaurant/bar called the Sandpiper. It's not like I found it that night, I'd always been aware of this little pub, bar whatever, located at 1100 South Jefferson St. The bar was right across the street from the big Boise Cascade international building in the place always intrigued me but is a good little Mormon boy I did not dare go in and tell this one night. The doors were probably open an music was floating out of the facility and there's nothing to stop me from rolling in, I was of age, and so I went in. I just knew the Holy Ghost left me the second I crossed the threshold if not earlier when I made the decision to enter this den of iniquity. But it was great! All dark and cozy and smoky and folk music, live music being played right there, on Jefferson Street in Boise Idaho on a hot summer night. I truly was losing my religion. I can't blame everything on the Sandpiper restaurant and folk music because truly I had been having a tug-of-war with the church all my life I think. But now, scales been dropped from my eyes. Lightning didn't strike me even when I ordered a glass of wine or was it the gin and tonic I can't remember. It's not like I even knew what I was doing I only knew gin and tonic because I'd heard it in the movies more than once. I snuck up on the shot glass and tasted but I've always considered Christmas in a drink.

A week or so ago I googled the Sandpiper And it popped right up. There even images and the address 1100 South Jefferson St. There was also listings for the restaurant in Idaho Falls are Pocatello some other Idaho locales. I was pleased to think that the little restaurant/bar was still in existence. Tonight when I tried to find the same search nothing came up. One of the Facebook pages I am part of is Idaho history are Boise history or something like that and I asked the question what happened to my restaurant? I got answers back that it's been gone for years. I was totally baffled. I was bound and determined to re-find my search and I did find it. I can search a certain way and listings come up for the restaurant. I also found the restaurant actually is gone the building is still there of course now going under the name of Lock Stock and the Barrel. I don't think they play folk music anymore. Looks like some sort of trendy upscale meat shop. The menu looks like you could easily drop $100 for a two-person dinner. Here is the link to where I found the current listings…https://www.activediner.com/sandpiper/restaurant/boise/id/us/map/405139. Or may be I am just in the twilight zone searching for my religion…

Thursday, October 17, 2019

R2-Me2 Plzzzzzzz

We've been having great weather, and of the summer fall weather all week long and I've really taken advantage and of tried to be out in the weather is much as possible. Tuesday was such a day temperature almost in the 70s I had an Assist meeting finally and I had traveled in on public transit, as usual, and I had been early enough so I could go the small pastry shop next to the Assist offices and grab some coffee or maybe user accessible bathrooms which I desperately appreciate.

I grabbed my coffee and wandered towards the front door of the a little shop and noticed a fancy dressed fellow outside with what looked like a basketball that was rolling around. I couldn't tell for sure if this fellow was somehow related to the ball are a homeless guy looking for something I wasn't sure. I got closer to the individual and realized the two folk were owners of the ball. The ball was a spherical device somewhat larger than a basketball but made of plastic and had to wheels embedded on the bottom. It was kind of a slick looking operation by still couldn't figure out what the interest was. So I watched a minute or two. The kid who is fancifully dressed is obviously a sales rep and the “basketball with a personality” was a device would seem to trail after the sales rep. It was kind of cute, the device followed the guy like a little dog/puppy. I couldn't figure out how the system worked though. I was a bit taken back because although the device which I shall call R2-D2 looked a little cheap at least the wheels did in my estimation. I still was totally interested in the idea of the concept. Individual informed the gathering group that R2-D2 was a carrying device, something which can hold up to 40 pounds of cargo and was designed to follow the individual who is imprinted on its “brain” which it seemed to do readily. In fact, I was somewhat enthralled with the device and I kind of challenged the sales rep about how the device new to follow was ever in control/owner. He rather quickly showed me and it kind of made sense and I'm sure it the whole operation straight up. The sales rep indicated they are in the community trying to build awareness and interest in the device for the general release of the personal carrier later October or maybe November.

The device is called Gita, I think the friendly version is myGita. If one adds a.com to that name you go to the website where you can actually see cute little videos of the device. It looks like the going to cost around $3200 roughly when they do hit the market. Aside from the cuteness I'm sure there's lots of folks who could use something like this. I think the senior market could really be interesting. The only problem I'm seeing is that if you have 40 pounds worth of materials you still have to get them out of the Gita which would mean one has to lean over and pull them out. I could use something like this to take my clothes back and forth to the wash maybe even tote things home from the market but still having to get the items out would be a trip but maybe not I put the bag inside the device. I don't know how this would work getting on public transit and I don't know how long I would have it before I destroyed it one way or the other it's cute though and what I think is really neat is that technology is finally getting to a point of practicality for people with Disabilities…

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Just Role With It…

I have a pain in my mouth a dull constant pain like a bad marriage. Every once in awhile a few sharp jags on the pain inventory your eyes blur, your headaches and you know you have to get up and do something about the situation, but then you go back to sleep or nothing else happens and I figure I can endure the situation of the pain for another day which then wanders into another week and possibly another year.

More often than not the sharp jagged, like pith in the eyeball, exquisite pain which draws you up into a spastic ball and holds you there until sensation passes and the body relaxes allowing you to fall into some sort of sleep regardless of the dull perfect moan of oral discomfort. Sometimes I can take an aspirin and cut the oral pain but like the bad marriage analogy it always comes back it's always there mocking me until I know I've got to do something or know that I will suffer the pain forever possibly eternity, again like a bad marriage... For time and all eternity...So go the ramblings of my immediate post conscious moments as I wake. This morning these came to me probably 4:45 AM. I have to admit that I really have had no oral discomfort all day except for some pizza and hamburger patty had made over the weekend which I took with me to catch the bus for my 1 o'clock meeting this afternoon. Luckily, I left the enough time that I explored too fast convenient stores and actually found a nice package of little white devices, Floss picks, to run between your teeth to extract impacted food. The pizza wasn't too bad it was the hamburger patty which was my nemesis today. I was very fortunate because I went to a Maverick station And there was nothing there any area of dental/oral support Actually I “jumped over” a 7 – 11And they not only had a better selection of oral supports the actually had a little package of white plastic floss picks, you know the little device with floss on one end stretched across the small gap to run between your teeth and on the other end of the device is a pic that I suppose one could dislodge matter between the teeth are close to it under the gums. 36 that the little buggers for less than two bucks that was a deal I felt blessed.

I know I'm being a bit histrionic focusing on these “bad” things would seem to be happening in my life right now. The truth is my teeth or what's left of my teeth have spread out a bit causing anything I chew to become wedged the teeth and into the gums as I continue to masticate. I understand now why senior/elderly characters which Charles Dickens wrote about being left to a diet of mass potatoes or oatmeal probably for the rest of their lives. Luckily the all died young in those days-consider Ebenezer Scrooge eating is cold porridge the night just before the ghosts begin their appearances. Kind of sad that that's what's left for folks like me, taking away one of life's joyous events of masticating your own food. So, I'm carrying floss picks for the rest of my life – – which is okay by me their worst things that can happen. I seriously don't want to lose any more teeth. I mean if I want to spend the money I'll bet I can get those fake teeth. I guess I can get hold alone on my visa or something and pay off the debt or die whichever comes first. They say that that process painless but I don't buy it, anytime to drilling directly in the year job on the insert these teeth like appendages as gotta be some discomfort I'm sorry but life is life.

The pain that I'm yammering about in the first paragraph is residual from the last couple of visits to my dentist where he saved the tooth that sheared off a piece of the tooth and he had to put a cap on it. So I know the tooth is okay – – I hope – – I just probably need to bring this up to the dentist see what he says. I need to do that or stop complaining and just roll with it seriously just roll with it…

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

I Lied My Brains Out

Route 47 meanders a bit coming from IHC/TDS medical Center on the way to Redwood Road to the graveyard bus stop where I get off. Actually, I don't like route 47 and I avoid it whenever I can but it's hard to in the mornings when I go inbound because is the fastest route to Murray central train station. But anyway the route breaks off the main route and wanders around this quasi-industrial/business section between Murray and Taylorsville and I've noticed over the couple years I've been doing this route that there've been some might look like fairly upscale restaurants. Never ever considered stopping to check them out however that's changed over the last couple weeks I don't know why maybe it's this feeling that I need to be more active in checking out the resources at my disposal.

Today was Tuesday of course that means I was in Salt Lake for my Assist, Inc., Advisory board meeting where we go over assistance requests for home repairs by low income, senior and people with disabilities. Is that volunteer program I've worked with for decades. Anyway, is feeling semi-daring and decided to rather than stop at the State Street Tacotime, which I love to do, but decided the try something else. I don't know why but I've been intrigued lately as we wander through that meander the bus takes off as we head towards Redwood Road. It's a restaurant called CHOP FUKU, Asian cuisine. Of course to me Asian cuisine means Chinese food and I thought “what a delight perhaps I can find my wayward and for young”. I mean I know I'm just a boy from South Boise not sophisticated but what the heck I want to find out what CHOP FUKU is all about. I feel I didn't have much to lose sense route 47 is a 15 minute headway so is always a bus coming.

It was about 115 when the bus downloaded me almost directly in front of CHOP FUKU. The place was almost deserted except for staff when I got there. They rushed out helping me into the establishment. Young Asians which I'm pretty sure were not Chinese and I suppose were Thai after getting a look at the menu. Quite a few tables actually for a smallish restaurant maybe six staff. And rap music blaring out from speakers around the facility. I was kind shocked it was kind a high-end you know what those places that barely lists the cost of the food. It it's very just have to read the menu right. I should've realized but there's lots of sushi, fish roles all kinds of roles, rice of course in all kinds of other trendy food things but there is nothing there is lightweight Chinese food except for possibly rice. Then I read the menu again as well as the outside of the building and true it did say CHOP FUKU Aging Cuisine, there is also the words Bistro and mixed drinks/lounge. It really WAS a high-end place. I didn't quite know how to order but eventually I did order something “Beef” that came with rice and stirfried vegetables as well as a soup and a small salad – – everything was pretty much small. I gagged on the soup at first that grew to quite as I enjoy the flavor. The soup tasted like the canal used to smell like after the water and then released that fishy smell?. I was surprised by how much I kind of enjoyed the salad and dressing. The main dish was at lunch of chopped up beef with the stirfried vegetables, cabbage red pepper broccoli squash, onion and a few other things that was actually kind good. Though the flavor of the beef was not bad the bits of meat were tough almost beyond my ability to chew – – not because I'm a senior though I'm sure that might be part of it but also because the meat was tough terribly tough I cannot believe how tough. I mean the kind of tough that you buy a cheap piece of meat and cook at home that kind of tough that he cannot wait to get home to floss the protein out of the teeth so they well stop hurting. I dutifully shake my head and said the meal was great when the little Asian guy came by and asked about The quality of the days meal. I like my brains out. I'm never going back… I think.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Just Shoot Me… With the Vaccine

I really thought getting inoculated is going to be easy. The hard part, I thought, was going to be forcing myself The saddle up and head down to the pharmacy and get and do the deed. I heard that there was some shortage of vaccines but I wasn't really sure what they were talking about. In fact, I was so pleased with myself at making the decision to be totally proactive against the flu this season that I was going to just have the physician administer the shots when I saw her a couple weeks ago at IHC/the death Star and sure enough I waltzed right out of the clinic without the inoculations and I even brought it up at the beginning of the appointment. We just got to visiting so deeply enjoying each other's company so much that my medical pro-activity went just right out the window.

Now, like a child deprived of their favorite toy, I was single-minded in my commitment to getting protection against the coming flu season. I'd been doing a lot of trading recently at the Walmart up on corner so I figured what the heck out to stop in there. I ask the pharmacist what the process was and he frowned and shook his head and informed me that they were out of not only the high dose vaccine as well as the regular dosage. I asked if he knew when they were and have more vaccine and he just shook his head and pulled his shoulders up indicating he didn't know. Then last week the grapes went on sale at my Fresh Market just down the street and across the street from my bus stop I thought what the hack. In there and get some grapes and as I did that I thought well I'll check in with the pharmacist. I was not very pleased with their pharmacy for about a year now. I stopped in the pharmacy a few months ago asking for some kind of medication, I cannot remember what, but they were really jerks and I started going to the pharmacy next-door (which is now gone out of business) but I thought I'd give it a shot. This experience was a bit better. I was given an audience with the pharmacist by the name of Bruce. Bruce seemed capable And I seem to take an immediate liking to the guy. He really seem to be trying but the same time he informed me that they had no high-dose vaccine. He did say they had low dose and immediately I was thrown into a quandary of what I should do. My insurance cover one pharmacy visit for vaccinations or a specific vaccination. I didn't even know if when she had the low dose could take a high-dose on top of it and would it make any difference. He didn't know and I certainly didn't want to have to go through this whole thing again so, I had them administer the low dose vaccine and hoping all is well. This morning I felt invigorated so I saddled up and took the bus over to IHC/The DeathStar. I had called and made an appointment and I was pleased that I was able to get there in time though it didn't make any difference because once the receptionist found out what I wanted which is just basically counseling on whether I needed a vaccination or no. They didn't have any high dose flu vaccines either and didn't know when more would be coming in. She was able to produce the ledger Of all the vaccinations I've had. And we came to the conclusion that I didn't need anymore. Well I do need shingles vaccination but they're out of vaccine for that as well. She thinks I'll be okay until the shingles vaccine shows up. I'm just amazed. I smiled, and rolled away knowing I did as good as I could do for this day…

I'm just amazed at the fact that there is no vaccine for the flu out there right now except for hit and miss supplies. Luckily I found some regular dose vaccine and I'm crossing my fingers that this will do. I've gotten pretty paranoid lately all the talk about seniors this and senior that and people disabilities be in a high risk for some of this influenza stuff. Just do the best you can, get your inoculations and sleep with the covers over your head…

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Sunday Night Pizza

This is not a before and after picture actually the picture on top is the second pizza which is not yet been cooked

I've been so proud of myself this last week writing my blog entries early in the day like I used to do when I worked for the state as well as independent living – – though when I worked for independent living I did not have a blog that was pre-blog actually that's when I was faithfully writing my journal everyday which is not quite the same as a blog but kinda. I'm really trying to get back in the mode of writing early in the day but I'm fresh I think I've gone over that little bit already but that didn't happen today. The day was so fantastic, clear and warm, there are not many of these days left in this season. So, like the irresponsible writer that I am I put off writing until now. I don't feel as bad physically as I thought it might but still I can do better.

I destroyed my kitchen today. What was somewhat ordered quads I clean until this afternoon. Yesterday when I was at the market, or possibly day before, I really got a hankering for homemade pizza. I don't know if it was the pizza itself Or remembering making the homemade pizza in the old days. I copped out however I did not make the dough. I elected to purchase the pizza crusts already made then I just have to decorate them. I got shredded cheese from the food bank couple weeks ago and not use them yet plus I bought a mix of pizza cheeses shredded. I figured I just had to chop the green pepper, onion, all as I actually bought a box of chopped mushrooms when I got the pizza crusts at the market. So I figured easy peezee is just a matter of throwing them all together and throw them in the oven. I was actually going to do the anchovies but finally got intimidated after seeing pictures of Anchovy-pizza. Didn't want to risk losing a whole pizza because of the anchovies and I would hate them in the end.

I don't have a really good way to get the pizza in our out of the oven which kind of vexes me to no end. I've gotta figure out something however because after today I'm not can make another pizza until I had this figured out. The problem I'm having or one of the problems I'm having Is moving in this loaded pizza in its raw form into the oven which is like 450° and by the same issue of getting the thing out at 450°. Usually, I'm making just one pizza and what I've done in the past is let the oven cool to the point where I can actually reach in and grab the pan but today was a no go. I actually had the pizza slip off the pan when I was trying to put it into the oven and it cost a lot of smoke one part of the crust hit when the burners. It took a bit I thought I was going lose the whole thing but I caught it in the last seconds and scooted it back on the round pan And at least got cooking. I was okay for 12 minutes, the cooking time. In this time I decorated the other pizza crust as well this time using ham for the meat topping and not the hamburger. Of course, there is so much he coming out of the oven when is trying to get the pizza cool off to the point of handling set off the fire alarms. So it was a call to the front office to the resident advisor to turn off the alarms.

I almost lost the cooked pizza as it was going down and is trying to reach down to the oven and pull it out luckily for me the pizza crust almost cardboard (the way I like it) allowed me to at least snag it before it hit the floor and took some finagling and using a square pan with sides to pull it out which I did finally. Was not the best pizza I've ever made but I sure like the pizzas I make their crunchy full of taste. I too intimidated to cook the other pizza go to see if I can save it for tomorrow and have my home health person put it in a out of the oven – – is that too weak?

The place is almost at zero entropy. I've spent the morning trying to file into the new cabinets I got some done I still have much to do. I'm toying with the idea that once I get the files put away then the apartment will take care of itself. I'm not kidding myself that I don't need a clean person I definitely do boy do I need one. Anyway, what a wonderful day and I got to make pizza…

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Yum Yum Eat Em Up

Unbelievable! I really use that term a lot don't I? I should think about another expletive to use for moments of unbelief. This time however it's red grapes and I assume any grape actually. I've been doing some research on grapes and the findings aren't good.

Earlier this week I was totally blown away when my local Fresh Market lower the price on red grapes to $.99 a pound! Usually, they have grapes at $2.99 a pound And I for go where my favorite fruits at that point in time. However last week Walmart drop their price of grapes but grapes to a dollar $.99 a pound I quickly bought about4 pounds of grapes, thinking and believing that grapes are free (in the diet nomenclature free being no calories at all and you can use much as you want without fear of gaining weight). Yesterday, when I weighed after my shower I gained almost 4 pounds in the last two weeks and I was beside myself because I thought I've been doing pretty good and even limiting myself on some of my more favorite foods but going kind of overboard on from red grapes from Walmart and fresh markets. In fact this afternoon I had to pick up some Clorox for the shower and thought I'd invest in a couple more pounds of grapes but something was nagging me in the back of my mind. What if, just what if the red grapes were the Reason? About the grapes home through them in the sink wash them off and then set them up to dry or drip dry. Then I thought wonder if there's anything on the Internet about red grapes and weight gain/started a search. And sure enough as I read everything about red grapes I was pleasantly surprised to find how many good things red grapes did for you everything from possible protection against cancer to a plaque cleanser for brain stuff and Alzheimer's disease and the such. Surprisingly grapes are not bad with the exception that too many grapes (and they did not say really what too many grapes might be) would lead to let weight gain. I sadly looked over at the sink for my grapes were dutifully drying heaved a sigh and wonder what I was going to do with for 5 pounds of grapes either drying on my sink or chilling in the fridge. Of course, the answer simple stop eating. Stop putting things in your mouth just because you're bored or just because you want something to taste good. Stop eating! That's all I've got a new. I'm fortunate to have a neighbor next to me who gladly takes anything I don't want to eat. So I put one of the bags of grapes on the walker outside her door and hopefully she got it but who knows. Sometimes wonder if people walking through the hallways have a bit of sticky fingers regarding people's property outside their doors. Either way somebody will enjoy the grapes I hope. I know that I want. My friends tell me that for pounds isn't that much but the point is it all adds up, compound here pound their 4 pounds over a week I've just got a close my mouth.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Just Draw She Said

Blog 101119 – – Friday

It's almost 12 o'clock! Years ago, I had a brother-in-law who worked for the state of Idaho Department of employment as a employment type counselor. His name is Jim and Jim was extremely interested in self-defeating behaviors. Jim actually wrote a couple papers on the topic and we talked about the concept a lot. I thought about Jim a lot the last couple years and particularly myself and how I seem to have a host of self-defeating behaviors which keep me from doing things I think I really want to do. I really want to be drawing, more than I am obviously. Sometimes weeks go by without making a mark in a paper that can be called drawing. I fill my day with things I feel need to be done and I wonder if in fact these are self-defeating behaviors as far as drawing goes. I feel, I could drop best in the mornings but I never do. I have coffee to make, morning bowel routine three times a week, making my bed, washing dishes, and this was also the morning that I pumped my arm bike(I've decided to go to working out on my arm bike just three days a week as opposed to six days a week. The other two days, Tuesdays and Thursdays and Saturdays I'm going to push my rickshaw even though it's cold) this morning it was washing clothes and now writing my blog. I also now am having to consider for the close before bedtime because I always throw the clean clothes on the bed forcing me to do something with them in order to access my bed when it's time to crash. Now that I have the new fileI feel compelled to download all my files from the boxes and containers I have scattered around my art tables and bookshelves. These are all items in my mind which need to be done but in fact I think are self-defeating behaviors so I don't have to put a mark on a piece of paper because I fear I will not be happy with what I produce. Again, thinking back in the drawing class what I really like about that project was I was drawing every day I was in class and drawing with people not that that was a big deal but a kind of was having a designated time and space and the task which was the assignment of the day. It's a shame that I feel I have to do that in order to draw—why cannot I do this on my own?

There's really not a hard fast law which says I have to do this all in the morning time but seriously that's when I feel most artistic and creative not only from the dry aspect but also from the writing aspect as well. When I leave my writing to the evening, past my afternoon new show and 5 o'clock and 6 o'clock news and possible offerings from the networks as far as TV goes and are Netflix Inc. if I wait that long to write I get renditions of forced production doesn't sound as good and I don't even try to draw at that point no marks on paper now.

I miss Jim and his astute ideas and comments regarding people's work behaviors. Jim was/is a good guy and was not particularly productive in the area of publishing his thoughts and ideas but he sure had them and I sure enjoyed discussing them with him. However now, I'm going to post this entry for the day is stop using this as my self-defeating behavior And find something to make a mark on a piece of paper today and call it drawing…

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Small Heads and File Cabinets

Hour upon hour day upon day I didn't mean for my blog to be a examination of the minutia of my life but to a degree that's what it is. Like I said I didn't mean for it to happen this way. I still enjoy my comments about life's whips and scorns And outrageous fortunes and truly I like those Posts best but I guess like anything is the minutia that holds our universe together.

I was somewhat surprised (not really all that surprised is my brother does such quick and competent work) I got a call this morning indicating that he had built the coaster box for my new file cabinet to set in. My brother does such great work that always blows me away. Anyway, coffee klatch was uneventful except for I remember to take down my new tape measure so I can have one of the ladies wrap it around my head, skull to get an accurate measurement of circumference so that I can, with confidence, order headgear. I found in my life that good bad or indifferent my head is bigger than many. Sadly, when trying to buy hats at the hat store or wherever every item I try on seems to be small for a microcephalic. I cannot believe my head is that abnormally large but it might be sadly. Anyway, I had Helen do the job it seems like my head is almost 2 feet around! Can that be? 23 . 7/8 inches. My new shirt came in yesterday(Seriously, the day after I ordered it!). The shirts seem to fit, will check again after we wash, but so far so good. Holding my breath, armed with the new information of head circumference and plan to start ordering hats and caps and other headgear for the winter and style in general. When you're bald you have no option but to hide your lack of hair with a cool and trending cap. I have not ordered the caps yet but I did order a set of cooking utensils for pastry cooking, specifically I'm looking at items I can use for baking soda biscuits, cakes and possibly pie crusts. I can't eat hardly any of this but I can cook and sometimes that's fun enough look where I have a neighbor who consume anything I can make the seems happy to do it.

My brother with hand power drill in tow along with manufactured castor box fits the casters from the bottom drawer of my new file cabinet and proceeded to drill them into the wooden box. Zip zip times for and with a little bit of lifting and setting my new cabinet was ready for borders. Last week when we were cleaning out the boxes which came over from the house I threw away a lot of hanging folders for my files, in the file cabinet drawer. I thought have to manufacture those wireframes to hang the files off of but my brother showed me how the hanging file folders will fit perfectly in the drawer, I'm ready to go. I would start working on the project this afternoon I didn't have to go down south for bookclub. Most likely now filling the hanging files with files will be a weekend project for sure.

So the sense this interest line as far as this blog goes regarding the monolith at the door and what it turned out to be. Maybe with some cajoling/guilt I might get Mark Anthony over here this weekend sometime and assist me in catching up on my filing…

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Sound Of Music With Apologies to R and H

First off just to put everybody's mind ease as I know you're all perched on the edge your chairs just waiting for the news but my rear end looked significantly better this morning when my home health person looked at it, per my request,The open portions of loan did not look nearly as bad as it had yesterday we went ahead, regardless and applied the “new skin” and I felt significantly better all day though I am still maintain a fairly significant regimen of weight reduction options primarily leaning the chair back reducing pressure on the buttocks.I think I'll be okay for the trip out the library tomorrow, Thursday for bookclub.

I just don't know, I think I really am getting out of control with this whole Amazon prime thing. My rationale is that I spent money on Amazon prime why not take advantage of everything it has to offer? So, today I was getting ready to work out on my arm bike and was looking for some music to listen to while I pumped. I knew Amazon had some sort of a music option I've used it often non-very minimally. So, I dialed in Amazon prime music and got one song of the group I wanted to listen to (The Sandpipers) Specifically, Come Saturday Morning a song which a bit on my mind all morning. I've been contemplating a memory of a Saturday morning I spent with my good friend Henry at Boise State University. We took Henry's golf cart off-campus drove up to me and fifth market and got some cream cheese, hard crust French bread (which the market was famous for) then drove off to enjoy the day. Of course the only much play one song and then you have to enroll in their program which is $7.95 a monthWhich at first almost intimidating to the point that I closed The window but then I thought, hey, I can afford $7.95 a month For unlimited use of their music. Why not? I'm worth it. I spent the rest of the day off and on listening to the Sandpipers. Again, the point here is not that I'm spending a major part of the day listing to music from the old days was the fact that I engaged in another service from Amazon, eight dollars a month for music! How decadent is that? I'm sure I can afford this much for my entertainment which kind makes me feel guilty but it's time.

I literally have access to millions of songs if I knew what they were. I can build play lists, is that the term? I did this little bit when I said the other house and setting up what I was thinking would be playlists for working out. Pretty interesting concept, very self-absorbed but still I can do it in all manners of the phrase. So I wonder how much longer I can go before I start getting into trouble. I'm not looking for trouble really it's just that I kind of feel in the back of the mind I'm pulling the stops out and begin to go free reign on spending because I can. That's not adult is it? I don't plan to be irresponsible, a way to frighten of life for that, but I might just play “spend down”, trying to get ready for when I have the big one and I have to go into long-term care if I'm lucky enough to survive or unlucky to survive however one interprets quality of life after a major cerebral incident or neurological incident or whatever that will force me on the Medicaid, if Medicaid still exists at that point, and I have to live on a significant or insignificant amount of money per month since the state or whoever takes all my money to pay for my living arrangements and health supports but trading all my independence and freedom to living a nursing home/long-term care environment.

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Butt Wound

Thank goodness there is not a Assist meeting today. I felt my but last night it felt pretty ragged. It'd been sore, kind of, during the day but I put on bag balm and the regular stuff with hopes that during the night the issue would lighten but this morning skin did feel a bit more supple but there is definitely something going on. I decided I would no longer be frightened or intimidated by the skin breakdown so I reached around with my cell phone and did a click and actually got a good visual. There is definitely skin breakdown and I'm going to have to take some steps. I can just kick myself, yesterday when Annette was here doing my morning routine I even mention the fact that I wanted the “extra skin” applied but I was already dressed and in my chair when I remembered That I was going to have my butt look at and dressed. She offered to sling me back up in the body left but I just said “no” I was stupid. I should've had her do the job.

Today am going to lay low maybe even go back to bed if I feel the need. Luckily, the power chair with its lean back function can give me is much weight reduction on the affected area is laying down (this is what I like to believe anyway). If I lay my chair back and then kind of turn on my side I should be okay. I really want to spend some time outside in the sun today because the warm days of this year are surly and swiftly going away. I am really fostering the belief that if I am fairly cautious in how I sit on my wounds today and then have Annette tomorrow apply the dressing I hope I will be okay by Thursday to go out to bookclub. I'm really going to have to take care of myself. I woke this morning early is always but I was worrying about Larry Orr and how it sounds like he's getting close to the end of the road that bums me out terribly. And I can see how easy that can be which is made me focus on my own care and how I take care of myself. A person who has some basic rudimentary skills and self maintenance should not die from decubitus sores. I mean I have, thankfully, the ability to throw myself to bed and get myself up. I can take care of myself the question is will I? That's so stupid if I don't but I just hate to be down. I can heal this wound I don't think Larry can come back from where he's going.There are a host of reasons why I miss having Dianne in my life in one of those reasons is that she does such a great job of healing on me. She knows how to apply the second skin and how to keep me going.I guess I should've put this warning at the beginning of the website like I did the nude website but I'm posting this picture of my but anyway just to show the abrasion/pressure sore they seem to be fostering. So if any of you have the extra energy said the blessing my way to can't hurt by the way have a great day…

Monday, October 07, 2019

Wading In To The.Pool

I will not call it an addiction, yet but I think I'm going to have to watch myself closely to be sure that I do not become addicted, addicted to that knock on the door and the surprise but not surprise of an item recently ordered off of Amazon.com. I'm not new to Amazon by any means in fact I have the embarrassing acknowledgment that I in fact belong to Prime that portion of the Amazon Kingdom for those who pay just a little bit more and enjoy a select service from everything from purchasing without having to pay postage the Amazon video and audio. Movies and music and everything else you might desire for just $100 and some change a year. I consider myself, still a bit of a newbie, but I'm not. I'm quite old but I've never really use the service for anything really significant. Oh, I like the movies I can rent or purchase, and I use it as my mainstay for low cost books, pens and some art supplies but really pretty penny-ante all things considered.

I've been doing a lot of exploring the last couple of weeks especially as I'm looking down the barrel of another winter possibly snow by this Wednesday. I'm seriously considering ordering a sixpack of spam or corned beef or other food products which could magically show up at my door prevented me from having to head out into the winter cold and ice. I haven't done it yet but I'm seriously considering. I'm looking for a tape measure to wrap around my head to get a fairly accurate measure of how big my head is so that I might be able to purchase some caps. I really held off or doing anything like clothing just because I have such a hard time buying close and then being heartbroken when I can't wear them. I'm just afraid of doing this online than having to go through that whole scenario of three wrapping the things and send them back to the seller. Dianne was excellent at this and I should take a lead she's done very well enough) Department of Amazon and a sundry sales opportunities.

Both things they are changing, no longer will I be dancing around the perimeter of the Amazon pool. Remember last week as I was beginning my new beginning to clean up my apartment. I don't have an adequate filing system. I left I cabinets I had at the house when I moved out. I've been trying to get by on folding folders file folder type things you know accordion type folders. I did get one of those plastic tote file boxes which is been really difficult to really use as any kind of a filing system. I just need to get the real thing which I did last week. I went to Amazon looked around and then waded into the pool. I found the two drawer file cabinet that has wheels/casters. I'm sure, however, I will have to have help with putting the casters on the file cabinet if I choose to use the casters still going to have to wrangle the box out of the box. I was hoping the order would come earlier in the day and I could call my brother who could come over and help me with setting up the file system but that didn't happen. When I went back and read the email from Amazon it said it had up to 8 PM to deliver the product and that wandered in around 5:45 PM, I heard the muffled knock (I think these guys and be horrified if somebody really answer the door when they delivered something) if you minutes ago looked out and there was another monolith blocking my door. I know what to do I will drag the box inside the apartment and let it set tell I get someone to help me extricate my new two drawer file cabinet

Sunday, October 06, 2019

My Man Godfrey

Kind of suffering between my home health aide whose just great at volunteering assistance housekeeping on sitting on the toilet and my regular housekeeper, who used to be my home health aide, who was involved in a vehicular accident a week ago and no longer has a vehicle and I think she had some bodily damage as well which she sort kind of refuses to admit to but she's on the bus and she missed Saturday but might come tomorrow. I guess the point that I'm getting to is that the house/apartment is getting out of control kind of so I are spending the sporting picking up here in adjusting their and kind of enjoying my apartment even with its chaos and entropy. When I got rid of the van I had to produce the title which put me into a search frenzy and in that frenzy I opened up the portfolio of my art class and pulled out all the sketches I had done. And of course the sketches of just remained on the chair and then on the floor. I tried not to run over them back and forth in my days of living but I couldn't stand it anymore and this morning I grabbed my longest and best books and scooped the sketches up off the floor And found the place behind the new bookcase we moved in last week. That helped a lot.

I could not help but once again wander through the sketches and remember with fondness all the work I produced this summer in my drawing class. I think I kind a love that class. I mean is kind of pathetic the work that I produced is really primitive even childlike but I can't help but have warm feelings every time I look at my sketches and think like a little kid in the fourth grade “I did that!” I wish I could throw the things away but I can't this point after all the my first renderings from a real art class. Anyway, as I was wandering through the stack it came upon this image Godfrey. Godfrey was an African dude who sat across the class for me and the only reason I ended up drawing him was because the day that we paired up to do portraits he came in late and since all the other kids at paired up I was only one left and he got stuck with me and I got lucky enough to get stuck with him. This is the first and only time I really had communication with Godfrey and it wasn't much but I really enjoyed the time I spent with him during the portrait class. There's no way that this rendering that I did resembles him in any way except for the generic human features as a nose, mouth ears and chin. I doubt that you could look at this image then picking out in class if you had to find who sat for the portrait. But even that portrait of Godfrey is too precious and my pathetic little eyes to toss out not yet anyway. Maybe when I get to drawing more again like a replaceable something a little more acceptable to the eyes…

Saturday, October 05, 2019

Morning Of The Waking Dread

It's 4:38 a.m. on Saturday morning I wish I were asleep. I've already been awake probably 30 minutes I'm trying not to look at the clock but it's another early morning for this very quickly becoming geriatric dude is now part of the waking dread. Doomed to walk those hours of consciousness between 4:38 AM and 11:15 PM if I'm lucky. Sometimes I feel like a zombie powered my chair through the hours of the day. I wish I could take a nap, and I probably could if I want to work that hard but it's just not convenient like able-bodied geriatrics who could just lay down at a moments notice, have to sleep and wake up in time for cocktails. There's a number of folk in this building I understand are doing that well not waking up for cocktails for say but taking naps through the day as part of the regimen to live through the day. Irene for instance almost 80 something but extremely active, Irene is the associate support person here in the complex. When the main person leaves to go shopping or out to dinner are something Irene takes over. Irene is a super clean freak but she's nice about it just never ever wants point a finger at me and I need a lot of fingers pointed at me. But she wakes up at 3:30 AM and she says she cannot get back to sleep and then she takes off to do whatever she does during the day which is quite a lot. This person really impresses me. She does lay down I think every once in a while through the day. A lot of the people at coffee talk about heading back to bed when copies over with for the first of a couple naps they will take during the day. I envy that I really do. However I sort of think if I were able-bodied I probably wouldn't nap all that much but who knows?

I'm kind of excited. Yesterday Dianne and I went out to our old Mexican/American restaurant. I don't think we've been back since the divorce. And I was taken aback when we went inside and David one of the owners of the establishment came up and shook my hand and he began to scold me for not coming in I couldn't believe it. I love David so this is not a big deal still got me thinking about all those people in our lives that we affect when we make major decisions in our lives. Dianne I had a great time we talked a lot and we talked a long time. We started our lunch at about 1130 I think we finished about 1:30 PM. We could've gone longer but I had to get to a bus stop. In the part of town where our restaurant is at the bus comes only once an hour and yesterday was much cooler than I anticipated and I didn't want to be hanging out in the wind on State Street for more than an hour. I don't know when Dianne and I will go out again but I think we well. We have two more restaurants to visit that we haven't for years one of them is the Shanghai—midcity roughly—and the other one Is Market St Grill, a high-end restaurant we used to frequent quite often when we would go to the tabernacle in downtown Salt Lake on Sunday mornings. It was a fun place for us anyway with lots of memories that are good. I don't know the staff would think we are that much fun but they pretty much left us alone. The market Street staff didn't quite know what to do with us.

What really weirds me out about being part of the waking dread is that I don't feel too bad as I go to my day even waking up at 3:30 AM. Granted, I feel much better if I can sleep till even six or 630 and sometimes even 7 AM but that's rare. But try go to bed fairly early, for me 10 PM I really lucky but rarely do I make it to bed before 1130. Lesson is I'm okay get up when I wake up and enjoy the day…

Friday, October 04, 2019

Come Boss!

I met my ex-wife and best friend today for lunch over at one of our favorite restaurants, a little American Mex place in A – frame building we probably been going to for almost 30 years. However, as great as the afternoon was that is not what this blog is about today. The restaurant is in our old neighborhood which means I take the bus and train to get there. But I got on the bus this morning a grand and curlyhaired South Sea Islander driver said, “what's up Boss, where are we going today?” I was intrigued because at the next bus ride the driver almost said the same thing. When I first noticed this interesting salutation I thought it was kind of cute but then I began to realize in many ways the drivers I think are serious when they address me as “boss” . It's as if these guys are recognizing the fact that everybody on the bus pays his salary and they are respectful on that level. I mean, I don't really believe these guys are kowtowing to the bus riders but still it's kind of interesting to me anyway. I kind of like it.

As the diver fastened me down to the bus I begin pondering about the term boss and now I used it in my life. I was intrigued as a kid when we moved out to the farm that we had actually a cow by the name of “Boss” a great big brown and white Guernsey. I'd never thought about her name but she was the oldest of our little heard in fact she was the boss of our little heard. In the mornings, and evenings, before milking you actually sing out from the corral by the milk barn “come boss, come boss are co-boss, co boss”. And forever the cows were in the morning are in the afternoon, many times at the far end of the pasture, Boss would shake her head and begin wandering up towards the barn. Boss was the boss and the other cows knew this. She led the way I never really noticed that until I thought about it today. There were seven or eight cows over that period of time that I milked but never any more than five at one time. Big old lumbering beasts that you had the love if you pent as much time with them as I did anyway. For the most part these beasts were docile and just wanted to be milked, treated fairly and have enough grain and paid to be happy in the place to sleep that was warm and dry.

Thursday, October 03, 2019

Open The Pod Bay Doors, HAL…

I've written about Annette my home health provider before and how professional and how helpful she is to me as she goes about providing my services in the morning. She actually does housecleaning while I'm sitting on the toilet waiting to run through my bowel program. Yesterday it went a step further in that she came back to the apartment later on that afternoon and voluntarily provided me two hours of housekeeping services! How great is that? How lucky am I?! Well in this flurry of cleaning we attacked the pile in my bedroom and one of the things in that pile was a huge (for me it's huge anyway) flatscreen television That one of the folks at the apartment complex where I live gave me more than a year ago. Probably now more like two years ago. Anyway, I never got around to having the flatscreen installed anywhere in my apartment. Possibly because the flatscreen is old technology, I'm sure that's one of the reasons my friend Janet was giving the flatscreen away. It's I don't know how many generations old it is but is quite thick compared to flat screens now days. I also couldn't figure out where to install it at and I didn't really have the drive/energy to try to find the right mounting hardware and find a volunteer support to make the installation. So it's just sat there against the wall, in its box mocking me and pulling in all kinds of debris around it, sheet protectors, Clothes I've grown out of, kangaroo bags and list goes on. I'm sure there's some sort of scientific description of how things get attached to things just by being there closest thing I can think of is “nature abhors a vacuum”

You might also remember that my brother Carl was going to pick up the vacuum at Walmart can bring it over this afternoon which he did. So I was fortunate to have Carl and Annette both working on my apartment in different ways a lot got done. I actually culled a lot of Pieces of clothing send them either to a trash bag are a bag headed for the thrift store. My brother was going to take the big screen to the thrift store then remember he didn't have his pickup truck and would do it today. Anyway, the boxed flatscreen was left standing at the foot of my bed like the monolith in 2001 a space Odyssey but it was a short monolith not reaching the top of the foot of the bed and of course I knocked it over when I got into bed. It took a little bit of finagling and a lot of work but this morning I managed to push the monolith/flatscreen away from the doorway into the middle of the room where I could get around my power chair. I couldn't shake the scene from 2001 a space Odyssey alluded to earlier. This would be great fodder in making up parody of this great film may be having a mix of 2001 a space Odyssey and Scrooged. Regardless of the parity whether it is A monolith for little people or a monolithic caricature of Christmas Passed I still have to get my coffee first thing and that's all there is to it…

Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Hump Day

The seasons have turned, we had the killer frost a couple nights ago, the trees are starting to change in the morning to cold and the wind blowing is uncomfortable. The seasonal change, the coolness, puts me in a definite different frame of mind. I like the briskness of the atmosphere but I sure miss the heat of summer. I dug down found my black watchcap which I enjoyed wearing all day and I found this great piece of clothing that was made specifically for people who use wheelchairs. This is another testament to how much my last wife looked out for me. She actually ordered this garment for me that is open at the back but you never know because when you wear it, in a wheelchair your back is of course not seen so it's easy to put on its warm and comfortable. I would wear it when Dianne first got it for me as I thought looked dorky now I think it's efficient and great. Dianne thanks again appreciate your forethought when you ordered this for me. I am sorry I did not wear this piece of clothing earlier. I'm still looking for my hoodie, my heavy hoodie I can't imagine where I have placed it. I hope I have not lost it to see after I went through the efforts of getting someone to sew up the giant rip that I subjected the garment to where it got its arms caught in my wheels of my power chair.

I was so surprised and pleased When my home health person volunteered to come back this afternoon to help me clean up my apartment… For free! For the record, I did offer to pay her a meager wage but she refused. I'd almost forgotten her promise to return this afternoon when she knocked on the door and started working. We got a lot accomplished and I'm excited. We took on some major projects and are still working on some more stickier problems that were moving right along. This certainly helps with my regular cleaning person being out of the picture for a little while. I'm feeling blessed. While we were cleaning my brother, Carl showed up with the new vacuum cleaner I had him purchase so that he would have a way to transport the device to the apartment. I'm glad that I did not try to do this on my own because there is a bit of mechanic even need to be done to make this new vacuum cleaner functional. It works and we've vacuum the floors twice. I'm exhausted however it's been a long day. Following my morning routine I had to shag ass over to an amount health care for my semiannual meeting with my physiatrist. The meeting was good and I think I'll be able to get some good supports for physical therapy and some other items I need medically speaking. The rest of the day was working on the apartment and spends more money all of which wears me out I'm looking forward to spending some bedtime kind of early tonight…

Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Apache-Brain Worm

Don't you just hate those brain worms? You know the little bits of information that invade your head for one reason or another and went done/infected it's hard to get it out of your system? I've noticed more and more recently the use of great pieces of music more and more by the advertisement industry in making commercials. And I think it's crazy using all the good music bits and snatches to just tease and and titillate the brains here for the music. It wouldn't be so bad perhaps if they played a good piece of the song or even if they had to identify what the song was but the just render a few bars and then leave the person hanging as to what the piece of music was/is.

It seems to me that blood pressure medications, cardiac arrest medication, insomnia, sleep aids and even probably erectile dysfunction, though I have not heard the music there yet but I can only just imagine what they would use. For me the last couple weeks I was getting a snippet of music a piece that I used to love but I couldn't get enough of the music in the commercial tenant down just what the piece was. The commercial ran during the evening news block it seems to be it was during the national broadcast.

It seems immoral to use some of the music for the capitalistic ventures they hawk But I guess after a piece of music lasts so long in the universal songbook it becomes available for anyone to use I guess. It still feels really clammy to hear good pieces of music being used to represent bad causes. This of course was pretty interesting last presidential go round when one of the Republican type candidates tried to use a 60s icon piece of music that I cannot remember that the performer – – if I remember correctly – – pretty much took his music back but I'm glad that he did. That does not happen often enough. For me like I said every evening during the 5 o'clock news block some commercial would come on and just a few stanzas of this song with intrigue me almost freaked me out and begin to twist inside my head begging to be identified. You know when you just trying to reach out and grab something and it just evades your grasp, you know if you just here a few more bars are stanzas you'd be able to put a name, history and the memory for such a piece. I don't know what it was but for me all the sudden I kind of remembered a steel guitar or electric guitar and instrumental of the 60s. So I came to the identification in a roundabout procedure by remembering instrumental type groups and of course then I found the piece. It's not like I knew the name will actually I didn't know the name but I didn't know the name if you know what I mean. I knew it when I sought written out, the name of the music, or I thought that I did that once I got a list of all the music the group produced I was able to listen to you two versions of each piece of music until I found the one I wanted.

In 1964 I was in junior high, what a great time of life. I took the bus and to school everyday and right next to the school was the Hornets Nest, a great little hamburger joint the kind you don't have any more. Every morning I would stop in the Nest before going to class and get a maple bar in the Cherry Coke and in the background the Ventures would most likely be playing on the jukebox and for a while it seemed every morning at the exact same time a piece by the Ventures was playing called Apache. Turn to describe this piece not quite rock 'n roll not quite Western no vocal just guitars almost ethereal in a western sort of away all you can really say was it was the ventures and you wanderlust after a big asked carburetor musclecar…

Monday, September 30, 2019

Cutco For ever

I hope I am not becoming one of those parents that whine all the time about how their children never visit them or pay them enough attention. I am actually really pretty lucky that way. Shelley calls me probably once or twice a month when she's on the road between workstations and we get to speak for quite a while which is really kind of cool and then Mark Anthony, while he does not come on a regular basis becomes regularly if that makes sense and he always comes if I need direct assistance for immediate assistance. The fact is he's busy and I know that sounds very “cat in the cradle like” but it's true because regular job then he's got his burgeoning little music business which is cool too. However, if two weeks or so goes by that I don't see him then I notice I call him using is something that needs done around my apartment. Yesterday it was to straighten up my CPU which the furnace guys nearly tipped over when they came to replace my filters earlier in the month. I had other things possibly which could of used attention right now but I'm okay.

I have to say two of my kids are entrepreneurs or at least showed signs of entrepreneurship I think mostly of a way to make cash are spendable income. Mark Anthony was in band during school/high school and of course sold candy bars in such and of course his parents who are likely targets. Later on after high school graduation Mark became involved with the Cutco Group, kind of a high-end door-to-door sales program. Cutco, is a high-end cutlery operation. I think if they were famous for anything it would be the Cutco knives and the Cutco guarantee that being when she bought these (in my definition very expensive) utensils they would be sharpened and replaced for the life of that artifact no questions asked. That means if I found the Cutco utensil at a thrift store I could send that utensil `Cutco Central and they would replace it no questions asked. I've never done that but I thought about it quite a bit lately just for something to do. As a budding salesperson you want to support your child in their efforts and so you feel like you must purchase something from their stock of items.

So on the given evening Mark came over, dressed in his salesman outfit, and gave us the presentation which is pretty good. He practiced and it sounded fairly professional for a first time presentation. He then quoted the price for the least expensive items (which I of course was going to purchase) and found the price over $100! It was almost $200 for four steak knives and I think a spatula and a larger knife paring knife or some sort! I was shocked Dianne was not and we purchased the items and I am not sure what ever happened to those knives.

Mark Anthony has asked about those knives every once in a while and seems shocked But I no longer know what happened to those cutting devices. I don't have them and I don't know if Dianne has them. We can get new knives to replace them but we've never done that. I can't think Mark is offended that we didn't treat his knives better. That is why I was kind surprised yesterday when Mark Anthony came over to give me a hand with the CPU and pick up a few things on the floor that he presented me with the famous Cutco shears. I didn't know what to say. I couldn't figure out why he was giving me the scissors. But almost felt like an ancient Asian sword master presenting someone with a highly valued Samurai sword. Accepted the scissors, the felt heavy and valuable and something not parted with easily. I don't know how long Mark Anthony has had these and why he has chosen to bestow them on me. Just out of curiosity I found that Cutco, of course, has its own website now and I could see the cost for these kind of shears was like $177! That's a lot of money for a pair scissors but I will cherish these cutting devices and just maybe they'll return to Mark at some point in time down the line… I am a proud owner…