Sunday, June 23, 2019

In Heavy Syrup

As I believe I have mentioned in the past I've really become addicted to going over and getting my food box every Saturday that I can. I guess I'm eligible to is I'm getting the materials every week but for the first year or so that I was here at the senior living complex I did not take advantage of the food bank which just across the street from our building. There are three times a week the food bank is open for this area. Each one of those days the food bank is open is up for two hours. I go on Saturday morning when the bank is open from 10 AM to 12 noon. I usually have to wait in line anywhere from 5 to 20 to 30 minutes but it's been very rare but I've waited 30 minutes.

I hate to miss food bank because I might miss some really great stuff is that weird or what? Selection been on one of those dollar stores. Because they deal primarily in close out items to get a good price on the items but you will never see those outings again. That's not quite true anymore but it was like that for some time anyway food bank is sort of like that. One week it might be ice cream, or buttermilk or cottage cheese. There's all kinds of canned goods that's to be expected. Every corporation, school and religious affiliation has food drives for everybody brings in the food they don't want in their closet. That's okay don't get me wrong I'm not making fun of it – – well kind of – – the food is appreciated really is. However, I've learned to just say no to much of the items when I go into the food bank and they start asking me if I want this I want that. I don't know that's what other people go through because you go into the food bank all by yourself (almost like a religious rite) and you do your transition with the volunteers at the counter. Like I said a lot of the food items are can items the been donated. Where the cans volunteer placed on the counter for me to choose I noticed immediately because it had “in Heavy Syrup”. I snapped it up it was peaches sliced in heavy syrup. I didn't even believe they still canned items in heavy syrup.

Once a month it's food box day at the place where I live. Many of the individuals who rent here are eligible for food boxes from the food bank. I don't know how it differs from the actual food bank in the back of the senior center but it seems different. That's why first noticed cans of peaches, slices, in a lite syrup. Now, to be honest I confess I have not really eaten any of those peaches or pears are whatever with lite syrup but I can only imagine the speech is only taste a fraction of what they should at least in my estimation. We used to bottle our own peaches during the summer and I love that fruit on cold winter nights with cottage cheese and toast. Try it some winter evening and you'll love it I guarantee it. All I do know is that orange juice, tomato juice and even apple juice all tasted weird when I first started drinking some of this beverage provided by the federal government. What I've figured out was the fruit juices except for tomato hardly had any sugar in the syrup and the tomato juice with salt free. I thought it was pretty interesting how often these cans of fruit and beverages ended up on the Sharing Shelf.I found that if I used synthetic sweeteners the beverage tasted great released a lot better and the same way with the tomato juice if I started adding salt flavor returned. However I must admit I was somewhat shocked how much salt I had to shake into the beverage to make it palatable the really was a problem with how much regular foods are adulterated to be accepted by the public as tasty and good.

Knowing this however does not and will not stop me from enjoying this rogue can of sliced peaches which found its way into my food bank last Saturday morning, I just don't think I can wait till winter…

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