Thursday, October 29, 2020

Beware The Ice cream Truck That Comes For Thee


Ha! This morning as I wandered upTo the front of the building to do my wash after all it is Thursday, I noticed a new announcement taped to the door the washroom the Thursday morning coffee group has been canceled! I'm not surprised them not necessarily happy but it was getting pretty stupid in my opinion. But the more thought about what's going on now across the country with the Covid having returned to power increasing its grasp on the stupid population I'm sure Nurse Ratchet took it upon herself to cancel all groups. Actually the governor has set out a mandate no groups greater than 10 can be together which pretty much takes care of the Thursday morning coffee group. Will at least I don't have to feel like I need sneak around on doing the Thursday morning laundry. Look on the bright side that's me.

I been trying to figure out how to address this issue for a couple days now. I even had to go back and see if I had already written on this particular concept but I can't find any evidence that I have. And I'm not trying to be a conspiracy geek nor my trying to underplay the importance of this virus but I've often wondered if what if the whole Covid thing was a conspiracy to get rid of seniors? I know that sounds silly dolmen somewhat paranoid but think about it. Every couple of months on NPR as well as the 5 o'clock news resource a story about how large this generation is of Social Security users and how Social Security system is not going to last much more than a couple decades if that. This seems to be great sport and blaming the inflated Social Security payment system on the baby boomers one of I am which. Irksome is that is are pretty much blown off thinking that well will get by we always do. But last night or maybe the night before for the first time I heard a news report talking about how bad the Covid outbreak has become for the second wave. The hospitals are now again at capacity and even if there is room the poor medical staffs are not only getting burned out there getting weeded out because there getting the virus and dying or being incapacitated to the point they Can no longer work as a healthcare provider. So for the first time in this news report I hear they are actually going to consider not provide the same quality of care for seniors as they do for younger populations! Well for me this doesn't surprise me, what does surprise me is how candid administration is by even publicizing this concept. Poor Billie, my neighbor, across the hall, Was shocked not believing such a thing could happen. She's part of that generation spends all day watching MSN, CNN and other news outlets on cable. They're all carrying the story yesterday and it was almost surreal. It was almost like you expected to see ice cream trucks pull up to heard the seniors into to be driven away to kilns decorated to look like ice cream shops for the last ice cream sundae. I'm not going to be surprised if we start seeing paid political announcements (following the upcoming election) beginning to brainwash seniors into believing there is a nobility into sacrificing yourself for the following generation. Like I said before you could write this stuff is fiction nobody would believe it but boy is it true.…

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Tomato Juice--Low Sodium



I was beginning to worry that “Nurse Ratchet” had increased her operation from adjudicating how far people sit next to each other at the coffee social to the “sharing shelf”. There'd been nothing of real value (at least to me) on the shelf for some time. Can plums, low-sodium spinach, low-sodium everything and of course the ever present macaroni in one form or another. However this morning when I did my breeze through there is all kinds of stuff there. I don't know if somebody had died and they cleaned out their pantry or they just brought a new load of food over from the food bank. It was a good day for me there were four half-gallon bottles of tomato juice – – low-sodium of course – – waiting to be collected. I felt a little self-conscious so this morning I only grabbed two of the bottles fighting my impulse to confiscate the other two bottles Of low-sodium tomato juice. This afternoon I returned and to my joy in puzzlement the other two bottles of tomato juice, low-sodium, were still there. Much of the other canned goods were gone except for the cans of spinach, low-sodium I was not very interested in what remained. I figured I only had enough low-sodium spinach to last me. I really do like actually can spinach low-sodium or otherwise it's just that I never get around to heating them up. I should work on that.

Now, what is it? I get the impression that nobody likes low-sodium tomato juice. I don't gets because the low-sodium because it always shake some salt into a nice glass of tomato juice. I guess it's tomato juice in general that the seniors in this project don't like. I remember when I used to “helicopter” the common room on food box day and the seniors would remove what they did not want from their boxes the 2 L boxes of juice would always end up on the sharing shelf especially the tomato juice. Am I missing something? Is this is really good tomato juice I think. Like I said you can certainly doctorate up with your own sodium if you should desire. I of course make my morning cocktail and truth be known I would rather use the spicy vegetable juice I purchase at the market but I spice up The beverage enough to give it zip on its own merits. Some liberal shakes the pepper, garlic powder, chili pepper if I feel I need it and of course the couple tablespoons of pickled jalapeno pepper juice and mother vinegar. Tomato juice works just fine low-sodium or otherwise.

So now fortunately I have four bottles of low-sodium tomato juice as well as one on open bottle of spicy vegetable juice and three force of a bottle in the refrigerator. I'm set for morning cocktails all the way through Thanksgiving life doesn't get much better than this. Having said that I still plan to keep an eye on the sharing shelf for any other errant bottles of low-sodium tomato juice or anything else that might be appetizing…

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Third Grade


I love old pictures, images frozen in time, usually tell no tales that are true. With the advent of technology that is all changed of course. One can make anything they wish out of a photo from the past if they want and have the technology,, patience and desire to do so. Not me however. I like to look at the image look past the obvious the trail and look at that less obvious items in a photo. Sometimes there are clues in the photo that remain hidden until they are needed for one reason or another. Today for example, as I was looking through images on some of my historic files came upon this image of Mrs. Petersons third-grade class 1959/1960. I never really paid attention to the dates in this image before today. I've always been more interested in the individuals sitting calmly with their hands folded nicely in front of them (if you're sitting on the first row) or just either looking at the camera are stirring often idly in the space when the photographer press the plunger on the camera freezing this moment for eternity.

I'm always amazed to think of how many of these images still exist in boxes, photo albums are drawers in the family home for all four girls are kept. I was also fascinated with how many kids are in each class. For example Ms. Petersons 13 girls 17. 30 students if everybody was there for picture taking day. That seems to me a huge amount of kids. I still almost no names of everyone of those kids in that image. Some I have forgotten on the back of the original image that was scanned into this computer my mother laboriously wrote the names of the kids. Even if I have the names for some of the faces I don't recognize the names do not help wonder who these people were that I didn't know after being in class a whole year. This picture I'm sitting next to my best friend John .Where in the front row job in the check shirt looking tough me sitting next to him and that weird shirtWith the weird button collar. I never did understand that shirt and is always kind of embarrassed to wear it but I wore what was given to me I still didn't have much choice of anything the third grade. I hate to say it but I looked as effeminate John looked tough or masculine. Third grade, smack dab in the middle of grade school. This was the year that we finally got to keep things in our own desk. I thought that was so cool pencils, ruler, scissors, Elmers glue and all kinds of papers. This was my first realization that the chaos that was my bedroom could also be translated over to my desk. Third grade. This was the year that I sit in the back row next to the back windows feeling secure enough to do things I should not be doing. I was fascinated with Elmers glue. Somewhere I had experienced Elmers glue drying's completely smooth on a fingertip or something and I was interested to see what would happen if I shot glue on all my fingertips and let them dry. How cool would this be? Well I tried this I was so focused on the experiment that I neglected to see Mrs. Peterson circulate among the desks when she came to mind I can still remember her pull me up by my shirt and dragging me over to the sink and washing my hands. Sure there is yelling that went on, not me so much as Mrs. Peterson. I don't remember but I do remember though is kind feelings for Mrs. Peterson she was one of the best teachers I've had. Today is Adrienne Moulton's birthday she 70 years old! That number so hardFor me to wrap my brain around. Adrian is the second row from the top third from the right. She looks like a Mouseketeer for some reason my mind. I really liked her remember sitting with her one afternoon when I miss the bus under a tree in front of Campus school waiting for our parents to come and fetch us. I thought I was when the luckiest kids on earth. I really like this class I think of there could be a reunion this would be one I would go to with anticipation and excitement…

Monday, October 26, 2020

Miles and Miles and Miles


Perhaps is just a Covid virus and the fact that I don't have anything else to do to speak of other than the usual apartment will dribble of clean this, put this away put that away, wash the dishes and that kind of drivel. So anything that seems a bit out of the ordinary is fair game to write about and I'm using the Covid 19 virus to write about.

I've noted last couple weeks maybe the past couple of months after I turned 900 miles or rather 3900 miles that I was relatively soon going to come up on 4000 miles! To me this is a big deal not only because it's just one more brick in the wall of that fictitious wall I'm visualizing which I'm building that will eventually lead to a new power chair but also the fact that I've endured 4000 miles or will have on the big number drops. Hopefully now the insurance folks will see that I'm worthy of a new chair. In the best of times this is a process and usually a lengthy process but now it's beyond almost comprehension. Now, not only do I have to justify my need for a chair and this will be through cornering my physician as well as physical therapists and most likely occupational therapist all of which will need to sign documents justifying my need for such a device. Actually, I may have a lot of this already in a file somewhere at my durable medical persons office. The plan was to have all the stuff in place so when we deem its “time” we can just drop the hammer and everything will fall into place. So soon, very soon I will begin making phone calls but remember what I said? “In the best of times this would be a struggle”. Now everything has what seems like one level which can magically turn into multiple levels because of the virus. All the doctor soon to be overworked with just the pandemic and things other elective seem to be being pushed to the back burners. I can appreciate this but I want to make sure that if and when the window of opportunity should open that I can shimmy through as quickly as possible and begin putting together the moves for new chair.

It's not as if I'm unhappy with this chair, no I'm extremely pleased with this chair but I also have to look at the concept that the poor chair has gone 4000 miles. Every time I tilt back in my chair things tend to slip. I feel my need instantaneous shifting and that first kind of freaked me out thinking that the whole chair was going to slide off the mounting. This of course has not happened… Yet but I wouldn't be surprised if one of these days the whole seating assembly of all right off when I least expect it. I basically trusted chair but each night around 11:30 PM when I am about ready to tumble into bed I freak out a little bit thinking “what if this is the time my chair falls apart leaving me stranded all my in the back position.” Like I said, this is not happened yet but there's always a first time. A year ago when this first started happening I would keep my cell phone with me at all times are try to. Now I just need to get to the Alexis or other AI device that would allow me to call for help should lineup an emergency situation. I will rather go this route then have to deal with one of those agencies which enrolls you in the program that you have to wear a device around your/my neck to tap In case of emergency

A kind of dread even started this process in the middle of the Covid crisis, the winter season and the holidays. Not just easier and less painful to wait till January to see who still live…

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Sunday Snow


The snow wandered in last night I was kind of surprised at how much snow we got. Not a lot by standards of real snow country people but enough to really push my thinking in the winter drive this morning. It snowed off and on slightly heavy all morning. Luckily I had nothing to do to speak of. I put less than 3/10 of a mile on my chair today and I doubt they'll be that much tomorrow. I was just thinking last year and years before before the Covid. I had at least two meetings a week that I had to be out in the weather regardless of how cold are snowy the weather got. The assist Inc. meeting and my library group bookclub on Thursdays. I really don't count the coffee group since it's in the building since I no longer attend. Now however, not having newsgroups and whatever means I am having I'm attending virtually. So I can go days without charging my chair from just hang around the apartment. I'm kind of interested to see how this holiday season is going to unravel (unravel perhaps is the wrong word to use) perhaps rollout or unfurl or something. Not that I go a lot of places anyway I don't over the holiday season so the Covid stuck in a bother me too much one way or the other a lot of the other folks in this facility space and in general aren't going to be having the big holiday functions as usual. The Covid's kicking up again to And I really do want to lay low and not get the virus. That would just wreck my holiday season.

With the vote out-of-the-way I'm pretty will finished with my calendar year. I still have to author cards for Christmas. I should make one run to the post office pickup stamps just in case I don't have enough here. I'm okay grocery wise and hopefully Annette will be back tomorrow and will hang around for a while so I can get my program back into some form of regularity. The oh thing I would get myself if our to get myself anything right now is another heater for the bedroom bathroom area. I keep talking about getting another McDonald's light for the bathroom – – a real live heat lamp I don't know why they don't have one and it now. Some heat in the bathroom on program morning to make it a little bit more comfortable. I hate to be such a wuss but hey what's wrong with a little comfort?

Really didn't do any cooking today not as much as I would've liked. I used one of the new cans of carton eggs I got over the weekend. I was not too impressed with the results however for the egg turnover I made this morning for breakfast. I tried to do some hashbrowns are fried potatoes and they just didn't turn out today at all I need as many as I could but somehow I burned that way beyond salvation that's kind of sad. Well I know this is a weak entry. I just haven't had a lot of outstanding thoughts recently and with cold weather I haven't been out enough to generate any thing worthy of writing up. I'm making a day by day and were close to the end of another month – – Christmas in two months from the day. I hope for all still here to celebrate whatever the virus loose…

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair

 With great relief I open my mailbox today and found my ballot waiting for me. I was getting worried well until last week I was worried that I was not going to get a ballot and then after speaking with the elections committee, who mailed me out a ballot, I was worried that I was not going to get the document in time and fill it out and have it returned in time to have my vote counted.

It's kind of weird because early this summer is going to what am I responsibility rages I contacted the elections office just because I did not want to run into this kind of trauma when it was time to vote. I spoke with somebody who updated my address and my polling place. I thought I was all taken care of that's why I was surprised when everybody at the complex was getting their ballots and I was not. Finally in the moment of desperation, last week, I called Elections and found out that I had been moved to "Inactive". They also informed me that I had not been active in the last two elections which I found preposterous but it was not worth fighting and I was informed that I could get my ballot in time if I acted quickly and filled it out and send them to be counted in this election process.

This whole procedure caused me quite a bit of stress. I don't know why I even let the process just me as it did. I mean basically I don't even believe in the process especially after I learned that it's all up to the electoral college as opposed to the popular vote. I mean the popular vote doesn't mean anything but the whole point? I mean technically Hillary Clinton won the election a few elections back but because electoral college had its way what's the point? Why make the effort to go out and vote? It's stupid. But, I went to the effort amid the phone calls, I got the ballot in the mail and this morning my whole goal was to vote and to make sure if I mailed it it would get there in time which, seems like it will. I was willing to saddle up and take the bus down to the county seat but it said that I could mail as late as November 30 which is next week and my ballot would count so I just dropped in the mail and felt good about doing my duty. I confess I didn't necessarily vote to get the Democratic nominee in as much as I want to vote to get the Republican incumbent out. The president is a tyrannical, conceited, petty, sick bully that I don't want to have anything more to do with as an elected leader he is not in the sooner he's out the better as far as I'm concerned even if it's with a piece of milquetoast like Biden. Sorry, those of the choices I thought about writing somebody in But like I said what's the point?I want to wash this administration right out of my hair… If I had any here…

Friday, October 23, 2020

A Pretty Good Day

There was a significant drop in the temperature last night and the clouds rolled in with a cold front but no moisture, no precipitation just colder temps. It really wasn't that cold but cold enough to get when thinking about the oncoming winter into I think start the concept of cocooning. In fact I was surprised when I woke this morning (the second time) it was 7:16 AM! I never sleep that late, don't get me wrong I didn't mind but I just never sleep that late. It was still dark outside! I supposedly been a little bit lighter if there had not been cloud cover but as definitely getting a winter vibe. Had I not needed to cath so bad I would've dug myself deeper into my blankets. However, a new day and I was anticipating Melanie (the home health person that sort of picking up the slack after Annette got an automobile accident has been hospitalized, least that's what I'm told).I don't particularly enjoy having to wait this late for my home health support but this is peculiar situation and I'm willing to be patient. After all, it's not like I'd be doing anything else this morning. I decided with the cloud cover in the cooler temperatures that it would be time to do some cooking. I actually started yesterday when I utilized one of the bags of chili I had gotten from the food bank discards. These bags of foods that come from this agency that must work with Department of agriculture or something for low income food options. The sort of lightweight versions of what they purport themselves to be. The chili reported that there were no beans in this chili. Yesterday when I opened the bag I decided out mix it with a can of regular commercial chili I think I used Hormel revealed chili. Adding the canned chili to the mix helped a little bit at a few more beans but I decided I what I would do is put everything in the refrigerator and then this morning I would really begin to jazz up chili. I transferred the chili from my plastic bowl into a pot, diced up an onion added two or 3 tablespoons of sliced jalapeno peppers can of diced Chile's and some healthy shakes of ground red pepper. I believe I may have been too generous with the red chili pepper but at the end of the day this Chili's for me and I have enjoyed what I tasted pretty much. I let the soup cook all day and a fallen quite in love with this batch. The rest of the story of course was wrestling down the ingredients for cornbread. I pretty much had everything I need except the white sugar which is good enough reason as any to put on my hoodie and motor down to the market. What a great joy it was to shop I've got a new bag or brown sugar, 5 pounds of flour another can of evaporated milk and of course a box of white sugar. Everything was purchased of the $20 bill so no trail was left and no credit used or dips into the main account I think it was a pretty good day. I spent an hour with my neighbor across the hall having coffee and gossiping about other folks and family and then cooking the rest the afternoon I think it's been a pretty good day…

Thursday, October 22, 2020

All THAT Remained…😢


It's a little thing a petty thing but a thing just the same. I don't like the way the Thursday morning coffee group was Going so I stopped going but that hasn't stopped me from taken advantage of the calories left behind. I'm not sure if I explained the reason why I've stopped attending the Thursday morning coffee social – – I did some checking and yes I did explain why I'm no longer attending. Just too many control games going on but I just don't need. So as a semi-minor protest I end up doing my weekly wash in that time period Which works pretty good for me. I get my washdown early in the day plus my silent protest of rolling past the communal caffeine drinkers. Because our dryers here are less than spectacular I'm back and forth a number of times. The coffee social itself duration is probably 45 minutes. Seems like a lot of effort for such a short amount of time. However, they do outdo themselves from one week to the next and provide a bunch of calories besides the coffee creamer.

Irene which is our 90-year-old apartment associate seems to be in charge of during the coffee and securing the treats for the group. When I first started three or four years ago we often got a real meal for the social. Really was partial to Irene's biscuits and gravy. I thought is a lot of work for her until she Advised me that all she did was open up a can of sausage gravy and she got frozen biscuits at the market. She assured me it was not a big deal. However, in the ensuing years the breakfast type entrées have deteriorated to the point of sugar spectaculars of donuts, cookies, pies even cakes. Empty calories I have a hard time passing up. I've noticed in the past couple of weeks that those who do attend the coffee social are not eating as many sweets as they had been. When they're finished with the coffee social Irene leaves the left over sweets on the counter and then everyone who's not as “social” as the others has a free shot at garnering some empty calories. I have to admit in the past couple weeks I've actually rated the sweet bar and got cookies that a couple donuts To last me through the weekend. This week was no different as far as washing my clothes goes. I really felt I had more than enough time to make sure I could scarf a few sweets. I finally finished the second drop of coins into the dryer for the final dry. By this time everyone cleared the common area and I swung by the sharing shelf where they kept the suites and my shock this week's leftovers of them pretty well over. Then I realized Irene was not doing the coffee group. I'd heard that she had been somewhat lately and then of course I realized Marjorie – – not really an nemesis but she does irritate me is the big reason I stopped going to the group – – has taken over that role which is not surprise me in the least. She would actually get rid of the materials just for cleanliness purposes than leave them very long. Granted there are a few things that were on the table but nothing which interested me. Oh well maybe if I went to the social group I get first pick but you know what? I'm willing to take my chances some things are just meant to be…

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Lunch Time And The Big Apple


I know this sounds shallow one of the reasons I went to work for the state back in 1998 was the fact that it would allow me to have an T-1 connection on my computer which was something I desperately desired back in the old days. That's when I ran and information line on disability for the state. We're were a two operator operation. Technically I was the manager of the operation but I don't manage very well with pretty much run our own stations, answering our own calls up in each other out when we needed to cover the phones on Mondays and Fridays buyer sells our partner could have a three day weekend – – each of us. October the phones on Friday and be off on Monday and Marie would cover the phones on Monday and be off on Fridays that worked pretty well. With my access to a T-1 line I found I could access live transmission cameras – – today I guess it would be called “streaming”. In 1998 very few people knew about this technology in the cameras were essentially plastered on building somewhere or tower or something and they just broadcast continually. Of course as I was searching these cameras I found the one for New York. Actually there are a number of cameras for New York but I focused on New York City and found a great feed of Rockefeller Center. I was fascinated with this ability to watch this portion of New York City wander through its daily life. Since there's really nowhere to go over lunch hour you are building which is just east of downtown Salt Lake I would usually eat at my desk dialed into the New York City camera. I think the camera was sophisticated enough that you can actually drive it around and look at different views or angles of the city in that area. I assume this was right over Lincoln Plaza really have the ice-skating rink in the wintertime and really put up the big Christmas tree. I could even use a magnifying device that would allow me to zoom in on the buildings around the skating rink.

At lunch, it would be about 3 o'clock New York time. You could see people still working in the office getting up and walking around especially as the season progressed and things got dark very early. At 3:00 PM it was 5 PM in New York City and you see the people living there offices. It was almost dark than a new see the office lights wink out all other state on – – those not so fortunate to leave at 5 PM. It was fascinating to me. For four days of the week I worked till 5:30 PM. When the last things I did before shutting off my computer for the night was checking on New York. By then it was dark. However, when he opened up the skating rink and of course was light with lots of skaters as well as during the Christmas season always busy. I got on this tangent today by turning on WNYC which is the public radio station for New York City to listen to my favorite show Marketplace . I usually listen to show on my affiliate here in Utah 3 PM but the day I missed the show but I also know I can listen to it again at 4:30 PM when it's broadcast from New York were 6:30 PM. Of course, what I didn't realize that the WNYC is in the middle of their fall fundraiser. Brought back all those memories. I put a link from Earth Cam which is the website are used to watch New York. Of course it's significantly grown since 1998. There are now multiple cameras. I've chosen the Northview that's the closest what I remember watching for so many days lunch hours and another time and another life…

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Call Me "Mr. Irresponsible"


I do not know why this so hard for me to stay home. I have a perfect excuse to stay home and take it easy. If the Covid 19 why go out and expose myself to this, risk? But I do it what is wrong with me? Maybe us feeling my oats because luckily we had an Assist inc meeting today. Of course it was not an in-person meeting (though I wish it was). David called me and we work through a couple weeks of requests for service or funding. I worked cryptograms all the way through the long meeting of going through each request. Following a meeting I jumped on the arm bike and did my 50 minutes hoping that would drain off some of the excess energy that seem to be feeling – – didn't work. The only solution was to go somewhere. Saddle up, grab my backpack and headed out for the open road.

Call a climate warming, I do but this summer feels like it's never going to end. I know I should be somewhat concerned, and I am, but I'm going to grab each day a 70° weather and sunshine and reading out as much enjoyment of the day that I can. Having nowhere to go and really know what to see or should I see anyone? I decided I'd do my usual and took the 47 into her essential jump to training and were inbound to the 21st St. station. There Mr. predictable I went first to Best Buy wandered around looking at the displays, new cell phones, tablets, laptops and movie offerings as well as coffee makers of all kinds and high-end ranges. There is nothing to do it the Best Buy so I went next door to Office Depot. Same thing at the OD. I rolled up and down the aisles looking for mechanical pencils finally have asked someone. A purchase two pencils and I also got a set of AA batteries. This really is the reason I went into the OD was batteries. I have this notion that the batteries in the remote died and that's what I needed to fix my TV remote so it'll turn the set on the off As well as watch the news. I have been trying to watch the news by going to their Internet connection and watching that way but for some reason it's less than ideal and almost impossible to get a national feed in of the regular news. Interestingly if all I had to do was watch television I could watch just regular live feeds all day. This is how they gather their material which they slice and dice for the 5 o'clock news or in my case 5:30 PM news. When I was finished with the batteries I retraced my steps. Getting home about 4:00 PM.

Of course the batteries did not work leaving me my only option of calling Mark Anthony justice is getting off work and was willing to stop by and give me a hand. I've been to the Internet on YouTube and asked the question to the YouTube Genie will inform me that what I needed to do was unplug my flatscreen wait 30 seconds of the plug-in again. I was lucky Mark Athey was in town. He had not left for points south yet and stop by and sure enough the plug unplug worked and now I have a whole pack of AAA's and three fourths of the pack of AA'sWhich I did not need but will eventually use I know. I had a couple pieces of the pizza from earlier this week or late last week from my meeting with Claire. Eating way too much bread. Sure good but that was my irresponsible day I should of stayed home…

Monday, October 19, 2020

A New Vision


After uploading yesterdays blog about my parents pilfering the wild fruit of Canada in 1964 I begin to doubt myself so to validate to myself that what I wrote was correct I put in a call my brother Ross was just older than myself by five years. What's interesting to me is that his view on life or life during those times is quite a bit different than mine. Interestingly, it's a view through his eyes, much older than mine and probably less selfish than mine or at least regarding me what I was experiencing. Remember, my mom was married maybe twice before she met my dad. And actually adopted Ross and I before meeting the father I grew up with. I think I was Two years old when they married so I really have no memory of another father figure. Again, I should've been the baby of the family. I things not gone the way they did it would've probably just across and me at the house growing up. The reason I say this is because as Ross and I talked I informed him that our oldest brother had died but Ross was already aware. I don't know where he got his information but he is on top of it. I realized then that there is this completely different family construct that I was aware of. My brother shared with me his unique bond to my oldest brother Floyd. Ross was Floyd's little brother much more than I was. Ross actually lived with Floyd or was in Floyd's existence maybe Five years before I came into the picture. That's five years for Floyd act like a big brother he was to Ross. I've never looked at their relationship to these eyes – – fascinating. My brother Floyd was in the Air Force as I mentioned yesterday. He was all over the world and be often communicated with Ross like a real older brother. I think I saw this my head big brother envy like I always seem to have. I was just too small to be treated other than like the baby of the family. Ross hung out with me and was my big brother, teasing, intimidating, frightening etc. there were at times our relationship was kind of Rocky.

Like I said I really wanted Floyd to like me, to be my big brother. Always talk to the kids I knew about my big brother Floyd and how he was all over the world with the Air Force. But now I know that he barely knew that I existed at least not like he knew that Ross existed. Today I was searching my photos from my dilapidated photo albums my mother put together for me. And found one image which kind of said of all for me. It's an image of me standing with my oldest brother Floyd. He looks dashing and kind and thoughtful. I feel I may have lived under that glow of that image for years before I kind give up on him as far as trying to identify with me. Ross however was a different case. Whenever he came to Boise Floyd would always regret away to spend time with Ross. Oddly enough when the best storage Ross ever told me yesterday was when he was in Vietnam on a second deployment. Before he went back into the field he had some further training to accomplish and Floyd, who was career Air Force at the time, actually found Ross was being trained at and put a call through to him. This was almost totally unheard of chasing down an enlisted man like this my brother Floyd pulled off. The discussion with my brother was great. Very enlightening and really helped me understand my other brother even better thanks Ross IOU…

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Where Were You In 62?

This is a picture of us Somewhere out of Washington state I think around the Seattle area going north to Canada. We are on the ferry by dad was taking the picture brother Ross sitting on the station wagon the rest of us are crawling around mom I'm wearing the two-tone T-shirt with arms outstretched think I was about 12

With the death my older brother got me thinking all day about family events and how he was not part of them. I do not think his absence was intentional you would just so much older than everybody, kid wise, So I've been down this rabble whole most of the day thinking about things we do as a family that Floyd was not part of . As I churned through memories and events kept focusing on a incident I'm still not quite sure on. In fact I have a call out to my brother who might be able to validate some of my thoughts on this. Anyway. I've reported before about having to take long trips north to Canada so the folks could see their kin to guesses our kin too. All I remember was that we were a large family and the blue Ford station wagon for had to wager a guess I would think it was a 1956 or 57 station wagon. The trip was huge stuffing provisions in the vehicle for eight people incredible. Not only was every nook and cranny of the car failed the dad also invested in some sort of a travel rack that when on top of the vehicle which is also piled high with stuff. It was amazing. I don't think we stayed at a hotel or motel once. We are like this giant pinball machine or pinball ricocheting off different family members all the way north to Canada. Like I've said before this is how we kept in touch with family near and far. And we would expect them (family) the crash our place when and if they ever came to Boise and that did happen often on oddly. We ate a lot of campsites along the way and we even did a couple of national Park overnight campouts. Mom and dad and maybe the girls (Linda and Leah Maurine) slept in the station wagon of course us guys were in sleeping bags in the national Park where the Bears could get us.

The point that I remember most what I want to get some validation on is my parents bending the law. I mean they were very civil law abiding people as far as we were concerned. However, I remember when we went across the border and visited the family when coming home we ran into giant growths of elderberries and currents just for the picking. We picked a lot. All I remember is putting fruit into every part of the car that was unoccupied. We got rid of a lot of packages of food and stuff that we brought with us from the start because we're on the way home now there was more space available for contraband. We of course did not call it contraband. I didn't think much about what was going on but what I do remember is that we were told to take naps as we approach the US border from Canada. Under no circumstances were we to say anything about what was in the vehicle. We were to be asleep. We passed through customs or the port authority or whatever it was with no problem. After all, I believe it was 1962 we're still in the age of happy problems. Vietnam was just a dark cloud on the horizon and union men like my dad still have plenty of work to do. We had a farm, we had cattle we had two vehicles three if you counted the tractor and for which account of the van my dad used for work. We were doing pretty good. We got home and mom can the berries and make juice and jam as well we missile brought a lot of illegal fruit across the border but is certainly good on pancakes that following winter. Actually, we had the syrup in the jelly and juice what seemed like years. Now as I look back on how my folks justified actually lying to the border cops. Just for fruit we picked for free in 1962…

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Its Started…


It's started. I received news this morning that my older brother Floyd passed away either late last night or early this morning. This wasn't unexpected and he's been suffering from cancer, severely so, for the past couple of years that I've been aware of. I guess I can make that statement that well he's in a better place now or least he's been released from the pain he's been under for the past couple of months. This also goes for his family, immediate family. Because, I'm part of the other family and I felt somewhat guilty as I followed his progress via his daughters updates on Facebook or chat or whatever the texting feature is we all use.

Floyd was the oldest actually he was in a whole other universe as far as I was concerned. When I was a little kid Floyd is one of the megastars of my universe. He was from that part of the family which was grown and gone by the time I came along. Floyd is one of “Bloods”. One of the offspring of mom or dad who is actually their child. Honestly, I worshiped it was a little kid he was in the Air Force and he traveled to exotic stations like Turkey and Istanbul and who knows where else. He came home on visits just three or four times and I remember what I said he was part of the first family don't know how much he really accepted the younger part of the family. He did show up for a couple reunions before mother passed away. He was kind of a mystery you have a whole different life my family didn't even know about until later. My mom found out that he had a family that has not been acknowledged she went after those grandchildren. I don't even think Floyd's last life even knew about the previous family. Well my mom sure change that. This may have been one of the reasons he was so distant I don't know.

Floyd lived in Illinois, I think not far from Chicago. That's all I knew. I'll be interested to see what the obituary says if there is an obituary and if we see it. My older sisters (his stepsisters as well as mine) are probably make a better showing for the family than the rest of us. They knew them on a whole different level than I did are my younger siblings. However, I think my younger siblings sort of got into him from pressure from my mom or maybe not it's hard to say. We are a funny family.

I hate to see them go actually because with his living underscores the reality that we are all mortal. There's 10 of us know ones died until yesterday. I came close a couple times I'm sure the others did too often on but we all made it.  Now however, the doors are open and I think we'll all be passing through them sooner than would like specially me.

 Floyd must've been close to 90 himself. Floyd actually had a pretty good run. I hope somehow he and mom are together now getting some other differences ironed out eternity is a long long time…

Friday, October 16, 2020

Judicial Whack A Mole


I think I'm suffering from election fatigue. I don't know if this is a form of depression or what but this election is really getting old as is the whole season/year. Just with all the stupid local election ads as well as the main presidential ads it is really enough to wear a person out. Thank goodness for Netflix and the like it's the only thing getting me through this season of Covid and election blaughs (SP?).

Today I had lunch with two of my previous employers. What a treat! They even supplied the pizza. We were fairly responsible having the pizza in the park adjacent to my apartment complex. The day was just perfect and the three of us sat around and commiserated for some time. When we set the event she asked what kind of pizza that I wanted and I told her some sort of meat lovers in the way she sounded that was great and we would all share at least that's what I thought however when she and Allison got here they had small mini pizzas for themselves and I had this large meat eaters. And I got the whole thing at the conclusion of our visit. What a treat as I said earlier this should get me through the whole weekend. As the experienced reader knows I love cold pizza. So much pizza, I was left with, so many calories. I'm going to do my trick matters use my large rocker knife to cut each piece into thinner pieces and put everything in a plastic bag – – one of those gallon plastic bags with the slider. I even stopped at my neighbors, Billie and downloaded a couple of pieces to her. She was more than grateful indicating this would be a dinner. I felt nice.

Later in the afternoon I got a text from another friend who wanted to know what I thought of a specific proposition on the Utah ballot. Ballots went out earlier this week and I'm kind of getting nervous because I haven't seen a ballot yet show up in my mailbox. I have to confess the only reason I'm voting is to get the bozo out of office! I really don't think the opposition is a whole lot better aside from being a bit more civilized. So now I'm waiting around every day for the postman in hopes that I will be my ballot soon because I want to do my “Anger” vote! You know voting for one reason the master get the bum out of office. I suppose, this is the wrong way to vote it really is the only thing motivating me this voting season. But, I am intrigued about proposition G which has something to do with diverging tax monies to education programs for them to people with disabilities. So, I will begin my due diligence and review what the propositions are this year as well as what Yahoo's are going to be running for other state positions especially the judges. I really like plain “whack a mole” with the judicial vote. …

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Yolks On Me

When the strangest things I share with my home health provider, Annette, is our interest in chickens. Annette is crazy over her chickens, I not so much but enough to encourage the girl on in the morning. She actually lives in the city of Salt Lake in older part of town I guess where they allow you to have chickens. These chickens run semi-wild but in the evening she actually tries to bring them into the coop that she has in her backyard. She has a couple of times been invaded by raccoons who like chickens. So every night she chases down her chickens. There are a couple rogue birds who have wild gene DNA to the point that they elude her and choose to sleeping trees. This fascinates me. Growing up we had a chicken coop on the farm and of course one of my chores was making sure the chickens had grain and water both summer and winter. Of course I had to click the eggs as well. I don't think we ever lost chickens that I remember. We did not have anything like raccoons in Boise, were relived out in South Boise but there were cats and occasional dogs what they seem to leave the chickens alone. My dad did build a good sense around coop high up higher than the chickens could fly I guess. What I think is fascinating is, Annette raises a flock of chickens each year. She gets the eggs and incubates them to birth (I don't know if that's the right term for chickens that are hatching but will have to do tonight. I don't remember doing anything like that except at one point my dad invested in an incubator from Sears Roebuck and hatched out about 50 chicks. I thought this was amazing amassing science experiment going on in our utility room. Sure enough, after a couple weeks little bitty beaks begin to break through the eggs. We of course spent time previously turning the eggs and holding the eggs up to the lamp to see how the little birds were progressing. To the best of my knowledge these were like white utility chickens the only purpose was to butcher them at the end of the summer to freeze and enjoy through the winter. We had other chickens as well. Bantams and a mixture of other breeds were the outside chickens. They lived in the coop but had quite a large yard and scratched and did the chicken things all day long. Every day we got about 10 days enough for the family as well as enough to sell to neighbors who also bought our milk. Bovine milk not chicken milk. The kindness that the chicken part. Perhaps that's what endears me to my home health person and listening to her go on and on about her chickens how she loves them. Couple of months ago this year's batch of chickens began laying eggs don't know why but I was truly impressed. Now the chickens are busy layers all the time. Annette was telling me about how when chicken cackles louder than all the rest whenever she drops her load. Nine times out of 10 Annette says loud cackle means she's delivered a double yolk. The other day Annette brought me a bag of eggs! One was much bigger than the others and Annette assured me this was a double yorker. So of course, after she left I made breakfast. I had left over garlic mashed potatoes and bacon cooked last week. A heated the whole mess up and then cracked the double yolk egg and there was, Annette was right but only was it a double yolk but the taste was divine…

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Holding The Bed

Monday morning when Annette showed up for my home health services for the day she brought with her a basket or bag which a been hanging on the front door. I was kind of amused because I didn't hear anything last night of someone messing with the front door. I'm usually more attuned to that kind of stuff but not last Sunday I guess. This was kind of a weird bag of goodies apples and I think a potato as well as a bottle of body wash. I don't know if the body wash was a new bottle or A bottle of wash for the body they got tired of. However, it was manly stuff supposedly Right Guard body wash. Then of course on the top of the whole heap there was a “come to Jesus” brochure. I had been wondering who had placed of on my doorknob but then after seeing the brochure I realized it was one of the resident “sky pilots”. Then I was curious was I singled out and if so why or was I just the person at the end of the hall and everybody got a basket or bag of Christian goodies. I don't think everybody else did from what Annette told me. I seem to be the only door I got gifted.

I kind of wish I knew who'd gone to the effort to put the bed together. This would allow me to know how focused this individual was what I need to watch out for. Someone really trying to save my soul or was I just someone's challenge from Sunday school our priesthood meeting or whatever. You know “pick somebody in your apartment complex who you feel could use the Lord in their life today”. I know I sat through enough meetings where they've asked for such intelligence. If you produced name. Produce a pair of young men or women to go visit them possibly put a bag of apples on the door. I don't think so however. I think I possibly know who it might be. She's a real “sky pilot”. She's not as bad as some of the pilots but she's pretty sneaky. She's a person who would put together a whole luncheon month after month and the long-term effort of culling wayward souls. I've been a little aggressive the last couple of months as well just because of how involved she is been in pushing the anti-Covid restrictions making sure tables are separated far enough apart, everybody's wearing their masks and know what is violating the Covid rules. What is said with a little combat of and it would not surprise me if this is some sort of a perceived As a burial some sort of hatchet. No hatchet buried as far as I'm concerned that would suggest that I cared enough to bury a hatchet. Soap the soap however and I can always use a whole bottle of soft soap shower who can't? I wasn't impressed with the apples however they are kind of mushy. I ate one Apple and that was it. I appreciate the effort and the courage it takes to throw your Christian gauntlet before the swine of this world…

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Just Stay In… Dummy!


There was not a lot of notice just a couple of days, the theater closing was of no surprise, I figured it had to happen. It was nice, however, to have the theater opened after had been closed for months after Covid shut it down earlier this year. Regal theaters I guess are pretty big operation but big enough to withstand the virus long-term. I got in two movies before the final shutdown, I don't know if final is FINAL I hope not. Everything is just so convenient. But as things go in my life losing the grand regal, down the street just makes sense.

I've kind of written about the sparse attendance at these movies I attend at the Regal theater especially before the pandemic. Many times I was the only person in the theater. So, the operation had to have been losing buckets of money at least of this one megaplex. So with the semi-heavy heart of loaded up myself onto the bus and headed south the two short blocks to the theater. I actually have a free ticket given to me by moviegoer the week before when I gone to The Tenant . I have a hard time concentrating on this movie so I need to watch it again.

I've been kind of bummed out getting used to the fact that now the movies up the street are no longer there at least for the time being. Besides, if I looked at the positive side have one less thing to tempt me to leave my apartment in these days of isolation and social distancing. I've been quite fortunate I think in avoiding this virus. I also believe there'll be a surge in this virus as we get into the colder months of this year. News reports today indicate Utah's going through a surge of infection. So, even if the Regal theater was still open it would be wise for me not to attend any movies in the next couple of months. Hopefully, they're getting close to a vaccine are medication to combat this infection. Still, I don't want to have anything to do with the infections that sounds horrible. The part about your lungs not being able to oxygenate your body just freaks me out. So having said that I guess I'm a little okay with losing the Regal and all that it offers. But, I began thinking this can't be the case across the board and sure enough this morning I did a “Search” and found the good old Century 16 is still alive and kicking. Granted the Century 16 is not as accessible as Regal was challenging me to at least two bus trips the trip is not too complicated South Salt Lake City which is not bad territory. This area has become a bit gentrified and there are some acceptable restaurants in the vicinity. Route 200 is a good route alike and a great deal actually. I can easily access route 45 which will take me eastbound to State Street were linkup with route 200 and there you (I) ago.I'm sure it's just probably a 45 minute trip most and best of all both are Night Rides or links me up to Night Ride routes. There I go talk to like on the to be heading out enjoying the Salt Lake nightlife. How stupid I am… Just stay in… Just stay in… Just stay in……

Monday, October 12, 2020

M*A*S*H A Parody of a Parody


I was astounded when I went searching for an image to use with this blog entry on the series conclusion of M*A*S*H. I figured to be relatively easy to find the scene that was wrong. I had to spend up to 5 to 10 minutes searching on YouTube but you know what? Maybe that was my mistake I should just searched the regular Internet so that part was wrong. The point I guess I want to make is that as I searched through page after page of scenes from the television series I found it difficult to find anything from the movie M*A*S*H. The whole reason I got on this jag of finding the scene was I got trapped in one of those never ending loops when you first go on line after you boot up with an image of the scene above the message “How many of you know what this scene is from?” And of course is from the television series M*A*S*H. Now the real question is how many people know that there was a real movie from which the television series was derived?

I can't say I hated the television series M*A*S*H that is too strong a term but I sure didn't like the way that the media watered-down The movie of the same title. In fact maybe that's why the series took over a decade to complete and what the movie was able to accomplish in two hours. I don't know if that came out right what I mean to say is that the television series took the title of the movie and made a lightweight version of what the movie was. I thought the movie was gritty and cutting-edge and a fit documentation of the war. In fact I think it took me years to realize that the movie M*A*S*H was not about Vietnam. And indeed the TV series was also about Korea which I figured out finally. But still the bottom line was the great movie just didn't come across in the small box. Now I'm totally out to lunch, I know that, because the television show had incredible numbers and and incredible following. I remember my friend Greg Naccarato worship that show, Greg thought it was the best thing you've ever seen. I don't know of he ever saw the movie are a few be able to relate to the movie if he did see it. I suppose M*A*S*H the television series was the Campbell's “chicken soup” comfort food of that later generation. I'm sure in their watered-down standards of direct action, parody, satire and pacifism the television series was remarkable. But really the series was kind of a joke In my estimation becoming a totally different version of the 1970s movie of the same name I really recommend anyone who's ever wondered where the series came from consult the Internet and find a file of the film (the really all over the Internet is not free snippets the whole film can be streamed from many sources I'm sure free for those that are creative enough and willing to sift through the many options). Certainly think it's worth the effort and time justifying the historic roots of a television series thinks it's great… M*A*S*H

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Comfort Movies

The cold front passed-through last night. Not a big front but it was nice to wake up in the middle of the night to hear the rain pelting the windows of my apartment. I was doubly blessed in that my home health person, Annette, remade by bed making it totally comfortable and the covers covered just right. I didn't sleep in as well as I would like but better than I had all week long. As promised, the storm was a fast-moving storm with the clouds of moisture moving out relatively soon followed by cooler air. The clouds are out now with vibrant blue sky behind with a brilliant sunshine working the whole canvas. I was out earlier taking a load trash to the dumpster and it surely felt cooler like it's supposed to now. No mistaking the outside for summer it's definitely fall. I even cooked this morning making garbroc my my perennial favorites. I'm a bit frustrated however it that I cannot find any of my cans of corn beef! I know I have two , luckily I knew I had a can of corn beef hash and I could not find it for the longest time but finally I located the hash and with a half of bag of frozen potatoes I found lurking in the door the freezer I started the process. Chopped onions coupler squeezes for my new bottle of garlic (usually I really enjoyed the process of chopping the garlic but I'm beginning to really like the convenience of the processed garlic I can buy at the market especially the squeeze bottle). The only thing those really uncomfortable with was the status of my broccoli . For convenience I have recently started purchasing broccoli already processed, chopped up, and neat little bags. The only problem with me is that I tend to let them go for weeks to the start breaking down. Luckily, I was able to harvest enough broccoli for the garbroc. Again like I indicated, my only frustration was like to not find a can of corn beef. I cross my fingers and hope the can of corn beef hash and hoped that would suffice. Surprisingly. This will Corned beef hash pulled it off. The breakfast would but a lot better with a can of corn beef but I was pleased enough. Of course, I destroyed the kitchen that  Annette so diligently worked on. I used my cast-iron skillet and just went to town total pleasure. However, with breakfast out of the way and most of the dishes washed from the construction I felt like hunkering down. I've gotten so I don't like to do anything on Sunday if I don't have to. I'm not sure what this is about but trying to keep my physical efforts to a minimum. I decided to check out what was on the premium channels to play in the background as I worked in the kitchen cleanup and foundWhat a great piece of work? I hurried up and finished washing the dishes and settle down to watch. I think there are certain movies I watch as comfort movies for one reason or another. I know it sounds dumb I think it's true most of the Marvel movies for instance Pulp Fiction, Apocalypse Now, Bullitt to name a few. I watch them over and over again I never get tired of them. I watched the whole thingAnd indeed was comforted watching this 80s throwback movie. I never did see this film on the big screen have always enjoyed it on the small screen take me back to a calmer and saner more time…

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Red Bucket Saturday


Red wheat bucket hiding in back of pantry

I don't have anything to write—so you might get a little bit a rambling as I strive to make my Saturday post. I'm most likely would've garnered something to write about if I had not decided to be responsible and stay in and not risk being exposed to the outside and possible virus. However, I did bolt to the market for a bit of shopping more for recreation anything else I could of gotten by till Monday with what I've got around here I want to make sure I had grapes – – I've really been going to a great phase this last summer and Macy's has a pretty good deal on grapes right now. I got everything on my list except computer/copy/typing paper. I can assemble up and out in the 21st South to the Office Depot there or even down to Walmart just down the block or two but then I remembered to go upstairs to the computer lab and get a handful of paper from the big printer. I don't need much just enough to put some letters if I need. I don't know if I wrote about the ream of 18 inch paper Mark bestowed upon me earlier this year. Somehow he got a deal about a case of legal size paper. I just purchased my long handle paper cutter without this should be a good justification to do some real paper chopping. I've used most of the paper for one reason or another but this last bit of paper I cut down to letter-size has been jamming my printer more than usual. Therefore, I set my sights to give him another ream or a ream of just regular paper. I didn't even look for paper while I was at the market.

When I went to bed last night I really anguished over plugging my chair into charge overnight I'd only use 1.9 miles on the battery charge of the night before. I figured to myself that I really won't need much more charge than what was on there so I neglected to plug-in. Because I made that decision by the time I got back from the market my chair was okay but fairly low on the battery indicator. Are probably had enough charge to do whatever I needed to do but it was getting to the point where it could go critical if I didn't pay attention so rather than deal with that kind of stress I came straight back from the market and have it hanging around the apartment ever cents. If I had really wanted to go out and do something out in the community I could of just plugged in while I was watching a movie I'm sure would've given me enough charge to go where I need to go without issue or worry. So tonight I will charge for a full charge for tomorrow whatever may come. A low front is coming in tonight which is the main reason I hit the market today because I sure as heck would not want to go out tomorrow not that I would be in Sunday all but still now I have no reason to leave the apartment. It's been a good week I purchased a new beater/electric mixer so I could bake if I desired. Or I'm thinking of getting some week from the Red bucket and grinding's red wheatinto flour and grinding some “wheat berries” for interesting texture on some homemade bread if I got really radicalized in the baking department. Either way I'm set for Saturday night in the social distance sort of way…

Friday, October 09, 2020

Hey Buddy Can You Spare A Quarter?

 I think one of the most astounding things that is happening over this period of time is the new normals that seem to be established themselves everywhere in our life. One of those new “normal” is paying for things. Whether I'm at the market, quick shopping Mart kind of place or anywhere that currency is exchanged I'm getting a little reticent to pull out my wallet and start paying cash only to be told by the cashier that the establishment no longer taking cash or if you're going to pay cash you have to pay the cash but not expect any change in return.. At first it was explained to me that because of the coin shortage going on across America people are being encouraged to use their “plastic”. I guess I really don't mind paying for everything with my charge card are my credit card I just don't understand why. A couple of cashiers have explained to me that there is a coin shortage which they tried to blame on the covid thing. I wonder if people are holding the change but why would they do so? I myself hoard quarters. I do not do so mischievously I just want make sure I have enough change to wash my clothes once a week. I could go on a rant about how pissed off I am at the owner of the washing machines (it's a private contractor at the apartments here) which has machines set to just receive quarters in their coin drops. No nickels or dimes Allowing the user to purchase 10 minute extensions on their drying capability. No, if the person driving the clothes which are just a little bit damp that person has to buy a whole new cycle at three quarters. I don't mind this ripoff too much it just seems a pity. Having to pay the extra coins as well as having to hang around for at least 30 more minutes while the dryer works through its cycle. I also wonder sometimes if the rationale for cordless economy is to cut the probability of spreading the virus by exchanging money on which the virus might be lurking. Kandahar's me to wrap my mind around this excuse but I can see the rationale. I would just rather than come right out and say it as opposed to the silly coin shortage excuse. 

 The constant reader knows that I have a particular bent toward conspiratorial thinking. I would not be surprised if a lot of what is happening in our current economy is directed at subtly pushing the population of the country into a cashless economy. If this is the case we are really on the verge of diving into the future. Everything is paid for through technology are virtuality. In one of the better scenes from the Star Trek movie The Voyage Home Where the Enterprise travels to 1980 America's in search of a whale. Kirk informs his female host that they don't use currency in the 21st century making the young nautical researcher having to pay the bill for pizza herself. We are there. It's crazy how reality sometimes formed from fiction. Cell phone watches just like Dick Tracy from the early 30s, cell phones are almost exactly like communicator devices the Star Trek crew uses especially the flip phone. I'm sure the next 20 years will be looking at transporting ourselves from point A to point B And just beaming ourselves all around… All this of course is if we can just skip past this current “bump in the road” in secret shift to how we pay our bills…

Thursday, October 08, 2020



Blog 100820 – – Thursday

I just hate what CBS has done to their night lineup on Thursday nights. CBS gone to reality television and taken away the great sitcoms that I so enjoyed on Thursday nights like my introduction to the weekend. I've even care if they were reruns I would watch them. Just that two hour block for the longest time was just great by me. I hate reality TV! It's just networks cheap way of filling time in the evening blocks. Thank goodness for Netflix and other subscription services but they're not like having Thursday nights to look forward to.

I went on another buying spree today I didn't intend to do so it just happened. This morning are in a desert industries to roll through their electronics and kitchen items. The first of the week I inadvertently ran over the beaters to the electric hand mixer Diana sent over when we broke up. I remember in the past that there was a been in the DI story often went to that was overflowing with electric mixer beaters. I was kind of surprised the first time I witnessed this collection and like everything else in my life I figured it would be there when I needed them. Today I needed them.. I figured I would just drop by and purchase a couple of them, I am sure the beaters are interchangeable. I was wrong. I went to Deseret industries, the thrift store and finally Good Well. I thought for sure one of these would have the devices I sought after. Wrong again. This of course lost me on a bigger search to find electric mixer brand-new. I was on my way home from the DI trip when I remembered what I look it up on the Internet? Ebay if not Amazon probably has a great deal. And of course I was not carrying my cell phone odd is that is. So when I got home the first thing I did was search for electric hand mixers. Sure enough a bunch popped up and best of all one was listed for $2.50 at Walmart and electronic notification indicated there is one available. So I turned around and caught the next bus back 5600 S. and my Walmart.

I was still guilty when I enter the Walmart feel electric my back on supporting all the low income folks forced to work at this capitalistic icon. But life is life and I look to the store and finally found the hand mixers. I looked and looked but did not find anything close to $2.50 for a hand mixer. I found the resorted to asking for assistance and soon I had three Walmart agents trying to serve me. We ended up looking on the Internet again in finding the product I was interested in the only after 20 minutes of diligent searching our Walmart on 5400 S. that one of the agents noticed a little tired indicating it was at the Walmart West Valley. Sadly, I was not up for a trip to West Valley not for a $2.50 and mixer. I caved in and got a mixer for $9.95 which really is still a deal – – I think. I opened the floodgates a little and purchased about $15 more items I felt that I needed. Groceries mostly. I kind of think I'm ready for the weekend but who knows and besides Macy's is just down the block…

Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Another Friend Bites The Dust


I wish I had been thinking yesterday. Remember couple days ago when I went to the movie I was going to go to the movie and as I was waiting outside the lady in front of me turn it asked the files going to the movies and I said I was, then she sit here and she had me a ticket saying that she had gotten more than her family needed from her work in that she had these extras and didn't want them to go to waste. I of course the next day when I went back to the movies with a full battery I forgot to use the ticket. So, yesterday I decided I would go to the theater and use the ticket. The main reason I did this was because in today's the theater was going to close again and who knows, if ever, the theaters going to reopen. Of course this is a Regal theater which is a pretty big chain and so hopefully if and when this Covid thing passes they can get it back in the saddle and offer real movies, again. I didn't feel discouraged but certainly felt a little ambiguous regarding my feelings all I suffered through the previews for shows that would never be screened where I'm sitting waste the way it feels right now. I just kind of know in the back my mind that the parent company will never reopen this megaplex. I really believe the property is too beautiful to sit idle for too long. Hopefully, by next summer somebody will have found the magic bullet vaccine and this crazy economy will get back into full swing. Perhaps I'm being a bit optimistic but this pandemic is really just a bump in the road. The human race is just to stuck on itself let itself be ground down by Darwin and his theory. Or, maybe that's exactly what will save it once the weak of diet often been cleansed off the surface of the earth that the earth will allow itself to get back to business and all the little species thereon. I'm just saying we has a species will throw any other species under the bus in order to stay around.

Had I been smart I would've purchased cheap candy at the dollar store just about a half a block south of the movie theaters but I felt I should support at least a working folk. I purchased a drink, and in all honesty I did buy a dollar candy bar at the All A Dollar. I didn't buy the popcorn however because I have purchased popcorn did before the privilege had my butter into levels for the week if not month. But I did my usual mixing diet Pepsi with a couple shots of regular Mountain Dew. I was shocked that I couldn't find any Milk Duds my favorite candy for movies. I guess it's just as well if I was not going to have popcorn. However I did inquire in true enough theydo not carry Milk Duds any longer. That all dawned on me,,Karma-- the discontinue carrying Milk Duds in the universe forces you to close your doors…

Tuesday, October 06, 2020

Spud Relief For Anxiety


I was texting a friend today about how I felt anxious just sitting here in my chair. It's Tuesday and the reader knows that I volunteer on the Assist, Inc. citizen volunteer board. We of course now are not meeting because of the Covid except for trying to do something over the phone every couple weeks. But we didn't even do that this week. I may go out to a movie later on this afternoon (which I shouldn't I know but I will be massed and there's just a handful of people even in the theater. It's a later movie (4:30 PM) but I did get that free ticket I got suspended and besides notification is made yesterday that my theater, my regal theater on Redwood Road will be closing with all the other regal's across the country this weekend and there is some question whether they'll ever open up again. This is a poor justification to go out in public, yes even write a bus, But it feels like I have to do this. This is where I should be strong and say to myself “self, you've got Netflix, Disney + and even Amazon prime I don't tell me you have nothing to watch the got a go to a movie. But it's the movies! And the movies are going to close who knows maybe forever! No wonder I feel anxious.

This in my potato I've had it for some weeks now possibly months. I really feel bad because I really did purchase this potato with the full intention of utilizing the tuber. Maybe I did not make enough stews, soups or morning eggs and bacon which needed fried potatoes. I could've been because of the summer and I just don't cook that heavy on summer mornings are prepares what I deem winter dishes over the summer. Maybe I had thought I would make a potato salad but obviously that did not happen. That's what happens when you go to the food bank and they have snippets of this and that. A nice of salad, potato salad and I don't a desire to make a nice cold salad. Whatever the excuse I let this little guy go week after week given in the impression that he's going to survive and possibly after a certain point even go on to raise a great little potato family. But I don't think that's going to happen, sad to say, I have no pots of dirt are ground that I can plant this aggressive grower. I have to admit one of the neighbors across the hall actually had a pretty significant potato plant growing in front of her door for the longest time. I like to blame her but I doubt she was the recent I gave this plant false hope. I'm not sure if this multi-fingered root is the reason for my anxiety but I am certainly not going to rule out that it is the possibility. There are so many things happening in the world right now and although to produce just a little anxiety and all of them together might make a big one. However, to let anxiousness envelop me for the rest of this day or however longer is a started my cards. I'm way too selfish for that and got ready to go out and enjoy what's left of this afternoon and this brilliant autumn day…

Monday, October 05, 2020

The New Change


Clearly I have used the term “new normal” way too much in this blog. But “new normal” in many cases is the best and only term to describe the times I'm currently moving through. Saturday had been relatively uneventful. Aside from Annette showing up in the morning for housekeeping the building of a loaf of banana bread was the most significant event of the day but it was enough. After all, banana nut cake is a treasure to have and a treasure to behold. I've been a little traveling around that day some like shopping I am trying to limit my time and exposure to other human beings right now. But I guess the point I'm laboring to make is that even though I had done little I was kind of tired laid back in my chair watching “Guardians of the Galaxy Volume two” for I did know how many times I've watched this film and I do not seem to get tired of it. I now use the movie is background noise to have playing in the background while I do various tasks around the apartment. However, my phone rang and it was Mark Anthony, I was a little bit surprised because usually just texts. He told me he was in the neighborhood and if it was okay Mark would like to stop for a short visit which is more than okay with me. I didn't even make up a fast list of things for him to do all he was here that I could not physically do. Well, having said that, that's not altogether true but while Mark was here I had him reformat part of my cell phone.

Shortly after his call there was a knock on my door and there he was. He was looking okay. Mark is going to that midlife phase where he can put on weight lose weight relatively easy. He was in Salt Lake visiting some of his friends one of which worked at a local restaurant which would be getting off work soon and they would meet up. I guess I'm a convenient place to lay low for things like that which is great for me. I get to have them in my orbit or I in his for what little bit of time we can do. Did not take us long to switch our conversations in general salutations to the big news of the weekend of the Commander-in-Chief's placement at Bethesda Walter Reed medical Center for Covid 19! Were both being careful not to celebrate the event too much even though we discussed something similar to this the week before in one of those “wouldn't it be weird…” Comments and now it was in fact it is weird. We discussed this, Mark fixed my cell phone and soon was apologizing for having to leave so soon. I assured him I was okay with that, his leaving so soon. In fact his leaving worked out great in that I was allowed to get back to “Guardians of the Galaxy” which had watched a dozen times. Had I been thinking I would've had the Mark dig out the paper jam in my printer but that didn't happen just as well. Then he was gone. I was comfortably back into my movie when I realized we had not hugged before he left and we always have an awkward hug. It's always difficult hug anybody who is standing if you are a your person in a wheelchair. Because the virus we of course have not been hugging, forgoing the elbow bump which is really dumb. Like I said is not a giant big deal is a big deal. We didn't even think about hugging this time and perhaps that's safe more than that probably just another sign of the new normal…