Sunday, July 14, 2019


The day is so hot all I want to do is veg and I'm the guy who likes heat, I'm the guy who says I wait all year for this time but today the he is almost too much. I even started the air cooler that Jennifer (the front desk chick) Sent to my room on Friday when I could not get the air conditioner to work. I was going to actually bring down the temperature of the apartment because my clean person, Gail was coming Friday afternoon and I want to be mindful of my help and their comfort. It turns out that my furnace/air conditioner is not been properly maintained for the nine years it has been in the closet. Anyway, that is for another blog.

You know when you gets so hot that you can barely move? That sounds a little bit dramatic but it's kind of true. It seems now days, the heat just sucks the strength out of me. I may be overreacting just a little bit so that I can have an excuse for not doing as much sketchiness I should be drawing however, I've done about an hours worth of sketching since Thursday. This is kind of a pitiful amount of. but It is the pitiful truth. Yes, I know I've actually increased my liquids intake for this time along with gobs of ice. Have lots of tasty red powder to add to my ice-water liquid intake helps too.. It is so hot I'm even contemplating taking the bus down to liberty Park and falling in the pool at the park. I wonder if they have staff Who can actually load be back into my power chair if I actually did go swimming.

It's so hot that my head is swimming, you know like when it's so hot that you close your eyes you start drifting in the fall still walking I be afraid that fall over – – and that's called feeling feint. I know it was out and about doing something that the heat would probably not bother me as much but what can you do on Sunday afternoon in the middle of a heat wave? I already use by one justification that was yesterday while I went to the new Spiderman movie. I bought a small size drink (zero Coke mixed with Cherry Coke and lots of ice) and the midsize popcorn that was like almost 20 bucks. I actually bootlegged candy into the movie with my backpack but I never ended up getting into the candy which I suppose is a good sign. I'm glad the air-conditioning in the moviehouse was not too cold but kind of uncomfortable when the movie was over I was glad to roll in the heat wave I came out of the theater into the evenings heat.

I've had the oscillating fan operating now for three or four hours and I feel the temperature in the room has declined which is good. I just hate to be the worse the has to rely on technology to beat the heat…

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