Friday, April 28, 2017

More Buyers Remorse

I am really loving having my own Internet account. I have the account with Xfinity are more casually Comcast. I don't know if I'm stupid though there seems to be a great deal of speculation that I certainly might be but I am going to ride the wave for a bit just so I can enjoy having burning fast Internet connections. Around the first of the week I got a notification in the mail from Comcast X indicating I still owed them about $17 which is okay. This is what was left over after the process of beginning the system which is more money than I want to talk about here if there is a saving grace it's the fact that the pile of money at the beginning was, supposedly, one time costs. The bill was gracious enough to allow me to skate and tell 10 May for some ludicrous date. However I felt it was just wise to go ahead and pay the installation and swallow the bitter pill. I do indeed love not having to go upstairs to post items like this entry.

In trying to be conscientious I called Comcast this morning as I begin the bill paying process. I figured I would pay what was owed with my debit card. After all, I'm not sure what the going rate of the stamp is right now but I know I can use to $.32 stamps which I have an abundance and get the document mailed. I just didn't want to use up one of my counter checks that I'm using right now for rent and my home care.I must admit things are beginning to get a little uncomfortable in the finance department. I'm still okay – – I hope – – but the lump sum I been operating off of his be getting to dwindle to the point of concern. I'm okay for a number of months I believe until we can figure out what's can happen with the house. It took me a minute or two to go through the check-in process with Comcast you know when to talk about the call may be monitored, who did I want to talk to our what was my call about, in the be sure I had my account number. When I finally got through to a human being the headset I was using was beginning to wear out energy wise so I had to quickly figure out how to get the speakerphone operational on my cell phone. I never did figure that out and opted to hold the phone next to my ear the trolleys in such a bad deal and I should do it more help when you've got a perfectly good cell phone headpiece it's a shame not to use it. We did our vocal dance and the sucker punch came when I informed the person I was talking to that I wanted to pay my bill with my debit card. She was more than happy to assist with my payment. She did however states that I should be aware that if I were to use my debit card that I would also be charged $5.52 for a usage fee of the debit card. What a crock! I'm sure I'm going to double lambda anyway on my debit card why should I be burned even more because I chose to use the debit card and really the girl on the other and the lines just going to punch a couple keys on her keyboard and that's it. Five bucks almost 6 for not what a scam. So of course I told her to discontinue the project and that I would go ahead and send in a check via snail mail and call it good. She was okay with that of course I wouldn't she be? It is no sweat off her nose.

So the next 20 minutes I spent in finding the pen that I want to use, finding the actual bill and then finally my counter checksin finding a place to write out the check. I was surprised that I actually still had the envelope that came with the invoice. Totally amazing. For one reason or another I cannot get my hands on one of my forever stamps so I used to buy Marilyn Monroe's which are $.32 stamps. I think a stamp is about $.45 now I'm not sure so two of these 32 centrs should do it. I even used one of the return labels I made that I use for the girls letters everyone so I didn't have to fill out the return address. I was relieved when I dropped the document in the mailbox at the front of the building done. As always concluding my call with the Comcast girl I asked to them how much would be my next bill, my regular bill. She said $50! For some reason I thought it would be much less once again I will spend the weekend with buyers remorse.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Two Being Solid

I fixed a two bean salad tonight for dinner, I also had cottage cheese on the salad with an Italian seasoning and yes a can of red beets. I put those things on a bed of salad
gotten from the market about a week ago to salad greens were still okay I hope. Just so I could stand the whole concoction I threw in a handful of Fritos. I miss shot myself in the foot with the Fritos but somewhere along the line you got to eat something you really like the chase all the other stuff down. The salad was okay. Had I more time before the the Big Bang go Theory was scheduled to begin I would've thrown in some purple onion and a few more things in the fridge. However, I was okay with what I had. Reminds me a salads Dianne used to make. Dianne makes really great salads sometimes a little bit too big for me to handle but they are good and Dianne's salads has all kinds of stuff in them. I have yet to make a Dianne salad.

I don't know why I do not eat salads every night for every lunch. I certainly like the salads well enough and I have ingredients around the place like many cans of tuna, cheese in the fridge and chips and crackers for crunch. I have to go light on the latter because I'm still desperately trying to lose weight. Seriously, this last week I've gone a little crazy about two bags of potato chips, I actually bought a three piece chicken dinner at the deli from my local market. The chicken pieces were huge and had been deep fat fried of course with lots of glorious skin or whatever that stuff that makes fried chicken so good. Somewhere along the first the week I had ice cream on a stick which was delicious. Two mornings at least I had a full-blown breakfast of cold cereal, milk and two pieces of toast with real butter. Perhaps the most damning food item I had was canned milk in my coffee. All of those ingredients and items have pushed my weight way beyond the point of comfort for me. Last night Honey with me and that 99.2 kg! And for ever since I weighed that much and and I've watched the weight steadily increase over the week so definitely I need to intervene with myself and pull myself away from the major calorie boosters.

I look around and see really big people all the time, they're not watching their weight why should I? Actually I think I'm doing pretty good sticking around this week but I know I can do so much better and get back down to the low 90s kilograms. I really like weighing less I can really tell or buy but can really tell because it seems like once I get down to like 98 kg and lower I significantly have less discomfort on my bottom from sitting all day. I think my transfers are better and it seems like I'd get dressed faster and of course I feel that I look that much better but that may be way out of the reality of life but still less to look at. So, I'm going to try over the next couple days to lower that 99 kg level down to the 90s again and see what comes.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

DRAC Once Again

In my other life I was an advocate among other things. I kind of specialized in public transit. I'm sure sure I've covered that over the years in this blog. In my position as transit coordinator for the local Independent living Center I was a member in good standing with an organization known as Disability Rights Action Committee or DRAC. In the old days DRAC was actually created from the agency that I worked with. DRAC was the direct confrontation arm of the organization from the independent living Center. This was good because I always count the time I spent working with DRAC as worktime and usually got comped for the work or time that I put in. However, over the years members of DRAC felt that the independent living Center was not as committed as it could/should be. And I kind of agreed with DRAC but I also agreed with getting a check. So, over the years DRAC in the independent living center split ways.

I'm sure many of the bureaucracies of this state are perplexed at best as to just why DRAC continues to exist. They have almost no funding and are almost entirely made of volunteers – – and that's good. Organizations such as DRAC are best when made of local volunteers who are committed to their focus. I was contacted last week I think there is actually a blog posting covering the meeting with Dick L., Who is really tried to keep me involved. When he cornered me again last week I caved and told him I would show up to one of the meetings and that was today.

I'm trying to get my kitchen in order. I have pots and pans all over my counters I have very little space. My idea now is to get a number of S Hooks and hang the pots and pans off my rack. Hanging these pots off the rack would greatly assist in keeping the kitchen looking good. I knew if I went to the meeting I would be the neighborhood of Standard Restaurant a great place to pick up all kinds of cooking utensils. I was hoping they would have the S Hooks.

I wasn't sure if they were going to have lunch and if they did I knew would be just cold cut sandwiches so I stopped at a Mexican restaurant near the housing authority where the meeting was to be held. When I got to the house and authority they were just finishing lunch and meeting was ready to begin. The got a few potato chips and sat back. I was glad that the DRAC folk were not as spacey as they once were. They actually got a local social worker type and activist to act as a executive director but he basically let the consumer's run the show. This guy's good perhaps is what the organization has needed.

I sat through the meeting which was kind of weird not be in the hotshot transit coordinator. I don't know if I'm going to continue on with this group, I probably will if they will have me and that's really a factor. I guess now they have to approve any members joining the group. It would not break my heart if they denied me membership. I don't know if I want membership. However I do like Dick and he thinks I need to be there. Maybe next time all week before I have lunch.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Rainy Day Me

More rain was forecast for today. In all honesty I was not as excited about my Assist meeting today as I usually am. Still I was up early and ready to begin my trek into Salt Lake maybe even to consider another Jab at picking up my modem at UPS central in the Mid town area of the city. Still I was not too hot on the idea partially due to the rain and partially due to not knowing where I'm going. I thought about Mark Anthony stop suggestion  of just having UPS resend the package to my apartment complex. I still felt uncomfortable with the suggestion. I wanted  to try one more time.

I had coffee with Jimmy's wife and ask her if she thought Jimmy would drive me over the UPS pickup my package. She thought Jimmy would not mind at all and went to inform Jimmy. I have to admit I was pretty jazzed with the idea of heading out and picking up this piece of equipment.

The rain had began to fall fairly heavy by the time Jimmy brought the van around to the back door where I waited. The rain is not cold and I didn't mind being out as I deployed the lift. The vehicle  actually sounded good, the inside still a mess and I made a note to myself to drag the  vacuum cleaner out the next good day and suck the insides of out. Jimmy also had some ideas regarding the floor the van especially by the front. This would be great certainly make the traveling in the vehicle much more comfortable and safe. This however is a project for another day it's more sunshine and Heat.

UPS looks like a great place to work. Everyone laid back everything is certainly tech. I could not help the marveled by how big an operation UPS. I kept getting flashbacks from the movie with Tom Hanks as a survivor of a UPS Jet crash on a  desert Island. Sonny, however, the UPS worker returned with a good-sized box I was surprised and thankful that I didn't do this on my own. Dragging the Box on the train and bus would definitely been awkward and uncomfortable.

Mercifully Jimmy left me in my box alone in the apartment to get to know each other. I have had Jimmy put the Box on one of the chairs and I just look at it. I finally found some scissors and open the box. It was the mode  and the modem  was much more complicated then I had reckoned. I texted  Mark Anthony who was impressed and I think relieved that I had secured the package and indicated that he would be by tonight to help install the modem.

I still have my occupational therapist coming by this afternoon to do some work with me but already it's been a productive day and who could want more for a Tuesday?

Monday, April 24, 2017

Run Around Day

I broke down and ordered internet at my apartment last week. I've had enough of having to go upstairs and use Apartments computers to update the blog. I know that's a first world problem but still it's just kind of drives me crazy not being able to upload and such as I would like to from my home computer system. when I ordered my Infiniti Comcast they said they would send the modem out immediately which I guess they did but of course the jerk from UPS didn't knock on my door at least I did not hear a knock on my door and I heard the little old lady who did knock on my door to tell me there is a tag stuck to my front door and of course it was UPS saying they tried to deliver a package and no one was home, which of course is BS I was home all day.  I don't think I mean just irritated cuz now I have to figure out pick up my modem you still have to install it myself or have somebody with good hands do the job. Of course the UPS Access Point s not readily  accessible by public transportation.  There's also major confusion as to which Access Point  my package is at .

I found the tag on the door Friday afternoon too late to get the package .  of course called the number hoping they would open late which might facilitate retrieval of some sort but all I got was a computerized voice. I left a message and was called this morning to let me know my packages at an access point which was different than what was on the tag. voice on the phone in for me the package was at an address  reached by public transportation. I figured why not? So I decided to dress warm and head out.

The day was not cold but the day was overcast and a light rain was falling.oh, yeah, I could not even collect my package till after 1:00 PM. No problem I had other things I could do which I did. Finally the time reached 1:00 PM . I had stopped and had lunch  at Smith's market at the deli. The rain was falling.oh a little harder as I found a bus to UPS.  I was not soaked but I was uncomfortable but I finally found the storefront and of course it was the wrong one the one I was supposed to go to was on the other side of town and I was not going to get there today. At this point I just wanted to get home and do my workout routine and get showered later on in the evening.

I want to try again tomorrow to see if I can get to the place and get my modem. tomorrow I have another meeting downtown and I just might try again. My son, who is much more practical than I, wants me to call UPS and have them put the package back on the truck and have them drop it off at my door. I'm going to ponder this tonight and maybe, just maybe I'll have them drop it off -- I just don't trust them.

Oh, I almost forgot going to the UPS Store  our bus got trapped there was an accident  just ahead of us and three fire engines. We can either go forward or back up we were stuck stranded for about 15 minutes. At one time it seemed more than six emergency vehicles for just a two car accident.

Sunday, April 23, 2017


Kid Day was Saturday. I know I've used this term before in this blog, Kid Day that day when I would drive over to whatever the kids were living to pick them up for Saturday, the day that I had them as part of the divorce decree. First it was Mark and Shell, then James and Charles and then finally Bridgette and Brooks. Kid Day we would all piled in the car and take off. In my memory it was a wonderful time. Looking back I wish I had more money to make it day even more memorable and fun but we enjoyed what we did have at least I think so and from reports that I get back from time to time the kids thought so too for the most part.

I love to explore different areas of Salt Lake. We spent a lot of time rolling walking, exploring here eating there. Driving around the city looking at homes that we'd like to live in and making up stories about those homes and what we did there when those were our homes it was fun pitiful in some ways but we all enjoyed the experience. I don't know why but one of the places we went to was in Taylorsville. How I found this place I don't know. I must've just driven past it one day with the kids and it looked intriguing. Actually it was in this sort of hidden part of Taylorsville which is a small community within Salt Lake County, part of Salt Lake proper I guess. Not quite West Valley Utah but not Salt Lake either. There was a lot of industrial/residential areas of Taylorsville and there were still parts of the area that was rural large plots of ground with overgrowth on it. Taylorsville was sort of in between Murray where I lived and Taylorsville and Kearns where the kids lived from time to time. Maybe that was why I found this place because for a short while the kids did live in Taylorsville so we may have rolled around that community more than I remember. We found this place on one excursion secondary to an initial find which is sort of interesting. We found this grocery/deli built to look like a barn which is been converted into this commercial offering. It looks like one of those places that might have treasures inside. The barn market was interesting and certainly had potential but was not as exciting as defined above Bell's deli which are just hamburger joint. But Dells was a hamburger joint which it pretty much vanished from the local scene replaced by ubiquitous trendy fast food miracles such as McDonald's, Burger King and Wendy's. Gone were the little joints so saturated with aroma of fried food mainly burgers and fries when you walked in the cholesterol content raised five points! I think we only went to Bell's once or twice but we totally enjoyed the time that we spent at Bell's when we went.

Of course Bell's got shoved to the back of my mind in the ensuing years. However when I moved to Taylorsville, here at the senior living facility, I happened to notice the restaurant and one of my rollaround's of the community. It was almost eerie when I found the place just sitting there on the side of the road like always. I cannot believe the joint was still there. I made a note stop by this place when I can. Friday night I was talking about this place to my home health person, Honey and told her about how cool the place was. She wanted to know more about it that and I want to make sure I told her right so Saturday I set out to find the place on purpose. It took longer than anticipated and it was not where I thought that it was it was further south but I did find it I went in and had a burger which was good, not great but definitely the taste from the past.. I promised myself I was going to return this place and often and talk about and get more folks out and going to Bells.

So if you're reading this and you live in Utah consider heading out to Bell's Deli At 1207 W. 4800 S. Taylorsville Utah or call at 801-262-1211. Check them out you be glad you did.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Waiting For Dave

I don't quite remember how it happened but when I returned from North Carolina in around 1968 to 69 I returned to Borah high school finished my education. I think I've discussed some of this before in the post of this blog. One of the things that continued of course was my high school education not for one bit were my parents going to let me skate on my education. I of course did not think that was even an option. However had I thought things through a little bit and examined the life of my buddy Eugene Diffendaffer I would see that life without high school was possible. I guess in all fairness Eugene tried to go back to school but I guess you just too angry are too involved with his disability to get into the school routine – – and I think in the back of his mind he knew didn't have to. I never had that capability but that process even when I saw Eugene quit high school, divorces family and moved to a long term care facility back in those days called the nursing home. That was the path I could not take I would not be allowed to take.

Borah high school was on the other side of the valley and again I think I spoken of this before, it was the arch rival school of the Valley to the to the educational institution I was supposed to go to. Anyway long story short I accepted the fact I was enrolled at Borah and swelled the bitter pill. In the same vein no one told me, a quadriplegic pushing the manual chair that I was supposed to act like a quadriplegic pushing a manual chair. Nobody told me I was not supposed to go to the Saturday night dances. I believe I've talked about the Saturday night dances of the SND's before. So I went to the Saturday night dances, hung out more or less by myself from time to time and every once in a while would ask someone to dance the most the times would and I was a bit of a spectacle that was okay. Somewhere along the line one of the kids in my seminary class, guy named David Rogers befriended me. He befriended me to the point that they would actually go across the valley on Saturday nights pick me up to the dance and then we would stop by the local Hawkin's take-homewhere we would get this fabulous box dinner of either halibut, finger steak or shrimp. Talk about girls until we finished our dinner you drive me home.

The last two weeks David has called me three times. David is called me with the fervor for somebody who is just learn to use technology. We've been trying to text each other to some degree it's been successful not too though. Then we tried this other system on Facebook where we can talk to each other through the Internet that's been iffy too. So today I just called him on my new cell phone and we had a delightful conversation. It was great visiting with David. It's great having him back in my life. I hope I can hold up my end of the friendship and not be too needy. These promised to come down and visit from Boise this summer. He has one son living in Salt Lake Valley so I do not doubt this will happen. I hope it does until then I'll be waiting for Dave

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Thanks But No Thanks

I believe I've written about Irene before in this blog. She's an older person who lives in the apartment complex quite an interesting person but she definitely focused on her own agenda which I totally respect and encourage. She's a crafty person she makes little boxes and other craft like items. For example this last Easter she made a slew of Easter candy mainly black and white rabbits, very small made out of chocolate which she poured and made the little bunnies. Then she made no packages of jellybeans and these chocolate bunnies and placed in the little boxes she made for her grandkids and for members of the Thursday morning coffee group. How kind. Couple weeks ago she stopped me after one of the coffee get-togethers and asked if I like classical music.. Of course responded in a positive. I do like classical very much. I have a small collection.. She asked if I'd like to take a number of CDs and listen to classical CDs that she had.. I was not terribly interested but I said that I would listen to them. But somewhere in the back of my mind I felt maybe I should decline. But I figured what the heck it cannot hurt. I was a bit confused as to whether she was letting me listen to the CDs or she wasgiving me the CDs. I was tempted just to place the CDs someplace where I knew I could get my hands on them if I needed. One Sunday morning I even listen to one of the CDs a collection of Beethoven. It was nice you got like music written by a deaf guy. Life goes on. Taxes came and there was chaos in my little apartment office area where I keep things piled up. The CDs became piled on. I would've liked again to have corralled them somewhere just in case. Dianne got the taxes done and I signed them. I continued to dump mail on that section of my office.

Yesterday I went to check my mail and past Irene. She stopped me and informed me that her brother-in-law has expressed interest in the CDs and that I needed to get them back to her. I'm sure I had deer in the headlights look at my face as she reminded me that “I did not GIVE those to you I just let you use them to listen to. I snapped out of my deer in the headlights look and assured her I would get close to her immediately. This morning was Coffee group. Irene always takes a very active role in assisting making the coffee and getting the refreshments out to the participants. I was keenly aware that I still needed to get the CDs back to her but I was even more aware that I didn't even know where the CDs were. I hadn't seen them forever and to make matters worse I did not know how many there were. Following the coffee group is it back to my apartment and started going through the pile of filing I've not yet gotten to. Soon I found one of the Cds's, and take a breath and then I found another and finally I found, on the floor facedown, the Beethoven CD. It seems like I had had more than three CDs but that was all I had now. I'm sure she was going to think I still had one somewhere and had lost it. I looked around the apartment found a plastic bag from the market dump the CDs and looked up her apartment and went up and knocked on the door.

Particular moment or two to open the door she confessed that she been playing video games I marveled. I handed her the bag she looked pleased in doing so I asked her to check to make sure they're there I wasn't sure she said yeah there's three that's all I they are all here. She smiled and shut the door I took him deep breath and headed back to my room making a commitment to myself that never will I accept this kind of arrangement again. It's just not worth the stress

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Best Buy Samsung and Me

It's hard for me to delineate what is my favorite day of the week but I think Tuesdays beginning to come out first. Tuesday is the day that I get to jump on a train and go into the city – – I love calling Salt Lake “the City”. Referring to Podunk Salt Lake City as the city is just hilarious to me. I have biweekly meeting in Salt Lake at Assist.Inc. I've talked about this group many times. The old ladies and Dave and that we talk about people asking for weatherization grants and housing grants things like that. But I like it because I get to go I have a reason to go somewhere. It's different from just going out and jumping on a bus or train going to destination for no real reason except to go. Having a task to do is so good I do miss that.

Yesterday I finished the meeting and I decided I was going to go to Best Buy to purchase a new cell phone. I texted Dianne the night before told her I was thinking about a new cell and she informed me that Bridget and got her one already. A bigger and better phone. I've been holding off getting the phone because it was one more indication that the divorce is final is the thread seem to me. Dianne and I had gotten the forms together on a plan. It was time to let the plan go at least my head but tend to do all my Best Buy business at the 21st South store since that's where the bus and the trains conveniently stop. I've Sort have been searching or windowshopping follows the last couple weeks. Notice that Samsung had a sale under Galaxy S7. What I really liked about the S7 was that Cell phone was bigger, much bigger than my current phone.. It will not only help vision wise but also have bigger buttons when dialing. And besides this cell phone was new – brand-new.

I go to this Best Buy quite a bit I love to go in and look at the merchandise and wish.. Sometimes I'm nudged by a “sales shark” I punch him in the snout by saying I'm just cruising, just looking that's all in the shark almost always backs way however today they smelled blood. I don't know how perhaps I had a certain look on my face. The young shark came over and asked if he can ask me a question about some aspect of technology which I knew was a hook to try to pull me in but you know what I can pull him in. His name is Matt. Matt was of course overly friendly and solicitous. I told him what was going on with my cell phone those looking for a new one and I had my eye on a specific phone but I did not know which one. I'd seen it earlier in the week it was on sale for $150. Matt was  drooling over this I'm sure what look like an easy commission. By this time he had taken me over to Samsung desk and enlisted Shu–lin(this was not her real name of course but I wish it was because she was great. It was not such a cultural affront I would just call her Dragon Lady..

I was excited to get the phone only if I can get the phone that very moment. I asked if they could make the transfer from my old phone to the new phone and they said yes. This exercise took at least an hour in which time Matt sold me an Xfinity account. I think I was high on the previous purchase. I almost bought way more than I needed at Xfinity. I think Matt sensed I was getting spooked. He backed away and gave me a great deal, I think/hope, and just Internet access. We shall see. This will allow me to access good Internet for my apartment without having to endure Wi-Fi with just is not worked for me at the end of the hall.

I think Matt and the dragon lady served me well. We shall see. It was a good day, I spent way more than I anticipated but boy I sure felt alive when I finished.


This is been kind of a weird Monday – – not necessarily weird bad , just weird. To beautiful day  the warm before the storm as they say on TV these days. Not as beautiful as yesterday but nice just the same.. It's afternoon the cloud to begin the role in the day still nice however but I must be busy doing things that matter for me as we get towards evening. I finished lifting my weights on the rickshaw a few minutes before I must start the hand bike or the Saratoga silver.

I am still overwhelmed with the bags sent over from the house that Mark Anthony brought yesterday. I washed dishes this morning after I got dressed  and had a breakfast.  I seem to be feeling too good to really gripe about anything. I felt I needed to have some contact so I wandered down to the front of the building under the guise of checking my mail. As a rolled past the great room  I saw a crowd gathering.I dropped in just to see  what was going on and to check the  “sharing table”. I was informed today was the day for the Social Security presentation then I remembered there and bend  notices taped up around the building announcing that Shane somebody would be talking to the folks about how to get more money out of Social Security. I felt a little information was on the flyer alone made the whole of events sound like a scam. It was almost noon and I can see that whoever this guy Shane was Shane had actually brought lunch. There wasn't a great lunch mind you – does not hot lunch – – the lunch just the same and I can see a big old bag of potato chips resting on the sharing shelf. Hadn't planned to stay for the presentation however potato chips can really change my direction quickly. Real sandwiches would been too much to hope for instead he showed up with these tortilla roll ups with sandwich stuff rolled up and cut off into sections. I have hated these excuses for sandwiches ever since they started showing up at state meetings I used to attend. To make matters worse he brought just to boxes of the faux sandwiches. The room was packed there would not be enough of those rollouts for everyone. However there were two good-sized boxes of the of cookies. I could survive on cookies and potato chips who could not? However I knew I had corned beef at the end apartment size it done down made a sandwich . and zipped back .

Clearly, Shane was a song and dance man. He looked conservative enough them sure is a good guy all things being equal but he is still a song and dance man, maybe even a flimflam man. He was all about trying to sell these people the $4000 they could possibly make it they were to allow him to go to bat with them with the Social Security Administration. He knew all the ins and outs he knew how to say something a certain way that would make sure that they got the increase in funding that they could yet whether it was 100 bucks, 1500 bucks or 4000 bucks over the course of a year. A lot of these ladies is basically were women I was there along with Jimmy course and the other Jimmy of course axial surprised to see the other Jimmy show up. But we're talking about money and that's what these guys are interested in. He didn't want to answer any questions in the group just some basic basic questions what he wanted was to send around a piece of paper to have people put their phone number, apartment number and name on the document. Of course that he would do the one-to-one and just find out how much money he could get them. Also of course, I know, then he has the information to build back Social Security Administration or whatever aging program he works with to make his cut on the seniors. I know I shouldn't be so cynical but you know me. He looks like a nice guy he sound like a nice guy and probably smells like a nice guy but he's not a duck.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Saving My Sanity

This mini post is kind of a filler until I can figure out how to post again either from my computer I run upstairs to the computer at the lab. So I've missed a day or so already which sort of irritates me. However I did get a new phone today and I also made arrangements to get my own Xfinity in my apartment so I'll no longer have to depend on the Wi-Fi from the apartments. I hate lock being locked into this kind of thing but I'll save my insanity. Hopefully I can do a bit of post

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Storage Unit?

My apartment is in chaos. Actually my apartment is always in chaos but today it's in more chaos than usual. Dianne called and indicated that I had a couple bags of stuff in boxes that did not get moved when I initially came into this apartment. Dianne is going in for major surgery in a couple days and want to make sure that I had access to this material before that time which I appreciate. So I called Mark A was willing to come over this Easter Sunday and collect this material and bring it over to the apartment. Boy, there is way more material than anticipated. We got the three bags stuffed in various corners of the apartment the boxes are on the table and I'm going through a little bit by little bit trying to ascertain what is worth keeping and what is going to be thrown away or taken down to the “sharing shelf”. There a lot of memories with these materials is kind of hard kind of not. There is even a full bottle of pancake syrup without a lid.. I'm surprised he did not get spilled it was packed pretty tight so that spillage would not happen but it doesn't have to dump it out which is a shame. Because I know that sooner or later, if I did not dump it out now, but it would spell and make her in this mess.. If I do this it will be a great step forward for me and my hoarding behavior. It's perfectly good syrup but no way for me to keep it and I bought a new bottle that I have not even opened yet when I moved in here. There were DVDs, CDs, important papers, a few more books and who knows what to do black bags. I'm kind of hoping my summer closer in their shorts and short sleeve shirts.

I was lucky today, Mark's family is still in Japan visiting one of the boys. Mark is on his own and I know he has Easter plans but not necessarily family plans So didn't feel too guilty asking for help today.He sandwiched me and between a couple of his projects and I'm grateful. I'm going to need some assistance going through a black bags as well some of the southern material to find a place for it and take away from the look of chaos. As we discussed things Mark indicated that he was looking at the possibility of getting a storage unit and would I be interested in going in with him on such a project. In my mind I thought ' boy, when stuff goes in there usually stays there until you die'. That such a task to go and get stuff after you get material in the storage unit. But maybe it's not such a bad idea. Storage, putting my life in storage guess that's where I've come to. I will probably go in with Mark on the storage unit just to see what having a storage unit feels like. Because really if you've got stuff to store and not can use it, really in mice will just throw it away. Maybe that's what the storage unit is the in between zone between ownership and freedom.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Just Like Seinfeld

I go to the store/market way too much. I think I'm compensating for something looking for treats I've no idea all I know is that every couple days I'm off the market. I buy onions, groceries, fresh fruit a A lot of fruit, it seems I buy lots of grapes and bananas.I really think the saddest comment on my behavior is that my market visitation is a sign of lack of socialization. I like being in the market because there's real people there not that the people here at the apartments are not real people I just don't have a great in common with most of the folks. Not that I have anything, and with 99% of the folks at the market you seem real to me makes me feel like I'm real just being there be a part of life somehow. I must get something out of the experience collecting going back and back. Such was the case yesterday. I did not pay attention to the fact that it was Friday and on Friday the local newspaper Corporation has this old guy that acts as a quasi-greeter. He says is given away papers but I don't believe them when I try to avoid them or I've tried to avoid them. I usually just shoot past mumble something and do my best not to engage. Like I said yesterday I weakened. For some reason I thought' ' gosh, maybe it would be nice to have a newspaper tonight just look through'. Then I engaged the old Fart and he happily started his spiel. Yes which paper I wanted I told him, I told him I didn't want a daily subscription was just too much hard data gathered around the house that I did not need. He happily informed me they had number of plans that would meet my needs will specifically one fourth Monday Saturday and Sunday – – the week in Jan. The old guy assured me that I of course could stop the subscription anytime that I wanted and that if I really get my weekend subscription today he would give me $10 gift card for fresh market making the first month basically three dollars.

I knew the second I agreed to take a subscription for the weekend rate that I had made a mistake. I'd like to think I'm read the paper but I don't. The most I use the paper for this to get the puzzles out of the back. I used to think I like the paper but I don't have a subscription demands too much reading. Really it's why I don't spend a lot of time on the Internet reading blogs And general articles that I

find interesting I do not to have the patience to sit in front of the screen and read.. The old guy had already started right be up and it already handed me the green gift card to the market. 10 bucks if I'd used it would've taken care of my purchases of the day by stuffed the card in my wallet and forgot it immediately. Oh, I'm sure I will use the card eventually but certainly it is not a high priority on my list. I've already formulated a plan is to try the paper till 1 May and then cancel my subscription. I guess this methodology is really quite passive aggressive but I don't care. I have to see this Fart every weekend I don't want to have a history with him. I hate it when my life mimics a Jerry Seinfeld episode.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Friended on Facebook

I surprise myself I should be getting purely callous to the Facebook effect, you know when all of a sudden somebody pops up in your life that you haven't thought of in years or decades even. This happened a couple weeks ago when a friend of mine granted a distant friend because he's a bit younger contacted me on Facebook wanting to become Facebook friends. His name is Kyle is a year younger than I was in the same religious group i.e. Ward that I was. And normally I would certainly friended him regardless but when I found out that he lived in Salt Lake City that made me keenly interested in making contact.So we were chatting earlier in the week and I figured why not I made the effort to establish a meeting. And sure enough we met this morning for breakfast. I suggested we meet at Dee's restaurant on 4700 S. and Redwood. This is a place I have been using more and more lately. The restaurant is very close to my apartment easily rolled to and accessible enough to have a great meeting. Close to bus stops which gives me a convenient out if needed to say “Oh oh, got a go my bus will be here shortly”.

What a great meeting. Two old guys from the old neighborhood sitting down to lunch chewing up the past. We talked for about two hours at the restaurant. They the staff were great bringing him hot chocolate and of course me coffee. A kind always wondered about this guy. He was quiet but always around. I was always intrigued with his father who was somehow related to the military and had that bearing of a military person. He was also a dedicated Scout leader that's Boy Scouts. He was always around in his Boy Scout greens doing Boy Scout stuff. I think Bill talked forever was old men seem to do when talking about the past. I'd love to done that but I must be careful because Kyle is still in the world. He's married, involved in church work, a grandfather who really likes being a grandfather and a pretty nice guy.

No he didn't say  but I could tell that being a nice guy probably made his work life a bit of a struggle. He had a couple careers and seems to done fairly well – – much better than I. But everyone has done much better than I. It seems. Trials of course retired now like all of us. He's able to get between voice in Salt Lake to help out his family both places. We ended the meeting by saying we're going to get together again soon. I hope we do. There is a number of people in this community from our old neighborhood and had like to actively get them together for some kind of activity this summer – – sort of like a class reunion type of thing or picnic. That might be kind of spooky and challenging the what the heck it still might be fun. I would most likely be the apostate of the group hopefully that would not deter the others for showing up the road still be fun. When you do it.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Just A Another Challenge

The days of turned beautiful! Temperatures are in the 70s but it's windy as yet another storm piles through. Not an issue though it's spring that's what's supposed to happen April showers bring May flowers.

Yesterday was eventful but I think it will even out a lot of the lesser events, at least for right now, last night I had some sort of experience I can't really identify yet, it certainly was not spiritual at least I don't recognize it spiritual as yet, it certainly was not fun but it certainly could be life altering event we'll just have to see. Yesterday being Wednesday of course is my bowel and shower night. No big deal except for it is a big deal because anytime you can have a control bowel movement I deem it is a great deal I sure miss that part of being independent. Same goes for showers anyway Honey was given me my shower last night. As I soap up I had my hand, which I always do, Slid between the grab bar and the wall. Since I do not have gripped I use this to pull myself forward when I need to. Last night when it was time to wash beneath my legs and my butt I leaned forward as always. I still don't know what happened but as I did my body slipped the front of the shower chair pinning my arm between the grab bar and the wall, forcing my arm to take my full body weight. I was terrified! I thought sure this is going to break my arm snap the arm like a toothpick. I screamed out. I was still perched on the edge of the shower chair which was all but tipped over, luckily the shower chair was still bearing a great deal of my weight. I was afraid that when I slipped, and I was going to slip one way or the other, that would be the end of my arm. I also knew that the precarious position I was in was going to put pressure on my legs to spasm at some point which are also be terrific.

I was in great pain and fear. Poor little Honey was great doing whatever she could to alleviate my agitation. Honey spent some time trying to lift me to ease the pressure on my pinned on but to no avail. We had to notify somebody but she is afraid to let go, and. I Was afraid for her to let me go, she did not have a cell phone with her and mine was not near by either. She did grab a number of towels rolled them up and wedge them beneath me which really helped preventing me slide further. But I seemed relatively safe she let go of me and sprinted and pulled the emergency cord to the bedroom. I knew that that would be sort of useless but she did what she felt was best. I center down to the resident advisers apartment To get Jimmy. I have great faith Jimmy but no one answered the door obviously gone. She came back and dialed 911. I told her not to earlier stressed by pain and fear and thinking Jimmy could handle the situation but now I was so desperate. She dialed 911 which was tragically hilarious. I mean I I know I have been an operator, not a 911 operator but I still understand procedures and following a script but when someone is screaming in pain needing assistance I don't think that's the time to play 20 questions. And that's what seem to be going on with me. 20 questions I don't know when they dispatched the emergency crew but I was passed over to another person who proceeded in going through this institutional dialogue that was more aimed at somebody in a crisis situation like suicide than someone hanging from the arm in the bathroom.

In what seemed an eternity the paramedics finally arrived. There almost was an immediate next batch of 20 questions but finally they got to work. I think for a one time were in the past room trying to get me off the floor. They were great. They were great trying to find something the slip around me to lift me up at the same time lubricate my arm to try to get from its pinned positioned. Finally the arm is free. The lower part of my arm to my hand is quite sensible bloody gotten through and felt as though the arm was asleep. Now I think nerve damage has been done. Aside from my arm I felt okay little stressed maybe a little shocky because of the fear I had experienced but I was settling back down. I kept trying to shake the sleep out of my hand and arm but I figure that would come. The boys to me back in my shower chair and Honey and I finished the shower she got me back in my power chair. One heck of an evening. My arm still felt goosy all the rest of the night and in fact still does to a certain degree. I was able to get to bed last evening without incident by myself and this morning I got up by myself and dressed and had breakfast so doing okay. I just have to get to this point and If my hand and arm does not come back well so be it. I know I can get by. However, I do intend to keep an eye on it and it looks like there's some real issues going on and going to speak with either my OT or my doc to see if there are steps that we need to take.

I woke up around 3 AM this morning cannot get back to sleep. I'd had a weird dream that I think was directly related to my incident. So I've experienced some trauma psychological stress of some sort. Hopefully this won't be a pattern I think I'll be all right putting my arm well comeback . I tend to survive and move forward that's what I tend to do best.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Marky Two Chairs

I retrieved my chair yesterday from Create. I guess I should more accurately say Jimmy and I retrieved my chair from Create. We did not even get the task until after 2 o'clock because Tuesday is my Assist Inc. day so I was in Salt Lake City. The day was overcast in coolish even though they said temperatures are up in the 60s it was still cool I wish had worn jacket and all I had was a big red long-sleeved shirt that was kind of heavy. Yesterday were bit nicer had there been such that goes without saying. I'm also saying I was kind tired but Tyler got back from Assist. I had already made arrangements with Jimmy and felt that I needed to honor those commitments and this was a good time for Jimmy since his company was slowing down and take a day or so off and Jimmy had the time. Again, I think I was dragging my feet for fear of what I was going to find when I got to Create.

Redwood Road can be a long drive. However it was nice having Jimmy drive. We drove right around to the back once we got to the Buffmire building. There are two volunteers working away Thomas on the phone making a deal of some sort in the secretaries in the back doing who knows what. Jimmy and I nosed around a little bit and found my chair. The chair looked nice Tom and Company had done some painting, spruced up here and there sewed up a couple rips and had gone through mechanicals. I was blown away when told that the promoter was indeed still good only a wire had been torn off somehow. So I paid 250 bucks for them to replace a wire – – however I must keep in mind that the completely went to the chair and spruced up and that's what I paid the money for. Had the motive and bad they would've replace the motor as promised but as it is I have the original motor I guess that's good and what's good as I'm on the road again in the old chair. That actually been done quite a bit earlier but had a bad phone number for me. They had my old cell phone 801-232-1599. So I probably  could have gotten the chair last week before Friday morning I wish I had gone with my hunch and call them see if the chair had been finished had been.

I must admit I was impressed with Jimmy's tenacity and scale up packing. Jimmy was able to arrange my chair and the empty chair Into the van. Very tight quarters and the ride home was very stiff but we managed and got the chair into the apartment. You would think, that I would've gotten into the chair immediately but I did not. I did not even get into the chair this morning on rising because it was not where I could reach the chair. Tonight for sure Honey is here we will make the trade-off – – maybe earlier if I get motivated. I did not even charge the old chair last night thinking that I would maybe get into the new chair. So I'm low on power and I'm going to have two charge for a couple hours and see where it goes.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Hard Tuesday

It was a hard Tuesday, this Tuesday starting off early I awoke and lay in bed for some time before looking at the clock and when I did it was 3:15 AM. 3:15 AM! Luckily I wrestled sleep and finally kind of one intermittently falling into some sort of dream state until finally 7:15 AM arrived and I proceeded on getting up. I should have been could of gotten up at 6:15 AM which are given me much more time to dress and get ready. So I was running did okay with Intel's time to get my clothes Or rather My my shoes on. I was having a hard time getting my feet over my legs to put my shoes on. It took me a number of tries I finally got the shoes on. At some point yesterday I ran over the belt in my power chair and of course broke the piece or only separated from each other the piece would need to be repaired By one who has better hands than I. So I contacted Jimmy who is most obliging repairing the belt piece. Made arrangements with him to drive me down to UCAT or Create to pick up my power chair. It seems the chair's been done for some time but they had my old cell phone number oh yeah, speaking the cell phone numbers for some reason yesterday my cell phone stopped working.

I was amazed I was able to get out to the bus stop jump 217 inbound and make it to my meeting in good time. Assist Inc. meeting was a short meeting today, I think we only had five names to approve funding . This the end of the great year for many of our programs so the names are dwindling still it was good to be out and meet with who showed. On the way home I stopped at Best Buy and the guy there did something and got my cell phone operational. I almost bought a new phone. I wanted to the next Samsung. I would like to get the one with the larger screen. The Samsung person pretty much told me that to replace the battery for my machine would be almost the price of a new phone so why not get the new phone? When I think about it and see what happens if it'll take a charge. If myself falters for any reason out it goes I'm getting a new phone. I did buy a camera will have to get a hold of Mark A to install the camera.

Getting home I got hold of Jimmy and off we went, stopping at Exxon next door to get 20 bucks worth of gas and down to Create. The bad motor turned out to be a bad wire so I didn't have to get a new motor or another motor which is good plus I got the chair completely with refurbished repainted and much of the chair gone over. I have not in the chair as yet I will wait till tomorrow when Honey is here And she can transfer me in with the lift. I hate to wait that long and maybe I won't strike in talk someone into transferring me. Right now I have the list been charged since I had not been for a number of weeks. I did not think it could be done. I was going to send Jimmy home with the chair and I was cannot take the bus but he was certain that he can't get us both in the van and he did. Jim is doing great things for me I certainly appreciate Jimmy.

Little bit by little bit I seem to be getting things done. Now I just have to somehow get my apartment looking decent right now my living space is pathetic I need to hire somebody quick.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Like's To Short

Got a headache and I don't know if it's from lack of sleep or stress regarding my power chair or worrying about Dianne and her upcoming operation. Maybe it's from staring at this computer screen or flatscreen that I'm using for a computer screen. I have given Create two weeks to work on my power chair and have yet To hear anything regarding progress are hopefully completion. Create such a low-level operation they may have have the chair done but it lost my phone number and let it ride until I get back with them well as of this morning I've done just that got two calls into the operation and impatiently waiting for Create to get back with me. And I would not even have been so gung ho about the chair if the back of chair had not been being a pell. Yesterday for some reason the lock that keeps the left armrest from the rest of the chair is become nonfunctional. Every time I put the slightest amount of upward pressure on the arm comes out and falls to the floor. This is not bother me at the beginning of this yesterday afternoon but towards last night it was becoming very old and this morning almost intolerable. I did stop at Jimmy's apartment and he was able to get the piece working again so at least I can get myself upright in the chair when I need to. However, the main issue is that this chair is a backup chair, it is not meant to be a full-time chair. I'm thankful to have access to this equipment But the equipment usefulness is just about ran its course. The seat is too big for me causing me to list to one side the foot pedals articulate up putting great pressure on my feet and joints. There are other issues with the equipment that I cannot remember currently but they are there because me and the service and displeasure. Would hate to think I'm being dodged but sometimes I get that feeling. I'm aware that my other chair is no fist of roses but at least the seat in that chair configures to me and if they've got the motor fixed I can go forward again a greater speed than I can now. I know I had issues with the right foot pedal but I can work on that now I just want to get it fixed and out of the shop and into my home and life again.

It's Monday morning and the storms have past, it's still cool outside but there's promise of sunshine and warmer temperatures in the week to come. I'm being patient very patient as I wait for the phone to ring and for Tom from Create to give me the news I need to hear.I do not even care if the news is that he does not have the chair completed yet I just want to know when the chair will be ready that I can start rolling again way that I want. Life is too short to be in shoes too small.

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Like A Poke In The eye

Snowfield during the night and it was cold outside but I ventured out even though the sun was shining bright cold wind came from the North and forced me back inside I felt like the groundhog Who had just seen his shadow. I was ready to hibernate for another six weeks. However, that will not be necessary warmer winds are coming behind this cold front and I will be glad. Still the day Me inside and playing with my new computer for the most part. I wish I could confess of doing something extremely productive but alas updating my blog will be about it for today.

I have been trying not to get mopey but Dropbox has prevented me from avoiding the mopes. I got a message today among those rare moments when the Wi-Fi allowed anything through, telling me that I have but six more days to comply with a new subscription or a subscription to Dropbox. Dropbox was that sensational couple years ago that swept through offering you free storage of your files I guess in the cloud or somewhere but not on my system. I dumped a lot of data on to the software but kept all my systems pretty much as well. I pretty much use Dropbox as a briefcase particularly when I was still working. I would load letters and projects and to Dropbox and then fish them out when I got home on weekends, in the evenings and such. It was pretty handy. Now I'm sure I have a cloud account somewhere that I have the same materials in storage somewhere in the sky but I don't know where it is at at this instance – – I guess I should. There's one thing I've noticed as I mess with the new system is that a lot of my files do not come over. As well as my software. I lost, or I guess I've lost accounts that are either subscribe to or paid for that lost when I gave up my laptop. This is happened so many times with new computers that I have purchased that I've gotten used to losing data. I would like to think and I just might have some drives with materials backed up but I don't know whether at right now. For a few hours this afternoon I climbed back into Dropbox I think I had 2017 image files. I have files going back to 2013 which really isn't that far. Still there are enough images to make me miss the times we had together Dianne me and the family and doing some of the things that we did. I only got slightly mopey.

Dropbox says I have six days to comply. I looked it up just for the fun of it to see what I would have to do and forgotten. In order to keep my subscription to Dropbox and have to fork out $99. 99 bucks! They essentially have my data hostage is there a term for this that term escapes me right now but it's out there that means that taking advantage of me in my data. Well I'll show them I don't care I got most of the backed up anyway on my hard drive. Just creeps, that's all they are. I'm glad I didn't rely too heavily on the software it be just another thing to come around in my life to poke me in the eye.

Saturday, April 08, 2017

It Just Would Have Been Nice

I've been looking at my Facebook this evening for a little bit. It's overcast and rainy it's a spring night the end to a not too productive day however I did get my wash done,at least most of it.I did need to put my shoes on today I am sure I looked a mess. I don't care that Saturday.

I don't know why but I haven't updated my Facebook page for a week now maybe even longer. I think part of the reason is my home computer is no longer really link to the Internet in a fashion that I can use to Facebook. All I could use my tablet I suppose even my cell phone is not really how I like to Facebook. I just seem to lost interest to a certain degree. But anyway tonight as I took a break from watching China Beach to do my Saratoga silver. I picked up my tablet, which oddly enough, can pick up a pretty good signal from the Wi-Fi and checked out my Facebook. One of the folks on the Facebook which I follow is an old schoolmate by the name of Adriane with one 'n. I think I had a crush on her the fourth grade or the third. I remember one afternoon sitting under a tree with her in front of our school, grade school Campus in Boise Idaho. I think I'd missed my bus and is waiting for my mom to come pick me up and she was just waiting for her mom I suppose. We talked I don't know what about now but it's a nice memory that I keep.

One of the things this taken me years to figure out was that half of the kids I went to grade school with went to Boise high and the other half pretty much went to Borah high. I was supposed to go to Boise high But due to my accident had to go to Borah. I never really thought about what happened to the kids in grade school that didn't go to Boise high. I did not realize these kids went to Borah and I went to Borah. I went to Borah for two years – – three years actually and none of the kids I went to grade school came up and said “hi”. I just think this is so weird. I'm thinking perhaps they didn't realize that this kid, really the only kid in a wheelchair going to the school, named Mark Smith was the same Mark Smith they had gone to grade school with. Maybe if I was able-bodied I would of just blended into the mass of kids at the school and there were about 3000 kids at the school. That must've been the reason, I hope. Anyway, I can't believe Adriane never stopped and said “hi”. I think it would've been nice to have someone that I knew from before at the school with me.

Friday, April 07, 2017

I Should Be Doing More…

I'm sleepy and don't know why I seem to gotten enough sleep during the night though I woke up numerous times but still I've been groggy all day dragging through each minute. I have not been too productive today. I did make some fried rice however with some sausage and vegetables are processed the other night. It was nice to have some clean area to work with – – Gail came over last night and worked on the kitchen for a few minutes. I spent a large part of the morning trying to get to know my software on the computer, the new computer. So frustrating that I don't have it music player that I can figure out. I do have a music player but unless I can figure out the system more I may have to download some software when I can or purchase A music player I guess.

My son is doing everything but twisting my arm to go to a private Internet provider and get away from the shared Wi-Fi and I'm suffering with now at the apartment complex. He's right of course I need to do this. However, because I have complained in other folks have to about the poor Wi-Fi that management supposedly have gone and ordered some new “boosters”Devices used to extend the Wi-Fi. I would like to think this would solve the problem but I doubt if it well and I will still have to spend the time and money to go out and get the Internet provider. Which means that I will still have to go through the phone call where I am spending exorbitant time trying to visit with a person with limited English-speaking capabilities most likely living in India somewhere. – I know I sound snobby, imperialistic and just capitalistic gross but that is the process anymore. Not only that I have to endure the dreaded nickel dime affect of the operator adding costs to the installation and time. But I think I'm just don't have to bite the bullet and go through the process. Now Mark Anthony has indicated he would like to know about when I plan to make the decision – – I don't know if that means he wants to be here while I talked to the agent in India are he wants to be here when the installers go through the process of setting me up either way it's kind of dreadful. I'm a little uncomfortable with having to pay someone every month for the service may be even more uncomfortable with having the payment taken right out of my bank. I'm sure I can do it financial wise it's just makes me nervous sort of like yesterday at the DMV putting the van in my name. I was very pleased with the process afterwards for going up and going through the process was a bit unnerving. Again, it's funny how much I tend to work the world around me versus insisting that what I order/get is exactly what I want.

I should not moan so much. This week has been somewhat productive. I am communicating with Dianne, I got the title transferred to myself and paid for two months auto insurance. It just feels like I should be doing more.