Friday, October 20, 2017

Don't Be Looking Up

I'm quite fortunate that I live in an apartment complex which is well served by public transit. I don't think I could want a better living situation transportation speaking. All I have to do is to go out my backdoor and through the gate, with the automatic door opener which I have a key that I can open just by pressing my backpack, and there I am right on Redwood road. Whether I am going north or whether I'm going south each direction will land me on a TraX station. During the week the bus runs on 15 minute headways which means every 15 minutes a bus stops at that stop. At different times the day later in the day the buses become less and less frequent and eventually stopping only oonce an hour in the last couple hours of the transit day. Since I travel during the midday time I'm always pleased to enjoy the 15 minute headways. Many times I will get to the bus stop, knowing that I have 10 minutes or so to wait and I will recline in my chair in order to wait shift and skip myself back up to the top of my chair/seat as well is to take the weight off my butt.

Yesterday afternoon I was on my way to the library for the Last Chapter book club reading It was about 3 o'clock on a beautiful afternoon – – the wind had been blowing warm air from the South. As I sat at the bus stop I heard I cacophony above my wheelchair. It did not take long and tilting back in my chair that I realized there was quite a crew of birds sitting on wires above my power chair. The past couple weeks I have enjoyed taking images with my cell phone as I'm in the prone position looking up. I really of harvested some very nice images so I figured why not add this blare cacophony to the list. In the time I was prepping my cell phone camera to take the image I had a fleeting thought of that would be just too funny for some bird room let loose in turn which fell right on me. I shook my head and laughed and thought “nahh, what are the chances?” As soon as I ha said/thought this a black image zoom past my vision and I felt a heavy wet substance at my chest. I could not believe what it happened. Some idiot bird let one go on me! I had to think in the same instant some idiot reclined his power chair underneath a swarm of birds yakking their heads off why wouldn't they take the opportunity to drop a load?

I was pleasantly freaked out. Add one of black longsleeved T and of course the poop was black and white riding right on my chest warm and I'm sure gooey. I sat there a couple seconds before I began sitting myself back up and figuring out what I was going to do with a poop the size of my fingernail of my little finger. Because of where the guano was sitting in the fact that shirt was black I didn't think it called too much attention to itself so I figured if I could get to a fast food joint decoupled napkins I could just scrape the poop off, which I did. I of course smudged the pile of putrid poop.. I got a handful of napkins at the Arctic Circle in back of the bus stop including myself off. I returned the bus stop with the knowledge of staying away from choruses of chirping birds.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Up To My Axles

Thursday is my Chapter day. That's where I take part in the program which provides a platform for individuals who are developmentally disabled participate in reading. We meet every Thursday at 4 PM at the West Jordan library. We read for an hour that are turned loose and always book home trying to get home before Market Place is broadcast on local affiliate of NPR. Tonight, I knew I was not going to make it so I thought I would just instead of getting off my regular stop outside my apartment I would go on down to Salt Lake Community College and hit the ATM for my credit union and get cash to pay my cleaning person tomorrow. I did this with no problems. It was probably 6 o'clock by the time I got to the ATM. I got the cash headed back up to street level and headed off towards Redwood Road. The ATM is in the student center which is located pretty much center campus. As I headed out I noticed how dark the evening was becoming. There is still quite a bit of light left but I figured I'd better get on home as quick as I could. I was amazed at how deserted the campus had become. As I rolled Southwest towards Redwood Road. I came upon some construction that has been going on all summer long. I should just To the sidewalk and I usually traverse and not try to course out on the something new but I did. It looked like there is a pretty good shortcut across travel and stones, flagstones set on a path among the gravel. I really thought the gravel is really packed down but I was wrong. I got about a third of the way when the flagstones begin to shift under the weight of my wheels of my chair. My drive wheels wheels slid off the stones and almost immediately spinning in the loose gravel. I knew I was a goner as the power chair dug itself deeper and deeper into the loose gravel.

I tried the drive wheels couple times each time just spinning not getting any traction with all.. I was hoping against hope the snake some late student walking home or to the bus stop from center campus. But since I was in a quasi-instruction area I was deserted. I feebly tried shouting for help but you have to have ears to hear for that to be effective.. I thought perhaps I would call campus police I see them often on but each time I tried to call all I got was recordings of after-hours contact. Stupid, I cannot believe how stupid I am sometimes.. Even when I was able to catch an office that still have personnel on staff they would invariably send me to a phone that was only manned by people 8 to 5. Unbelievable!. The daylight was slipping away darkness was not far off. I had never done this before my phone but I thought I did not have a choice so I dialed 911. And suddenly I had a voice on the other end asking about my emergency. I felt chagrined as I recounted my situation and shortly emergency dispatch had an emergency vehicle out. I gave the best description of my location that I could and I was afraid that they would not be able to find me but in a few minutes I saw a big red fire engine train on the campus a couple minutes after that a software for heads popping up over the hill between me and the main campus. I whistled to bring your attention to my situation and soon they were there happy to see me and syndicated me about off wheeling on campus.

It did not take any effort at all for the guys to get me back on hard ground. They set me on my wayaand I was only too glad to go. Nowhere did anyone say anything about payment and I suppose dispatch can get a hold of me since they had my phone number if they really need to. I'm really thankful these guys were there and that I used them. That's twice since I've lived in this area that firemen have been dispatched to save my butt.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Answer Your Damn Phone!!

I'm waiting, I'm sitting here waiting for you a new staff person to show. It's 8:30 AM, the appointed time as yet no knocking at the door, no door knob turned or Show of support staff. This will until 10 o'clock this morning. After about an hour I began calling in earnest to the agency that nobody would answer the phone. I did have the cell phone for the assignment clerk and she wouldn't answer her phone. Finally around 10:30 AM I got a call from Soda – – the not so great home health assessment who is better than nothing. Gentle calling me to tell me that she was on her way and had better be ready because I only had an hour. I really did not appreciate this cancel that demand but I thought I'd give it a shot which I did.

Soda came in and again reinforced the fact that she had to be out of there in one hour so I better get hopping. Now this is the weird part, Soda does not necessarily disrespect me and she's very attentive when I talk to her but she obviously didn't want to be there this morning. She did indicate that she'd been called by the office to see if she would fill in. I've spoken to the office I think it was yesterday who assured me that they had the problem covered the had a person who is going to come in and do me and should start at 8:30 AM. I hate the way around that long but I said I'd give it a shot I did I really don't know what to do now. Again, Soda got me up in the sling and just showed me around like a piece of meat. Not necessarily hostile she definitely want to get out of there as quickly as she could. Now part of this routine of the shower improved is of course the enema and I use a product called . These are great and efficient. I don't know if it's the new time of day that we are now using for this process or the fact that I was under a bit of stress trying to perform but neither case I did not have a bowel movement which kind of worries me. Soda had resume out of their because she had appointments for pictures of her kid. The whole event stress me a great deal. Now, I feel I'm sitting on a poop bomb. I don't know what it's going to go off I just pray the poop bomb does not go off in publiclike when I'm writing a trained tomorrow for t Next Chapter book club

I am really trying not to be the consumer from hell. I'm really trying to work with a small organization to help them have the best chance of success. I really want to be part of that success and I really do have my needs met as far as bowl and bladder and showering goes. I really did not want to have to go through the trauma of breaking in a new group and one that will probably cost more than what I'm getting now but you pay for what you get though I pay little I get little. I don't know what I would would say if if the agency will you really Soda over my protestations. I doubt that's going to happen but don't want that necessarily to happen, yet at the same time I really don't want to have Soda as my home health person again. I guess I would like to know why they promised me one thing in 24 hours later it's as if we never spoke..

So cross your fingers and hope to make it through the next 24 to 36 hours to my next appointment with the toilet


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Mega Smile for the Mega Plex

I hate to miss a day of blogging but I did yesterday. Have no excuse really except the day got away from me and I could blame electronic media but I will not the point where is , I weakened I elected to watch TV last night or electronic media instead of writing. Actually I was going to write, but I forgot. I should've written in the morning but I elected not to and by the time came around for my meeting at DRAC I was out the door and didn't come back till 4:30 PM and home health person that have a schedule to meet. Still I hate to miss a day of writing.

I never mentioned that I want a pair tickets from my oral surgeon/dentist couple weeks ago. This was a pleasant surprise to say the least. And I know it most likely is a gimmick but still I'd never got a set of tickets from Drew Luke in all the years that we went to him. I mean have dropped more than $1000 at this new dentist of mine but it feels like I emerged a winner from the laughing gas and the drill. I was pleasantly surprised that even the staff was excited that I had won. None of them really knew why I had won. There finally was a collective agreement that I had when the tickets because I had entered a remark or statement on the good doctors Facebook page, or twitter or whatever social media he is into. I honestly do not remember making such remarks but something happened or maybe they just think I'm cute which very well could be as well.

The offered me a number of different items. They actually had a box of treats to choose from everything from big blocks of candy, the big Hershey's candy bars with almonds (which I thought was a little ironic) there are some physical oriented items as well like passes to a skating place, ice-skating passes, maybe even a ski pass although very minimal. These of course I passed on for the obvious reasons now is not going to use something this valuable as potential gift options. I grabbed the tickets when they were offered. I figured I can always use tickets to movies. I figured that even though the tickets were not for my local theater they should be reachable by bus.

Not to sit and stare at the proverbial gift horses mouth but the tickets are kind of weird.Oh,the theaters are real theaters showing real movies that our first run movies but the movies are just kind of weird. The movies are remote, out-of-the-way places but they are serviced by public transit so no problem there. The theaters are as magnificent as any of the others along the Wasatch front just kind of strange that my doctor would choose these theaters above the others. I just expected he would had one of his employees run out and pick up these tickets on their lunch break sense my little community theater here in Taylorsville just a block or two away. But these tickets are just out-of-the-way/almost elitist tickets. I got two tickets and I'm semi-excited. I'm not watching the movies very closely, there are couple out I wouldn't mind going to. I also not waiting for the holiday blockbusters. Just nice to have a set of tickets and the think that they were a gift/winnings.

My next visit and hopefully but last for some time will be day after tomorrow. I'm getting the crown set on my tooth puts the good doctor saved so heroically a couple weeks ago. I'm sure I'm going to have to pay something like $320 for this final visit. I will be glad to have this behind me. And still a stupid as it might be I feel I cannot like a bandit holding my two tickets by the sparkling new smile thanks to Dr. A period

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Red Beans and Rice… Very Nice

I am this close to making red beans and rice. I think I now have all the ingredients that I need for the dish. I think I like red beans and rice a lot more than I've ever put on. I think I might even like the process of making red beans and rice once I get into it there's a lot of chopping goes on. I've often helped prep Dianne when she makes red beans and rice. Dianne makes good red beans and rice and she makes it look effortless to throw together this Louisiana dish.

Yesterday I got six cans of red beans. These are premium red beans that I've been using in salads but I also know they are the same beans used in red beans and rice. I was going to use brown rice that I got a couple weeks ago right about the time I rice makers came in. But I copped out and bought a bag of white rice the market this afternoon along the green pepper I need to make the rue for the red beans and rice. I have to admit a model intimidated and I do not think I'm going to make the dish today because I waited so long in the day. I watched to batch is a close I really do to batch the close in a week but this week is different change sheet so I had sheets to watch plus and begin to wear long pants again because the temperature drops adding to more clothes than usual or at least seems to be.

I've been at the apartments now almost exactly a year. It's weird to go one trip around the sun in a new spot. I'm basically settled in now. I am going to finish unpacking the next couple weeks I believe with the help of the new person coming on this week to help me keep the apartment fairly organized. I'm sort of excited about having her input. Just hope I can afford everything surely I can just I hate to spend. I think she is going to really help me sort through what I have and get rid of a lot of stuff I hope I can do it. Can you don't want to let her down even though I'm paying her to help me do this. Soon after I first moved in, as husband and know the lay of the land here in Taylorsville I thought I needed a new pot or a pot to cook soup, stews, roasts whatever. I found this little pot over at the polygamist store across the street. A paid way too much for it is not really what I wanted. I wanted something with lots of loops there be able to grab with my hook I didn't get it. I've had in the box ever sense and yesterday, while Carl was here I had Carl get the pot down. I was going use the pot for red beans and rice but I think I have another pot that might work is good if not better because I don't want to make a huge amount of red beans. I want to just make enough for a couple meals. I just want taste of red beans and rice that I've made with money rice maker and a couple cans of beans

Saturday, October 14, 2017

She Ain't No Honey

The saga of trying to replace Honey continues. For the past two weeks I have been plagued with young home healthcare “professionals” because Honey either quit or was fired I still have not heard the entire story. I've gotten the impression they are sending out people who ever they can get their hands on to meet my needs. One seems to be this girl named Soda – – which of course is not her real name – – Soda seems not to really want to be much of a CNA. In the course of three days Soda has been significantly late. Each time she says the traffic was out of control. I will buy that once but for each of those times I'm big getting to seriously doubt Sodas desire to be a CNA and specifically my CNA. She does great work, I think when she is here. Actually, she doesn't do great work she tends to my needs and gets my toileting and showering done but then there's all kinds of leftover things that need to be done that Honey always did. There's been another CNA named Angie was actually front desk CNA coordinator for the organization. She is six months pregnant but did a great job as far as working with me and getting my toileting and showersand showers completed in a timely manner. I distance myself from Angie just because she's a short timer.. She can have her baby then be off forsix weeks at least. I need to have somebody on a regular basis way before then.

Yesterday, Soda was supposed to be hereat 1:30 PM. This was way early but I figured what the heck is she's up to it I'd be up to it get my stuff down and out of the way and maybe go to a movie in evening or late afternoon. The girl never showed up I kept calling the office and leaving messages but as getting the impression something major was happening or seem to be. Bear in mind, I'm sitting naked in my apartment thinking this person is good show up any minute now and get on with it she never did finally I think around 6:30 PM the office person Kathy calls or I call her I don't remember whichlet me know that no one will be showing up today. I figured this out by then I think I still thought maybe Kathy would come by somebody to do the job but no one is coming by which I guess was okay I could just really used an enema yesterday. Kathy said she would do the job and come out this morning. I was so frustrated and semi-depressed at that point in time I said yes sure not quite believing that she would make a showing. I had only spoken with Kathy over the phone. She seemed one of the only focused people at that agency, especially right now.

8 AM that's when she was to be at my apartment.. I've gotten up around seven make coffee piddling around picking up a little bit. If I got the call she needed the code for the door soon she was here. I was somewhat shocked she was is a 60-ish slightly plump each worker. She's definitely been around the block once or twice which is okay. I would rather have some of the older who knows what they're doing the starry eyed young CNA or CNA want to be. We did it. We got the battery back in the lift got me sling.ssuppository did on to the toilet and job done and then did a quick shower and that was it. I hope she considers doing the job on Monday. She's no-nonsense and pragmatic and works to get the job done that's all I can ask. Kathy is no Honey but I guess there can never be another Honey and we all make do with what we can.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Come On! Give Me A Break…

I know I sound old and that I am complaining about anything new and vibrant and trendy but I really feel motivated to discuss this issue to some degree. I first noticed food trucks in Salt Lake City when I was still working for the state at the Access Utah Network housed with Utah Developmental Disability Council or UDDC. I often went further downtown to explore and find interesting places to eat on my lunch hours. In fact when I was still trading business with Zions First National Bank I often went to the downtown original office. This is when I first noticed a food truck that parked in their lot intermittently. I even bought a couple of items tthinking (Wow, this is kind of cool). There wa a great deal of construction going on downtown Salt Lake at the time. A lot of the construction boys stopped at the food truck. Very inexpensive food with a fairly high quality. There was always somebody around to reach out and either order or grab my food. I thought total lack of accessibility are to be honest I didn't even think of the accessibility issue at the time because I thought this truck was a novelty and didn't pay much more attention.

After I retired and the subsequent operations I haven't really been downtown as much as I used to be which I kind of miss. But, I have noticed the rise of the food trucks. I've noticed the food trucks become more and more sophisticated much more elegant than the roach coaches that offered quantities of food at a lower price than one could grab at local venues downtown or even at concerts and such.Soon the trucks were beginning to develop significant reputations and followings becoming high-end operations. Even in the counterculture newspapers like ThePrivate Eye and others these rolling restaurants republishing their schedules.

Listening to NPR this morning I noticed the chagrin that a number of the events announced by the radio station, and some related to fundraising for the organization highlighted the fact that these events would be served food and beverage from these trucks.. I stopped immediately thinking is the last time I went to such a truck. I think I ordered some form of Asian food you know the kind good food but very sloppy. There is no way I could get the attention of the vendor without somebody else there is no way I could order and there is no way to fetch the end product and offered without the individual cook/vendor actually coming around and down from the perch to give me my food. Something's wrong here! Red lights flashed in my head where have the people with disabilities.?! Why is not DRAC when on top of this? I would like to think this situation needs to be nipped in the bud that somehow there needs to be an alternative for people with disabilities to access these inaccessible food sanctuaries. The whole concept of the food truck is counter to accessible dining. In order to access these trucks one has to be able to stand and in many cases themselves reach up. I've noticed a couple of the trucks have counters that might be close to accessible standards but you still have to reach up way beyond accessible standards.

It's an old story, crap! It's the same old story. If were not watching whether it is transportation, brick-and-mortar restaurants, entertainment, and now rolling stock restaurants people disabilities continued become more and more visible. I wrote a play once about the importance of being visible it was well received but very trite and I think thought very trite but maybe it's time to do another play about being visible enough to get lunch or dinner I can reach totally on my own.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Not There Yet

There are a number of myths that continue to haunt meas I sojourn through this world. When I was working at the Independent living center every tax season everybody on staff, who like me, were people with disabilities in working pretty closely to a regular, real-life job mean we got fairly decent salaries for what we did. But every year tax time when I filled out my taxes there was one piece of the document that everybody else filed (and they got it on the returns) but I did not. I wish I could remember exactly what tax deduction was all I can remember was the deduction had something to do with being disabled in the household income as I read the deduction it pretty much said that if you are working in the real occupation with real pay and benefits you could not use this deduction – – though everybody did. This used to drive me crazy.

Since I no longer work is no need for me to take the deduction but recently I felt the same stress from a little guy who works at this facility as a nurse practitioner/doctor.His name's Kyle, I talked about a few days ago in the flu shot post remember? Anyway, my first met Kyle he was actually visiting one of my neighbors providing some medical assistance there and my neighbors knew I been talking about going out to the doctors or whatever and thought it be great to have Kyle stop bywhich he did. And this feeling to do good by many people kind of warms my heart but the same kind gets quite old and somewhat irritating. These do-gooder people always look at me and asks me why I don't have home health coming into my apartment and doing services for me here. It's always takes me up short because they make it sound like a fool because I'm not doing and truth be told I have been subjected to these do-gooder suggestions for years. So long ago for a while I forgot the reason I wasn't using Medicare home health services. Even Ann the social worker here atThe complex even was pushing me to consider using the on-site medical fix. I decided this go around I'm going to go utilizing on-site medical services. This agency well even send catheters . I had a depth conversation with my current catheter provider to told me that yes home health would do that and it wouldn't bother them one where the other and for me nothing would change except where I got my catheters from. Getting catheters from this agency would come to simplify the process for me.

So the other day when I was so ill and I had a nurse from his agency come out and take a urine sample, blood pressure and stuff like that. He showed up a few days later indicating I have a raging infection and wrote me a script which I got filled it was slick that worked great. Then I remembered I don't know what brought it to my mind but there was the clause “user must be homebound”. Those with a killer words I was anything but a homebound. I told this to Kyle and he just sort of short the law saying that's not exactly what they mean… You are homebound. I could tell Kyle really believed this. But I remember the clause now. You had to be homebound I could not take advantage of these great services because I'm not homebound. Once again though, Kyle had me almost convinced except for the clutter in the back of my mind going over and over and over again that I was not eligible. Kyle next wanted me to hook up with in-home physical therapy which I was the real big fan of when I had to go through it after the stenosis events but if having in-home physical therapy would make Kyle happy what the hell make the boy happy? In order to do this I have to speak with a nurse of the program who sets up an interview with a nurse and finishes the process… The whole medical model. So, a passive aggressive a couple of days when this nurse kept calling but finally this morning called back and spoke with Tracy the nurse on the phone would be the nursing your home.

No sooner than I had nurse Tracy on the line I asked her the question about my mobility and immediately there was silence on the other end of the phone and immediately she is agreeing with me that indeed I was to mobile to be homebound… I was not homebound. I explained to her would've been going on and she clucked her tongue and said you know I'm going to have to visit with Kyle. Now I don't know what would happen to me if I had not said anything and gone ahead and start massing always home services I was not eligible for. I'm sure I would certainly get some sort of penalty attached to me which I don't need and do not want. I would love to have all the services provided to me via Medicare are some other secondary party payer that's just not going to happen not now anyway.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


I really wanted to be up, feeling better, and going out and getting things done but that's not coming about.. I'm just not getting on top of this flu or whatever it is. I was supposed to meet with my cleaning person today and I had to postpone that and there was a action this afternoon down at Sen. Hatch's office I was thinking about attending I didn't get to that event either. Things are beginning to worry me.Not Enough that I would do significant changes but I might if these illnesses don't stop.

It is a beautiful day, however I put on shorts and went outside the test the temperature there was a fine South wind blowing which cut the edge off the lower temps. Yesterday, I had called Cynthia who was supposed to come over today and begin working with me to clean up my apartment and my lifestyle which leads to such messes. She greatly appreciated my given her a heads up and we decided to try again on Monday. Hopefully things will improve by then. I cleaned up my mail box, and not collected the mail for days, no great loss junk mail and bills. I was just about ready to go and do something which I considered fun when I remembered with a jolt that I still had not sent the kids letters off yet. I cannot believe it was almost the middle of the month. So I figured this would be my project for this morning. I printed envelopes and printer that the letters got them folded and stuck in envelopes and and have the cash to stuff the envelopes. I considered going to the college bank in the basement to get some cash then I decided what the heck I would just part of my chair down to the Fresh Market and pick up the fresh fruit I've been wanting and a few other things.

I really need very little from the market except things like fruit. I've baked cookies, I have a roast in the refrigerator and I'm still working on turkey. I have a rice cooker, I have to rice cookers and I have rice. There are a few things I still need like cottage cheese may be some bread but I still have marble loaf rye. Have boxed milk I have orange juice and tons of tomato juice. I have two new potatoes a bag of onions carrots in the crisper I'm set. I have popsicles in the freezer . Walnuts and fresh flour, chance to a good selection of Campbell Soup I do not need to be at the market but today I needed dollars stuff in the envelopes for the girls. That was my excuse today.

I'm home now the warmest part of the day is over, evening comes swift now as the days shorten. It's good to be inside after a certain hour even if there are many hours left in the day. Today I will have home health visits for bathing and other things around the toilet. Today feels like Monday tomorrow I have coffee with the seniors and read with the kids out in West Jordan hope I can make my dates.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Sweet Charlotte

Somehow I've slipped back into a full-blown cold or bladder infection maybe the bad guys just started doing tagteam event and I am the mangy meat in the middle.. I really need to get better get back into my life but I'll say that during this period the section whatever. You'll notice I didn't post yesterday that he is today. I actually felt fairly decent yesterday. But even 30 minutes on the arm bike.

This morning I contacted Assist and let them know I would not be in today because of my illness. I was pleased when I did hear a knock on the door and it was Kyle nurse practition/Dr. Who was rechecking and let me know that I had a pretty nasty infection – I could have told him I have a nasty infection and save the boy a trip. But it was kind of nice having Kyle attend to me. Kyle actually hung around in the bedroom while I got dressed. I think he was trying to figure out how I dressed in the mornings.

I was even more shocked, pleasantly so however, when I got a call from Charlotte my friend from independent where he worked together on a number of different projects perhaps most notable being Santa Claus and Mrs. Santa Claus a number of years. As soon as she just wanted to catch up and that's what we get in the cours vowed to stay in touch. I hope we do this she has always been a valuable part of my support network. She's a smart cookie and these stimulation. We talked quite a while. Even though I got dressed and did not leave the apartment today today, I turned up the heaven watching whatever free movies I can latch onto which is okay. Done a couple Ironman which are entertaining if not mindless. I don't dare go to bed – – though that is actually growing need to be – – because I'm a little sketchy on that make transfers in the day having to get up and go cath. So I am reclining as much as I can in my power chair and the actually not all. There trying to push fluids when the trial with me but I really want to get on top of this and get back to life.

I was even contacted by Honey, my own home health care person. I was pleased that she caught me in the visit from that. I had tell her that I like Angie and she didn't get into dislike for this person very much whichwas good because I'm beginning to like Angie. I don't know what can happen but surely the doors open for all positive, my plan for the rest of the nightwatch more Amazon prime movies, and just like with but I have to be careful now to make sure you get through the night without thought of every device I have with piss .they only have two bags so I have to be discreet. I'm going to look around the apartment tonight to see if I can find yet another bag that will be enough.. I'm afraid I am beginning to smell too pissy as it is. Luckily tomorrow I have another shower which I hope will be energy but who knows what the shortstaffed as they are with their. I just need to be patient

Sunday, October 08, 2017

Chicken Soup For Soul

Temperature dropped last night it's not cold out but it's cooler than it has been. Days like this will really bring to the color out to the local trees I look forward to that immensely particularly,, with my tree outside my patio window. That tree is not yet begin to change and still has a piece of plastic in slims like debris between teeth and I hope can be eradicated somewhere along the line. The point that I'm making though is that I'm seriously thinking of making chicken soup today. Have a couple bones or chicken legs full of meat and the bones + have a piece of chicken given by one of the ladies here last week all of which is enough to make a chicken soup base. I know what I'd like to do – – chicken soup wise – – but I still would think I should check the Internet recipe base for heavy-duty garlic-based chicken soup options not only for me but my friend Gail Who texted me indicating she feels she may have picked up some flew somewhere and felt weak. I totally understand that I have felt so weak with whatever I got last week. I really think that I actually got some flew from the flu shot. That sort of shocking to me sense I've never necessarily felt that happening before although I've heard many people remark about getting a slight version of the flu after getting their inoculations.

But I'm really excited about doing today is putting on a roast.. I don't necessarily need to eat the roast today which I will of course some but have a garlic-based roast on throughout the week. I actually took the bus up to Harmon's yesterday and picked up the closest thing I could find to seven bone Or blade roast. I was going to throw the roast into a crockpot which I really like to do but then remembered I have lived in soup mix and roasting bags. I really enjoy the result of roasting bags and then maybe catch the drippings to consider a savory and delicious gravy. I thought about going to a movie this afternoon but really, cannot justify the time. I'm into the second week of October and have yet to mail off the kids letters. So I think it wise that I stay home cook my meals and write my letters and then if I have time to do something for me.

Okay, I've done the scan which revealed a number of fairly simple recipes for chicken soup. Of course, these soups are using chicken that is raw which has to be cooked for some time but I think that since the chicken parts I'm using are already cooked just a matter of chopping up the check and adding to the water the vegetables in such and then letting them cook significantly. The most important thing, I feel, is the use of garlic and I think I'm going to use garlic paste. I have some in the fridge and need to be using. Using garlic paste this now as much fun as smashing and mincing but much more practical, and will not wear me out. I also have a pie which I froze a couple weeks ago after I baked it which would also be fun to have this evening should I do the other parts. I don't know if Gail will come over if I make soup but I will certainly give her the option some chipmaker chicken soup.

Saturday, October 07, 2017

Customer Service

This last week has been quite challenging to me. I did something to myself when I fell out of bed and was lodged between my chair in my bed for two or three hours. It's not like a torn ligament or anything like that to just the right side is somewhat impaired more so than usual. But I'll watch it closely and if needs be I might even up to do some physical therapy. On top of the physical setback I also picked up some sort of illness I think possibly a bladder infection got out of control plus I had a touch of flu I think one day which really focused my attention on maybe I should get a flu shot. I'm kind of trying a new medical system at least trying out is how it feels to me. It is a home health service that uses nurse practitioners (that other folks refer to as doctors and I think the practitioners also do as well). I'm a snob I'm well aware that many practitioners, who worked for physicians who have Mds actually carry a lot of the load that the Mds used to carry. When I was at the University medical system by primary caregiver was a practitioner and I really saw the M.D. She worked under which was just as well. There's a whole question as far as me using this service. If I chose to use the service they would provide my catheters, and actual in apartment medical support like if I need will care they would send somebody out to work with my issues. The same way with OT and PT's supposedly. The only drawback (and I've known this for some time that's why I haven't gone this route when everybody asked me well why don't you go to this provider that provided here on Medicare) technically, in the eyes of the law I have to be (homebound). What this means is that I cannot go and do what I want to do and go anytime that I want. This literally means I cannot leave the apartment technically speaking. I don't know how many people abuse this and they use and are on the services but seems a little spooky to me. I'm still having to ascertain whether having the service would be worth the risk. My guy, Kyle the nurse practitioner, looks at me and says yes your homebound all you got is your power chair you cannot go far in power chairso yes, technically your homebound. As I said that would be nice as I understand things but I also feel a little weird about the whole thing. I get the feeling tthank you to all Kyle is trying to sell cars and in trying to sell as many cars as he can by the end of the year – – and folks with disabilities/seniors is the product.. I'm going to return to this in another blog Kyle the nurse practitioners is not what I wanted to write about today. The nurse came out after I visited with Kyle took a urine sample and the blood sample. And of course I had an infection – – I always do – – and so I had them send the script over to Fresh Market, the supermarket across the street. So yesterday, was feeling a little bit better I got dressed across the street to pick up my meds and I thought well I'll get my flu shot now having found my card Medicare card.. This time however the manager of the pharmacy said he called my card in and it was only valid for flu shots in doctor's offices.. I thought this so stupid it just seemed like another layer of stupidity from the store. This answer seemed bogus to me so I gathered up my documentation plus my medication and headed out the door. There is a major pharmacy next to this market so I figured why not give it a shot. I zipped inand found the pharmacist gave me my documentation we came back within seconds and said, “yeah, no problem”. I don't know why the pharmacist acted in such a way. Clearly he lost the store money. The pharmacy next door picked it up.. While I was at the pharmacy had them give me a card so I could have it to send my next prescription to. I'm taking my business next door.. This seems like a little thing,a little personal protest, the lead me to understand the whole concept of customer service, good customer service. Aand not going to use that pharmacy again… I'm going next door

Friday, October 06, 2017

Tin Cup And The Warden Calling Numbers

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I started this blog this morning just before lunch. I was going on and on about my hopes and expectations regarding my involvement with the senior center. My main reason for leaving going over this morning was to pick up my card. That magical plastic coated card which will allow me to freely use all programs, services and events held at the Taylorsville senior center..

I'm glad I didn't finish and post my thoughts for today then. I got to the center about 1145 and went immediately to the front desk and asked if my card was ready and lo and behold the little old lady walked back from the back room (where these things are kept obviously) smiling and saying “Yes! Here it is! Here is your card your official now”. I snatched the card away happy to be part of the organization.

Process. Everything has a process I've learned that, so I just sat back and I cannot backpack and found the blue colored piece of paper which was issued to me when I surrendered my free lunch ticket.. I was told that I needed to present this when lunch was served.. People were sitting around roundtables in the dining area. I of course found the table with no one else there Table 10. There are a number of old folk knowing about the front of the kitchen serving area but I did not know they were servers at that point. I just thought they were eager beavers ready for dinner. Everything has a process. To the bingo games had come to a close about 11:55 AM. Interesting I thought the tumbler that spews the numbers was still on the table and the master of ceremonies was still there looking official. Right at 12:00 PM the MC welcomed everybodyand ask for a moment of silence with which everyone complied. After the moment of silence (which I think amounted to a giving of thanks for the food). The MC started cranking the tumbler with many of the numbers removed. It's totally weird. Also in the numbers of the tables started showing up and as each number came out , the Mcread the number in that table rose and went to the chow line. Actually what really happened was the first ball out of the thing was number 10, I was so taken aback that I didn't realize my table and then called in the MC went to the next number. I however refocused and zip to the head of the line that was when a minor discussion ensued that why did I want to go through the line when the volunteers would serve me. (Remember the group that was milling around in front of the kitchen? These people bring the food to those too disabled to go through the line. When I finally assured the delivery posse to I was in control of my destiny – – sort of – – at least been able to carry my food to the table they relented.

Like so much of life the food looked better than it was. I've always liked Salisbury steak and a rich gravy served with whipped potatoes and whatever vegetable shows up. Today I ate my Salisbury steak more out of courtesy than not. It was okay like I said not like mom's or my grade school's. Some form of succotash, chopped spinach and a cookie – chocolate chip – and a carton of milk very small carton of milk but I'm thankful for what I got and it's free at least this one was from now on will be three dollars lunch.

This is a good experience. I got my card and explored a little bit more of the senior center. I might try to go over there at least once every couple days and swipe my card for the machine reader to indicate I'm using services so they can tally the results for the grant years – – I totally understand. For three dollars I can get one of the cheapest McDonald's burgers and the cheapest fries and a glass of water and I'm goodgoal

Thursday, October 05, 2017

Done… Sort of

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I'm in the afterglow. That's that time after you leave the dentist's office while your mouth is still loaded with novocaine or whatever analgesic they're using these days. I'm soon to be in that. When I realize just how much work the dentist did fall under needle after needle painkiller. To say nothing of untold gallons of nitric oxide the old laughing gas.I was kind surprised at the length o this appointment. After last week's four-hour marathon I thought for sure it would be just a matter of in and out maybe an hour or two at the most. I must acknowledge that a great deal of the time was taken up with teeth cleaning by the hygienist. This was pretty arduous. I didn't realize I had the yet option for project oxide for this event. I survived pretty well I was even more impressed at how non-judgmental “Tammy” was regarding the status of my oral regions. She did give me a pile of toothbrushes other kind of brushes, dental floss and a weird kind of rush that goes between your teeth to push out food in cracks that was subtle. She also gave me heavy suggestions that I need to be using a high-electric toothbrush especially for my gums.

I was surprised at how well I did this morning getting dressed with my bogus wheelchair. Luckily my brother was over last night and did some last minute Hail Marys on the foot pedal which kept it in place while I made my way across the street to my new dentist's place. I'm really liking this guy even though he seems expensive and they have this process of showing up just as you're leaving quasi-demanding you pay for the days event. I'm so loaded with nitric oxide this point, and worn out from focus drilling and grinding that yeah I just want to get out pay what I have to. It all seems worth it at the moment and it is don't get me wrong I like this guy.. 8 o'clock everyone's chipper to bring me in the office of the dental suite and actually there is a another guy there this morning a youngish friend of the dentist who helped with the transfer… Meaning they manhandled me like a sack of spots and through me in the dental chair.. However, I was expecting Dr. A to get right to workbut to turn me over to the hygienist, an aging Arian beauty went to work on my oral cavity and did so for at least an hour. She was great. She did everything with one set of gloves and no face protection at all – – except for the mask of course she didn't want see me smiling while she did her work. I could tell the her eyes were delighted. She even numbed me up for the Doc when she was done.

Keep in mind that all through this event, the office is saturated with late 60s early 70s music which really is kind of nice for us old guys. At first I think it's the Beatles real but then I notices the Doobie Brothers,Billy Joel and the host of others I can't place as the nitric oxide does its work I'm just happy to hear what's going on the banter going on between Dr. A and his staff. I marvel at how many concert these people go to. I'm so relieved and blessed that there was no mention (during the concert discussions) of the horrible events in Florida. I like this office reminds me of Stephen King novel without the Gore and horror. Just the late 60s 70s guy space doing his work and get by, blown off professional seminars that is registered for that dumps at the last moment to go to his property in the mountains to unwind for his regular three-day weekend. This guys got it made. This guys cool.

He comes in shoots me up more which I should realize means I'm going to be under some major dental focus for the next bunch of minutes… And I am. However I sail through.. Dr. A's proud of me, I'm proud of me and I think the staff is semi-proud of me but just marvel at me for just being there that early in the morning after a lifetime of poor dental hygiene. I'm done – – well sort of kind of I go back in a week or two weeks when will put the permanent crown on. We should be done for a couple weeks after that so excited. I just wonder how much more unload from me next week. This week was a major sucker punch thank God for plastic.

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Like The Energizer Bunny

I'm so angry. I fell out of bed again couple nights ago and this is not what makes me angry – – perhaps a little bit – – is the fact that once again I went through this giant farce of trying to get attention to bring somebody into tune with my plight. And once again, I was not able to alert anyone.

I was somewhat excited, Monday night I've had my bowel routine and shower I had Joslin actually put new sheets on the bed. I was going to jump in the new seats! It was about 1030 when I brought my chair to the side of the bed to make the jump and I still cannot truly figure what went wrong, I am beginning to suspect however that my feet may have been entangled in the foot pedals are foot plates that I have on this stupid chair and that may have made it difficult for me to make the role in the bed.the other item I have thought about has been I have been under some sort of flu are possible bladder infection. Which is somehow weakened me. No sooner had I made the transfer to I realize I was in trouble as my head and shoulder began sliding off the bed pinning my left arm between the mattress and the power chair by lower torso was pretty much on the bed but there is no way I was able to lift myself back up on the bed from the position I was currently in. I screamed, I yelled I even tried pounded on the wall notables plans worked. The more I moved around the more I slid down between the bed and the chair which kind of scared me, I didn't know where I was going to end up. I knew I just had to keep making positive progress towards the ultimate solution of getting assistance. Again at some point I came to the realization is going to have to save myself for help myself because there is nobody coming.

I keep a tablet and they cell phone close to my bed for security reasons and cases very things that happen. However, the way I was wedged between the power chair and the badand realize the whole time my head was also facing down. I didn't think there's a chance but I decided I would try to find my tablet with my left hand, which he been pinned against the chest and chair.I felt like I was in one of those made-for-TV movsies, you know the kind? When you're caught in the slot canyons water rising you have to catch our off with a pocket knife – – your favorite pocketknife and possibly your favorite arm? I couldn't believe it my fingers touched the tablet itself which was enough motivation for me to shove my arm as far through the opening as I could even if it would facilitate me falling further off the bed but that did not happen. It took about 15 minutes to get the tablet where I could use it relatively well. My only option was Facebook and I couldn't really see the front of the tablet very well. I started sending alerts out to everybody I could have easy access to.. I wanted somebody to call the Taylorsville fire department just down the street. That did not happen finally almost by mistake I called my old home health professional Honey. It's about 1 o'clock at this point,, her voice was heavy with sleep. I really didn't want her to come over I just wanted the fire department people to come over for good luck on trying to change's Mind. Honey Came over and Actually dug me out of the Bed.. I love this girl she always comes through.

Now, my power chair which hhas had been having issues for what seems years now is now finally disintegrating further. The right front pocket show off completely almost unluckily the superhero the apartments was able to put it partially back together but still was not enough to help this morning the other foot pedal took issue in the right foot pedal is still just as useless but no longer in the way of the wheels. I've got a get this fixed the fixed right can't wait any longer for insurance coverage claims or whatever. I cannot live my life with a malfunctioning chair. I used the chair for almost everything of important for my life. To get into bed to get out of bed to assist with dressing and everything else it seems to go to get my chair to keep on going and I want to keep on going and love to be deenergized bunny.I want to just keep going

Sunday, October 01, 2017

A Little Bit Of Turkey

I don't know what's gotten into me whether it's fall, whether it's the overcast weekend or whether I'm trying to be conscientious and cook materials I have on hand before their expiration date expires. Whatever the reason I've been cooking my ass off. They before yesterday I took the frozen turkey breast I've had in the freezer for a year now. It actually expired the end of last month I believe but I think it's still good as a bird goes. I thawed the Bird breast out yesterday Then through the chest in the oven about an hour ago and now the places begin to smell like Thanksgiving. I even, last-minute, stuck the whole shebang into a oven bag which I had not planned at all and I had forgotten I even got the bags at any time so I am anticipating cleanup should be a breeze.

I still remember purchasing the turkey breast, at the time thinking this would be great to have on hand and then cursing myself each day I opened the freezer and realized and eight of the freezer is taken up by the stupid bird chest. I don't know why have not cooked the breast before now. Last year when I got it I thought maybe I would cook it over Thanksgiving. If I remember right I was sick over Thanksgiving. I remember them bringing me down the plate of Thanksgiving dinner. I was not motivated enough at Christmas and then I kind of forgot that the thing was up there except for the inconvenience of all the space the turkey took up. Had I not taken the bird out on Friday afternoon to begin thawing, I would've taken off yesterday to purchase a blade roast over at Walmart. Truly funny I didn't even realize I liked blade roasts – – in fact I didn't like blade roasts Until yesterday. I noticed last week coming home from Chapter Read book club When I stopped and picked up some potato chips. I cooked up a pile of sloppy Joe earlier in the day and wanted some chips to go with my little slider burger buns that I got on food box day. I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed they had a number of blade roast out. I wish I purchased a roast then but I did not. The reason I did not purchase a blade roast then was I knew I had this turkey frozen in my freezer and I had to use it up.

I mentioned all surprised to see the blade roast because I've been looking for blade roast or seven bone roast for a number of months now in my market across the street from my apartment complex. I even spoke with the butcher who acted like he did not know what I was talking about. The seven bone roast are blade roast I said and the butcher – or whatever he was – behind the meat counter just tilted his head and scratched. I purchased a couple of folks to meet their but they obviously did not carry blade roasts. We always had blade roasts when we got our meat back from the butcher in the old days. We butcher a calf every year. Space we got some traditional type roasts but by and large we got blade roasts. I like the roast you could carve nice slices of roast beef as opposed to pulling off pieces of string beef off the blade roast. Now however, I've cooked a number of regular roasts and don't like the carving aspect I understand now why many folks like the blade roast the ease of pulling off hunks of meat as opposed to carving off slices. I like them beef roast strings from Blade. Both make adequate sandwiches in the blade roast is much easier to stack off .

I believe I'll enjoy my turkey breast but look forward to with true excitement Next Sunday's blade roast.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Yes I Am Senior

I live in the senior housing project. This is NOT a long-term care facility. People who live here must be entirely independent or be able to provide for their own assistants should they need assistance. I've never suggested anything else. This place was available when I needed the space and I'm thankful that it was there and that I live here. Sometimes I think it would be nice if there were other younger people here living but I'm also a bit of a realist and that I'm senior no two ways about it and that is just the next step to the long-term care solution then so be it. Is a bit intimidating however, is the Taylorsville senior center which is directly across the parking lot of the front door to my apartment complex. I have been over there numerous times and was kind of impressed with the place of first. But, like the Murray senior center (another place I really try to support) I can't see anything there for me really as far as access goes. The only thing I'm really interested in over there would be their weight room but that's not accessible the least of the have no machines that I can use that would help me. But however I must say in their defense they do have the kitchen and they do serve meals every day except the weekend. Love the meals I would just as soon good and pass on but there are some that look fairly decent. These meals are a deal for three bucks.

I seem to remember not long after I moved into this joint from going over there, to the senior center, to see what the process of involvement was all about. I found you have to fill out an application and that was about it. In return I would get a laminated card with a barcode that I would have to produce each time I came to the facility and want to use their programs. Again, does not such a bad trade-off for some of the offerings. Bingo, wheelchair dance, lunch, supposedly rides to Walmart and even went over when they have their journey over to that little gambling Mecca – – which I doubt that I would ever go primarily because I don't think their vehicles accessible but still who knows the little personal education maybe I could bring some access to the property. They have pottery classes, I'm sure they have some sort of writing class and some sort of art class (which I really do need to explore since I'm being challenged so hard at the community college) access to computers terminals with Internet connection – – perhaps a nice flat screens but that is something I don't need. I think it has some soda holiday celebrations and so forth and so on. I must admit there is just something a little bit reenforcing about the possibility of belonging.. A number of folks here trudge over to the center every morning during the week. A number of them have encouraged me to join them but I have not. I did however will notice that some interest that they will be having a Spanish speaking class starting in mid October. I might want to look into this and see how viable that might be sense now I can't get into community college till after the first of the year.

I filled out the paperwork and the person at the front desk was all impressed at how well I did writing with two hands. Oddly enough, the application was eerily familiar.. I know I feel that out before and I don't think I ever got the card. I was mildly surprised when When I asked her initially, yesterday morning, if I had a card or did records show I had registered. The records did not. She handed me a folder which had my free meal ticket in it and if you have items about the center i.e. code of conduct etc. I was waiting for her to give me my new card so I can start using the services legitimately. That did not happen it seems the director must approve all applications and she does not work on Fridays. So hopefully Monday I will pick up my new laminated card and start using the services. I don't really want to but I figure it's time. If I don't like it was up to me to make it better or at least something I can tolerate.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Come On Jocelyn…

I had just finished the coffee social yesterday – – that will get together down in the common room every Thursday morning – – and I just returned to my room with my coffee when my cell phone rang and it was Angie from the home health care agency I work with. Angie was calling me to ask if it would be permissible to have my home healthcare attendant to come in a different time than the established 4 to 5 that I had with Honey. As I've said many times I'm an old guy and I just want things to go the way disposed to. Honey had me controlled very well. We texted daily even when she was not scheduled to be over which was great because it gave us that connection or me that connectionWhich lets me know my world is going along just fine. If honey could not make her scheduled time she would call and advise me or text me and that's cool. If for some reason I was not going to be home at the time I would advise her we worked very well together.

Angie and I negotiated and it was decided that Jocelyn would come over today at 1 o'clock to do my program. This irritated me a little but not too much at least they called and that was a step in the right direction. And you guys may Jocelyn could come later or perhaps even earlier but 1 o'clock was okay. I kind of like that solution because it allowed me to get everything done in the middle of the day and still have time left over. So imagine my dismay when 1 o'clock came in no Jocelyn. I was okay till 20 after and I began to feel history repeating . By 130 I picked up the phone and call the agency. Angie was not available and I spoke with Kathy who seemed like a new voice to me she was very nice, we talked. I told her my caregiver was late and I was concerned and she told me she would call me back as soon as she found out what was going on. Kathy said she would call immediately the caregiver and find out what's going on. A few minutes passed and I got the call.. It seems like Jocelyn had run into a nitpicking, cantankerous senior who was making her late. Kathy told meJocelyn would beAs soon as she was finished with the senior. I informed Kathy that I did not want to get Joslin into any trouble but I was concerned about her being an hour late the first go round and now late again. Kathy seemed very anxious to keep me satisfied I almost thought she was going to refer me to another of their healthcare providers but I assured Kathy that I want to work with Joslin. I felt Joslin had great potential, at least for me, and would like to work with Joslin as long as I could knowing there would be some bumps at first but hopefully those bumps would even out as we worked together.

It was now almost 2 o'clock. Kathy assured me docile and would be there by 2:30 PM. At that time came and went in and around 245 Joslin came in. I was naked and ready I want to make sure I get my whole program in under an hour. Joslin apologized, not profusely, But believable. We actually did pretty good working together. I was most pleased with how quickly Joslin Seemed to wantto master the sling getting it on and off me. She also made my bed and helped me get dressed after the shower. We begin the process of getting to know each other. I found she was the oldest of six kids. She's Hispanic and her parents still live in Mexico. Her oldest child is three and Joslin is 25.. I sense, like so many caregivers in this industry, Joslin's had a rough life and is trying to make it. I will do what I can to help her make it which means having to be a little more patient I can do that..

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Steady As She Goes

I know it's kind of weird but I really like to be naked by the time my caregiver gets here not because I'm kinky – – I'm not saying that I'm not – – but because I know it's the golden hour that I pay for and I want to make sure none of that time was wasted with stuff I can do myself like getting undressed. I figure I did myself naked by the time my caregiver gets here it shaves off 3 to 5 minutes of the hour they have to bathe and toilet me.

If you all remember Honey got her self fired, we don't know why, the agency says she quit But I tend to agree with Honey that she got herself fired. Whether it's for cause or not is another question and I doubt I will ever get Cause answered totally. Whatever the situation left me without a caregiver. So yesterday afternoon I called the agencies who assured me out beginning a worker by the name of Jocelyn. Of course Honey has been in the background all day, often on, via text messaging. She wanted to make sure I was getting covered righteously. I think she really is concerned to the point she is almost make herself sick. I informed Honey that in fact I had been assigned Jocelyn. Of course, Honey did not necessarily talk her down which I am pleased and proud of Honey But honey did suggest Jocelyn has some major drawbacks. One of them being not showing up for assignments or somewhat slow and I'm not entirely sure what that meant Except Honeys comment was not meant as an complement.

So about 3:45 PM I started giving myself undressed and ready for the new girl. She was not hereby 4 PM. She called at some point in the afternoon which was good because she did not arrive by 4:30 PMSo I was able to call her at 5 PM and she had not arrived to see if everything was okay. Everything was Jocelyn just said that she was caught in traffic. In the back of my mind I kept hearing what Honey had said but does not ready to totally accept Honey's comments yet. Finally about 5:15 PM Jocelyn shows up. I believe she's Native American, much younger than I thought she would be, attractive, quiet and seemed ready to learn what she needed to do which I appreciated. I think she was frightened. I think she did not know what to expect which only makes sense because I sure didn't know what to expect. But we jumped right in she got me in the sling with very little problem. We anticipated the enema was going to be a problem but it was not after I instructed her what to do and how to do the lubrication and the assertion and application of the enema bold we sailed right through. She got me on the commode over the toilet and I did my business and soon I was in the shower. I did my thing as far as the shower goes and had her scrub my legs and feet (which he did a really great job she was quite enthusiastic). I did not choose test get dressed for the rest of the night so she took off. She got the whole thing done in about 45 minutes similar to what Honey is able to do. Which I think is great. I liked her and I think Jocelyn liked me we seem to have an affinity for each other.

I was little weirded out today when I got a call from Angie who is the person at my home health agency that not only answers the phone's but I kind of think she's some sort of controller over the home health attendants. She wanted to know if was all right if Jocelyn did my program tomorrow at 1 o'clock in the afternoon. This kind of threw me off and I wanted no of this was a one-time deal are what is going out. Angie assured me that after tomorrow, beginning Monday Jocelyn would be there at the approved time after 4 PM which is what I want. We'll see if Honey is correct and I start having problems with my home healthcare frequencies and delivery. I think it'll work I have a good feeling about Jocelyn and what we're going to be able to do. So it's seems like my Lucks holding

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Three Hours Plus Under The Drill

Today I had my root canal and a little bit of other work. Had not been dreading this moment nor had I particularly been looking forward to the dental work. The dental work had To be done I knew that. I also knew if I did not have this work done I would be terribly sorry late some night,Holiday weekend… Decide to go nova reducing me to arriving pile of flesh In my bed or in my wheelchair. Oddly enough over the past decade I have grown to not dread the dental experience as I had done over the major portion of my life ever since that day in Dr. Frogly's office when I brought my tiny jaws down on his fingers after which he gently lifted me from the chair and took me out to my mother and informed her she needed to find a new dentist for me as I was never coming into his office again.. So it's nice to know site operations I hardly hear anything I used to. So I sat under the trail for three hours this morning almost 4 while my new dentist performed a root canal, and to build up getting ready for a crown and another procedure. It was hard work for him and for me but I think harder for him. I like this guy I think This bDentist is going to work for me. Is better than Drew Luke and I basically liked Drew.

Maybe it is because this doctor is younger than but I can't believe that would influence me. The new Dr. has some quirks is somewhat irritating but not too bad. I think that is really likes working on spinal cord injuries at least on me. If I did not know any better I would say is a frustrated MD. However, he does his profession proud in the way he administers his skills. This dentist gave me numerous injections in vast quantities of nitrous oxide. We waited to make sure all chemicals for taking the righteous do in making me impervious to drilling in picking. The dentist was quite sensitive And his assistant were quite sensitive to my body language. I especially liked the part where every time I would spasm or clinch she would begin massaging my arm, which of course did not do anything but maybe feel good and maybe that was all part of the project..

When immediate appointment I was scheduled for two hours in the chair.. My appointment started 730 and I felt I would be done by 930 easy. I figured I would be okay. I drain my bladder, I thought pretty significantly, before I left the apartment. I had a light breakfast digested very little liquid but still going into the third hour of the operation I have to pee. Bear in mind, is proud of myself, for having actually transferred from my power chair to the dental chair. I'm not done this for years opting to have the dental work done while sitting in my power chair with my chair leaned back. I was hoping I can hold my bladder until we were finished but that was not in the cards. The dental team actually gave me the option of finishing today's work without completing all we wanted to do so I get home to an accessible bathroom. But I said no I would avoid/drain and get everything done today that we could. And for the first time I cathed in the dentist's chair with his help. Seriously with his help..

About 20 minutes later I was finished, for today. I'm back in the chair next Thursday at 8 AM for more drilling A good times.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Adios Amiga

It's official at least through Honey. I got a text from the girl today indicating that she had been let go from the agency which employs her. I'm not sure what happened honey texted that they fired her but she says that they're going to say that she quit somewhere in between,, of course, is always the truth.Not that it really matters but my take on the whole thing is that they both had been going at each other to some degree. Honey believes they been shorten or her hours which she may have a good take on it but at the same time she's gone to work with the competing agency and she hadn't let her parent company know. I, of course warned her But Honey felt that they couldn't touch her. Of course she's wrong lot of how Honey sees the world is wrong. I just hope the company she went to work fo will give her the hours that she wants. She really has got itself sunk in tto debt. I guess if anyone can pull this rabbit out of a hat it might be Honey. I have a lot of respect for her. In fact Honey did text me she would be willing to work for me privately. I would like to do that but I don't know. It was the only option I would have no problem but Joe took me on my think I owe him so I will stick with Joe at least for the time being. However I'm certainly going to keep Honey in the background particularly if case I need emergency assistance. I don't know she would do that I would like to think that she would she has certainly save my ass before.

I owe Joe like I said. In that dark. A year ago this coming month when I was out of a home and needed assistance immediately Joe was the second person I called. I explained to him what I needed and what it happened particularly the part where I needed someone that would give me an enema and he assured me he would have person do that even if it wasn't necessarily legal. Perhaps that's the wrong way to say it but that's what were talking about since giving an enema sort of falls and that skilled nursing area were as many of the caregivers are well-equipped and skilled in this skill set. I had one other person at first she lasted about a day and a half to two days – – because I think she was management – – and then they handed me off to Honey whom I have hhad ever sense. I mean if I had to I could give Honey and recommendation right now with no qualms at 100%. She's efficient, she's smart she's punctual and she's not afraid to work. We worked together I went out of my way to make sure she could fit her life into my schedule especially the early times and when I found out I like to come in early getting the job done and dressed again and letting me have the rest of the night to myself. She was willing to take direction to other things that are not necessarily on her do list as far as requests of making my bed, hanging up close and she even vacuumedmy floor a couple times without me even asking.

I wish this girl nothing but luck good luck, she deserves all the luck she can get, Honey deserves all the breaks she can get. Hope Honeys luck changes. I hope she can figure out something to do that pays her will enough To get out of a home health industry. If Honey doesIt will be the industry's loss and the clients lost. Honey I wish all the best that you get what you want and that you get what you need.

Monday, September 25, 2017

The Only Constant Is Change

It's funny how I take things for granted even when I know better. Nothing lasts And especially nothing good, this concept is a tenet of my cynical self. Yet when things get comfortable I get comfortable and that little sucker punch gets wound up and ready to strike. At least today I got a little bit of forewarning. It's Monday which means it's my program day, the day when Honey, my health care provider person comes in and does my program and my shower. She comes in three days a week Monday Wednesday and Friday. She comes in for an hour and these days are most special to me – – the showers important but not as important as the program which is a glorified term for toileting or pooping. She does both tasks excellently. If I were rich out have a command four times a week may be even more but I'm self-pay which means that pay as I go this is an covered by insurance or anything so three measly hours a week.

Today Honey Let me know She may not be here on Wednesday. It seems she's having a disagreement with management. She is given management and ultimatum and if they do not concur she's out of there. Honey, can be a big talker sometimes that's okay I let her do that, be a big talker because she gives. such excellent service. I'm sure she has a point the working person always good has. Today it was something to do with people hire just recently getting more hours to work than she is and she desperately needs the hours. I don't know how closely reality mirrors what she thinks but to me that's not the point in my selfish view I see a life without Honey which, frightens me. Honey and I have a unique understanding. We genuinely like each other's company. She takes direction excellently. She goes above and beyond the call. Even better she knows how to bandage my butt and how to keep an eye on my butt to make sure decubitus sores do not escalate and get out-of-control.. Even better she's willing to come serve me anytime day or night when I need her even though it may not be my scheduled time and day. She will even come and do a wound dressing and not charge. I am uncomfortable if not frightened to have to break in a new person. I suppose I can do it this happened to me with Honey . Honey was a replacement for somebody else who I thought would be difficult to replace but then again that person could only service me twice before. Honey came on the service me like gangbusters. So I guess that's what will happen if the worst-case scenario comes to pass.. I will just have to break in somebody else. I'll just have to go through the whole awkward phase of getting to know the person and teaching that person how to service me an almost the most intimate ways of home health services. I can do this I did before and I can do it again… Yeah just keep to telling myself that over and over and over again

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Tom G

.I'm amazed every time I hear stories of parents taking schools are teachers and schools to court for child abuse when these folks physically discipline their students. I'll bet at this point in time all across this country no students are physically punished. Don't get me wrong I'm not so conservative to think that all kids need to be physically punished and school and I agree I think that I was probably physically punished more than was needed.. However I also realized that my parents gladly gave carte blanche to the public school where ever I was at to do whatever they felt was necessary to keep me in line.

In my grade school, campus elementary, the sixth grad was made up of two classes. Mr. Warr and Mr. Kuntz. Mr. Kuntz was my sixth grade teacher. Mr. Warr was like the big music teacher in everyday we would go to Mr. Warr's class For music and Mr. Kuntz would take Mr. Warrs class out for PE.

I sat in the front row of the class, and Mr. Warr's class. The desk was directly behind the piano. I like this because it felt gave me radical anonymity,, not that I had anything to hide but it just felt comfortable. A good friend of mine named Tom G., Was interesting to say the least. On this day as usual We filed in and took our desks. We were singing a song, I remember perfectly Asham was a tootling Turk., Or just The Tooting Turk. Thomas goofing off making a noise over and over again that sounded like Pffft and I was just trying to sing and not pay attention to Tom's antics. All of a sudden, there was a smashing of all the keys it sounded like in Mr. Warr stood up leaned over the piano And started hitting me with clenched fists! It didn't hurt, not really, I was just shocked I couldn't figure out what it happened in fact, When the old man took a break I screamed “what was that for” and then he started all over again. I have to admit I was kind of freaked. I don't know what happened after that I don't remember or blocked it out. I think we just went back to the singing as if nothing had happened. I wasn't sent to the office, no one sat down talk to me I don't think Mr. Kuntz ever knew. It was just a weird experience of my life as a kid.

But all this is really leading up to was the fact that just out of the blue couple weeks ago I put a announcement out on Facebook that if anybody knew what happened to Tom to let me know. I want to get some reinforcement or validity that this event actually happened and was not something I made up. And then Friday I got greetings from Tom! I was blown away. I had not been online When Tom posted his message and have not been able to make contact with Tom sense. I'm looking forward to asking him if he remembers that iincident. I was surprised to find the actual song online it is as follows:
Composer: Richard Berg
Asham was a tootin’ Turk; Tootle, ootle, doo, tootle, oo-doo-doo.
Let his wife do all the work; Tootle, ootle, doo, tootle, oo-doo-doo.
He played away, Tootle, ootle, oo-doo, Ev’ry day, Tootle, ootle, oo-doo,
Asham was a tottin’ Turk; Tootle, ootle, doo, tootle, oo-doo-doo.
Asham’s wife was smart as you; Tootle, ootle, doo, tootle, oo-doo-doo.
So she learned to tootle too; Tootle, ootle, doo, tootle, oo-doo-doo.
She played away, tootle, ootle oo-doo, Ev’ry day, tootle, ootle, oo-doo,
Asham’s wife was smart as you; Tootle, ootle, doo, tootle, oo-doo-doo.
Any day duets you hear; Tootle, ootle, doo, tootle, oo-doo-doo.
Asham and his wifey dear; Tootle, ootle, doo, tootle, oo-doo-doo.
They play away, Tootle, ootle, oo-doo, Ev’ry day, tootle, ootle, oo-doo,
Any day duets you hear, Tootle, ootle, doo, tootle, oo-doo-doo.
Now his task he doesn’t shirk; Tootle, ootle, doo, tootle, oo-doo-doo.
Helps his wife do all the work; Tootle, ootle, doo, tootle, oo-doo-doo.
They play away, Tootle, ootle, oo-doo; Ev’ry day, tootle, ootle, oo-doo,
Now his task he doesn’t shirk; Tootle, ootle, doo, tootle, oo-doo-doo.
It’s the truth that tootin’s fun; Tootle, ootle, doo, tootle, oo-doo-doo.
When your daily work is done; Tootle, ootle, doo, tootle, oo-doo-doo.
So play away, Tootle, ootle, oo-doo, Ev’ry day, tootle, ootle, oo-doo,
Asham was a tootin’ Turk; Tootle, ootle, doo, tootle, oo-doo-doo.