Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Season of Miracles

I am fortunate that there exists a full shopping hundred just a block away from my apartment. This allows me to do my own shopping ,which I'm currently grateful, the main drawback to having a market this close is that they tend to shop too much. Realizing this, I began to limit my visits to the market or patronizing market further down the street make it more difficult for me to spontaneously shop. Of course, the winter with his challenging temperatures, makes it a little less convenient to shop at a moments notice. Having said all this, this week I have really noticed a lot of my regular items are being consumed to the point where I'm going to have to go back to the market and today I did. I am nearly out of jalapeno peppers, fresh fruit and a few other items.

I am surviving living out my backup chair. I'm not having a but issues I have had in the past is still vastly uncomfortable as well as having a devil of a time staying in the chair itself. Getting into bed last night was a little spooky and it took me two hours from the time I can't the time I was dressed enough to leave my apartment this morning. Luckily, and surprisingly, my repaired sure was returned this evening. Now I just have to figure how to get from my backup chair back into my regular power chair. In the old days I was just jumped from one share the next but not since the stenosis. I think I'm going to have to do now is wait until my healthcare provider worker gets you tomorrow and that make the trade-off when she can help.

I guess I could've waited, perhaps I felt guilty for missing my Assist, Inc. meeting this morning. With the inversion as intense as it currently is mixed with the freezing temperatures coupled with a power chair that is less than convenient/ideal was just enough impetus to call in sick for my meeting. This will be okay since rarely do I this, miss a meeting. And now that I think about it I would've gone out today except for Irene one of the tenants here at the apartment complex wanted me to go with her over to the market.Irene's frail and I was surprised that she won't be willing to go to the market on foot so I really want to encourage Irene to be independent or at least more independent. Turns out she stood me up so I ended up going to the market because I was all dressed up for it.

It is really weird about this market. They only have one basket – – that's right: black basket – – those plastic baskets with the handle that you can carry around your shopping with. It seems like this stores customers stolen all the baskets except one in that basket is never around when I need it. There is always boxes being unloaded at the market so I find a basket size box and do my shopping. Today's box, I found, is quite sturdy and think I will try to keep it around to take with me when I go shopping.

The technician who drove my chair back to the apartments was waiting for me outside my apartment and I got back from the market. It's great to have chair back and look forward tomorrow to be placed back in chair after my shower. I'd like to transfer its night that did not happen and it's all good. I love being a season of miracles.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Christmas Miracle

I'm a great believer in Christmas miracles. I believe everyone has at least one Christmas miracle during the Christmas season. They may not realize the Christmas miracle is there miracle what happens and true one has to look deep, sometimes, to see the miracle. I have at least one Christmas miracle per year and maybe just maybe today was my miracle for this year.

One of my best friends is going through some real challenges in her lifethis Christmas season. We've been spending a lot of cyber time texting the last couple months. My friend instructs that one of the local colleges and now she's off for holiday break. Today, we figured we would have coffee and maybe lunch. The coffee shop is across the street from where I live and very easy access for me it's just a matter of driving my chair out the back door across the parking lot to the gate across the street and there. A coffee was at noon. I have enjoyed my apartment this morning trying to be productive. I washed dishes, checked the mail and were a couple word problems.

I headed over to the coffee shop about 11:50 noon. I was just about to cross the intersection when without warning a church stopped his forward momentum. My power chair stopped entirely! I thought maybe I'd hit a bump and inadvertently stopped my power chair that has been known to happen, not necessarily with this chair but other chairs the land have but this chairs begin to act fairly squirreling the last couple days. I'm not really brought this to the attention of anyone in particular because I'm planning on getting some more work done on my chair very shortly as soon as my insurance comes through. There I was stuck in front of the Exxon station with a chair that would not move. Currently Salt Lake is going through a major inversion. It's colder that has to be here in the valley floor because the direct sunlight is being diverted by all the particle matter in the air. Thank goodness today I wore sweater with a T-shirt underneath. I was carrying my heavy hood on my lap just in case I might need added protection. I cannot believe I chair had failed me again. I was torn between: one of my people like my brother, cousin or even one of my friends who have not seen for a great while. Of course besides those just mentioned I have the option of dialing 911 and hopefully getting someone from the fire department down the street. I chose the fire department down the street everyone else is working. My friend was at the coffee shop waiting for me I called and let her know I was having problems she came out to assist me.

I wasn't freezing but I can tell I was cold and I better do something for something better be done quickly. It was necessarily quickly but some a member of the unified fire departments arrived. We disengage the clutches on my chair and the guy pushed me all the way back when apartment my friend joined us.

Luckily, I have my trusty dusty back up chair. My back up chair is a bitch. It's a little too big for me so it offers no support to my back and so I'm quite twisted and slumped in the chair but you know what? I'm so thankful to have a back up chair and at least some form of mobility. I think the batteries in this chair are pretty bad the tender deplete quickly. I don't think I will go to my meeting tomorrow at assist just because of the inversion and this power chair and the pain that causes my body.

So, you ask, what is the Christmas miracle here? The miracle is the chair breakdown happened in broad daylight, in the middle of the day less than a block from my home and did not happen late at night, one of the all by myself and in relatively great danger. I was with people who like me and the support system which watched out for me and got me to a place where I was safe, warm and in control. Home. I called my durable medical vendor can they set the truck to my apartment about 6 o'clock tonight and collected my chair which I think will be worked on tomorrow. A true Christmas miracle happened today and I will not deny this miracle this true Christmas miracle.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

It's Jell-O Time

Some nights I just stare at the screen and hope that I will find something to write about. I do not think it's block per se it's just that I've not done anything to be stimulated any kind of process that would result in a decent posting. I believe a blog should be more than just a journal, and reporting of what went on that day or whatever. I am recording.

The most significant thing, I believe I've done this weekend, is getting the majority of my Christmas cards more specifically I family's Christmas cards. I family is about the only group that I send cards to any more. I would've had all the cards stud today are not lost my Tablet. I had my latest family address list on that tablet. Now I have to generate a new list of family addresses. So besides making a hard copy of the list put in my files I will also keep a list or copy of the list on “my drive”. Hopefully, this will cut down the stress next holiday season.

I have become a cynical Christmas card sender. There was a time when I took great pride in jotting down notes of significance in each Christmas card I was sent. I secretly detested getting cards from people with just their names scrawled across the bottom. However, that is exactly what I do now. To my brothers and sisters which I should detail the goings of my life, so that they know that I'm doing okay. But I don't. I handwriting which was pretty bad that even worse now. Yesterday when I started this project I almost built into a trap of trying to figure out how to use the computer to address the envelopes. I use the computer very well with my date the letters. My computer addresses my envelopes just fine which a chance, the long narrow legal type envelope. I wanted to go to a envelope for the Christmas cards. I tried for about three hours yesterday trying to get the envelope addressed and it seems like I'm missing just one small step in the process. So, using one of the lessons I learned this year, I dropped the whole project cold and hand addressed the 10 envelopes. Like I said these envelopes were not pretty but I believe they were readable– – just barely. One of my challenges for this next year is to learn how to reformat my printer to print these envelopes. This really should be a simple task a clear example of computers making a life easier and better right now however, that is not the case. I was going to ask my son, Mark Anthony, when he came over this evening to visit. We spent the evening working on my new tablet To link the tablet with my Wi-Fi system here at the apartments or to link up with my extremity that I purchased so that I could get out to the Internet whenever I wanted since the apartments Wi-Fi is relatively worthless. But of course, I forgot to ask if he knew how to recalibrate printing on different sized envelopes.

The second most significant thing I did this weekend was make green Jell-O with cottage cheese and pineapple. A treat for the end of the weekend which I think I will partake out now.

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Dumb !

I thought I was being so smart, I thought I was going to be cool. About a month ago I got a great idea why don't I just get the use tablet also KSL.com? KSL on the call letters for the local NBC affiliate. Their affiliation is not a big deal what is,to me, is that they have a great website with a whole section dedicated to classifieds. I have found all kinds of useful stuff on KSL Classifieds. Over the years I have found catheters, kangaroo bags and free weights. I cannot believe I have not thought of those guys before after I lost my 10.1 Samsung tablet. Now a lot of this information has already been written into this blog. I may be wrong I haven't written a lot about this tablet.

I was intrigued to find a goodly number of tablets for sale. I however narrow my search to Salt Lake City. In the Salt Lake City area the selection was much smaller and there were no 10.1 which is what I had. I like the 10.1 but it is cut awkward due to its size. I finally found two that I sent emails , none of which responded. I finally called the one listing that had a phone number and got hold of a guy named Jared. He sounded young but nice. He's in Davis County not too far from me but not reachable by public transit is not for me. I asked him if he ever came to Salt Lake City and he did every Wednesday night he has a class at the University. I told him great I would buy his tablet for $75.. Jared said he got the tablet at work you want some sort of a contest but since you only have a Kindle the belt he did not need this tablet. The tablet was in the box still never been opened – – this sounded too good to be true but it was true.

I've been out in the cold this week a lot but I just want to get back on tablet. It was very cold today I went to meet Jared Eccles Stadium at the University of Utah. I was to meet him at 5 o'clock he was late and I've been waiting since 4:30 PM in the cold, the sun had set making a cold afternoon even worse. I called Jared and he told me that he was en route and had left Later than he anticipated it would be another 10 minutes.

The machine is much smaller than anticipated. The machine is also smaller illusion seems to be but I generally like the tablet. It's weird though it does not have a camera on the selfie side. Had I done my homework I would've known this, I would also known that this is a very small machine. And had I done my homework and price check realized I could have gotten a new tablet Galaxy Tab Elite for $68 and I paid 75 – – and I would've paid 85 thinking I was getting a deal. I'm such a fool I never do my homework so stupid. Not only does this not have a backside camera I can't seem to have got to my Wi-Fi. I will have: Mark Anthony, in to see if he can help. I just seemed to throw away good money. I will use this machine where I can. But I think I will seek a new 10.1 in the next year.

Friday, December 08, 2017

Another Friday Night

It's Friday night and I have nothing else better to do then to the washing clothes, actually at this point I have the clothes in the dryer I just deposit another $.75 for the next dry. I cannot believe I cannot get his clothes dry with one drive cycle. I can heat and dryer system here. You can only do $.75 cycle not like other places where is your closed you can by $.10 worth of time or even five cents. Here you have to buy a whole dry cycle at the cost is $.75. I write it off as the cost of doing business. Usually, a top the money in the washer or dryer then come back to my apartment. Tonight however, for five of the apartment mates were sitting in the common area. They often do this in the evenings.

It's weird this time of year when the dark comes on so swiftly. The darkness gives an illusion of a much later hour. Each time I look at my watch I marveled that was not even quite 6 o'clock. All the folks older than me it seems, dragging their dogs in and out getting the dogs business done. This period is not called the “the social hour” but that's what it is. The dog people usually spend only a few minutes conversing. However when gentlemen what his close in the upstairs laundry and three or four of the ladies are in for the long haul of early evening conversation. I kind of want to go back back to my apartment but decide to hang out with the others at least for the wash cycle.

A number of those present remark that I've not been seen for almost a week they think. They asked if I been ill or even in the hospital. I of course set them straight that none of that has happened I've just been busy. I pride myself on my answer trying to convince myself of my self-worth. But I do things during the week important enough to drag me out in my power chair in temperatures as cold as we've been running the last couple of days. I'm sure they'll think I'm crazy. There are treats in the room dropped off by people who I guess have nothing else better to do. Tonight there are peanuts in the shell, Hershey's chocolate covered cookies, little baby candy canes and other hard candies related to Christmas.

There are little rat dogs everywhere. Some have little sweaters on, others have just their leashes. All are either trembling from nerves or just plain freezing coming in from outside. All the dogs stare pitifully at the humans eating their little treats. The dogs are eventually used as an excuse to leave the small Association. I told back in my chair to relieve the pressure off my butt. Someone invariably comments on how lucky I am. I really am. By this time the washes down and I throw the clothes into the dryer in three quarters and return to the group. I really wish sometimes I had someplace else to be. I finally extricate myself actually I returned to my apartment but every else leaves for the night. I just dropped three more quarters into my hungry dryer in Mr. big Sears dryer I used to have a home when I lived on Utahna. I give my dryer 10 more minutes then I go back down and check and hopefully that will be it for the night. Another Friday night in Taylorsville at the Plymouth View apartments.

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Mr. Cool

Today was First Chapter Book Club that reading group my ex-employergot me involved with a couple months ago. I believe I have blogged about this group before 5/7 kids/folks with developmental disabilities some pretty significant reading each week. It's a good program enough said.

It's still cold but like yesterday there was no clouds so with the sunshine and my new gloves I did not feel nearly as taxed today as I did yesterday. I can still feel the effect of the weather on my person. I had coffee social this morning and sort of took it easy the rest of the morning and afternoon. Today was cleaning day, I have a cleaning woman who again I think I have discussedi n the confines of this blog.I think this talk way too much to Cindy my cleaning person. But she says it helps her with the cleaning process, Cindy says it's speeds her along. But she's fun to visit with and I really do appreciate her taking direction on how I want the apartment cleaned. Once again, last night I did not sleep well but I got by okay today. I really need to get into the habit of taking a nap in the middle of the day particularly if I feel I need to. I'm intrigued by how many of the ladylike visit with here at the apartment complex to a two or three in the morning and stay up but take a nap later in the day they seem to get by really well. Traditionally I hate taking naps but I think I would take more naps now I thought it were fairly simple. But it's not. I would have to take my shoes off then get into bed which is relatively simple getting out of bed completely dressed is a challenge for me. But many feel better during the day to get rid of that sleep drag I often experience when I do not get enough rest during the nights I might be willing to try. I say that but then I never do.

Today I fiddled around the apartment, the clean apartment, and tell 3 o'clock then I went to the bus stop and hopped the 217 southbound. I got the library around 3:30 PM. I want to be sure at the time to hang out check out the new books. As I entered the library and noticed Hector was already at the library's in one of the overstuffed chairs in the lobby. I am kind of impressed with Hector. I'm not sure what his nationality is. I call him Hector. (Hector is not his real name, I am protecting myself in case Hector ever reads this blog. I'm not sure what his disability is. Whatever the disability Hector seems to be doing quite well. I'm always impressed at his reading ability as well as his willingness to help other folks in the group with difficult words. Hector is a quite glad. He's quiet and very deliberate. I'm amused and somewhat impressed with what he knows. I don't know he can be ADHD, somewhere on the spectrum, it's difficult to tell. He really does not engage a whole lot with other consumers in this program. Sometimes he will produce more for the group director. Anyway, I barely noticed him as I rolled in and over to the book sale. I notice and then sitting in the chair sort of absorbed in what he was doing. I did manage to wave to him and he waved back.

Hector reads well. I think Hector does everything fairly well within the limitations of his disability. I suspect those programs like this reading class that allows him to engage by reason to engage in other people and even be an assistant/helper sometimes. He does not necessarily correct a reader just offers the right word or the word if the reader is having difficulty.. As I think we're friends but I do not think we are. I don't think these kids/consumers know what to think of me in relationship to the group I know I really have a grip on what I'm doing their. The one time the group director, Debbie, asked me to take the group on I cannot because of prior commitments. I think Hector can easily teach this group given the opportunity I think he would soar. Maybe one day you'll get the chance

Wednesday, December 06, 2017


Now I am not going to pass judgment on the day just because one text message but I am feeling a little en garde as far as what they might bring. Perhaps I'm making too much of this day but I see is kind of pivotal for me perhaps a minor flow of things but still pivotal. Last night I texted a little while with my friend, Lori and we decided to have a meeting this morning at around 10 o'clock. Lori works at the community college down the street from where I work so it's easy to get together at the cafeteria and since this is last day Lori is working this semester we decided it would be a good morning for coffee and discussion.

I slept horribly during the night. I don't know what the issue was or is but sleep last night was a challenge. Beside meeting with Lori the only other task I have today is to meet the owner of the tablet I'm going to purchase this afternoon. This is not really a problem just a challenge. I think he is some sort of young working college student that comes into the city once a week for a night class at the University. In an effort to to make things more doable I told this guy, his name is Jordan, that I would meet him at the University train station or Rice Eccles Stadium. I was really hoping to come into town early so I can get up there and get gone back home ASAP but of course that's not going. He said he can meet their outside p.m. At the Rice Eccles Stadium train station. So not only am I going to be tired and feeling a little weak in and I'm going to be out in fairly cold weather. Yesterday, I was out in the element of good part of the day and I got called. I'm just hoping tonight I can get on the train get to the station to the tablet come straight back. It will be dark by the time I get back but I think I can do it.

Yes I think I can do except for there is a glitch. This morning I got a text message from my home health provider that she was running the hour behind schedule. I'm scheduled for 8 AM to 9 AM which is good. The other day that hour backup would be no big deal. But now that she comes 9 AM to 10 AM – – I'm supposed to meet Gloria at 10 AM so we'll just have to see what I can do_I am going to have to be late.

So I am hoping this is not an omen that the rest of the day may be shadowed same bad luck. I'm going to try to be positive and forge ahead and get through this day. I must place myself however tomorrow afternoon's I am going to be out in the in the cold again for First Chapter Book Club. I can feel my bodily defenses wearing down.

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Christmas Cold

Got the heat turned up to 79, 80 seems just too decadent, I have been home now couple of hours and I have finally warming up. It's Tuesday my Assist.Inc. Day– the day I go downtown and if I have any other business I need to do but try to wrap it up in this day as well. The clouds back during the night and the sun shone giving the day of brilliance but little warmth.

My Assist Inc. meeting was short even though we have a full page of requests to consider. Most of the other board members were absent which meant there was far less discussion and we just cruised right along one name after another. I really wanted Christmas stamps for my cards this year so I figured why not go down to the post office and pick some stamps up. I plan to jump the train, the blue line, and get off at the downtown mall. It's just around the corner but soon I was wondering downtown. I eventually got to the post office . I was cold and grateful to be out of the elements. I don't know why I was surprised but there was too long lines of customers that are managed packages and mail hands. This was the downtown post office after all. It's Christmas! My bottom hurt, I tilted my chair back to take the pressure off my butt. I could tell it was going to be a long wait. There are three harried Postal workers assisting customers. One frustrated employee was helping the one customer who did not have any of the information that he needed to trace a piece of lost mail. The computers were down or the computers were working but they cannot access the Internet and USPS Central. For some reason this was a bottleneck in the two remaining clerks just cannot get any momentum with their customers. I laid back and looked at the ceiling and warmed up. Eventually, the consumer gave up agreeing to come back in a couple of hours one for sure that the Internet would be available in the computer problem sorted out. I was amazed. The mood inside the post office changed, was like the sun came out from behind the clouds. The lines begin to flow soon I had my 20 stamps – – Christmas window stamps and a cost of $9.80.

I am always amazed at how the cold now drains my energy. After stops at the Best Buy check up on issue and the market to get salad dressing. I really am going to focus on the salads and effort to lose some Thanksgiving weight gain.I also stopped at the college on the way home to get cash out for tomorrow's purchase of a tablet to replace the one I lost. I felt I had dressed warmly – – which I had. I wore my red jackets with a scarf all I really needed was gloves. I know I have a pair around here somewhere. The gloves are not nice leather gloves like I used to have in better times but they will do. Tomorrow I have to take the red line up to the University around 5 o'clock. Tomorrow will be another cold daysix

Monday, December 04, 2017

Rage Within

I woke to a light dusting of snow on the tree outside my window. The snow fell lightly and intermittently throughout the rest of the morning. I did not go out today at all.|I knew the temperature would be cold as it always is following storm regardless of intensity. There was a protest today, the President of the United States was in town today and one of the groups I have loosely become affiliated with was leading a protest of the state capitol building at the same time that Pres. Trump was in the area. I should have gone but I did not. I just felt too weak to make the effort. However, I didn't notice on the evening news that the number of folks with disabilities did make the altercation. That is good. One of those is a lad named Fuse. I'm not sure how old Fuse is at one time I thought Fuse was older but now that I've seen him lately is seeking a much younger version of the person I thought you was talking about the way just as he was older.

As he new relatively to the DRAC organization maybe even to Salt Lake. I noticed Fuse for the first time earlier this summer. He was definitely a newcomer to the DRAC family. I really did not pay much attention to the fellow except that he was often a contender for the same bus that I use when going up to the capital building or to some other DRAC function. He drives a power chair similar to mine. And he suffers from that peculiarity that I've talked about before of attaching as many things as possible to your chair that you think you might need while out and about. He seems quite during the meetings though he will raise questions and make comments. It seems quiet, not necessarily withdrawn, but committed to DRAC. This is fine DRAC certainly does need new blood there is no question about that.

They couple of weeks ago when we were taking over an office or making a commotion at the state capital I was sitting next to Fuse . And I was startled so startled as incubus visibly notable by folks around. Adam opened his mouth and what came out was anger so pure and undefiled I was astounded. What I heard was pure rage, murderous. I thought to myself if anybody had a weapon this is the kind of emotion outward drive someone to do on speakable acts of violence. I'm sure I visibly backed away from the lad. For the time being I did not want to be anywhere close to this focused protester.

Nothing happened, thank goodness, then was a couple days after I was speaking with my friend Barbara was also at this event and when asked she also indicated she heard Adam roar. The kid can emote. I don't know whether to be concerned about Fuse's ability to tap into his rage or be happy to have a member of DRAC who can get the attention of everyone.Or maybe the guy just needs a friend.

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Christmas Cards and Gin

It's Christmas well not actually Christmas yet it still 22 days out but as the Christmas season, the very beginning of the Christmas season at least for me. This morning I realized the start that it was the second day of the month and I haven't even started my granddaughters letters. I told you that I write my granddaughters, two of them anyway, letters every month. I usually try to get me started on the first in the month which for some reason yesterday, Saturday the first day of December the task completely slipped my mind. And probably the only reason I thought it the girls today is because I realized I'd better get on the stick and write Christmas card for the family. I basically keep my cards limited to my immediate family and a couple nieces and nephews I sent to but not many.

Getting into the Christmas card mood is getting harder and harder every year. Last year was sporadic at best since I've only been here for two months. I was still unsettled last year that I barely had the address is correct. I hope now I still have my electronic file that I compiled after contacting one of the brothers and sisters I don't remember which. I've got a couple of boxes of Christmas cards in one of my random boxes. Random boxes are boxes I have that have odds and ends in them. This is where the left over Christmas cards handed out for a couple years. I just hope the family doesn't mind repeats. Actually I'm surprised they even remember and I sent Christmas cards out.

The vision I have in my mind's eye of the writing out Christmas cards snow falling outside my patio window. I have either Christmas carols playing on the radio or White Christmas or Scrooged playing on the DVR in the background as I sip gin and tonics made with real Tanqueray. Of course reality is carving the kitchen table with just enough room to write and scratch out cards for all the addresses I get my hands on. No gin and tonics, usually no music just endless NPR soft talk or whatever.if I'm really lucky I would get the cards out by day seven of December. I got these great address stickers from the Southern Poverty Lot Center in the mail a couple weeks ago (some fundraising gimmick) which work ideally for sending out cards. For the first time my family will know for sure what my mailing address is. My handwriting has never been good, even before the wreck, now my handwriting is part of my art projects. Who knows maybe I get lucky and get some cards before the end of the holiday season.

There's still the issue of gifts. I'm a horrible gifter, I just don't know what to buy for people and then if I get a hard time spend money. I have noticed their here getting worse and worse and caving into electronic gifting. 15 or $20 gifts to Amazon or any other company that does Internet cards (?). Oddly enough I do not mind getting such gifts. I can order of things or virtual things depending how much the gift is for… Even things like movie tickets. I never have but I can send gift cards to restaurants, theaters or anything else. All I have to do is do a search of what is available that persons community. Still not like in a real gift which comes wrapped in brown paper and fits under a tree quietly also quietly giving off Christmas spirit.

Saturday, December 02, 2017

Logo Lost

There are only a couple weeks left in this semester. I'm still questing provision to audit a drawing are beginning art class at Salt Lake Community College which is just down the street from my apartment. However, the burn and desire has about fizzle out. The little rinky-dink system of a college over there is pretty much worn me down to the point where apathy has set in. I'm going to make a few more attempts to see if I can email a request to add an instructor to see if I can find a seat. Actually, this is a great idea and I wish had only thought of it earlier.

I've been drawing more donkeys recently. I like driving donkeys driving donkeys on the few things they seem to be able to draw with a little training or no training I have had. The past couple weeks I've had a nagging suspicion that maybe I do not need art instruction right now it's not ever. I'm beginning to fear that by learning how to draw correctly I will lose my edge and my donkeys will go from darling to just plain donkeys accurately drawn and looking how a donkey should look as they should look, as near a photograph as possible. Learning to draw appropriately may drain the angst out of my system leaving pathetically drawn accurately and correct donkeys from the Wild Kingdom. As I've drawn donkeys as last week or so I tried to watch myself. I'm dominant right handed however, due to the accident have forced by known dominant side (left) to act as my dominant side. My right side came back weaker than my left side. If I really want to produce something halfway recognizable I will use both hands to make my marks. Many times my donkeys are minimal or minimalistic. I think I can actually do some minimalistic drawing with only less than 12 lines. And up with a quasi-Picasso like drawing. Many times I've and that drawing donkeys quench the angry and sometimes daemonic. I don't know why these donkeys appear the way they do. I used to hate the drawings I produce. I tend to use black drawing pens. I do like a red and I have a number of I guess they are pastel but with a colorful. I even considered not drawing at all. The renderings I would make with the black ink or marker frightened me. However, I noted a number of Dutch artists/commercial artists tend to make marks on as menacing and then dark is mine. Seeing the renderings of these artists take a major weight off my shoulders. Perhaps my drawings were not as psychotic as I thought.

I love my donkeys, I love the fact that my donkeys have attitude.I love my donkeys just the way they are. Maybe I don't need in our course, I know what I want to draw. Maybe what I need is a place on campus and a feeling of belonging. I want to wear long-sleeved T with MY college's logo on it.

Friday, December 01, 2017

Assist, Inc.Shakedown Open house

How did it get to be the end of another week? Sometimes I am alarmed at how quickly the weeks seem to fly by. In two months I will be 67 I don't know why but this terrifies me. Today is also the first day of December. Today is the Assist, Inc. Annual holiday open house, This is the organization on which I serve on the citizens advisory committee/board. This of course is a volunteer board one that I like being part of. I used to really enjoy the annual open house. I was always impressed with their outlay of alcohol and food. People went to this function and seemed genuinely happy. There were a lot of city and county officials mostly from the housing sector and some from the governmental finance sector as well. I talk about transportation a lot but I talk about my career with independent living/state but I was also heavily involved in housing. Part of my position of the developing in the house inside bus to work with consumers with disabilities assist them find affordable and accessible housing the oversight at position was to work with state County and city officials (statewide ) To bring about more affordable and accessible housing. So these are my people, housing people. I worked with the Executive Director of this organization quite a bit over the years Roger,as well as their housing engineer DavidI guess I was closer to David then to Roger.

In the past, when I was employed, I attended these open houses as part of my job. Identified my time as community involvement in the cultivation strong housing resources for people with disabilities. Roger retired last year and this is the first open house with the new director – – Jason. I must say the open houses are not quite the same. As Jason begins to put his imprint on the agency or organization it becomes somewhat easy to judge his direction against Rogers. All architects, don't seem to be one of the mandates are qualifiers for the director of Assist. Jason was much younger than Roger and Jason is also the local culture and Roger was not. I believe there's a local culture was to put a descriptor on Roger that would be that he was of the world and that would be true. Rogers well-traveled and spends a lot of time in Europe on vacations. Roger had a certain level of sophistication. Jason is young even though it's been an architect for some time he still comes off as young. As a Mormon Jason definitely fits in with a large portion of the local population. Jason is wholesome and it shows pink cheeks and is always is happy. You can help but like Jason. He's fresh, he has ideas which are quite unique.

I spent a couple hours this morning with my friend Lori before she went to work then returned to my apartment and washed clothes and waited for the time I needed to catch the bus and train into town. I make good time and good connections. I'd like to have been to Assist earlier But had to dry my load twice. When I got to the office there some kind of presentation going on. Different members of the staff were giving presentations are no idea how long these presentations have been going on. It will offer about 10 minutes after I arrived may have been longer. Jason finally ended the presentation by showing two checks one check made out for $250 But would only be signed if enough donations were given by those present to reach a certain number I think which was $250. A small church like building had opened doors and Jason challenged folks to donate to the local church to see if assessed can earn the extra $250. This is an old public radio fundraiser tactic. It just seemed tacky to me especially in light of previous open houses from Christmases past. Quite frankly I was a bit embarrassed for my friend David and Assist Incorporated. It's the last private nonprofit I would've thought would use such tactics to raise money. I should not be so harsh on Jason – – It had to be Jason's idea, Jason is the only new variable in the equation.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Cold Winters Night

What is really fascinating riding public transit Is how nearly perfect some of the the routes seem to be intertwined one with the other. So many times when riding and I'm going to have to make a connection to another bus to complete my journey, that I get to a bus stop in time as the connecting bus pulls and and I just go from one vehicle almost to the next with very little or no waiting time. This is nice in the spring and summer but as long as I know another vehicles coming I do not really care if I miss the next immediate bus. In the winter however are in inclement weather this is another situation. I want to make that connection. Yesterday you remember I have one commitment which was meeting with the Speaker of the House. Having executed that one commitment I really was focused on going home.Today is about turned cold even when the sun is shining be an out the element is chilling especially towards evening now that the hours of daylight are more and more limited until the solstice – – which is later this month– –Now, is nearly dark by 5 o'clock. It just seems to me the day get way colder After Dark. I was tired even though the meeting with the legislator and only lasted one hour I was pretty tired from my day of running around. I just wanted to get home and I did not want to wait another 15 minutes or half an hour for the next northbound bus on Redwood Road. Elsewhere in my blog I believe I have explained Route 54 and five I elected choose Route 54 now over 47. Route 54 drops you off right at my backdoor to the apartments. Route 54 also feels more direct and 47. Route 47 meanders quite a bit as The bus works its way from Murray Central to 4700 S.and Redwood Road. If there is a drawback to my use of route 54 is that the stop for my 217 connection is about half a block from the bus stop on Redwood Road. It seemed late as the sun was going down last night. I had to stop after my event at the state capitol building at central point or 2100 S. I had to go to Best Buy and have the Samsung professional fix my cell phone which had began to malfunction. One of the things I rarely do Going home is to check the bus schedule from the On my phone which lets me know when the buses will be at the bus stops. This works really well very very useful. I noticed as my bus pulled out that we had just about 13 minutes to get from State Street and 5300 S. or Murray Central West to 5300 S. and Redwood Road. Where I set locked in my wheelchair tiedowns I can see the computerized clock that the bus driver uses to make his time points. Usually there's only one or two stops made between Murray Central and 5300 and Redwood Road. But not today. It seems like every stop along the way somebody pulled the cord bringing the bus to a stop. And if somebody is not pulling the stop cord there was someone standing at the stop each taking a minute or two. As I even when I got to my stop before Redwood Road I still have Driving my chair all the way To the Redwood Road bus stop it seems to take forever. One of breaks my heart is racing for the bus stop lookup and see my bus drive past. Granted more often than not rather than wait I will drive my chair home to the apartments on the sidewalk. But it's cold now in the drive is almost painful having to endure driving over the spaces between concrete slabs. I can do it not a problem I just would rather take the bus. I had all but given up hold but yet had not seen the bus pass in front of us. The driver stopped let me off and off I went. When you towards the intersection I can look south and see oncoming traffic. The buses over the road have such a high profile it's easy to make them out as I traverse to the bus stop. I was amazed I got to the bus stop and no bus for a minute or two and then as I look south there was the big red white and blue vehicle waddling down Redwood Road. I made it. One of things I like best on a cold day is rolling onto these big old vehicles always overheated but also welcome on cold night.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Speaker Of The House Meeting

Today was a busier day than I would've liked actually. I have only one event – – actually I had two events the first of which certainly influenced the rest of my day. On Monday by home health professional, Dana informed me that I may have to wait until later in my day for my bowl and bladder program. Don't know how I dislike change. I have to be serviced and done by 11 o'clock at least to get to my 130 meeting with speaker of the House Hughes. We finally compromised when I a found out that Dana would be willing to come to the house at 6:00 AM. I can only do early I have been blessed that way. In fact I would really rather do 6 AM as opposed to 8 AM. I'm usually awake at 6 AM and sometimes, a lot of the time I am up making coffee and piddling around. I was awake at 430 and was just going to lay around until 5 AM the probably get up imagine my surprise the next thing I know I hear “time to get up” it was Dana and it was 5:45. I'm not sure if it was the change in times (I don't think it was) I think for some reason yesterday and the day before I really did not just much liquid. This is a problem and because of that I think I had some major constipation this morning. So I'm freaked out sitting on a little time bomb but thankfully I got through the day without a bowel movement.

If you remember last week or two weeks ago we had the incident at Speaker Hughes office regarding his mean-spirited approach to the Medicaid problem in Utah. So today we met with the man. Oddly, the meeting turned out to be fairly productive. There is about 10 of us there from DRAC and the meeting was led by Jerry and Barbara. There is no name calling, there were no lines in the sand just good old constituent and representative conversation. We do not belligerent and Speaker Hughes did not defensive army. I was sitting very close to Speaker Hughes and is somewhat general maybe even likable but I also felt like the pig in front of the boa constrictor. A sort of felt a bit razzle-dazzled with Speakers barely perceptible dimples, slick hair and I said. The man gave us the a part of his time which alone is impressive, never did I feel rushed, the speaker never glanced at his watch and he seemed to be quite adept at making eye contact. We came away from the meeting with Speakers support to develop a consumer-based group to explore possible funding options for the Medicaid problem. Granted, the senator did not say he would were any of the ideas or suggestions for my present. But to do proffer this opportunity and to offer DRAC command of such a group may well come up with a solution . My fear is that he will not seriously support our findingsbut at the same time he did not say he would fight us either.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

From Paycheck to Paycheck

I cannot believe it's the end of the month of waiting for my checks to arrive into my checking account. I'm okay I've got enough residual to cover everything I have out and then some but not like I used to have. The work of my teeth drained breakouts quicker than I anticipated the same holds with just the repair to my bed. Little bit by little bit dollars have just wasted away. The grand illusion that I've been operating under the past year and some months is sadly clicked back into reality I need to be careful on my expenses.

It's not that I've got hogwild and madly spent or the last year or so that I've been able to purchase whatever I wanted with very little thought to the bottom line. Repairs to my teeth, power equipment and computer equipment purchased outright. The other items rent, deposits, transition to my new life has all has their impact but not as severe. Now, that I have state and federal checks going directly into my account I at least stop the hemorrhaging which was happening. If I'm careful I can begin building the base amount but rebuilding that nest egg will take time and a lot of self-discipline.I hope I am equal to the task. I can tell already that task will be difficult.

I've been training myself to purchase with trust government funds will continue the next pay cycle. I would never buy anything for fear of not having enough money later on. I missed out on a lot of things specially good deals. Even at this point in time I need to (I think I need to) purchase a new tablet to replace the one I recently lost a couple months ago. I know I can purchase it, and I can purchase a new tablet but I haven't done it yet because I'm afraid to drink any more money out of my account's. If I go for another I'm Seriously Thinking of a Used Tableton the justification that I basically use my tablet to write with. I don't really need a lot of whistles and bells as much as a good talk to text writing system. I do like the photography aspect or the camera on tablet to capture moments when I'm out and about. I find this particularly useful for my blogs. I'm sure you've noticed the lack of imagery to last couple of months during the posts.

So here I sit waiting, going into my online account every morning to see if the state has entered my pension into my holdings. I know the Fed won't add the Social Security to left of the first of the month that's okay. I have enough to get by. I'm just not do anything really until then. It's Christmas month, December which means any gifting I do will come out of my accounts – – of course. So I will not gain any savings this month. Somewhere in the back of my mind I have a sneaky suspicion that I am at the end of spending everything down one way or the other and like everybody else live from paycheck to paycheck.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Warm Before The Storm

The clouds moved in overnight, just like the weather guys said the clouds would, not that I did not believe them, I'm just always amazed when the weather guys get something right. I looked out the window and it looked like the kind of day I should just stay inside and do inside things. However, that ran out to be dumpster I was surprised how warm weather was. The little flasher the corporate my cell phone said 64 °! I just have to take advantage of the good weather so I got my dear together, check see what the next bus is going to be my busstop and headed out. I did not need to go far today just to the bank on the campus of the community college two blocks down as well as to continue my quest to audit and art class any kind of art class. It seems that make a few steps each time I renew my quest. I have yet to get to the end of my quest of birth in a Introduction to Drawing or Basic Drawing up any kind of drawing class back in sit in and learn to become a better artist.

I've spent a good part of the day Sunday going through the Salt Lake community college online class schedules looking for a class as well as an instructor I can talk into letting me take the class as an audit. That's what I'll be up last year at this time was not having permission to sit in on a class. I almost made it but I had to wait to see if others dropped out of the class to make room for me. I'm sure I'm going to have to deal with something like that this semester as well but I'm willing to give it another shot. I found the building where it seemed the classes were being taught the Technology Building or TB in the directory. It just makes sense to me that that is also where they would have the Art Department. If not and TB then some other building on campus.

By the time I finished getting counterattacks from my bank in the basement of the student union I just have to find the Technology Building. It's a big building was not hard to find, what was hard to find was any kind of information area. I looked for the art department is not to be found. I finally stopped into an unrelated class and asked a woman named Bethany (deduced from the nameplate) where. The art department was. She smiled at me and was very nice. I'm sure I reminded her of her grandparent. She searched and looked and finally looked up at me and smiled again and told me the Art Department was not on this campus but on South Salt Lake Community College campus some 30 blocks north and east of where I was at. Typical. I think Bethany who actually gave me an idea of contacting the professors or instructors I was interested in and then asking them via email for the permissions. Great idea. Bethany took 10 minutes and compiled a list of potential instructors I can contact. Then Bethany mailed these to my email account meadowlarkmark@gmail.com. In the next day or two I will look these over and try to make requests.

I imagine another pretty weird. I had my heavy study draped around my shoulders, I was a black watch And then I had a backpack on my lap. I'm certain everyone thought I was a homeless guy just hanging around the campus. But I still felt their energy, the energy of youth and felt fine on a windy November morning which I turned from warm and windy to cold and wet.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Oh Baby It's Dark Outside

Last night I realized with the shock that it is almost winter! The darkness starts coming around 4 o'clock. This time next month the hours of daylight will begin lengthening in fact there will be three or four days into the process this time next month. Historically have been almost neurotic about the meantime when we began to back towards summer solstice. Granted winter solstice is still basically a month away that I didn't realize and that's the problem.

I think what brought this to my attention last night was I started a load of wash and I thought it was very late and was concerned that the time to finish. I had come to the common area after I started my low and then came out to visit those assembled in the common area– thinking in the back of my mind was everybody to a select that was then I noticed it was just a little after 6 PM but it was totally dark outside giving the illusion that it was way late.

When I returned about a half an hour later to check my watch everyone was gone. I doubt to bed but still there and and visiting and return to their various apartments. I understand there is a ongoing card game a number of the women participate in every Saturday night I think it's bridge and it moves from apartment to apartment depending on the week. This is a closed event of a certain individuals to participate. Oh, of course it's not written or anything is just a standing function for just a group of the apartment people here.

I watched a couple movies that I had ordered in the mail. Movies that I had watched two or three times if not more but movies I like. I have been playing in the background as I worked on dinner and tidied up a bit and waited for the wash cycles end. I was surprised to find someone else in the laundry when I went down to switch out the clothes to the dryer. Hispanic guy named Orlando. He and his family moved into the facility couple weeks ago. He speaks little English but is a very nice guy. I noticed that he watches about once a week and spends all day watching. I don't know why they have such a huge wash but they do. Orlando is quiet, Orlando and his life keep to themselves. I was impressed however that they did attend our free Thanksgiving day dinner last week. Granted they sat the Spanish-speaking table which makes sense and for some reasons the table 's I sat as well. We passed a few have muted attempts to communicate then gave up and just ate in silence. Orlando smiled at me and motioned to me asking if I needed any assistance. I smiled and shook my head. I couldn't tell if his look was disappointment or relief I suppose it didn't matter after all it was dark outside and to me that's what mattered most at the moment why was it so dark so early in the night.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

A Messiah Song

I know I have a copy of the Messiah, Handel's Messiah. My copy of the Messiah as one might prized possessions though I rarely let anyone know this. I have loved Messiah all my life not only the hallelujah chorus but other significant pieces of the musical. I like to believe I understand the German version but I don't though I'm pretty good at faking it. For years I've wanted to be part of a Messiah Sing in, ever since I heard of such things. In fact that's what led me to purchase my copy of the Messiah in hopes that one day I would be one of the voices – – though common,just one of the masses – – I want to be part of the jubilant crowd that makes a joyful noise this Christmas season.

I think I know where my copy of the Messiah is. The copy is wedged in between a number of paperbacks on the lower shelf of my library which of course I cannot access independently. I'm pretty sure that is where it was the last time I sawI saw the piece. The only person I feel secure enough to ask the search for the music is Stephen J. Who lives upstairs. The price of using his assistance would be fairly hard. I would have to endure possibly hours of discussions of ecclesiastical nature focusing on local population traditions and myths. Enough said regarding Stephen and my discussions. I will be blogging more about these in days to come. I wish to stay focused on my main point right now and that is where the hell is my copy of the Messiah?

Tonight at Abravenal hall, downtown Salt Lake all of the Utah Symphony be hosting the sing in. I don't know why but this came as a bit of a shock. My first heard about Messiah ins they were just a group of folks who loved handles music game together to sing and enjoy the experience. There is no cost it was just to show up to your and you usually have to have your music but easily could share with the people next to you. That would've been great that's the way I wish the event was handled now. Now the sing in is now a more or less elitist function. It is hosted by the local symphony and is most likely a fundraiser. I was hoping the event of the sometime during the day making my participation a bit easier however it looks to me as both nights event starts at 7 o'clock in the evening. It looks pretty fancy from what I can tell from YouTube accounts of past seasons. I don't have a problem dressing up a little for the sing in but having to dress up snazzy wazzy just too much for me to consider. Besides, have not yet found my copy of the music.

I have clothes in the wash been granted it's on the last cycle of the dryer but with no condition to head downtown tonight at 6 o'clock with the whole thing starting in an hour. They will be doing it again tomorrow night at 7 PM if I'm feeling better and have found my music maybe I will attend. It is truly one of the things I would like to do before I die so you can say it's a bucket list item

Friday, November 24, 2017

California Typewriter

The other night I went to the screening of the movie “California Typewriter”. Remember how I fussed about being a little spooked about whether I be able to get there on time or home because I was doing everything on public transit and is worried that I might be stranded on the buses I needed stopped running on the various routes at various times. Needless to say I made it home okay. No problems whatsoever the biggest stress was really home from 5300 and Redwood Road to my apartment two 4800 South Redwood Rd. The sidewalks are poorly lit and I had to travel slower than I usually do.

“California Typewriter” is not a spectacular documentary but engaging enough to keep me there for most of the screening. I left early to make sure I could make all my transit points home. But I've been thinking about the documentary ever since. Because that's what makes a good piece of writing or film is that the piece sticks with you and makes you think.I really like the idea that many of the people interviewed talked about writing is a slow process which working with a word processor tends to take away from. I haven't really verbalize this much in my own thinking process but I find about the whole writing with the computer idea and more specifically the last couple years as I have began to really use the talk to text or TTT. I really like the ability to speak and have those utterances pop up his words on the screen in front of me. But somewhere in the back of my mind I remember that my thoughts seem to flow better in my writing would be better before the use of the word processor. I had time to think and create with keep up with my ability to write them down physically. I wonder how much I lose, thoughts that I lose, dictating to the computer. The thoughts might not be necessarily lost it may not even be there at all because I don't have time to consider ramifications of a particular thought filament. As I dictate I just dictate and go on… I don't know if this is really making much sense but that is that feeling I experienced as I watched this documentary.

For a very short time before my teens I used my moms manual typewriter. I don't remember what make it was. The typewriter could have been a Remington or whatever. It was small and of course had its own case and little green keys. I wrote a little bit on this typewriter but seem to make a bunch of mistakes I spent all my time trying to correct other than create. After my trauma the family invested in this monstrous old electric typewriter. It was an IBM with a huge tray must better like writing newspaper articles are something I don't know but it worked. With the strength I had left in my hands and with a peg on my right hand I could type pretty well fast enough that I could just about type as fast as I can think. I still have the issue of having to go back and correct problems, typos and editing's. It was still quite frustrating. I got a lot more than that I had with the manual typewriter. When I ran into my first Selectric I thought I was in heaven, the self correcting tape was wonderful. The only problem them was that it only right at the office. I certainly do not have the funding to have a Selectric of my own. I dreamt of the personal computer and later when I would finally get one I found I still didn't do the writing I thought that I would. Writing stills a lot of work even with the ability to almost instantly correct. What good was that function for thoughts never making it to the paper because they were lost in the speed of thought.

I liked the documentary California Typewriter. I kind of wished I finished watching the film but I knew where it was going to have you back on the road. There was a bus leaving.and that better be on it

Thank you Version

Yesterday, Thanksgiving, was very quiet here at the complex noticeably so. In the morning and went down to the common area just to see what was going on. I visited with the number of folks who live here being picked up by their family members to go “home” to a family Thanksgiving. One person had a fairly good sized overnight bag and she was going to be family cabin which I guess is almost a cathedral. This lady's family gathers there every Thanksgiving for at least four days they play games, frolic out the snow when there is snow, seeing and generally have a great family time. She seems to really think that's what happens and I believe her. She could be the centerpiece for Norman Rockwell painting called “Thanksgiving with grandma 2017”.This grandma would be rolling out dough  reading the recipe off of a Samsung Galaxy tablet.

The Salvation Army was providing lunches for residents here at the apartment complex at 1:30 PM. The lunches were to be delivered to the Common Room where we would then have “traditional” Thanksgiving dinner. I rolled up to common room a couple times pretending I was checking to see what was going on in the laundry. Nothing was going on in either the common room are the laundry. I finally watched a movie part documentary I had started the night before and finally at 1 o'clock I wandered down again and was surprised to see the meals have been delivered and were being distributed to the early birds. There is a main table covered with Styrofoam boxes looking like a holiday morgue, I imagine major turkeys lying on their backs with toe tags around their claws. On a separate table was another morgue this time set with 20 to 30 small rectangular's which had to be dessert: pumpkin pie.

I was handed my dinner my dinner and I felt like the star of the 6 o'clock local news, you know the human interest spot always shown on Thanksgiving of homeless shelters, prison cafeterias and senior housing projects around town. In fact this morning with the residents asked me if I'd seen our building on the news. I doubted her version of reality because I'd seen no news video tracks around the building, but I was looking at those SUVs with the satellite dish up-link are hard to not notice. I really do appreciate the Thanksgiving lunch provided. Mashed potatoes which I think the real, the materials recovered with gravy, a couple pieces of Turkey (again real meat not pressed or processed the site and just being cooked, the turkey at the Thanksgiving dinner we had two days before was much better… Just saying) there is a piece of bread that look like it could've been a role and green beans. I know they tried hard but at best the meal I have is more than most people coming out 1:38 PM as advertised would be look at storm cold victuals. The smart ones took their meal and vanished I assume back to their apartments to nuke their grub into a holiday spirit. Unlike the previous dinner I actually have people at my table and could visit with me or I them. It did not take long to finish this dinner and I washed it down with small carton of milk which came with a meal.

What I missed most good relish tray with lots of small pickles and olives. Oh and whipped cream.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Pumpkin Pie and I

Image may contain: indoor and food
I did it I finally made my first pumpkin pie! The process was deceptively simple. Perhaps I chose to make it simple but I followed the directions off the sweetened condensed milk can. Yesterday when I was searching for nutmeg to put into some hashbrowns I came across a small can of pumpkin pie seasoning. All I had to do was plop in a couple of eggs the seasoning condensed milk and then mix it all together of course the can of pumpkin(15 ounce can) and that's it. I have watched Dianne may comprise over the years and always be intimidated by how sloppy the end process is of trying to transfer the uncooked pies from the table to the oven.I've been perplexed by this problem for a week now. The apple pie made last month was not a problem transferring it from table to oven. Something liquid is a whole new challenge. Then the other morning when I was looking inside the dishwasher for a butter knife I noted a big yellow mixing bowl was in there. Then the flash the answer came to me that I would have the high shell in the oven on the baking pan then pour the liquid pie filling into the pie shell. Problem solved.

I picked up the ingredients for the pie couple days ago. I got one of those premade pie shells that Frozen two a package a package. I put the pie shells into the refrigerator. The 15 ounce can of pumpkin I put on the table.. The week is been fairly busy and have not had time to put the pie together nor the courage. Honestly I was a bit intimidated by the whole process and also the fear of failure. But the more I thought about the operation this week that more thought about really making this is just a straightforward procedure mix the ingredients , filling the pie shell and cooking, then letting the pie cool and then removing the pipe from the oven.

But I didn't consider was letting the frozen pie shell file which I do not believe is a big deal but I can see now the wisdom of working with a frozen shell. In fact I had the pie shell in the oven as I preheated the box for the pie. I hadn't thought about the problem of cooking the pie crust before the ingredients were put in. The crust is pretty brown when I poured in the pie mixture. I was really afraid the whole kit and caboodle with burn and burn badly.

I set off the smoke alarm twice just heating the oven to 425. I feel that the pie shell I was surprised at how much I had made. I gently pushed the pipe to be back into the outage shut the door. The alarm went off again and I exited the apartment after opening the patio door. I went down to the common area and visited with a couple of the other tenants. I was relieved that my return the smoke cleared and there was the faint odor of pumpkin pie! I was even more relieved but I think in a high and saw the exposed crust had browned but not burned. I went into the mandatory 30 minutes then lanced the top of the pie scum my skewer came back covered with pie slurry. I tried again and 10 minutes in the skewer came back clean my pie was finished.

I'm going to have to ration out the pie to myself– – I noted this morning when I weighed myself after the shower I had gained a kilogram crap! I chided myself for not getting Cool Whip while the market this afternoon. I'm not going overtime Mark Anthony's in-laws for Thanksgiving dinners as I had anticipated. They are not eating 5 o'clock! I told Mark I have to decline. I felt sorry for him but I don't have to wait till dinnertime he Thanksgiving dinner or have to travel After Dark. I am becoming a crotchety old man big time.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Out After Dark

I'm going to do it! I'm scared but I'm going to do it going to go to a screening tonight down at the Salt Lake City public library. Of course am going to have to take the bus and the train to get there which is no problem. That's not what I'm concerned with what I am concerned with is getting back. Anyone who knows public transit knows that many bus lines or routes tend to evaporate as the night gets older. Even the routes that do not evaporate run slower than ways so there is the possibility waiting perhaps a long time to get the last bus out of town. I think I'm okay. I have checked the two main routes I use from the Murray Central Station which is Route 47 and Route 54. I'm hoping I can get to Murray Central by the times they leave for the last run.

Right now I'm seriously leaning towards Route 54. Route 54 with the latest of the two routes. The only problem is that the last one is like 10:41 PM meaning I'm probably going to have to wait at least an hour for that bus but, at least I know that bus will be there. If I can fortune I can get to Murray Central in time for the last Route 47 even better. Actually, it might even be more advantageous to make the time and take the 54.I can then pick 217 and that bus will drop me off right at the back door to my apartment complex. I just have to open the secret gate and I'm home! This would be advantageous if not ideal were not having to wait for really long times for these bus routes. One of the rest goes to one hour headways which means only one must an hour and you better be sure to be there when it gets there. The other advantage of route 54 is that the bus drops me off at Redwood Road and 5400 S. I then only have to travel north about four or five blocks to get to my apartment. This isn't such a big deal really even after dark. Redwood Road as well lit and the sidewalks are in good shape. There is no rain or snow forecast for tonight. And seriously, the very worst case scenario would be having to call Ute Cab. True, it would be expensive as hell but doable. After all I worth it.

I've talked for whatever about being all want to be part of the nightlife activities in the Salt Lake area. So this is going to be a test run. If I can pull this off and feel comfortable about depending on bus routes and depending on my power chair I could be doing a lot more interesting and fun things after dark along the Wasatch front. Now, having said this, I'm not sure how this would play out when the snow comes if the snow ever does come. I'm not sure what else I would do take advantage of this new level of confidence. I can do the Messiah Sing-in Then it's just a matter of what to wear.

Monday, November 20, 2017

A Better Version Of Myself

The other night I was texting with my friend LB and she was making, as tactfully as she could, an invitation for me to join her family for Thanksgiving dinner. In my most cynical vein I pretty much told her that I was not interested in that kind of holiday entertainment. There would be family (not my family) lots of little kids and such. I really don't know I had no problems with staying here at the apartment complex over the meal. After all Salvation Army will be serving meals to the folks here who don't go out. It's just tension and stress I don't need for a holiday celebration. I use my best trump card the fact that I have a power chair which makes it almost impossible for me to travel if I don't want to. The buses will probably not be running that they (I have not checked and I do know that the transit authority shuts down on all the major holidays). It's a safe bet. I can't use the card that can get into her apartment because of the power chair. She has a ground-level unit with wheelchair access. I was letting her know I was too cool to go out.

Tonight I just heated up chicken noodle soup and had my half a row of soda crackers and was just settling in to watch the CBS evening news. It's not like I am a big names freak just something to do while eating dinner. The phone rings which is way over in the kitchen and I'm just sitting down in front of the flatscreen. There's no way I can get to the phone before it stops raining so I don't even try. I set down my dinner then roll over the phone, it's Mark Anthony. I did not think there for a long conversation but it turned out to be just that. In short Mark invited me to Thanksgiving dinner with his wife's family. Reference first paragraph I really do not up to doing any major family functionary things for Thanksgiving day. However, Mark seemed pretty insistent on my attending the function. I used by trump card, big power chair no way to get. (According to Mark's father-in-law place is kind of accessible . We've done Thanksgiving there before. When Mark Anthony first presented the offer it was just the parents and Mark and his little family. Then in a weak moment I remembered how Mark Anthony has described these Thanksgiving events in the past. Mark Anthony has little in common with the majority of the family as is I guess many in-laws do in sense Dianne and I are no longer together to prepare for Thanksgiving dinner having the dinner at our house is not an option. Mark admitted to me that having me there would certainly make this Thanksgiving Mark bearable and after that what can I say. I let Mark in a little-known secret which is that I can still get around fairly well with my manual chair and I informed him I would “bite the bullet/take the bullet” for him not to do so would be selfish on my part. Logistics would still be an issue. The question now on the table is that can I negotiate transferring into or out of his vehicle. We're going to have to check that out. It looks like the best time To do a dry run will be Wednesday the night before. This is certainly cutting the operation close. I'm sure I can do this one where the other. I believe I'll be able to handle being in a manual chair for however many hours I must for the family event. After all the hell do I think I am? Why should I be able to dodge the social bullet for Thanksgiving? If I'm able to make the transfers and use the manual chair I don't have an excuse not to participate.

I know I'm marginal at best at being a grandparent and possibly even a parent. I realized again last week that I missed another granddaughters birthday. I just don't do these things will. Now, with Mark Anthony offering Thanksgiving dinner the least I can do is goAnd hopefully be a better version of myself.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Last Spam Standing

Yesterday when I went to the market forgot to get any grapes. I've always liked grapes but recentlyI have really gotten into grapes last year and a half to two years. I like to have the grapes surround To snack on or to use in desserts one of my favorite desserts is just great and cottage cheese simple yet elegant. I've gotten fairly discriminating as to what kind of great that I will purchase. I do a lot of grape nabbing when picking my grapes. Grape nabbing is what I call testing the grapes I intend to purchase. I want a grape which is almost crunchy.

As I was trolling up and down the aisles at the market looking for other items I think I might need for this Thanksgiving week I noticed the canned meats. I cannot believe spam was $2.99 and that's on sale! Spam was a staple of our home diet when I was a kid. It was the closest thing we got to hand or bacon. I'll have to check my blog histories to see if I've written about the pork ban my father had decreed on our household. If I haven't one day I will write to this fascinating piece of history. Suffice it to say we did not eat meat Unless that meat came from a beast who had split hoof, chewed its cud and nursed its young. I made a mental note to come back and get five or 10 cans of Spam. I'm running low.

I noticed this morning when I was considering breakfast that I only had one can left of my beloved Spam. This can of spam is the last can of spam given me at my retirement. But my boss organized my retirement party she had a suggested that anyone coming should bring a can of spam as she knew my fondness for that product. And surprisingly people did just that something brought two and three cans. I was sitting pretty. I've eaten meat products sparingly over the years and now I have one can and I noticed a month ago when I was checking expiration dates of my canned goods that this spam can is three years past its date. I was somewhat shocked when I noticed to three cans of Spam past their dates of best use a couple months ago. So I been trying to eat them more regularly than usual. I did not want to lose these items as I'm done with other items I recently checked.

I like to have meet with my breakfast or should I say my weekend breakfasts as possible. Many times I forgot this pleasure because I don't have the time or well to do a production like that. With spam, I like to cut the little block of meat and a little spam steaks which I will then eat the next couple of days either on sandwiches, diced and scrambled eggs are with an egg sandwich. You can do 1 million things to spam. I noticed or have noticed spam like everything else is trying to outdo itself. Now you get barbecued spam, cheese in spam, And three or four other spam choices. I've tried some of them and to me they do not carry the weight just as normal spam this is especially true with the spam lite. If I am going to eat spam I want the original And only the original will do.