Monday, June 18, 2018

Resistance Futile

One of my great frustrations is having something, something that I really need and not being able to find the item. This happens to me more than I would like to admit. Today I've spent a good portion of my time trying to get my hands on one of my SD cards. I have three or four SD cards that I have collected over the years from my cell phones and tablets. I know that I have them, I had them when I left the house in Murray. I haven't needed them really until the last few weeks when I started trying to install applications on my tablet (which I purchased when I lost or had my tablet stolen last year. The tablet is a small version of what I was used to and I didn't pay attention to the fact that it had a relatively small internal memory. Anyway a couple weeks ago when I tried to install the application the tablet would not let me. The tablet informed me that in order for me to install another app I would have to delete another application already on my system. I did not have that many applications of the tablet. Then I remembered if I had an SD drive and more specifically a microSD drive I could actually store applications on the microSD and even run the applications from there allowing me a lot more freedom to install applications on my tablet. I do not seem to have this issue with my cell phone however having a microSD on my cell phone certainly cannot hurt.

And methodically went through the top three drawers of my little cabinet. This daylong project started out as a way to kill some time until meeting my writing friends at the village in for an early lunch. When I returned from lunch request for the microSD drives continued with a vengeance.

The exercise was not totally futile. I found one of my favorite pens, scotch tape and shipping tape (the shipping tape I could have really used last week when I had to return a box of catheters). Three books I found which I thought for sure I had lost – – I tend to lend things out and then forget who I lent them to. One of the books was a volume by Lawrence Ferlinghetti who I really wanted for a project that I involved with. So those in this regards my day was a success. However, there was collateral damage, with me there is always collateral damage. As I methodically sifted like an archaeologist through each drawer I just seem to breed chaos with everything that I touched. I have since little surface worked with but I had to pull things off the desktop that I hadn't stopped them into various shelf space above my work area. Of course items seem to just leap off the shelf but I would stick the items. I console myself by saying this mess is just situational this will pass but I find what I'm looking for. And it well even if I don't find the media I'm searching for. In fact, I'm already making plans to go to Walmart to see what it is the card might cost. I briefly looked on the Internet which is a smart way to go or at least the least expensive if I had the patience. A trip to Walmart with you great excuse to get out of the apartment. I might even go tomorrow.

It seems like I fight chaos constantly and lose. I would like to think I could keep a semblance of order in my living space but maybe I just have to realize… Resistance is futile.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Flash Back

Do you ever wish that he had a time machine? I know you can't go back and change things all that stuff about quantum physics and time travel. But would it not be great to be able to go back in your own history and just watch your history unfold? I would. The time I'd be most interested in would be the three years before my accident just as I was becoming an adolescent. The earlier years were okay and kind of fun.

I played a lot of Little League baseball growing up not necessarily because I wanted to but because my friends all played baseball. The team was made up of course all my friends from whatever grade I was in the summer. Myself and my best friend John lived in rural Boise. We lived quite a ways from the city, at least a couple of miles. The rest of the team members all lived in town and we practiced at the East junior high baseball diamond. Five days a week usually practiced which meant riding my bike all the way in to East been practicing. It was a long ride. In the early days I wrote a JC Higgins one speed and later inherited my older brothers Schwinn 10 speed. That's like my mit over the handlebars and pump into town. I put the past the old Holcomb school and on the Boise Avenue, past the twin Bridges then passed Greenwood Circle, past the Food Fair market(it used to be Dells market) then test Garfield school where we turn right on Broadway and pump past the Broadway bar (Danny Barlett's dad owned and ran the bar) past Fred's and Hawkins Take-home, as the Circle K Tavern across the Boise River Bridge, past Clover Club potato chip factory in coast into the baseball field. The ride in was actually quite a long pump. We practiced for about two hours sometimes three then reversed the trip.

There was a section between Greenland Circle the food fair market that was very rural nothing to pasture or hayfield on each side of the road. Midway between these two points on one side of the road was a huge stand of rosehips. On the other side of the road was a number of wild trash trees with wild shrubbery at their base. For one reason or another these rogue pieces of vegetation were targets for all kinds of litter. I don't know why but we found more than one pack of cigarettes on our home treks home. Other great finds included Playboy magazines and other treasures of soft porn. Other kids most of regular bikes back and forth by John and I did why they didn't find these treasures leaves me perplexed. These finds almost made the bike trips worthwhile.

That was 50 years ago or more. The only thing that remains is the curve in Boise Avenue. So much development has taken place over the decades none of the rich rural flavor remains. I spent a couple of hours with Google maps and the “satellite” feature which allows you to actually see the area given me a view of what the journey looks like now. I wish I could find a Google map that could take you back in time and see what the world looked like then. Every once in a while I do a search to see if somebody has put together images taken from another time been spliced together to render views of days gone by.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Springs Last Saturday Night

Last weekend, over the weekend I gained maybe 3 pounds just over 1 kg! Could've been three steaks at the Golden corral or the brunch with my little sister on Friday or maybe the after-hours get-together at my brothers were there were snacks, sandwiches and other treats the chickens are coming home to roost and they are all roosting on me. I hate gaining weight.

I've done some poor on Weight Watchers that my own health person, Dana, taking back her books from Weight Watchers. Retrieving the books is probably as well, I really was not using them anyway. Weight Watchers is just to threaten. I guess I'm going to do anything it will be with just watching caloric intake and limiting myself to 1800 cal or less a day. The hundred calorie diet has been the most successful thing I've done regarding weight loss. Now I just have to get serious stop putting things in my face. I think I will continue my food journal anyway. I become more conscious of caloric intake when I journaling my intake during the day. Having said all this I was now confess that tomorrow Father's Day Mark Anthony is taking me to breakfast around 8:30 AM. So already I continue my self-defeating behaviors. Perhaps I can be more focused and following the breakfast. Funny though, I was texted this evening by my cousin the owner of the mechanic shop to make tacos and other Mexican delights tonight and wanted no I would like some. I can hardly say no. So tomorrow around 2 PM Scott is bringing over a delightful Mexican dinner. I've got to make some decisions and one of those decisions may be that I'm just not cut out to be a dieter. We shall see. When the reunion over I have the whole summer look forward to losing weight. Perhaps I can get involved again with the wellness program at the University of Utah or even the one they are trying to get going at Intermountain Medical. I am even considering the possibility of pushing my manual chair again a couple times a week. I don't know if that would burn calories are not. Dana says not to work out more but to eat less and I'm sure that Sage advice.

I spent the day just goofing around the apartment. I had a good time I actually made some hooks I sawed and I drilled. I used the dowels that I picked up at Lowe's last week and one of the hooks that I got from Home Depot. I'm pleased to be working again with the wood. I even talked to Mark Anthony about using the van to pick up some sticks to use for hooks. I like the dowels but not as much as I like the throwaway wood. I washed clothes and could semi-breakfast. I opened the food bank ham I got a couple weeks ago and the little ham is pretty good. I even had a ham sandwich this afternoon. I do like to eat.

I know I'm just rambling on Saturday night. It's not as hot as it has been and I do miss the heat, there's Rascals in the park playing heavy beated music. The music is deceptive and makes it sound like there's a real bad over there a real happening I rolled over and check it out earlier tonight was just a group of folks having a picnic, at Pavilion, with a fairly decent sound system and that's all.Will

Friday, June 15, 2018

About Face!

I believe I have spoken/written about being an exhibitionist before in this blog but I just did a cursory search found very few references towards exhibitionist are exhibitionism. I'd like to think that at one time I was a shy guy – – in fact I still do believe in some regard that I am. I am shy until I feel comfortable in the surroundings that I am in. I was raised in a dogma which tended to give the shy person the opportunity to overcome this dubious disability. Everything from praying in public, speaking in public in front of large groups of people i.e. congregations of the ward. Performing in skits in front of the selfsame ward. I have one time even studied the accordion, the big accordion the 120 base accordion, and at least once a year having to perform in front of a crowd. So I suppose over the span of my life I have worked the shyness out.

I have often maintained that if you are a person with a disability you had better not suffer from shyness. Quadriplegia in particular is a somewhat exhibitionary disability. You cannot bathe yourself, you cannot dress yourself and if you have a wardrobe malfunction you have to get somebody else to correct the malfunction regardless of the personal nature of that malfunction. Of course, there are different levels of quadriplegia I been a partial quad. I can do, actually, a lot of stuff thank goodness but still there are things I cannot and I must rely on someone who is more able-bodied and me. More than once I have had to disrobe or have been disrobed for one reason or another in front of a group of folks I had no idea what was happening. For example, I often wear pants that are larger than I need for the convenience of dressing and using the restroom through the day. One time when I was crossing the street but I was still using a manual wheelchair I fell out of my chair and of course my pants felt my knees exposing everything (I do not wear underwear). Three women were across the street with me actually stopped and assisted me back in my chair. They were most gracious and pulling up my pants. He smiled at me and went on their way. I've had to just accept the fact this is my life

I have talked before about the fact that public transit buses only have only to wheelchair stations, meaning they can only carry two people in wheelchairs in the tiedown positions. These stations are parallel each other on opposite sides of the bus. When one of the stations has a chair locked down that chair compromises the ability of a new chair coming on board to turn around and back into the station to be tied down. I started telling drivers or asking drivers to let me know when there is a wheelchair person on board when the bus pulls up to me. This will allow me to back on to the bus or access the bus backward allowing me to access the wheelchair station more conveniently and in some situations coming on the bus backwards is the only way that you can access that station and be facing forward. As more and more people who use wheelchairs for mobility are showing up on the bus this is becoming more and more an issue. In fact recently I have just elected to tell the driver to secure me in the wheelchair station backwards. This is somewhat intimidating since I have to face the rest of the passengers for the duration of my bus trip. This would not be easy for shy guy. Oddly enough the drivers have not had a problem securing my chair this position which is somewhat surprising. I have really considered working up a routine in doing stand up/sit down comedy from the bus trip. I doubt this will happen.

I took this image on today's trip felt a little odd doing so from a privacy standpoint of the other riders but then I thought what about me? I'm having a face you all so I guess all works out in the wash. There is no more privacy and perhaps that's best.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

First World Problem

Even if I had my license, my motor vehicle operator's license, I doubt that I would really drive my van more than use public transit. It's really hard for me to use my van. Perhaps if I did not have to transfer from my power chair to the drivers seat I would use the van more. Perhaps if I enjoyed driving in heavy traffic or risky traffic I would use my van more but I don't. I'm not really tried transferring from the chair to the six point power seat of my van. I don't think it would be all that difficult but I haven't done so since my operations. It's not like I have to do any lifting per se, through the magic of hydraulics I can always maneuver my point of transfer higher than where I'm transferring to allowing me to use gravity as my friend making the transfer. I worry a bit about decubitus or pressure sore from the friction of transferring. Then there is the problem of remaining upright while driving. Again gravity can be your foe or your friend in equal portions. More than once when I tried to make a turn and was not braced accordingly I tended to go with the flow and gravity pulled me over. I have been lucky that no traffic was close by and this occurred. My unstable driving could have resulted in very serious consequences.I don't know how many times I have dreaded having to drive home after a full day of work or recreation or whatever and having to drive. I'm tired and exhausted and it's all I can do to get home.

I never have any of these issues if I'm a passenger on a UTA bus or light rail car. If I am using public transit all I have to do is get myself to I busstop or transit station and wait for the bus or train. I don't have to worry about traffic, traffic lights if I have enough gas to get home or to my destination or of my battery will be charged when I get to the van late at night after a night out. Aside from a derailment of the light rail or the heavy rail I'm save on public transit. My ride on public transit is essentially free with my paratransit pass. I do not have to worry about insurance, payment of any kind, maintenance and a place to park. There really is no contest but like a fool I am working towards getting my license reinstated. I am paying over $100 a month insurance, every month! I am worried I don't have enough gas in the vehicle. I am worried that I will not drive the vehicle not taking the battery charged. I have a host of first world problems and worries. If someone walked up to me on the street and asked me to buy my van would I sell? Yes. In a heartbeat. I don't know how actively I'm going to try to market this vehicle but I'm going to try to get rid of it. When the time is right hopefully a buyer will appear.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018


Previously on Meadowlarks Mind… I have always wanted to use that introduction which I think was made famous on “24” Fox's great gift to the world. Anyway previously I just registered my wheelchair van for duty and got the insurance secured and actually had been ferried back and forth to various activities of the recent reunion. The big white van is now part in that solitary space at the apartment's secured parking area where the big white van will set until I can get a driver than when I need one. For a host of reasons it only makes sense that I secure my motor vehicle operators permit i.e. drivers license. I'm gearing up for an arduous task. I don't test well as it is and I don't know if I will not only need to take the written exam but I would also not be surprised if I must perform a practical are driving exam as well. So, to that end, I decided to begin the process. In order to kill some time on Monday before my lunch with my friend Dennis I decided to take the bus out to Utah Department of Safety, Drivers License Division. I was surprised I always thought drivers licenses came through just Utah DMV. Wrong! Any time I have to deal with drivers license issues I must contact Drivers License Division.

The atmosphere was still cool trying to bounce back from the cold front which wandered through the region on Sunday. The morning was cool but not uncomfortably so. I think 47 out to the driver's license bureau. I had never got there on public transit and was not quite sure where the Bureau was. I of course had been there before but Dianne had driven that have paid much attention. Now I was. Drivers License Division much like Social Security administration is one of the great denominators. Nobody gets out everyone has to go through those doors if you want to drive. Midmorning and already business is booming at the division. I did not want to have to take a number and go through the line just to get a copy of the drivers manual. That's what I wanted was the drivers manual so I can begin boning up on what I needed for the examination. I looked all around cannot see a stack of pamphlets that typically was the drivers manual. I could not believe this, today not even publish a manual anymore except on line? It would not surprise me. I had found what could've been an online manual but didn't seem to be just parts of the manual's like teasers. Surely there had to be drivers manual. I finally summoned up a bit of courage and rolled up to the end counter behind which what could've been some level administrator and undercover law enforcement official having a great conversation no doubt about their weekends.I asked him about the drivers manual they pointed out a counter but nobody stood and there was a pile of (what looked like to me)magazines. I rolled up and snatched a copy of the top “magazine” and sure enough it was a copy of 2017 – 2018 Utah Driver Manual .The manual was as big as the bloody magazine! Published on cheap newsprint, there is a bunch of pages to deal with. Is going to be challenging.

To say that I was intimidated would be an understatement but I rolled up the document stuffed it in my pack exited the room looking like I had found exactly what I was looking for. Waiting for the 47 to take me back to the community college I leaf through the manual. At the end of each section they give you a couple of simulated questions I guess like you would see in the examination. Some I got some I did not. My home health person Dana has become somewhat of a confident are sounding board and I told her about my experience. She told me that I should just have taken the test and I passed great had not passed no problem learn from the mistakes and take the test again. In fact, she said, the test is open book! You are allowed to make two attempts a day. I understand that these are limited (for the Examination)You test till you pass! How civilized is that? I'm still going to read as much of this handbook as I can then take the tests. I don't know why I'm even doing this. I really don't know or think I'm going to attempt driving again but, you never know. I can see myself doing so in a pinch. I would not mind having a second form of identification and I understand my insurance might be less if I had a valid drivers license. Plus, I would love to have my own license picture to share with friends went out drinking and the conversation turns as it always does to “wait till you see what I look like in my license”.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Lunch With Dennis

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I was pleased today, the heat is finally coming back to the area following that cold low-pressure front which wandered through the region following the reunion. I was also kind of excited because my friend Dennis from my old ward and I had a lunch appointment this afternoon. The vigilant reader will remember couple years ago that I had another meal with Dennis, the first ever. Dennis is a friend from my youth actually he was quite a bit older that I, in fact I was a close friend was his younger brother, Kim. Again, the vigilant reader will remember that I was quite deflated following the lunch when Dennis sort of offered me a business proposition. I wrongly read is desire to get together solely as an opportunity to make a sale. I was wrong and I was also surprised that Dennis actually read the blog posting which was less than flattering, and he called me on it. Amazing. I'm glad he did.

It's great about Dennis is that he's old enough to give me a total different perspective of how I grew up and how I saw things versus how things really were in many situations. He knows things about my family and many the people I grew up with that I had no idea. Dennis is an operator. Dennis is an honest and benevolent Trump. Dennis has that personality of taking a problem in wrestle that problem down Until the problem shouts “uncle”. That is how he has always had to live his life. Like me Dennis came from a huge family with limited funds. Dennis's life has been a struggle But is finally getting on top of it and is nearly debt-free… Something to be admired.

We talked a long time – – we went to a buffet, the Chinese buffet. I really don't like buffets or actually I really do like buffets but there is just way too much food. But I like the food today I shouldn't of eaten is much as I did. I'm sure I set my weight loss challenge back considerably. The conversation was excellent however. I have to be careful my friend Dennis works for himself in sales and in sales everything counts especially time. It took a couple calls while we ate and visited I hope the sales turn for him. Dennis deserves that. He works very hard. I want to stay in contact with Dennis I don't know how often we can get together like this but if nothing else we can stay connected through social media. Dennis is become quite a social media aficionado. He is scrapper the always has been. He was one of my idols growing up. He wrestled for Boise high school and he did very well. I look forward to wrestling myself at Boise I when the time came but life is the great trickster and the only mats I saw after July 1966 was rehabilitation mats. I didn't even get to go to Boise high school which is been one of my dreams growing up – – I was forced to go to the crosstown rival Borah but that is a blog for another day.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Red Bush

One of the things I like best about my apartment complex is my apartment place that. I guess is there is a back to this building my apartment would be as far back as one could get. I'm in a total end of the hall. That means of course that outside my front door in the door that leads to the outside and the back parking and the back gate which leads to Redwood Road and 217 busstop. I also use that sidewalk to go south to the little coffee shop called Twin Peaks and some other shops across street. In order to access this gate exiting our property one must travel down a sidewalk from the door to the gate and vice versa.

It's kind of weird I've noticed since I live at the back of the apartments very few people actually use gate on the bus stop for that matter. Particularly in the winter I noticed this back walk did not get much attention from the was snow. This is been ongoing education process I found since I moved in. I complained after the first snow. I patiently waited a day (I really had no desire to be out in the snow anymore than anybody else did. The snow fell on a weekend and I was content to lay low in my nice warm apartment cooking, watching videos and watching the snow. I thought it was a little weird that the snow guys plowed the parking lot but didn't shovel this snow off the sidewalk. I just figured this was the weekend and they felt the parking lot was more important. However Monday came and nobody worked on the sidewalk and by Tuesday the snow stuff and not been removed. If you desire you can read what happened to me when I tried to push myself or my power chair through the snow to the bus stop so I could get my meeting. It's in one of the blocks from the winter months October or November something like. Anyway the point I'm making is that no snow was removed I complained they did actually pushed the snow shovel down the middle of the sidewalk and called it good. I really had to complain and be somewhat obnoxious. Eventually, the grounds crew came back and did a good job. I figure that is okay the snow is gone what else could be a problem?

You got a love spring at least I didn't I really enjoyed the return of nature and of things growing. But what I'd not noticed so much last year as this year the red bushes which line the sidewalk all away from the ramp onto the sidewalk and out the gate. These brushes just kept growing and soon the branches were sticking out blocking my use of the sidewalk. The branches themselves did not totally impede my use of the sidewalk but certainly an irritant in some cases scratching my arms and depositing the red leaves all over me. The lease I did not so much as the branches sticking out scratching. I reported this to our manager she seemed very interested and said she would tell the maintenance guy, Richard, and he'll get right on it well for five days went by and nothing happened. I was getting irritated. This is when I actually felt the video at the front of this post. It got the job done. I really want to blame Richard but in Richards defense he had put the request forward to the grounds people, the company in apartment complex contracts with. That took another day or so but they trim the bushes back.

I suppose it sounds like a little thing, branches sticking out over the sidewalk, I think if I had my way I would suggest that they even build a ramp up to the sidewalks that end of the walkway right before the gate and not have to worry about branches growing out over the sidewalk. I've noticed that folks who do use the gate and can walk cut across the parking lot anyway they don't use the sidewalk so is pretty much just me. Anyway, I've got clear access to all the way to the gate all the way to a bus stop and that's freedom.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Back To The World

I think my brain make the day a transition day to safely move me from family reunion mode back to real life mode – – whatever real-life is. I conveniently put a lot of things on hold using the reunion as a great excuse. I mean who can argue my noninvolvement in various projects and programs which are ongoing when I use as my excuse “I've got family reunion this weekend”. I certainly left the feeling that I would get back into “work mode” on the completion of the reunion. I sensed the tension yesterday and this morning as I ponder the new week beginning tomorrow.

Foremost on my plate is what my going to do regarding DRAC in my involvement with this organization? Once again, DRAC has taken a turn that I'm not totally in favor of been I don't really understand completely my anxiety or hesitation to become involved. I don't have a problem with becoming involved with direct confrontation. I understand direct confrontation, how works, nonviolent direct confrontation is what we practice – – supposedly but as DRAC as begin preparations for the ADA birthday/celebration in July and I have become uncomfortable with Being asked to dissipate and activities which involve asking/demanding funds from various organizations private and private nonprofit. I'm not sure why we are doing this except for raising funds to assist in putting on the event in July. I suppose it's not really demanding funds as much as it's just (supposedly) asking if they want to assist in the participation of the ADA event. As I write this out, I have lowered my anxiety level, remembering we are just asking these agencies to contribute. However, in the planning meetings, I have gotten the impression that the funding request is a little bit more intense. I don't know if I have actually heard but I sense that if they don't comply DRAC could force their hand by direct confrontation/demonstration. The case in point I'm hearing right now is that there is a local private nonprofit agency, which services many folks with disabilities recreationally and that they have not acquiesced to to our requests And now it sounds like preparations are being made to transport a number of DRACsters up the canyon for some type of confrontation. I don't know almost sounds like the bordering on extortion. Once again DRAC my becoming a bit more extreme even for me.

DRAC has been on social media all weekend long, its members have been targeting storeowners and other folks that meet the public and presented them with either $50 or $100 “pledges” for their participation in this Americans With Disabilities Act birthday party. I have been amazed with the zeal that many people have exhibited in delivering these requests. As of this writing I cannot see myself delivering any of these documents. Maybe I'm just scared, which might be, I've always hated asking people for money. I plan to support DRAC in their direct confrontation if and when they get back into the direct confrontation mode but might back away from what is happening currently. Regardless of what I choose to do I have to do something. The family reunion is over and so is my excuse.

Saturday, June 09, 2018

Reunions End

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It's kind of weird just because the reunion is that the park adjacent to my apartment complex I said I have the feeling that I'm the host. I know that I'm not in fact I don't even think the other people think I'm the host but I kind of feel responsibility to make sure this thing goes up right for some reason. I don't eat anything really getting except the banana and the little coffee I made yesterday which is left. I knew we would be eating a lot during the day at the reunion. I cannot remember and I was not sure when the gathering would be today. I knew it was going to be a lunch so at least by 12 noon people are going to be around. Well try to keep myself busy and the best way I thought would be to go to the food bank and do my usual Saturday run through the program. I knew going to the food bank would take a significant amount time just because the weather was good today so a lot of people yet meeting that the waiting line would be significant. For every second I actually worried but my family would think if they saw I was using the food bank then I dismissed the idea from my head. Whatever rationale I'm using I don't care what they think that I use the food bank.

I also figured that the second I got mine from food bank I would see people start arriving and that's what happened. Paul was there not long after I got the food bank looking for a place to park you not see me but I saw him. He called but I was able to get the phone. I probably had to wait almost an hour to get through the line at the food bank.

I was confused and a little disappointed because when we adjourned yesterday after dinner discussion was held and it was decided that we would do fried chicken cold fried chicken in the fixings from one of the big box stores like Costco. And the rationale was if we only had prepared food no one would have to be saddled with meal prep. Of course, when the food arrived it was fixings for cold cuts sandwiches, special bread buns and croissants. Plus potato salad, chicken salad your typical cold cuts beef turkey and ham. Lots of bottled water and ice. It was a nice spread but someone had to cut of the vegetables and prepare the food for eating. I hammered on not too badly but I was a little disappointed. It just occurred to me as I write this but perhaps it was the expense of the chicken versus cold cuts. I remember I did this last year.

We visited, play some games, the young people played volleyball and some bean bag toss games. It seemed everyone had a great time. And of course people tired out and took the break electing to regroup in the evening for more talking at my brother's place – – typically we have another meal Consisting of leftovers from the previous meal. The meal and the discussion is nice. A little sister who had lunch with yesterday's always the first to leave – – she had a plane to catch – – she is so exotic and she was gone. That set the mood of impending separation. The event was near conclusion. We yammering on into the night, the sun set in the night critters came out. Carl turned on the outside lights and we talked until everyone was yawning and we knew it was time to break and get ready to go. Pictures were taken hugs were had and farewell said. My brother loaded me up to my van and drove me back to the apartments. It's late, I'm tired but I'm glad we had another event. I heard one person say let's do it again next year but I did during seconds… Perhaps that's best.

Friday, June 08, 2018

The Gathering

It seemed to me the only thing I had to do today was purchase insurance For my vehicle that I've worked so hard this last month and bring up to legal status.I had to do this, get a vehicle insured before 6 o'clock when the family gathering was to settle down for dinner at the Golden Corral, an all you can be joint the family seems to tolerate pretty well. My sister was flying in from Boise and we had worked out a deal where we are going to meet up for brunch around 10 o'clock or whatever she got and then got her vehicle rented. I wanted to have this done out of my hair by the time my sister called. We are going to have lunch at the restaurant just up the street from my apartment complex, place called Dees.
Every time I called the insurance agency American Family I got immediately cycled to their answering machine. I started around 8 o'clock and by 930 I've still not gotten through. I was hoping this office was not one of those in putting ten-hour days was closed on Fridays.

My sister and I went to brunch and had a great conversation. We had breakfast at several cups of coffee and I sent her on her way to my brother's place and I went back to work on ensuring my vehicle. I finally got through to the office over the lunch hour working with Denise. Since they were not going to be the shop that ensured me sending me to a general pool called “The General ”. I had to supply the general as well as my insurance group locally that I had title for the van so I had to send a picture of the title which I did. The process was a bit intimidating I have to admit but I got through, I had to develop a “my policy online domain whatever” and got insurance cards printed. I'm legal start to finish. I'm ready.

My brother Paul, stop by at 6 o'clock and we got in my van and off to G C (Golden Corral). I'm never ready for this place. I'm always amazed at the amount seniors who come here and now I am one of them. Everybody scatters to the areas they like best. I gravitate towards the steak grill. I just wanted one piece of steak but I wanted the server to cut up my steak into either finger strips or bite-size pieces. The guy was great but didn't understand very much English. They kept piling steak on top of steakUntil I stopped him telling him I just need one state cut up which he did left the other steaks on my plate. I shrugged my shoulders and said “ why not?”I got two small spoons of mashed potatoes and some great brown gravy and when piece of broccoli on top of the pile and called a dinner. This was the most protein I have had In a great while. Really not too bad. I had some fairly decent berry pie and that was that. I cannot imagine the amount of food Golden Corral.

Following dinner my brother drives the over to my brother's home in Murray. It is really cute my brother built up has from the driveway where my van is parked in the back patio but we all sat and visited for an hour or so before we broke up for the night. We are online for tomorrow started around 11 o'clock at the park across the street from my apartment complex for the main event. Assignments are made was going to purchase what for the meal and munching for the afternoon following the lunch. We fly off the cuff now not a whole lot of planning going on. We stop at Walmart or Cosco and get the whole meal fried chicken, roles, watermelon, potato salad and something to drink and that's going to be it, after all it's not about the food to about conversation and taking every chance we can to know each other a little bit better before time runs out on all of us.

Thursday, June 07, 2018

Big Hat

I know you all probably get tired of hearing this but it is true, this is my time of the year! It's dry and it's hot and probably dangerous for someone with my disability with less than great body heat cold regulation but still I love the weather and the perfect weather for being out on the system and getting around on public transit. The only drawback is that this weather also brings out so many people from all walks of life many of those folks being low income or no income. I think many of these folk flock to the train and other public venues with severe air-conditioning as a respite from the heat of the day. Sad to say many of these folks are people with disabilities and many times I have to chide myself for being less than even a human being with these poor folk.

My whole career, my whole working career has been about information and providing information to people who need it. When I worked with Breakaway, Inc. I have been gave information about to the folks house trying to sell wheelchair vans to. When I became long-range planner at Dawn Enterprises, The major portion of my job was to provide information to individuals and communities, cities throughout southeast Idaho regarding disability options. In my career with Utah Independent Living Center where I was Community Resource Coordinator, again I researched, developed and provided information on disability needs as well as support for families dealing with disability issues and finally when I was manager at Access Utah Network (agency of the Utah state system) my full-time job was providing information to callers on disability questions. I ended my career working for 211 which was all about information and referral I know this kind of stuff.

I was on the train today heading into the city to pick up books for my First Chapter book group. I was tired and I was hot and I really didn't want to be disturbed. I was settled into my wheelchair station for the trip into the city and on the next stop in mind a person with a disability entered the train with a goofy hat and dangerously happy,she a big bag But could've been clothes or paperwork For her next go round with social service providers of one sort or another. She was looking around to make contact with anyone she could annoy . I took efforts to avoid eye contact at any cost;and another person Who entered with her pushed a the cart with what looked like everything she owned on the cart This one had a feral look in her eyes. The person with the cart was definitely homeless and had an attitude with which I didn't want to communicate . Sad to say, I wanted to be left alone on my trip down town. The two women crowded onto the other disability designated seating areas and begin our trip into town.

I swear we're four minutes into the trip when the lady went to have turned to the feral looking woman and asked her how her day was going. I felt myself grow rigid – – the homeless woman glared at the hatted woman and let off a series of words in the language that I swear came from a scene from either Rosemary's baby or the Exorcist. Big hat smiled at her and said are you homeless? Feral backed away and said something else in this weird language but blinked her eyes two or three times – big hat once again asked her if she were homeless and needed help. Feral blinked again and all the sudden the feral look vanished, her eyes softened and she spoke again in an accent that was either from the Caribbean are perhaps South African or something and responded that she was homeless and responded to the question with “thank you sister”. It was like this person was hiding behind the eyes of the feral person, homeless, probably hungry and most likely frightened.

I was astonished when Big Hat began referring this person to agencies and programs designed to help exactly who this person and needs she had. I was blown away. I was impressed and ashamed that this person took upon herself to be a one-man/woman information referral system that was perfect in nature and delivery. This person was truly her sister's keeper and she did it perfectly. I would say I saw miracles today where for one reason or another these two were met to meet and they did in goodness was done. I was just a witness in a poor witness that. I spoke with Big Hat a little after that. We are getting off at the same station. I was catching a bus and she was going over to the big hospital where she started off telling her favorite tale of everything that was wrong with her and how this hospital was going to help her get better. She helped the person she needed to an now was Slipping back into her hypochondria and search for the perfect professional will help her with the diagnosis and her own medical miracle to get her back in life… If she wants it.

Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Does In Really Matter?

Blog 060618 – – Wednesday

I'm sorry that I seem to be making the saga out of the licensing and ensuring of my vehicle but this adventure has been taking most of my time or at least my focus the last couple days. Today I decided I would get some quotes for the insurance. Typically, I just usually take the first quote or offer I am given and go with that and many times felt I pretty much screwed myself.

I know I have seen at least one insurance office en route road particularly as I've gone to bookclub. So I decided I would do a computer search for insurance agencies on Redwood Road and sure enough I found one a couple of blocks south of my apartment complex. So I figure why not drop in and see what they can do. I still had the paperwork the DMV in my shoulder pack so I had the vin number that seems everybody wants. I was kind of surprised at how far the office was from me. The place was a nice little Allstate insurance office. A small operation with two people working the front end. Benny was on the phone as was the girl in the back. I waited and finally Benny is free and we visited. He's a nice guy, young Hispanic but very good in English. I was really hoping these folks could give me an quote that would be doable. I have to give the little guy credit. Benny really tried but the couldn't get past my brothers drivers license number From Idaho. I of course cannot remember my brothers birthday which had to be part of the information package Benny needed to give me a quote. I told him I would go back home fun my brothers birthday and call him back. I cannot believe I could remember Paul's birthday. I just had a brain cramp.

It was a hot day, today with temperatures in the 90s. I waited for the bus to take me to the apartment. While I was waiting for the bus to my mind chewing on my problem I thought to myself why not contact my old insurance carrier and get a quote from them since they seem not to have a problem with who drove the van and who is insured by the van. If nothing else contacting American family insurance would give me my third quote made me feel like I have down a real grown-up job.

By the time I got To the apartment, the second quote came in. Kandi from the insurance group (very creative name) their quote was less than originally “Spitballed” but still high. I wrote the numbers down and thanked her for her work and did the “I'll get back to you” copout. I made the call to American Family and got a hold of good old Denise. Denise of course remembered who I was and jumped right on the request. I held on the line because she says she could do it no problem just wait, I waited. She came in with numbers that were much higher than what I was paying the agency before I close my account last year. She said something about I would have to do six months with the General then maybe they can offer a better deal. I'm going to take their offer because it's cheaper than the other folks… Benny was never able to comply with a request. He really tried hard but I don't think he and skill set needed.

Kandi understood what I needed. I needed coverage just for the day of the weekend. She said so as much that when I was done using their insurance just call and cancel and she would mail me back a check. I thought that was really interesting she knew I was using her/them. I kind of like that but it wasn't right and it was messy.

So add another $140 to the cost of the reunion in my need for transportation. So it looks like around 340 bucks. I'm pretty sure I can absorb this one way or the other. And who knows maybe this is the best way to spend down slow and over time. At least I'll have a licensed band for the next year with our without insurance… Does it matter? Does it really matter…?

Tuesday, June 05, 2018


I do not think there is a better equalizer then the Department of Motor Vehicles(DMV). Everyone who has anything to do with motor vehicles must pass through the DMV. In my quest to bring my vehicle up to legal status today was the day for me. I had to do my time the DMV.

I was up for the challenge with you not around 5 o'clock and forced myself to stay in bed until six. I jumped in my chair and got ready heated up the last of the garbroc had thrown together towards the end of last week. It was great with an egg on top. I double checked to make sure I had the documentation my cousin gave me last night Indicating the positive results from the emissions evaluation. I had a vague idea of where the DMV I need to go to was that. I found out the hard way that different DMV's do different things. Someone to make double sure that DMV I was going to would be able to process the paperwork into a viable sticker for the license plate. I jumped the 200 inbound getting off in Murray power in my chair over to my cousin's place the Mechanic Man. Dropped 125 bucks there (reread yesterdays post about not wanting to spend any money on this project) picked up the paperwork got back on 200 and headed north on State Street getting off at the 2900 block.

I crossed State Street which is always a challenge even in the best of times. DMV is located at 2880 S. 300 W. in an industrial section of the city. Surprisingly, there are very little sidewalks in that area not that I wouldn't use them but you would think a place everyone has to go to would be more access friendly. I finally found the place and as always DMV is busy. Again, I always taken aback at the mixture of citizens at the DMV. Rich driver and poor drivers alike must co-mingle. It's totally weird there is a constant voice calling numbers, And when a number is called the lucky holder of that ticket must go to where the numbers flashing over a counter posted by a state employee who is available to assist the number of older. You take a number when you come in my number was 856 and I could see I was in for a wait. I figure this is okay so is everybody else. I can't believe how good it felt to be like everybody else. I pulled out my cell phone and decided I would check things out on Facebook and a few other items I needed to check. It was a little after 9 AM and already the state employees at that thousand yard stare in their eyes. It was going to be a long day and they were just beginning. I was suddenly jolted out of my reverie when a state employee came over and had to be another ticket with a much lower number and she said here take this ticket you will not have to wait as long. Within two minutes my numbers flashing and I was sitting in front of a “disabled friendly” counter. State employee smiled at me and I could tell it was hard for her to do that, as I handed her my paperwork. The cost: $72.50. So, I'm into this whole project.200 bucks. I think I was there just 20 minutes from start to finish. This was a good DMV visit.

The temperature was the 90s day, hot and dry. I enjoyed my time out. On the way home I stopped at DI, couple things and I stopped at the dollar store. I really have to spend time there. I dropped off my treasures at the house left a message at the insurance and considering from Van and took off for the movies. Anytime when does the DMV they deserve a treat. For me to treat was Solo, A Star Wars Story. The critics are right the movie wasn't superduper but the movie was pretty good I enjoyed it. I'm kind of looking forward to having the vehicle usable. I don't know why I just am.

Monday, June 04, 2018

A Legal Running Vehicle

I am doing exactly what I said I wasn't going to do! I said I wasn't going to put any money into the van just to bring it up to speed for the family reunion. I don't know what I was thinking. I don't know why make such a statement knowing full well that deep down I could not make that statement fly.

The van had set in its place all winter long, for a full year. The battery drained itself which is no surprise especially since I never take it out (the van). I don't have a license to drive therefore I only use the van when I have someone else to chauffeur pretty much is my son Mark Anthony and used to be this guy named Jimmy is used to lift at this apartment complex. So with the advent of the family reunion and if I was going to participate In any of the ancillary events besides the day in the park of the actual reunion on Saturday I was going to have To have some form of transportation More dependable in public transit or taxi cabs. I actually probably could've done it that way but I got the impression the fam wanted me to the van operational.

I had my cousin, who has a shop pick up my vehicle with his towing people. Unbelievable I guess it makes sense that he would have access to those kind of resources. This was last week. The van is okay except for the battery which will no longer hold a charge which makes sense. Scott, my cousin, did the other tests on the vehicle and it passed emissions which was the only thing I was worried about it seems to be working great. The van was done yesterday but there is no way I can put together a pickup party to get the van back here. I was hoping that Scott did get the vehicle registered which could of happened, not waited so long. Now it seems I have to do it myself which means I have to go directly to the DMV with the paperwork in hand and get the vehicle taking care. This all takes time (you got to realize this is my thought process going on here) and I was going to get to it this week before Friday which is the day that the family start showing up. Today, was kind of busy. Early on I went to the bank which is down south a couple miles and deposited my rent rebate check and it just so happens there is a Target across the street. I went to target and bought two shirts – two T-shirts. I have not tried them on And I'm scared that the search will not fit they are 2X AND I'm the shirts will fit.I prepared though I have the receipt and the ambition that if the shirts do not fit taking them back that is a story for another block. Then following check depositing and shirt purchase I met my friend Lori for coffee. What I'm saying is that I got home and kind of kicked back watching some tube when I get a knock on the door with my cousin with keys in hand is just driven the van over to deliver to me. Amazing.

I knew he replaced the battery. I nearly got the vehicle functional. He said he was not going to charge for the battery. I figured I would start something so I said asked Scott jokingly, how much would be the charge and without skipping a beat he replied 100 bucks?! I caught myself not looking to shocked and figured okay I guess this is the way it's going to be an it's true this is what I asked “but it does been running and get it registered” . I now have the paperwork and next on my agenda then this to get it registered which I am sure well cost at least $75 s. Next got finished with the insurance people. I know this is going to be at least 100 bucks if not more. So I'm going to be in this at least 300 bucks I am sure if I'm in for a dollar. I have got to absorb it and move on and enjoy having a legal running vehicle. I think next on my agenda is how do I sell legal running vehicle?

Sunday, June 03, 2018

Sunday Night Thoughts

I cannot say that today was a washout. I wrote three letters, processed the washed clothes on to hangers and folded the rest and put those away. I cleaned up the kitchen a little and fried a ribeye steak and nuked a potato and wish my son a happy birthday. So, I got something accomplished but it just doesn't feel like much. Temperature wise, the day was beautiful. I even watched the partial movie if you count Space Balls a movie. I did not finish the “movie” however the piece did help me fold and hang clohed by playing in the background. I thought about going somewhere but I just did not feel confident enough to want to get too far from my bathroom. Like a dummy today I dug out a container of prunes I've had sense 2012 or that's when the “use by date” was dated. The prunes were hard little suckers which I actually ended up sucking on four to reconstitute them and now I am beginning to feel a bit crampy and I'm hoping I can just make it through the night until my home health person arrives around 7:15 AM.

My friend Sherry called to ask how a project that she and I were involved in was going. I did not have anything to tell her and was glad that she called because she reminded me of a meeting have on Tuesday that I had completely forgotten. I think I forgot because the person hosting the meeting insisted we hold the meeting at her home as opposed to the Housing Authority basement where we usually have such meetings. I'm a little intimidated to find a new place to go on the bus route/line. From what she says a major bus line runs a block or two from her home. Finding private residences always intimidates me. Sherry and I am becoming a little concerned because the event which is scheduled at the end of July has not really congealed. I'm sure the event will come together at scheduled but I just don't know how. I am anticipating finding this residence in attending this meeting but I just don't know what I will be able to contribute. I am trying to be a team player but I seem to be facing difficulties.

The evening feels like summer, finally. There's all kinds of noises coming from the adolescents and children over at the skate park across the road from my apartment. I like the sounds of summer from the park. Earlier today there was quite a cacophony As children played the little boys yelled little girls screamed and fire engines and other sirens sounded ,seemingly all afternoon in the heat of new summer days. I smell wood burning somewhere tonight. It's not wildfire or brushfire it's a wood fire of some sort. I enjoyed my food bank ribeye eating half and half of my potato which I'll leave for tomorrow. The darkness is moved in surrounding the complex and my little apartment. The voices and sounds from the skateboard park muted seemingly from the darkness, I don't understand. Picnic noises still come from the park as families stretch their weekends to the limits having to return to the mundane and unforgiving board of the work week to count the endless seconds until the next weekend.

Saturday, June 02, 2018

Really, Monolith?

I don't know why but when I started setting up this picture for today's post all I can think of was what if Stanley Kubrick had used a box of saltine crackers for the monolith instead of the image they did use for the monolith which was a monolith? I don't know why that struck me funny but it sure did. Actually what I'm trying to show is top battered and beaten up this boxes saltine crackers is. Once again the destroyer has worked his magic. Tonight it was a trip to the market. I really did not have to go, I really have enough in the house to get me through until Monday but I didn't have any fresh fruit and that was enough to motivate me to suit up and head across the street for my Saturday night out shopping. I think had day/evening been warmer I would've gone out later. But I just want to get the job done.

I'm sure I've mentioned my best socialization exercise is going out to the market. I'm able to cross the street go down to the market – – engage with other humans, communicate find food sources I'm looking for, stand in line make small conversation and then pay for whatever products I purchase. I know this sounds easy and rudimentary to all you readers out there but I'm sure these exercises are part of a socialization scales/inventory somewhere. In all these things tonight without issue these people I thought I knew what I was doing and I did.

I got my renters rebate check today! This renters rebate is this weird phenomenon that I am eligible for this apartment complex. Because I'm under a specific program every year I have to submit all the bills I pay and with that the government thinks they will charge me for my rent and the actually send a rebate! I don't think that I got one last year because I was only at the apartments for such a short time. However this year I did get the rebate. I have to admit I was amazed. The only reason I bring this up is that the extra shot in the arm that the renters rebate provides allows me the gift of purchasing high-end crackers guilt free. When I finished my mini shopping fest I had the check out chick load me up. I was really only going to purchase fruit but with the renters rebate a little crazy. I have $26 worth of groceries the cart home that basically hung everything off my arm and my chair right behind the control box.I'm sure everyone who sees me writing home from the market with grocery bags hanging off my chair thinks I'm a homeless person looking for a viaduct.

I got home without incident even through the gate where sometimes I get caught up on with my bags. I got all the way to my front door and then somehow been trying to open the door and go through the door at the same time I got my self wedged between the door in the wall with all of my groceries and between the chair and the wall all pulling on my joystick, forcing my chair further into the wall I was stuck and more than anything else my box of crackers is taking all the heat/pressure. The chair couldn't move on account of it being wedged into the wall. I quickly turned the chair off so that my motors not overheat. I basically had to take everything off my chair and try to free my control box from the wedging. I did this in the box of crackers was the last bag I salvaged but the crackers took a hit. I have not dared to open the box yet to see what the damages are. I'll just have to hold the pulverized stack of crackers aside for chili sometime soon. Everything else survived, the bananas, Chinese noodles, broccoli you know the usual suspects. I'm thankful the bananas didn't get battered that would have broke my heart. I'm glad I got shopping done today and not tomorrow the Sabbath and before the return of the heat.

Friday, June 01, 2018

Beach Burn Out

It's funny how one event can influence my whole day. I think we pulled the tape off my butt too soon . We being Dana my caregiver.I had asked Dana to give my rear end a good cleaning and bleach burnout so that I would be as comfortable as possible over the next two days. I get paranoid, a little, on Fridays because I don't engage with my caretaker again until the following Monday that's too long days. I want my butt to be as clean as possible. Dana pulled the tape which she applied on Wednesday. The scab came off when She removed the tape to scrub the wound. Needless to say, the wound has been sensitive all-day causing a little bit of discomfort. I'm hoping that overnight the wound will heal enough to cease some of the pain. I can tell I'm going to have to be careful regarding the pressure I put on my butt all weekend long.

Fortunately, I have nothing scheduled for the day. My primary goal is to see how far I can get my van to be legal. The van is currently at my cousins and he essentially passed by vehicle emissions and actually provided me with a battery that was functional since my battery lost its ability to hold its charge over the long year and sat in the back parking area. The temperature today is cool and there's a lot of wind as a cold front pushes through. I work on my breakfast and then begin tidying up a little in the kitchen. I really try to be careful of things but that old “destroyer” begins to raise its ugly head. I never have had a good sense of just how much the back of my chair extends. However, it is been a while since I really destroyed anything of any significance. Well, today that came to an end. I don't know what I was doing whether it was getting something out of the refrigerator or the microwave or perhaps getting some more coffee but anyway with my back to the table the back of my chair knocked up against something and I heard a crash to the floor than gurgling. I knew and instant but I had engaged and was sickened. I remembered I had sent the new bottle of bleach I purchased earlier in the week on the kitchen table. I going to move bleach to the cabinets by the sink. The bleach was in a plastic bottle. I don't know how but bleached out was escaping the bottle. I knew this was going to be a mess immediately. I tried not to panic but get my power chair over to the bottle as quick as possible to get it up right and try to save as much bleach is possible.

The kitchen suddenly smelled like the old milking barn of my youth. I looked at the bottom line on the floor looking for a break and could find. Somehow the weight of the falling bottle burst the cap off the bottle In the caustic fluid escaped. My eyes begin to burn and I felt irritation on my throat. I wanted to do so soldiers in World War I felt when the toxic gas bombs exploded. I opened her door to the patio and went into the bedroom pushed my window open to get some kind of cross event.

It took me forever them up the toxic waste on my kitchen floor. I have a couple of rags I made from an old towel and destroyed in my chair. Soaking the towels in bleach then draining them into a bucket and doing the process again. I finally got the bleach off the floor at least the floor dried. The odor has been significant all day. I don't know if you need to wash the floor more to eliminate more of the odor. I'm going to let the floor go overnight and see the smell is diminished at all. It the smell has not abated I will dig out the mop and begin washing the floor with water to cut the bleach.

I like the smell of bleach in small quantities but today I was just overwhelmed.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Is Everybody Happy?

I just finished a search of my blog. I searched for the word “van”. I'm looking for recent posts regarding my wheelchair van. I was astonished to find out how many postings have made regarding my vehicle over the past how many years I've been doing this blog. I must've read about seven or eight posts before I got bored and decided I had not recently blogged about my current transportation issue. Infact it was last year about this time that I had anticipated the sale of my vehicle.

My vehicle had sat in our back parking lot here at the apartments for more than a year without moving. The possibility of selling my vehicle had vanished when the little paraplegic to the major mind change and move back to Wyoming. This of course was after he advised me not to renew my tags on my license on my vehicle indicating he for sure was going to purchase my van. I did not renew my van and of course he backed out of the deal at the last moment and returned to Wyoming. I of course immediately lost interest in the vehicle, the battery lost its charge and there the van has rested.

Couple of months ago my brother Paul reminded everyone we decided for another family reunion for this summer. Of course the reunion will be here and here is the for my benefit since I don't know how I can travel anymore especially being single now. I have been concerned about how I was going to go to the reunion but after my brother Carl requested I was able to contact Taylorsville Park and secure one of the pavilions for the reunion. Taylorsville Park is across the street from our apartment complex. I thought sure my stress level that would go down. It has become traditional that are reunions that there is a family dinner at a restaurant the night before the reunion. The day of the reunion in the evening after the festivities at the park are aware of the reunion is held the family again comes together for an evening my brother Carl's home in Murray. This function is pretty much held in the backyard and it's basically accessible to my power chair but barely. I can really miss this portion of the function. I feel kind of left out because I can't get to work the major portion of the family is sitting. Dianne and I were together at the last reunion so we sat together. The family wants me to be at that function and I'm trying to figure out how to do that. Of course, if I had a legal van I could just drive, if I had a drivers license which I don't. So my brother Paul has volunteered to drive me and I need to get my vehicle registered.

Earlier this week I made arrangements with my cousin, the Mechanic Man (that is the name of his shop, he does automotive repair), Who came over and picked up my van day before yesterday. I'm going to see if I can get the vehicle registered and covered with insurance for the time I will need to have a legal vehicle. I found out today the least I can ensure my vehicle is for two months or that's what I must purchase is two months of coverage. I still do not have a number one but that'll cost. The insurance folk cannot finish their bid because they have to have license numbers, names of anyone who might be transporting me in my vehicle was likely my brother Paul, my brother Carl or my son Mark Anthony. I guess this sounds easy but seems daunting to me. Try to get this finished by next weekend the date of the reunion. The more I've pondered this issue the more I realize I don't have a van. The local Company has two wheelchair accessible vehicles into drivers. At best being able to call and have a vehicle ready immediately sounds and feels like that is not possible but I have not had any problems with them when I've needed to use the private taxi People. True I had to wait quite a while for one of my needs but was able to get it covered eventually. Having said this, I almost been assured that there will not be a vehicle ready when I need it… But I could be wrong I still have to contact the Company to see if there's any way to set aside or reserve the cab for when I need the cab which means for sure there will not be one available for when I need one..

I think I've done driving and vehicle ownership. I'm happy with public transit and the occasional taxi. I hope I'll be able to make myself and my family happy.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Say "Cheese"

Finally the weather is warming, the spring is giving away this summer and still we've only had a couple of fairly hot days I can now since the hot days are very close I live for the hot days as hot as I can get them. I curse the bus drivers return the air-conditioners of the high making me suffer through my Trips on Public Transit. I force myself to remember to take some sort of blanket or wrap because I know if I go to a movie my teeth will be chattering all through the feature. I turn off the air-conditioning in my apartment and open my windows finally this is my time. 

I have mentioned before the housing complex than I live in, is adjacent to Taylorsville city park. I cannot believe how fortunate I am to be living next to a part. Part of that part is that skateboard facility referred to as basically the skateboard park. The skateboard park is pretty large for free facility. So, of course the skateboard park is inundated with kids. This of course is not a surprise just a fact. Most of those kids are adolescents. The sign on the skateboard park indicates the park will be closed at 10 p.m. There is no enforcement that I've seen in the many months I've lived at this facility. It's just the fact, before I get carried away and must bring myself back to the fact the adolescent zeal of enjoying skateboard park is not what I'm writing about.

The skateboard park is nestled in the center of a number of very large man-made hills which is kind of fun for me to drive my chair up and get a glimpse of the neighborhood from the height this affords. A couple weeks ago there is a very nice warm storm mainly wind, a little lightning and a very definite threat of rain I was out on the top of one of the hills, enjoying the natural process all around, lying back in my chair just enjoying the moment. I do not know what drew my attention to the light poles around the park maybe it was because the lights were not on in the surroundings were pretty dark anyway that's when I noticed the array of cameras on the side of this pole. I was blown away. There must've been at least four cameras that I can see right off. I will not say this is overkill but surely it seems to be my family would've sufficed. Perhaps, multiple agencies governmental and otherwise access these cameras. In this day of any number of terror and catastrophe maybe surveillance is the name of the game. I know this zone I live in can be fairly challenging. I am the one who calls this community bullet-ville, sirens out on Redwood road seemed to run day and night. Perhaps the additional eyes will make my little park and apartments just a little bit safer. I guess it's worth the trade-off. I would like to know who's on the other end of the camera and who's really watching and what are they really watching for?

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Boom !!

Boom! It feels like a bomb just one inside my head and try to figure out how to deal with the remnants of the explosion. Today is my daughter's 36th birthday! Where have the years gone? I know this is cliché but the cliché is certainly true. Shelley is always been the inquisitive child, the smart child the turning the stone over child to see what was underneath. A number of years ago, shortly after the birth of her first daughter she began inquiring about my birth parents. As early readers of the blog might remember I am an adopted child and it is quite a convoluted story. I do not have the time or well to go into that now. Anyway, I've never had really any desire to find out anything about my biological parents. I have always felt committed to my adopted parents and family will always made me feel a part of the herd specially since all of us more or less adopted in my family one way or the other. Shelley I'm sure there are other reasons but now being a parent she wanted to know what she might need to be aware of genetically speaking particularly health issue if there are any. Shelley's questions makes sense.

Over the years I have felt jealous often on those members of my family that you actually blood related to each other (it's a bizarre story). They know where they come from they know who they are you looking at each other and see characteristics in common. My older brother Ross and myself are the only real adoptees from outside the family. Still have not had a desire to trace out my lineage for my biological roots. Now that my mother has passed and I know she would not have minded and I searched my lineage for which you might now. In fact I'm sure she would encourage me to do so. With the advent of private companies doing genetic research that seems to mushroomed everywhere now I've been a little curious. What would they find?

About a month ago my daughter informed me she was going to take part in one of those DNA research programs and wanted to know if I'd be upset if she did. I told her no I did not have a problem. And she did it. She contacted AncestryDNA went to the process and oddly enough today, on her birthday she got the results! It was pretty exciting not only for her but for me as well because it did shed some light am. But I was not prepared for was that part of that project is that Ancestry DNA also provides the person with links to other people with similar finding i.e. probable relatives, blood relatives! In some cases they actually publish the pictures of some of these folks, those folks who want to connect with other folks with the same DNA signatures. Shelley even sent me the image of one such person who does seem to resemble me and is also an adopted child! That might be just coincidental I don't know but I believe Shelley's going to make contact to this person lives in New Mexico. There is also other “family” possibilities in Santaquin it's really not too far from me here in Salt Lake. Too bizarre.

I have to be honest it's really feel spooky, I'm having a bit of anxiety about what the next steps will render. I don't understand everything about Ancestry DNA but I want to go with what comes up. I may even consider spitting into a bottle and send it away and see what comes up

Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial Meat Day

I was worried I was going to be in pain all day. I wasn't sure if I had developed a pressure sore I was hoping I was just feeling the result of not having bathed in today's. Hygiene can be an issue and actually cause pain when good hygiene cannot be practiced independently. Since I cannot transfer myself into the shower out independently I must wait for my health care person. Well that was pretty magical thinking on my part that hygiene was the problem. This morning when I had Dana check my undercarriage and examined for skin breakdown indeed she did find some—not total breakdown no bleeding per se but that layer of epidermis was definitely worn through and in jeopardy of becoming a full skin breakdown. I think we caught the wounded time and I Dana dress the wound with our special “special skin” tape in my butt has felt better all day. I still and focused on trying to ea zing the weight I am subjecting my butt to but my day felt a lot better than I thought it was going to thanks today Dana. I'm so committed to getting my wound to heal that I even laid down this afternoon for an hour or so. I never laid down during the day. I think this is going to be a new part of my game plan. I am not sure how much I like it but this is what I need to do.

Since it was a holiday today I played like it was the holiday for me. I went to the market and shopped. I want to make a holiday meal and I decided on hamburger fritters I think that's what they're called essentially there meatloaf patties (I thought about making a whole meatloaf but that's not what I wanted to day). I needed a green pepper and off I went. I of course over purchased but it was fun and maybe feel like a holiday. Yesterday, I was trying to put a bargain steak in the freezer and a pound of hamburger roll out. I also took a small steak which had been hiding the back of the freezer. I was committed to have this steak and the hamburger fritters as part of my holiday meal.

I was pleased with how quickly the meal came together. I used my new slicer to process the green pepper and onion for the meatloaf. I was totally surprised that hamburger buns I'd gotten from the food bank at least four weeks ago was still okay, I mean there's no green patches of mold decorating the round pieces of bread. Granted the buns were a bit dry but not totally and yes I've tasted fresher pieces of bread but it was not bad especially for use in cooking it turned out all right.

I did not have a cookout the weather wasn't right for it anyway but I had a cook in which was actually more fun in a lot of ways. I still have got dinner to put away and dishes to put in the sink for cleaning tomorrow and people in text finish off a pretty good Memorial Day… Hope yours was as good.